The job that changed my life.


The job that changed my life.I guess my life wouldnt have changed if it wasnt for the job I should never have chosen. Let me put you into the picture. Last september I had to get a second job as me and my family were feeling the pressure, what with my husband loosing his job.I turned 43 last August and in the same month got made redundant. It was hell trying to find another job to support me and my young family. My friend got me in touch with a guy she knew that needed bar work to help over a two month period.I didnt fancy it too much but I had to take it. The problem was the local was situated in a rough part of the city. There are just some places that are off limits and ‘The Bulldog’ was one of them. It was a 24 hour bar that didnt help and had a bad reputation with d**g use.But it was on a quiet saturday night that I met my true fill. I was working behind the bar when Tyler walked in. He was a lad of no older gaziantep escort than 19, 6’1, skinhead, slim and sporting a white cap, trackies and football top. To me he was just one of the regulars, scrounging, filthy, vile and a terrible flirt.Tyler: Alright luv fosters.I poured it up as I saw his two friends walk over to the table by the jukebox and drink their pints they had just bought.Tyler: Aint seen you in here before…whats ya name.I spoke to him briefly and short but I could sense he was eyeing me up. I was attractive for a mature woman, slim 32DD, flowing brunette…but I was double his age. Tyler: What time ya clock off then Donna?Just after 10…although Im stocking the cellar till gone 12.And with that he was gone. I didnt see Tyler all evening, his group must have been the ones getting the drink. Though as i cleared the tables he grabbed my arm.Tyler: Thanks for the drinks tonight luv.’Oh no problem. No doubt see you in here again’The brief exchange was brief or thats what I hoped. But he stood outside waiting for me to finish work. I almost shreiked as I saw him walk out from behind the bins.Tyler: Heya Donna…you walking home?Oh its you…yes I am.Tyler: I’ll walk you home.No…No there’s no need.Tyler: Tell you what…i’ll call you a cab.And he did. I was glad in many ways as I hated walking home. He was quite quiet in the cab. I guess the bravado was for his mates. And he did as he said. He dropped me to my door. As I left the cab he jumped out as well and paid the driver.What…what you doing?Tyler: Thought I’d come in for a coffee.I tried to tell him I was a married woman, my husband would be home but he had none of it.We chatted for a good half hour and I started to warm to him. He was cocky but he seemed to have a heart.Tyler: Well….I better be going Donna…early start tommorow.He walked over and placed his hands on my hips and kissed me on the cheek.As he did that he then started to passionately kiss me. I grabbed at his chest and started to tug his t-shirt off. I was starting to feel wet as he came onto me.Tyler: ya so fucking getting itI passsionatley moaned in his mouth as we kissed my arms wrapped around his neck. He picked me up in one swoop and put me on the worktop.Tyler: Whens ya hubby backSmearing my lipstick on my hand I told him not to panic. But he didnt want to take chances it seemed. He dragged me out into the garden and managed to strip me to my thong as we kissed and stripped.I felt the cold rush over me as my toyboy devoured my breasts. I moaned in the grass. But I was to moan more as he pulled my thong aside and his trackies down.Tyler: Ya fuckin muff is gonna be drilledI dug up a clump of grass as i felt his 8′ push into my vagina. Something with such a beating my husband ever failed to do. As he picked up the pace I started to moan louder.

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