The hotel

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The hotelSarah stepped out of the lift, cool air greeted her. She scanned the lobby is could not see him, but she really did not expect to see him yet, she was early, they had arranged to meet at 8pm and it was only 7. The lobby was big a desk in one corner a bar to the left a dining room to the right and near the doors a couple of soft chairs and tables. She looked around there were a couple of business types sat in the chairs a man who was sat with his back to her and a woman opposite.Sarah walked over to the reception desk the girl behind it smiled, Sarah thought she had a cute ass and then she noticed her name badge, Dawn, her breasts were smaller her own but very nice too. Her mind was drifting!It was only snapped back into place when Dawn asked “Can I help?””Erm yes I’d like to leave this here” she said as she handed over an envelope with his name on it. Next she walked into the bar it was where they had arranged to meet. She went to be bar and ordered a Coke, she needed a clear mind! She found a seat near the entrance from where she could see most of the reception and settled down in the seat. She noticed her own reflection in a window; she was wearing tight jeans and a tee nothing special nobody there would look twice at her. Even though they had said no sex she had worn her best sexiest panties and matching bra pink with black trimmings, so that she felt sexy about herself. She glanced at the clock it was nearly 7.30, she could see no-one new in the reception area, and she smiled.She took a sip of her drink and as she was about to swallow she felt it, where the fuck was he? Sarah looked around the bar; no not there she scanned the reception, not there either! She felt it again and this time it took her breath away. She looked around the bar, nothing! Sarah noticed dawn leave wearing her coat and a young guy takes her place behind the reception desk, was it him? She felt it again but this time the vibrations did not subside quickly Sarah bit her lip, took a deep breath, she closed her legs tight to intensify the feeling. Part of her wanted to know where the fuck he was, but part of her did not care! She could feel moisture coming to her and wetting her panties, then just as she was really getting into this it stopped! Nothing! She thought about going to the rest room and taking it out, she knew if he brought her off she would struggle to control herself and keep herself quiet! The next twenty minutes was spent with her sat on her seat waiting for the next burst of vibrations she had given up on finding him, she knew he would reveal himself in the end and anyway she was enjoying this! The barman approached he picked up her glass and said “do you want another drink?” then added “are you cold? Want me to turn down the air con down?” Sarah felt confused but said “No I’m ok, but yes another coke would be great thank you” It was only as he walked away that she looked down and realised why he had said that! Her nipples were showing right through her bra and tee! Part of her felt very embarrassed but a bigger part did not care! The barman approached with her drink, with one hand in his pocket, as the button was pressed again! Was it him? The pictures she had been sent was not him, but had he sent her a fake photo? As he got close it stopped Sarah smiled, he took his hand out of his pocket she expected to see the control, but no, he lent forward and passed her drink as she took it she felt it start again, the bastard must be watching her and it was not the bar man! Ten minutes later she had sunken as far into her seat as possible and was fighting for control when she heard the phone ring on the bar, she watched with half interest as the barman reached under the bar and brought a rather nice looking bottle of champagne out of the chiller he put it in a bucket added some ice got two glasses and walked through to reception where he gave it to the guy behind the desk before returning to the bar. She scanned the bar there was an older man who looked like he was having an affair with his colleague as he sat next to her wearing a wedding ring and she sat there without one, she noticed that his hand kept rubbing her thigh. In the far corner was a group of eight guys who were getting a bit loud now and two women sat across from Sarah. The reception area was now deserted with no one to be seen, the guy behind the desk had taken the champagne up to a room, and someone was going to be lucky tonight! The vibration had stopped for a few minutes now and her head was clearing a little so she picked up her phone, should she call him? Her attention was broken as the lift in the reception area ‘binged’. The guy that had been behind the desk, stepped out, Sarah watched as he walked towards her he was carrying an envelope.As he got close he enquired “Sarah?””Yes” she said he handed her the envelope she said thank you and waited till he had left till she opened it. Inside were the control and a note that simply said room 312. Sarah did not hesitate she swallowed her drink stood up and walked towards the lift. Moments later she stood in the lift alone an her way up to the third floor, as she was alone she unbuttoned he jeans, shifted