The King’s Assistant


Story Edited by TNsourdough45

King Edmund Birde has been ruling over the Kingdom of Orindoth since the age of 23, when he assumed the throne after his father had passed away of black fever.

Now, at the age of 51, he didn´t look 51 at all. He was still as strong as an ox and stood nearly six-and-a-half feet tall. He had always hated formalities such as audiences, meetings with lords and church higher ups. He also hated the paperwork, somedays it just seemed endless.

His wife, Queen Margaret, would assist him in any way she could, but at the end of the day it was King Edmund who had to shoulder the heavy burden.

The king;s assistant, a 23-year-old kid, Tim Hanekin. Tim was the son of a viscount, dreamed of being in the military, but had been rejected because Tim was small. Standing only five-and-a-half feet and having a small, lean build, he would never be accepted.

Tim’s father pulled some strings to get his son a position as the king´s personal messenger.

The king was advised that maybe he needed someone to organize everything better for him. He was against the idea at first, but soon realized that having someone to make his job smoother wouldn´t be that bad, because most days he was swamped with work.

The king first noticed how feminine Tim looked when he was being fitted for a new uniform. A black shirt with the kingdom´s crest in the left breast pocket and leather pants.

And how the pants showed that he had a nice, round ass, a slim waist, and his slim build.

The king would start to get hard thinking of how good Tim’s ass looked in those pants. The wasn´t gay, or at least that´s what he thought. But it had been so long since he had fucked Queen Margaret that he couldn´t help but notice Tim’s perfect, tight ass.

He had noticed how Tim was very efficient at his job, could follow orders and was never bothered by all the work he had to do. He was the perfect choice. And so, the messenger became the King’s assistant.

A month later King Edmund stretched and said “Please tell me were done, Tim”..

Looking at down at his agenda, Tim said, “Yes, that´s everything. Tomorrow you only have two meetings, with Lord Cross and Bishop Haythe.”

“Well at least, I´ll be free after that,” the king said, yawning.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, my king,” Tim asked.

The king looked a little nervous, muş escort kind of fidgety. “Tim..um…do you think…that maybe you can….help me like last time?” the king said almost whispering.

Tim just smiled and said “Of course, my king. You only have to ask.”

The king moved his chair back and let Tim get between his legs. Tim began rubbing King Edmund’s thighs and slowly moved up to his bulge.

“Are you stressed, my king,” Tim asked with a low voice while rubbing the thickening cock.

“Yeah,” he sighed, “it´s been almost a month.”

Tim couldn’t wait anymore and pulled down the zipper. The king wasn´t wearing any underwear, so he slowly reached into the newly opened hole and pulled out eight inches of cock with a thick and veiny shaft that he couldn´t even wrap his fingers around, and two egg sized balls.

Tim licked his lips and looked up to see the glazed look on the king’s face. Tim gave the cock a kiss on the tip of its head, then on the sides, never breaking eye contact with the king.

“I love your manly scent,” Tim said.

“Stroke it for me” the king said breathing heavily.

Tim licked his hands and starting stroking up and down the king’s cock. “You are very hard, my king. You must really need this.”

The king placed his hand on top of Tim’s head and slowly guided him forward, Tim never broke eye contact as he opened his mouth to serve the king.

The king took in a deep breath and then let out a low moan followed by a sigh. “Oh, Tim, your mouth is perfect.” he said, leaning his head back.

Tim started to bob up and down, letting out a moan at being complimented. One of his hands cupped the king´s big balls and started gently massaging them.

The king growled while looking down at Tim taking his big cock. He thought about how he was cheating on his wife. But, he thought, if she isn´t going to do it anymore I might as well find someone who will.

Tim pulled off the glistening rod and a rope of saliva connected the king’s cock to his chin, and while stroking the king’s cock with both hands, asked, “Is this to your liking, my king?”

“Fuck, yes. Keep going. I´m getting close, gonna paint your fucking mouth white,” the king said, panting.

Tim loved how the king would become like a possessed man whenever he would blow him. The king was not a mad or rude man. If anything, escort muş he was respectful, serious, but not too much so, and polite. But all that would go out the window the moment Tim got on his knees.

Tim had started bobbing up and down again when someone knocked on the door.

