The First Time


The First TimeMy first experience in a public toilet was when I was just 18 . I had gone into the toilets in the local park quite innocently , as I needed to have a pee, but as I stood at the urinals in the cool air, I noticed the drawings and messages left by previous visitors. As I continued to pee onto the white porcelain, my young prick started t swell as I read the stories of how the authors had been sucked off or had sucked huge pricks. I was so intent on reading the stories that I didn’t notice someone else had entered the toilets and had positioned himself in the urinal next to me. I didn’t look round but continued to stare straight ahead. When I had finished and had shaken the last drops of pee from my now stiff cock, I should have zipped up and left, but something made me stay.The guy next to me was still standing there and I had not heard the tell tale sounds of urine splashing on the urinal, so I tried to look sideways out of the corner of my eye. I could see he was stroking his prick and it was a great deal larger than mine.“Like what you see?” he whispered.I didn’t answer, frozen to the spot.“You can touch it if you like. Go on, it won’t bite”, he whispered encouragement as I stood stroking ,my now fully erect prick. I continued to stare straight ahead and read the story in front of me. It was about a guy sucking a teenager off whilst playing with his arse.“Does that get you excited?” the guy asked. “I could do that for you if you like”I turned slightly to look at his large purple prick and realised that standing there looking at his prick and thinking what it would be like was turning me on.“You don’t have to be afraid” he said, and bent down so that his head was at my waist height. He pulled me round so that I was facing him and took my straining prick in his hands.“Nice young prick. Do you wank off a lot?” I mumbled something incoherent.Then without any further warning he enveloped my prick in his warm wet mouth. The feeling was heaven. My eyes were squeezed tightly shut and my knees turned to jelly.“He withdrew from my prick and asked (rather stupidly) “Is that good?” Once again I simply mumbled and nodded my head. “Perhaps we ought to go into the cubicle in case someone comes in” he suggested and still holding on to my prick, he led me into the middle of the three cubicles pushing my in and bolting the door after us.He sat down on the toilet and pulled me towards him. Taking my prick into his mouth, he held my arse cheeks with both hands and pulled me further into his throat. He kept up a slow motion for a few minutes then releasing my arse, he fumbled with my belt and flies until they were open, then pulled my trousers and pants down until they were around my ankles. Now he had total access to my balls and arse and took my balls in one hand and slowly tickled my arse and scrotum with the other.I didn’t know how much more I could take of this and just as I was about to come, we heard footsteps. He quickly pulled away and made me stand on the seat with my legs either side of him.In this adıyaman rus escort opposition, if anyone looked under the door, they would only see one paid of feet, but it also meant that my prick and balls were dangling in his face. We said nothing as the footsteps walked to the urinal and then back toward the cubicles. The owner tried the door to our cubicle and realising it was occupied, entered the cubicle to our right. I held my breath as we heard the bolt being closed and then waited. I could hear the blood pumping in my ears. Then I felt my companion’s lips engulfing my prick once again. I looked down and realised that due to the recent visitor, my prick had started to go limp, but immediately his lips started to suck me once more, I was immediately fully erect.I watched as his head bobbed back and forth on my prick and had a strange feeling we were being watched. My companion must have sensed my anxiety as he pulled back and motioned to my left. I looked down and there, in the middle of the wall was a hole about four inches in diameter. Sticking out of the hole was a prick even bigger than that of my companion.My companion gestured for me to hold it. I slowly moved my hand down and very gingerly took hold of this monster cock. It was warm and twitched in my hand. I started to slowly wank it and it oozed sticky pre-cum from it’s large pee hole.“Go on k**, really squeeze it and make him shoot his load”, my companion urged.I did as he requested, but after wanking him and squeezing for what seemed like minutes, there was no sign of him shooting, just that he was obviously enjoying it.“Why don’t you suck him?” my companion urged. I didn’t know whether I was ready for this, but even the thought of this seemed to make him even more excited.We changed places and now the monster was at my eye level. I slowly moved my head forward and reached out with tip pf my tongue. The pre-cum felt stick and salty on my tongue.. Quite pleasant really. I opened my lips and leaned forward allowing his huge helmet to move into my mouth. Then, closing my lips around it, I slowly moved down its length until his helmet hit the back of my throat and made me gag.Two things happened next almost simultaneously. First, the cock I was starting to suck pushed even further through the hole and my companion placed his hand on the back of my head so that I could not pull away. I was impaled on the monster and as I looked sideways toward my companion, I could see that this situation was really turning him on. He was wanking furiously and urging me to suck harder. I continued to suck, but found the position uncomfortable. Bending my head sideways was giving me a crick in the neck, so I stood up and bent over, taking the monster back between my slippery lips.Of course, in this position, my companion could not get to my prick easily, but he had free access to my balls and arse and I soon felt a warm wet sensation and realised that he was probing my virgin arse with his tongue. He licked all around adıyaman rus escort bayan my balls and arse and tried to poke his tongue into my puckered anus. It felt superb and I didn’t want him to stop, but after