The Homeless Guy and I (part Two)


The Homeless Guy and I (part Two)
After a while Steve pulled out and flipped me to my stomach and reentered my anus and started to really work his male member in and out my prostate form. Sweat was pouring form our bodies even though the air was on, for almost two hours Steve and I had sex till he shot one copious amount of baby batter into my rectum. Exhausted Steve collapsed down on me gasping for breath as his male member throbbed and twitched emptying his seed deep into my anal receptacle.

After Steve had got his breath he rolled off and I cuddled into his arms as he embraced me and slipped silently in to a peaceful sleep. I awoke as Steve started to stir, I guess… I felt him move and opened my eyes. Realized that my bung hole was aching as if a red hot poker had been inserted.

I rolled half way over Steve and took hold of his hardening penis and slowly stroked it as I went to my knees. I was determined to enjoy this dick while I could. Steve did not resist or push me away, instead you just parted his legs as I got to my knees and kissed his dick head.

Steve placed both his hands behind his head and watched as I opened my lips and sucked his throbbing member into them. I sucked and kissed Steve’s dick as he moaned and undulated his hips till his dick was good and hard. I released his dick from my lips and started to crawl up on Steve’s body, Steve started to move his hands but stopped.

After I had positioned myself just above his huge dick and maneuvered till I had his dick at my aching bung hole. Even though it hurt like hell I gripped his dick tight as I lowered my welcoming bung down his dick shaft, Steve moved his hands to my thighs and gripped them lovingly as I slowly inserted his rigid dick up into my anal opening.

Once I had most of Steve’s dick lodged in my rectum I tighten my anal muscles and tried to slide my bung up and down his thick dick shaft. Steve slid his hands between my thighs and calves and tried to assist me in my desires. Steve looked up at me and smiled as I clumsily tried to ride his massive male member. After a few attempts Steve took hold of my waist and twisted me till he was above me I was below him.

Steve look ed down at me and said ‘…you really are gonna try and get fucked as often as I can get hard…’ I smiled sheepishly and answered ‘…just trying to fill my fantasy of making up for lost time…’ Steve sighed and replied ‘…if you really want me to fuck you like a bitch, I have no problem…’.

Steve slid his hands on my legs till he reached my heels and lifted them up above my body and said ‘…you asked for it now I’m gonna give it to you…’ For the first time since we met I got scared as Steve held my ankles tight and started to ram his dick in and out my opened bung.

I start to moan slightly at first then whine and finally started to cry out in anguish as Steve undetermined begin to slam his mid section along with his huge dick int my unprotected butt hole. Reflectively I reached up in a panic and gripped Steve by his shoulders as he worked his dick masterfully. With the huge load of his seed already in my rectum his dick and my anus started to make very obscene slurping wet sounds of sexual activity.

I found myself begging and pleading as Steve continued to work like a man possessed, incoherently I pleaded for him to stop only to hear him say ‘…not till I get my second nutt, then maybe…’ With a powerful slam Steve caused me to scream out in agony as he slammed his entire length of dick into my bung. My body was convulsing and trembling uncontrollable as his huge male member emptied its load.

Thinking he would take a break I relaxed only to be cry out as Steve started to ram his dick back into me with just as much if not more forc3. I tried to push him off, he only lowered his upper body down to mind and slipped his hands underneath my back and held me in a vise like grip as he hunched and rammed his dick into me.

Steve mumbled into my ear ‘…get hold of your feet and stretch your legs wide for me…’ At first I tried to say ‘…no…’ but could only grunt as he continued to ram his nine inches of dick into me. My fingers were scratching at his back as he reiterated again ‘…spread your fucking feet…’

Trembling I managed to get hold of my feet and pull them open as Steve licked my lips and whispered ‘…now that’s how a bitch should act…’ Steve crawled up while his dick was still lodged in my butt till his knees were under my buttocks and he was gripping my shoulders so tight I was in a fetal position with my feet over my head.

Steve whispered ‘… now I’m gonna fuck you silly…’ a with that he begin to give short powerful hunches as his dick was lodged as far as possible in to my rectum. Tears were streaming down my cheeks in agony, my innards started to camp and hurt as my insides was crushed by his long thick massive dick head. I tried to beg but could only bite into his shoulder as he worked my anus like it was a hole in the ground.

Steve finally whispered quickly ‘… here bitch take my second load…’ and then I felt his dick explode with such power that I thought he had busted something deep in my guts. Thankfully Steve held his dick deep in my butt as his dick emptied it’s substance and filled my rectum again. I could feel the thick sticky substance as it squirted and spurt from around his tight fitting male member and my anal sphincter.

Steve pulled back till only his dick head was still in my anus and twisted me till I was once again on my stomach. Thinking the worst I tried to plead ‘..noooooo Steve, enough please…’ Steve laid down on my back and kissed my left ear whispering ‘…your place, your rules, you said you wanted fuck when ever I got hard. Well I’m hard and I wanna fuck…’ Steve did not let up he just placed his hands on the back of my shoulders and started to power hunch his dick into my prostrate bung.

I tried as much as I could to take his dick till I had to beg and plead, promising Steve anything he wanted if he would just slow down. It seems like Steve would fuck all night till his third load and when he did release it flooded me as if he was pissing.

Steve’s dick was throbbing and twitching in my bung as he emptied his load. Steve whispered in my ear as his dick throbbed ‘…you are a good fuck. Next time I wanna bring my friend and let him fuck also. Now say “anything you want baby”…’

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