They both looked up and the king told Tim to be quiet. He moved his chair forward, pushing Tim into the space underneath his desk.

The door opened to reveal Queen Margaret. “Dear, you´re still here? I thought you´d be done by now,” she said looking at her husband.

The king tried to seem as relaxed as possible, and said, “I´m just going over some of the papers for tomorrow´s meeting with the bishop”.

“I see, but it´s late, you should rest and continue tomorrow,” she said.

The kings eyes widened a little when he felt Tim slowly lick the tip of his cock.

“Ummm…yeah.I´ll…I´ll be right over in just a few minutes,” the king said, trying to sound composed.

Tim couldn´t believe that he was sucking the king´s dick with the Queen just a few feet away. Both Tim’s and the king’s cocks were like pieces of iron, but the pleasure of his majesty came first.

Tim closed his lips tightly around the tip and started bobbing slowly, taking the cock all the way in, trying not to make a sound.

Tim had seen the King’s left hand gripping his chair hard before the queen came in. He had been about to fill Tim’s mouth with delectable cum, but now he had to hold it for God knows how long.

“Margaret….it´s…fine…I´m almost done,” he said with a strained voice.

“You have 15 minutes, Edmund, then I´m gonna come and drag you to bed because you need to rest,” she said sternly, not knowing her husband was trying not blow his load in Tim’s mouth right in front of her.

“Yes….I get it…now please let me….finish dear,” he said.

“Ok. But you´ve been warned,” she said turning back and leaving.

The moment she closed the door, the King backed away from the desk, pulling Tim out.

“Fuck, I thought she was never going to leave,” he said, panting.

Tim bobbed hungrily, wanting to get his creamy load as soon as possible. He couldn´t wait any longer.

“That´s right keep going, Tim. We’re finally alone,” King Edmund said while placing a hand over Tim’s head to make him go faster.

“I´m…I´m cumming, Tim!” muş escort bayan the king said as his back arched.

Growling, he told Tim, “Look at me when I fill your fucking mouth up.”

Tim just moaned. Of course, he was not going to stop until he got every last drop out. He loved giving his king this kind of pleasure. The most powerful man in the kingdom became powerless every time he wrapped his warm, wet mouth around his King’s big cock. It gave Tim the ultimate thrill.

Edmund’s cock twitched inside Tim’s mouth and Tim knew this was it.

“Fuuuuuck,” the King grunted as he started to fill Tim’s mouth.

“YEEAH….JUST LIKE THAT….FUUCK…so good, Tim,” he moaned.

Tim´s eyes widened at the amount, but he didn´t spill a drop.

“Don´t stop, Tim, not until I tell you to,” Edmund said. panting.

Tim swallowed what he felt was a gallon of cum, but he didn´t care. He loved the creamy, salty taste of King Edmund’s thick load. He slowed down, nursing the cock gently, letting the king catch his breath and recover after such a powerful orgasm.

“Tim, you can stop now.” the king said trying to catch his breath.

Tim let go of the cock, still glistening from all the spit and cum. “Did you enjoy that, my king,” he asked, wiping some of the spit from his chin.

“It…it was perfect, I really needed that….holy shit,” the king said.

Tim looked down and saw the huge mess on the floor, a big puddle between him and the king´s legs.

“I´m glad you liked it, my king. We forgot to lock the door though,” he said with a little smile.

“Yes, of all nights for Margaret to show up,” he said, putting his cock back in his pants.

Licking his lips, Tim said, “But it got me thinking….whenever you need….release…I can crawl under your desk, my king…that way you finish your work and….I can do mine.”

“God, Tim, you better go or we´re never going to leave this room.”

“Yes, my king, goodnight,” Tim said, walking to the door and exiting.

The king watched time walk away admiring how good his ass looked in those leather pants.

“I can´t wait for our next….session” the king muttered as he watched tim walk away.


Hey people

PD here, first of all I just want to thank everyone who read “The good Doctor” and for all the positive feedback I got, I never thought it was going to do that well.

I hope you enjoy this one as well, definitely going to make a second part, as always any ideas, or suggestions are always welcomed. As well as constructive criticism. Just don´t roast to much please.

Until next time.

Best wishes.


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