The Long Awaited Meeting

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He had been thinking about Arabella since lunch time and had been finding it difficult to concentrate at work. He was back in his spacious hotel room with its king-size bed with white cotton sheets, small seating area with 2 wicker chairs and coffee table. “At least the room was ready now” he thought to himself as he got out of the shower. He had placed a bucket of champagne on ice on the coffee table with 2 fluted glasses. He had asked for some roses to be placed in his room.

Sam was feeling a little nervous as he anticipated meeting Arabella for the first time. He loved showering when he was away in the hotel. The water was so warm and jets so powerful invigorating his whole body. He stayed in there wondering how tonight would go. As he dried himself he laughed at himself in the mirror. He had had an erection most of the day and now he needed Arabella to satisfy it. “My word you could hang a towel off that!” he joked to himself.

He decided to wear a casual shirt and trousers as he wanted to look smart but not go over the top. He got dressed quickly as it was almost nine and Arabella was due. He hoped that reception had got his message and would send her up to his room OK.

There was a gently knock on his door. “Hello Sam?” a tender voice said.

His heart jumped as she was 10 minutes early. He quickly went over to the door. He was breathing shallower now and his heart was beating faster. He opened the door and said “Hi come in!”

He noticed Arabella’s smile and deep blue eyes as opened the door. Her face looked lovely framed by her long dark brown curls which shone with the light behind her. He smiled back at her and beckoned her in. She looked divine! She was wearing her long pink coat unbutton at the top and just above her knees and black high heeled shoes with white bows which he had seen before in some of her photos.

She unbuttoned her coat and said “It’s so cold out there.” as she placed her coat on the bed. Sam smiled and pointed to the seating area. “Would you like a drink?” he said and went over to pour two glasses.

Arabella was wearing a thin A-line skirt with loosely buttoned top which showed her figure off to perfection. As Arabella sat her skirt moved up over her knee to reveal her lightly ankara escort tanned legs.

“You look fabulous!” he said as he sat in the wicker chair next to her. The chairs were close but there was a slight awkwardness with this arrangement. He hadn’t though this bit through and wondered how he would get closer?

Arabella was obviously thinking on similar lines. “Do you mind if I use your bathroom to freshen up?” She said. “No problem” said Sam as he watched her get up and saunter over to the bathroom. Her skirt and legs looking wonderful from behind, Arabella closed the bathroom door behind her. She looked at herself and smiled in the mirror. Her make up and hair still looked good and she was horny, ready to have Sam’s body on top of hers! Her red lipstick and blue eyes stood out against her dark brunette hair. She slid off her shoes and then slowly undid her skirt before slipping it down her soft lightly tanned legs. She unbuttoned her top and slipped it off.

Underneath she was ready to bed Sam. She was wearing the outfit that she bought previously especially for Sam’s photos that she had sent him. The black strappy top which was so sexy and transparent, with matching panties that had a bow to the left hand side, they clung to her womanly curves and contours of her hot body. She touched her night wear and it felt so soft against her skin. She was feeling really horny already, as she put her hand against her silky flimsy top. She could feel her nipples hardening underneath the supple material and couldn’t resist rubbing them. “Wow this felt so good. I must be really wet!” she thought.

She slid her hand down her panties extending her index finger so that it just slid between the lips of her soft freshly shaven pussy. “That is wet!” she thought as she withdrew her hand. He finger glistening wet in the lights against the mirror. She put her finger in her mouth and sucked it so that she could taste her sex. “Mmmm!” she thought.”Its time to make an entrance!” she thought.

Sam saw the bathroom door open and a vision of beauty emerged! Arabella looked just gorgeous! She smiled cheekily at Sam and then stepped back before a two step run followed by a huge leap onto the bed. She gained loads of height before falling ankara escort bayan and suppressing all the bounce of the bed ending up in a sleep position on her side. “Wow that’s a ten!” thought Sam, “No wonder she’s a champ!”..

