The Hotel Rep


The Hotel RepThe wife and I decided to have a couple of days in a different town to experience their Christmas atmosphere, we’d been out and about and had just eaten in the hotel’s restaurant and had been in our room a couple of hours when she decided she was tired. She turned the light out and was asleep in minutes, I couldn’t sleep and got up, she stirred and I said “I’m going for a drink at the bar”, “OK” she answered.The bar was quite full and on the comfy seating was a large woman, at least 20 stone, she said to me “Come and sit here” as I sat down she said her name was Maria, we got talking and she was a rep spending most of her time travelling up and down the Country selling whatever it was. She was married but virtually never gets to go home because of her job. She was dressed in a suit with a white blouse and bornova escort on her own admission was on her second bottle of wine, we had a brief conversation and then I went outside for a cigarette, she followed me and we had a cig together, when we’d smoked I said “Thanks for the chat but I’m going to bed now”, she made a lewd comment and I said “I’ll walk you to your room”.When we reached her room she invited me inside, I walked in and she sat on the bed and asked me to sit next to her, I did and she placed her hand on the inside of my thigh and leaned in to kiss me, very soon we were snogging, I pushed her jacket off her shoulders as I kissed her neck, she said “It’s been a long time”, I could tell she was gagging for it. Unbuttoning her blouse and pushing that off her shoulders bornova escort bayan she moaned, as I reached around her bulky frame to unclip her bra she fell back onto the bed, I ran my tongue up her belly and latched straight onto her nipples, as I suck from one to the other she moaned all the more. Gently slipping my hand up her trousers I unbuttoned them and pulled them down.As I took them off her ankles she automatically opened her chunky thighs and my hand slid over the front of her triangle, as I rubbed her she moaned louder, moving further downwards I flickered my tongue over her bush through her knickers, she put her hands in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down herself, she had a massive overgrown bush.Spreading her thighs I buried my face in her cunt and soon escort bornova she was coming as I licked her clitoris, she screamed and thrust herself upwards as my tongue did the job, as she leaked a little liquid she apologised. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, she virtually dragged them off me and soon my 6” was buried deep inside her warm wet cunt.As I fucked her slowly then speeded up and then went slow again she tried to force me to go faster, after a few minutes I pulled out and she said “I’ll go on top”, I laid down on the bed and she heaved her 20 stone on top of me, bouncing up and down on my hard stick as her tits swung in my face, soon she shouted “I’m coming” as she bounced on me.I knew I was coming too but as she rocked me and screamed out her climax I shot my warm seed deep inside her horny wet gash, as I spurted she had an aftershock orgasm. When she’d stopped and I’d gone soft she got off me and all my spunk dripped out of her cunt splashing on me, she turned around and licked it off. As we talked she said she was 62, she certainly didn’t act it. She thanked me and I left well satisfied.

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