them down a little, reached in and pulled her egg out, she knew that she would not be needing it again tonight! Quickly she placed it into her bag and re-buttoned her jeans. A few seconds later the lift doors opened up onto the third floor and stood waiting to get in were this old couple. Sarah smiled; little did they know it was because of the thought the doors opening a bit quicker when her hands in her soaking wet panties that made her smile. She walked towards room 312 her whole body tingled with anticipation. She knocked gently the door opened slowly a few seconds later and there he stood, the man in the pictures she had seen, but where the fuck had he been. Before she had a chance to speak he pulled her close and kissed her. The kiss was long, slow and hard she felt his hands behind he back come the rest on her waist. He drew her to him still kissing her hungrily and she felt him push the door closed behind her. Sometime later, she realised time had passed but was unaware how much; Sarah broke the kiss and said to him in a rather breathless voice”So you are going to show me in?” He took her hand and lead her into his room she noticed the bottle of champagne and the two glasses on the table, she smiled turned to him and said “so where the fuck were you?”He looked at her smiled kissed her again and said “didn’t tuzla escort you see me I was in reception by the main doors”Sarah said but “you must have had your back to me, how did you see me?” He just grinned and nodded towards the bin where a box to a webcam sat.”Bastard” she said with a grin.He added “I won’t be spoken to like that” and led her over to the sofa in the corner of his room. He bent her over raised his hand and spanked her ass “naughty girl” he added as he spanked her. “Bastard, bastard, bastard!” she said playfully. He was stood behind her now and he pulled her upright, once she was stood she could feel his excitement pressing into her ass his hands went round her stroked her breasts then moved lower to her belt, which was freed in a few seconds. Sarah tipped her head back and they kissed as he got to work on her jeans which were soon undone too, once they were freed she was again bent over. He now slowly pushed her jeans to the floor and she stepped out of them one foot at a time.“So what did u call me?” he asked again“Bastard, bastard, bastard!” she said again playfully with a grin on her face. He spanked her hard; Sarah gasped then simply said “bastard”He pulled her panties down and said “well what has happened here? You need the toilet? Or are you just a horny slut?” Sarah simply wiggled her bare ass, he responded by spanking it till it reddened at which point he cooled it with kisses. She was expecting to feel his cock any second but instead he stood her up again, before she was fully upright he pulled her tee shirt over her head. Once she was stood he turned her around to face him, they kissed deeply and his hands freed her bra strap, after a while he broke the kiss and stood back. Her bra fell into his hands and he threw it away he smiled as he looked at her naked body without saying a word he poured the champagne and took the two glasses to the bed, where he put them on the side table, she followed and wanting to grab a little control back she started unbuttoning his shirt, soon it lay on the floor and her fingers were exploring his chest and pinching his nipples as they once again kissed. However when she tried to go lower he just pushed her down on the bed and said “not yet!” he picked up a glass and tipped some of the ice cold champagne over Sarah’s beautiful breasts her nipples were already excited but as the cold liquid dribbled down over then they stood fully erect. Seconds later he was bent over her licking and sucking each breast in turn, Sarah was now moving uncontrollably and moaning. After some time when she thought she could take no more she gasped “for fucks sake FUCK me!”He replied by lifting his head smiling and saying “mmm not yet baby you are not ready!” his mouth did not return to her nipples instead it kissed a path lower. Soon it reached her mound she tried to thrust upwards to meet his mouth but he was too quick. He pushed her downwards, and then gently stroked the legs and belly; Sarah could feel her wetness moisten the bed under her. Finally his fingers parted her lips and she felt his tongue on her clit. Sarah moaned loudly and rocked her hips within seconds she was out of control as she rode the wave to her first orgasm of the night. As she came she squeezed her legs together around his head, but he did not stop licking and sucking. As the orgasm passed she relaxed her legs. She then felt two fingers pushing up inside her and finger fuck her as his mouth worked her clit some more, sometime later as she could feel her second orgasm building she pleaded with him that she wanted him. John responded by kissing his way up her body, till they were face to face. She pulled him to her even through his trousers she could feel his cock all fat and eager. Now it was her time for a little control she pushed him off, undid and removed his trousers, she could see the bulge in his jocks so with soft hands she reached inside the waist band, he gasped as she wrapped her fingers round his shaft, she was now pulling at his jocks and freeing him for her satisfaction. She went to bow her head to take him inside her warm mouth but her took hold of her under the chin and told her that this was for her, they kissed and she relaxed on top the bed again she was in no state to argue! Her legs were wide and he was kneeling between them stroking her when he started to speak,“I’d better get” but she simply sat up put one finger to his mouth and pulled him down onto the bed with her.