a short while, he obviously felt that I was ready for more. Standing up he pulled my arse cheeks apart and probed my now wet anus with his index finger. Slowly and painfully to start off with, his finger forced its way past my ring muscles and until it was sunk in up to his knuckle. He left it there and then gently started to rotate it, trying to widen my arse until the muscles had relaxed and were used to it. When he thought I was ready, I felt a second finger probing at the entrance to my arse and surprisingly easily it joined the first.I was now bent double in a public toilet, sucking on a monster prick which despite leaking pre cum was refusing to deliver its load, and with two fingers firmly embedded in my arse. I would never have imagined this would have been on the agenda when I left the house this morning.After another couple of minutes, my companion tapped me on the shoulder and withdrew his fingers. I pulled away from the prick I was sucking and followed his pointing finger. Behind me in the other wall was an equally big hole and sticking out was another prick. Nowhere as big as the one I was sucking, but still bigger than mine.“I think he wants some” my companion stated the obvious. I turned my head around and while still holding onto the monster and slowly wanking him, I took the new prick in my mouth. This was going to be a different proposition. I felt as though he would shoot his load in double quick time, so I slowed right down and simply sucked my cheeks in an out and licked my tongue around his hard shaft.“Suck the other guy again” my companion urged. I did as I was asked and turned around taking the monster helmet in my mouth and licking away the slimy pre cum he had been leaking while I wanked himBending over to do the monster justice again, I felt something warm and set probe at my arse again. But this felt different. Bigger and softer than my companion’s fingers. But all I felt was the gentle probing, no sudden entry into my rear passage.I looked sideways at my companion who was leaning back against the door, wanking his prick with one hand whilst pulling my shirt up so that my back was exposed with the other. Christ, he’s going to shoot al over my back I thought. But although that may end up to be true, he was not ready for that just yet. He moved closer and took hold of my hips in both hands, pulling me away from the monster prick.Suddenly I realised what was happening, as my companion reached between my legs and guided the other prick so that it was pressing against the entrance to my arse. As the prick pushed forward and my companion pulled me on to it, I felt the pressure and suddenly he was inside me. .I was being fucked up the arse by a person unknown, whilst sucking on a monster prick, or an equally unknown stranger.My rus escort adıyaman companion reached down and pulled my prick up towards his own. I took hold and knew that he wanted me to wank him off. He stood with eyes glazed as this young boy was being deflowered while sucking a huge prick.Events then took a turn. The prick in my arse moved faster and it was obvious that something was going to happen.My companion urged me to push backwards and then pulled me off. He took the prick that had been fucking my virgin arse in his hand and wanked until the warm sticky spunk sprayed across my exposed arse cheeks. As I watched my companion wank himself and felt the warm spunk trickle down the crack of my arse, I sucked harder on the monster which started to twitch and thrust quicker into my welcoming mouth. Then it happened, I felt the first pulse and then the second. Within seconds, the monster had unloaded a monster amount of come onto my virgin mouth and as his monster prick started to Subside, his warm white and sticky spunk started to dribble out of the corners of my mouth.Christ, what do I do now? Do I swallow it, spit it out or what? But the decision was taken out of my hands.“Don’t swallow it boy, just wait a minute” my companion whispered.He squeezed past me and sat on the toilet. Then turning me around, so my back was towards him, he licked the spunk off my back and from the crack of my arse.“Turn around and spit it out in my hand” he urged. I did as he requested and when I and spat it all out, he used the pool of spunk as a lubricant to start wanking himself.His prick glistened with someone else’s spunk and his prick didn’t look as though it would last for long.“Now it’s your turn k**. Stand on the seat and wank until you shoot in my face!”I moved into the position we had been in earlier only this time, he was not sucking me off. His stare was fixed on my hand as I wanked my young prick. One of his hands cupped my balls and the index finger snaked up and slowly pushed at the entrance to my arse while his other continued to wank himself off.“Come on now, spray that lovely hot spunk all over my tongue and face” he implored.Then it happened and spurt after spurt of my young thick come was spraying over his face and into his open mouth. It was by far the best orgasm I had experienced up to then and after what seemed like an eternity my prick started to wilt. He leaned forward and sucked the remaining drops off my prick until it was once more limp- and clean. I stepped back onto the floor and watched as he wanked himself. His face covered in my spunk, which he was wiping off with his free hand and licking the residue off his fingers.I looked toward the holes but the pricks had been pulled through. I turned back to watch my companion just as his own sizeable prick started to erupt across his stomach.He lay there, spent and covered in three people spunk. I slowly and quietly unbolted the door, closing the door behind me, I walked back into the main area of the toilet. At the urinals, there were now four guys. One was being sucked off while another guy was pressing his prick up the crack of his arse. The fourth guy was standing watching and wanking his large prick. He stared at me and beckoned me over, but I had had enough for my first time. I smiled at him and mouthed “next time”, as I walked out of the toilet into the bright sunshine.

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