The Family Reunion Ch. 01


Zack moaned as he thrust in and out of his eighteen-year old cousin, Becky. He’d come four times in the last five hours, and showed no sign of slowing down. And to think, he was worried that his family reunion would be boring…

Zack flipped Becky over, and spanked her affectionately. She squealed with pleasure as he groped at her budding breasts, and starting fucking her from behind. Becky had been attracted to her older cousin for as long as she could remember – it had started as a crush, when she was younger, but when she’d started masturbating a few years ago, he’d made regular appearances in her fantasies.

For his part, Zack had never particularly noticed his cousin until today – he’d entertained her, as was the duty of older cousins to their younger kin, but before today, he’d never noticed that her young body had been developing for a while now, bringing sizeable breasts, hips, and a healthy sexual appetite.

But for reasons he didn’t understand he’d been unable to look at any female in a non-sexual light all day. It had started at the airport, while he was standing in line at the airport, munching down on a burger he’d bought from a little kiosk outside. He was just finishing the last of it when a woman walked past – she was attractive, but not strikingly so, and there was nothing overtly sexual about the way she was dressed…but Zack had been unable to take his eyes off her.

Within seconds he was erect, and as luck would have it, she was seated next to him on the plane. She was the type that falls asleep the minute the plane takes off, so he didn’t have to make conversation with her, but every movement she made on the flight, every time she tossed or turned or adjusted her sleeping position, Zack stared, entranced, aroused, unable to look away.

His erection had started to get painful, and so he’d sneaked into the aeroplane bathroom to “take care escort haberleri of it”. On the way out, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the stewardesses knew what he’d been up to, and started watching them to see if they were treating him any differently.

Again, the staff weren’t particularly attractive, but soon he wasn’t watching them to see if they were watching him, he was just enjoying the view. Their knee-length blue skirts, the hint of cleavage one girl showed…every time he looked at a stewardess, he imagined taking them into the bathroom with him, enjoying their bodies in new and erotic positions…

Zack made a second trip to the bathroom before the trip was over.

The taxi ride to his aunt’s house hadn’t been much better. His driver was male, but travelling through the city had taken him past dozens and dozens of girls, and each one seemed more sexual, more slutty, more…erotic than the last, somehow.

Before entering the reunion, he’d checked briefly that no one was watching, and pleasured himself out the front of the house. It was extremely risky, but he just didn’t care – Zack was more sexually charged than he’d ever been in his life, and he simply needed to get off. Besides, he was so turned on that there was a serious risk of entering the party and creaming his jeans…and surely, he reasoned, that was a greater faux pas than jerking off in the bushes outside.

Now, less than an hour later, he was slamming his young cousin against the wall as she screamed for him to fuck her harder, His cock stretched her well-lubricated pussy as he thrust in and out of her, while her young tits bounced rhythmically. Becky was a blonde, with hair that fell down below her shoulders, hair that Zack was more than happy to grab onto. He’d already let one load loose into her mouth, and he wasn’t far off cumming gaziantep escort haberleri again, into her tight teenaged cunt.

After jerking off outside, Zack had wiped the cum off his hand and hid his (still hard) penis back in his pants. Entering the house, he’d had to go through the inevitable round of handshakes and questions every family reunion brought.

After shaking over two dozen of his older relative’s hands and answering the same questions over and over again (“Where do you work these days, Zachary?” “My, you’ve grown! How old are you now? Twenty-five? You look exactly like your father did at that age!”) Zachary had excused himself and started looking for the bathroom. Even shaking his forty-five year old Aunt’s hand had gotten him worked up, and he knew that he’d need release again soon.

Zack’s family always rotated who hosted the annual family reunion, but everyone looked forward to it being at his Aunt Lydia’s. She’d and his uncle had married just before his business had taken off – Uncle Albert had sold the business soon after, and retired, moving to a wealthy suburb and buying a house that couldn’t be described as anything but a mansion.

A dozen bedrooms, just as many bathrooms…Zack remembered playing hide-and-seek for hours here when he was a child, and though it had been years since he’d visited, he remembered the labyrinthian route to a bathroom far from the main party, where he could find his release without fear of interruption.

Before he could find a bathroom, just two doors down from sweet relief, he’d run into Becky. She’d just heard that morning that her childhood crush was coming, and had dressed up for him; a nice party dress that showed the swell of her growing breasts, did nothing to hide her long, smooth legs, and rode up nicely to show off her tight little arse if she escort gaziantep haberleri needed to bend over for any reason.

Becky smiled at Zack. He stared at her – in his erotically-obsessed state of mind, Becky resembled sex on legs. His hands had twitched, wanting to rip her dress off and knead her breasts, to pull down her panties, bend her over, and fuck her silly. His eyes couldn’t stop staring at her overt cleavage – seeing where he was looking, she pulled her shoulders back and thrust it out even more.

His anguish was almost audible as she licked her lips, and stared up at him with those big, blue eyes. She had a perfect baby-face, topped off with a perfect pair of cock-sucking lips. Plump, ruby-red, slightly ajar…he couldn’t work out if she was deliberately tormenting him, or if she was just at that age where she wasn’t aware of her sexuality, of the effects of her movements, the way she was standing, the way she was dressed…at that moment, she could barely have turned him on more if she’d started to strip.

Becky, for her part, surprised even herself at the heat that seemed to be radiating from Zack. She didn’t know what was happening, but just standing there in front of him was starting to turn her on. This was more than just the simple crush she’d held since childhood; she was acutely aware of his eyes as they ran up and down her body, mentally undressing her, and when she’d looked down and noticed that his penis was erect, practically straining to get out of his jeans, it took a physical effort not to reach out and touch it.

She’d had sex before, and she’d had crushes before, and she’d been aroused before, but nothing quite like this. Just from being a few feet away from Zack, she was starting to feel a flush come over her body, starting to feel her pussy getting wet. From the looks of it, he was feeling it too…

Unsure of what to do, Becky decided to throw caution to the wind and play out a fantasy she’d had for many years. In all likelihood, nothing would happen, and there was no harm in play…and if something did happen, it would fuel her masturbation for years to come.

“Zack,” she asked coyly, trying to lean forward and show off as much cleavage as she could. “Do you want to see my room?”

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