“No need” she whispered into his ear as he entered her. Initially they both fought for control, till they settled into a rhythm. A rhythm he broke when he suddenly thrust into her and froze. Seconds later she felt all the excitement and anticipation disappear when she felt his cum hit her cervix, for a second she thought about faking an orgasm. He broke into her thoughts when he touched her cheek and said “sorry” he kissed her gently and caressed the sides of her breasts which were tightly squeezed between them. A minute or so later when he shifted a little she realised that he had not left her and that he had infact grown again. They started moving together again she felt there juices trickle down her ass and that turned her on more. Sarah started to moan now she was getting closer. He pulled her close and Sarah thought ‘ not again’ but this time her rolled them so that she was on top this time, without releasing his cock she sat up and as she did his hands claimed her breasts As she rode him, he played with her nipples, this was setting Sarah’s body a light. As she felt she was close she grabbed his legs and threw herself back and rode him hard, she could feel the sweat running down between her breasts. She pounded him faster and harder as her orgasm grew, she was now short of breath and moaning loudly.“Ohhhh John” was her only signal to him, not that he needed one. Her orgasm was long and hard as she came she threw herself forward onto him and held him close to her, as her orgasm subsided; he once again rolled them over and pounded her pussy for all he was worth. Her next orgasm erupted seconds later, but still he did not stop pounding her Sarah dug her nails into his back and screamed with pleasure. Her orgasms now were coming like waves on a beach. Sarah could not be sure but it was on her fifth orgasm when they finally arrived together and collapsed together on the bed breathless for a few minutes.When she had regained her breath Sarah said “I thought we said a bit of fooling around only and no fucking?”He looked maltepe escort at her with a grin and said “I don’t remember that but I’ve not even started to fuck you yet”“Oh goodie” she replied with a broad cheeky smile.“Now come here” he said pulling her to him.“Hold that thought lover, timeout” she said “need a toilet brake!” She stood up and he watched her walk away.A few minutes later as Sarah emerged from the bathroom she saw him sat on a chair next to the table with a glass of champagne in his hand, She looked at his body he was as he had described just short of 6 foot she guessed, medium build but quite toned, his chest was quite hairy, his cock, now soft was average in size, shape and he was trimmed down there too, no model or stripper but a nice looking man who knew to use what he had. Without standing he picked up the second glass and offered it to her. Sarah walked towards him aware his eyes were all over her she took the glass and took a sip she then sat on his lap facing him.“So what do we do now?” she asked.“Mmmm maybe I could do this” he said as he stroked her breasts.“Maybe” she replied wriggling slightly on his lap, Sarah looked down and saw that his cock was already semi erect. She reached back and supported her weight on his knees to give him more room. He took the move as an invite and bent his head towards her nipples. After he raised his head some time later both her breasts tingled and her pussy was fully wet again, she leaned forward and they kissed. It was Sarah that broke the kiss, she kept her eyes fixed on him as her hand encircled his cock and started to rub it and play with it to change its semi hard state. It did not take long and when Sarah looked down she could see his helmet glistening with pre-cum. She tried to lift her weight and lower herself onto him but he had other ideas. He picked her up and laid he on the nearby table, Sarah let out a gasp as her back touched the cold surface. He went to the side table took something out popped it in his mouth then returned, he then positioned the chain between her legs and sat down. Sarah brought her legs up and found she could rest them on the back of the chair. He bent his head towards her and when is mouth touched her lips she gasped loudly, her pussy was alive from the coldness his mouth brought to it, she had played with ice but this was something else, a whole new level.“Mmmm oh John what r u doing to me, what is that?” she gasped, he just pulled her up stood and they kissed. A mint! “Lover boy kitty needs you!” Sarah continued lowering herself to the table. Sarah lost track of time soon after that as he expertly ‘ate’ her out. She was approaching her third orgasm when she tipped her head back and caught sight of someone else in the room. It was Dawn the cute girl from reception from earlier she was holding a tray. Dawn looked shocked but at the same time interested her eyes never left them. After what seemed like minutes but was closer to 20 seconds Dawn coughed at which point John raised his head from between Sarah’s legs.