“Come on apprentice!” she laughed, “What are you waiting for!”

Sam didn’t need asking twice, he stripped off all of his restricting and unnecessary clothes, hiding is semi-erect rod underneath his boxers and launched him self at the bed landing in a bit of a heap after a double bounce. He laid a little way behind Arabella. “Not quite a perfect spoon! She laughed “But I’d give you an 8 for effort!”

With a twinkle in her light blue eyes, she said “Lie there and don’t move, No touching.”

Sam did as requested. He was so close now he could smell Arabella’s perfume but he couldn’t touch her. “This was torture” he thought as he lay there silently. His tension was growing and so was his cock. All of his sensors were heightened now. He could hear the slightest sound. He noticed Arabella’s smaller but quicker breaths now. Even the slightest movement of Arabella’s night wear made a soft rubbing sound. He just wanted to be closer now so he could take in her scent and explore her body.

Arabella very slowly backed into Sam’s spoon. She almost but not quite touched him. He could smell her hair now. “You are simply gorgeous!” he said. Then very smoothly she moved closer to Sam. He could feel her buttocks very faintly against his boxers. The soft silky material was sliding against him. She was teasing Sam’s cock with her buttocks.

Arabella’s nipples protruded from her silky transparent top, the bow from her panties trickled down her leg as if to point to the place where Sam wanted to be. The lust and frustration that had been building between them was about to erupt into a volcano of raw uncomplicated passion. Arabella had dreamt of the night that she could lay beside Sam in that massive sea of white linen, she longed to have her wicked way with him and pleasure him to heights never reached before; the perfect sex.

Arabella started to tug at his pants, Sam’s spring loaded hard cock jumped out and she got the biggest smile ever. Sam asked her if she liked it. Arabella replied with escort ankara “Oh Sam, your cock is so hard, take me NOW.” He grabbed her head and directed her moist warm mouth to his throbbing tool. Arabella sucked Sam’s hard shaft. She sucked it like a pro stroking his rigid cock and teasing his balls. Sam started to strip off her lingerie and started circling her nipples with his temperate tongue. Sam then put her on her back and started to taste her wet pussy, paying special attention to her engorged protruding clit. He entered a finger in her kitty, easily gliding in and out as her juices covered his think digits with her creamy cum. Their bodies melted into one another’s.

Sam lifted Arabella up on his hard shaft and let her slowly take his solid cock in. It started out slow, with her wet pussy just barely taking the tip of his raging hard on. Sam grabbed her hips and slid her down deeper. Finally he grabbed tightly and slid his length all the way inside her tight pulsating pussy. Arabella started screaming louder and louder with increasing intensity. She had been waiting a long time to have Sam, he had teased and pleased her for so long and all of her passion and frustration was about to drip down his swollen rod. Arabella had released all of her cream all over Sam’s tool: Now it was his turn to share!

Sam lay on the bed next to her and pulled her on top of him. As Arabella squatted over Sam’s groin, she could feel his cock throb with desire. As Sam slid his cock inside her, a groan escaped from his mouth. Arabella’s pussy lips clamped tightly around his cock. As she bounced on top of him, his length became increasingly rigid.

Arabella pounded his cock into her tight pussy. Her small pert breasts jumped with every pump as his rod sank deeper and deeper inside of her burning furnace.

Sam’s toes curled with passion as the feeling of climax crept through his body.”I want your cum Sam, shoot your hot load inside me” groaned Arabella. Sam’s face was flushed and tensed as wave after wave of his creamy cum pumped deep inside Arabella’s pussy.

Arabella froze so that she could feel Sam cumming inside her, her clit pulsated as Sam’s hot thick juice spurted up inside of her.

Arabella’s hot pink cheeks matched Sam’s as they collapsed onto the bed together. A smile crept across their faces in the knowledge that they just had the best sex session ever!! As they lay out of breath on the bed, there was silence; only their panting breaths could be heard.

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