“I’m really really sorry! I did knock I promise did you guys order room service?” Dawn said with the reddest of faces.“It’s ok” said Sarah “Not us, we’ve been busy!”Dawn smiled at that, said sorry again and left, they both laughed and as he bent his head again Sarah thought to herself about seeing Dawn stood there just watching, and it turned her on more. Later Sarah would confess that she had thought about asking Dawn to stay and join in but now she was lost in her third orgasm.“Stand up” she said to him sternly.He did as he was told and Sarah slid off of the table to be kneeling in front of him.He was hard and she cupped her breasts each side of his cock pushed them together and let him fuck her tits. It was soon after when she could tell he was getting close that she let her tits free and descended on his cock with her mouth. She ran her tongue over and around his helmet before taking him in as far as she could, making her gag a little. Then sucking hard she moved her head in the time old rhythm getting faster as his breath came faster. Soon her mouth and throat was full of his salty cum. Sarah swallowed it down just letting a little dribble out of her mouth for effect. When he had recovered they both stumbled to the bed where they spent the next hour or so holding each other, kissing, stroking and talking about their past experiences, lovers, lives and nothing important. Sarah looked over at the clock it read 3.30! What state would she be in for her conference which was starting at 9am! John stood up walked to the fridge pulled out a box of Strawberries and returned to the bed. Before he lay next to her again they shared the last of the champagne. He opened the box of strawberries and started by feeding them to her but soon he was rubbing them across her belly, nipples using them to part both of her sets of lips. It was not until the whole box had been used did they move, he got her up on all fours facing away from him, she was expecting to feel him enter her. As she knew he was knelt between her knees she lowered the head so that it rested on her arms and it put her ass high in the air as an open invitation. She felt her lips being parted and soon thought ‘was he this big before?’ and it as not until she heard and felt the buzz that she realised he had a vibrator stuck inside her!“Enjoy my present to you?” he asked.All she could manage was “mmmm.”After he had toyed he for a while he replaced the vibrator with his hard cock. He fucked her hard doggy style; she could hear and feel his ball slap against her. After they had both orgasmed they both collapsed on the bed exhausted. He spooned her from behind and held her close as they both lost their battle with consciousness and succumbed to sleep.Sarah was waking and she was feeling very horny, as she became more aware of her surroundings she realised that she was on her back and that John was next to her on his side facing her, the sheet from the bed that he had pulled over them before they finally slept was now down around their waists. Every so often he was circling her nipples with his fingers; she could feel that she was wet for him already. She reached over to him and slid her hand under the sheet, finding his cock was already hard, she turned to face him smiled at him as she gentle rubbed him up and down with both hands, feeling his heat and hardness after ten minutes of caressing stroking and kissing she leaned closer and said “fuck me John, hard!” She kartal escort rolled onto her back and he was above her very close they kissed and he suddenly descended onto her like the release of a roller coaster. He entered her easily and thrust into her with such force it made her gasp. They fucked hard Sarah was moaning her legs were wrapped around his lower back and they were both covered in sweat. The fireworks were once again going off in her mind as her orgasm grew, she dug her nails into his back and scratched him as she came seconds later he pumped her full once again of his semen. However he was not finished with her yet and as she lay there still catching her breath she felt his tongue on her lips she closed her legs around his head and let the feeling take her to that special place, she grabbed handfuls of the sheet that they had slept on as she felt her second orgasm come and go, he only stopped licking after her third orgasm. Sarah looked at the clock 6.30, ‘perfect’ she thought a quick shower, back to her room to change then get some breakfast on her way to the training meeting she was here for. As she walked away from the bed she realised what a mess of the bed and the room they had made you could see stains on the sheets, clothes were s**ttered around the room, she glanced at him laid on the bed, she grinned and he said “what?” Sarah kept on walking to the bathroom. She stood under the shower and let the water cascade off of her letting the cool water soak in and revive her very tired body. Moments later the door opened and she heard him filling the kettle with water. “You are a good boy aren’t you, haven’t I got you well trained!” Sarah said from the safety of behind the shower screen. Seconds later she screamed as the cold water he had thrown hit her. “Bastard!” was her only response. Next she felt the cool air rush into the shower as the screen was opened and he stepped in, naked.“Now am I going to have to have to show you how well trained I am!” John said with a grin as he pushed her from under the water. He took the shower gel from her poured an amount onto his hands then rubbed it into her skin starting from her shoulders and working down her body. He avoided her breasts and her pussy, Sarah knew he would return there soon! Once he had soaped her up from head to toe he turned her around and started on her back. Sarah felt his hard hands on her spreading the soap over her feeling him rubbing her was getting her wet and it wasn’t the water from the shower! Soon his fingers were caressing her ass she parted her legs, willing him to touch her there but he ran his hands down her legs instead. He stood up pulled her back into the water and used his hands to wipe and wash the soap off of her. Once she was clean he stood again and they kissed a long slow kiss. He took the shower gel again and poured some directly onto her breasts, Sarah felt he nipples stiffen as they anticipated what would happen next. His hands then descended onto her breasts and she felt his fingers working the soap slowly into her swollen breast soon she was again stood under the water with him stroking them, Sarah moaned as he bent his head and took her into his mouth. She felt his hands caressing her and his tongue flicked across her hard nipple. Next he knelt before her and pulled her to him she instinctively lifted her leg and gently rested in on his shoulder. She watched the water run down her breasts over her belly and onto him as he ate her out! She had two handfuls of his hair and she was gently pulling him into her. Sarah found it increasingly hard to stand up and he sensed it, as he stood up picked her up and carried her to the bed in again. As he laid her on the bed she found it easy to reach out with an outstretched hand and claim his semi-hard cock. As she held him she felt it fully harden. She rubbed it hard and he pushed down onto her, moments later he entered her and they she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his back. Their pace was slow first with lots of kissing and touching but as they both got closer to their goal the pace quickened and Sarah released some louder moans. The noise of heavy breathing moaning filled the room as they neared their goal it was broken suddenly by the ringing of Sarah’s phone. Sarah knew that it was a work call from the ringtone, she gave a panicked look at the clock on the side table had she lost track of time? No there was just over an hour before she needed to be in the training room.”Need to get that?” John asked. “No fuck it!” Sarah replied, adding with a smile “or better still fuck me!”He needed no further instruction; soon the sound of moaning and short shallow breaths filled the room again. Sarah squeezed her legs tightly around his back and he responded by running his hand over her leg from her knee to her ass then smacking her ass hard. Sarah squealed and playfully squeezed harder. John raised himself on his arms looked down on her breasts and continued to pound himself into her. She signalled him about her impending orgasm simply by saying his name, then she was lost as fireworks went off in her mind and her body was carried away on a wave of ecstasy. When she lay still afterwards she looked at him and asked “you staying here tonight?”“I might find a reason”“Well lover boy this hurts but I must get dressed now as I need to go, duty calls but I promise you a treat in room 401 tonight.” She said as she pulled on her panties and looked for her bra.“It’s on the TV” he said as he watched her dress, he got up pulled a gown on and when she was ready to go followed her to the door, “call me” he said. Then they kissed a long slow hard kiss that made her question whether to go. Eventually she walked out into the corridor and she heard the door close behind her. She pulled her phone out to check the time and remembered the call she had had. The call was from her boss, Sarah dialled 101 and listened as he explained that there was a problem with the rooms they had hired for the training and that as a result she might as well have the day off on him. Sarah grinned she was at the lift but she did not go in. Sarah dialled her boss she explained that she couldn’t sleep so went out for an early walk. He said “so you heard them too?”Sarah said “who?”Her boss replied the “newlyweds or whoever they were.” Sarah could feel her face immediately redden“Oh no I just couldn’t get to sleep for long” she said truthfully. They talked for a couple of minute about the problem and her boss said sorry that this meant she was going to have nothing to do Sarah said it was ok as she had a friend in town and she could catch up with them. As Sarah slid the phone into her bag she turned on her heels and headed back down the corridor…….

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