The Long Ride Home


It hadn’t been the best start to the week, and certainly one I’d never look back on fondly.

I came out of work and found my car damaged. Someone had very kindly driven into it, pieces of the front wings and bonnet lying smashed on the floor around it, broken headlights were strewn amongst them. While I surveyed the scene and phoned a local garage to arrange a pick-up, my boss had been back inside and returned. He shook his head, a sad look on his face. It had been a blue car, but the number plates couldn’t be made out. The large car park having public access, it could have been anyone driving. I was going to have to pay out for the repairs.

Getting home late that evening, I sat with the TV on, not paying much attention to it. I was too angry to concentrate. I was contemplating getting to work for the rest of the week while the repairs were being done. I could use public transport but there wasn’t a direct route. Travel time would be around ninety minutes both ways. Taxis would cost me around £100 for the week, money that could be used for the repair costs.

It had been a very warm few days, and I remembered I had an old mountain bike in my garden shed. With the last little bit of daylight, I went and fetched it out. Tyres would need pumping up, but it looked rideable. I also knew there was a place inside the work building where it would be safe to be left. I made up my mind, I’d cycle to work. Save money, and enjoy the sun on me. The journey would be reasonably flat too, with no large steep hills to have to endure for forty-five-year-old me.

Thirty minutes it took me to make the journey the next morning. I hadn’t needed to use too much effort, but had taken my work uniform in a backpack and had ridden in shorts and a spare t-shirt. There was a little more traffic on the way back, and midway through the return, I had to cross a very busy main road, by a large traffic island with lots of exits. To make it easier for myself, I decided to use the cycle path and go over the crossing.

Approaching the crossing I could see two girls on bicycles already waiting to cross. They were lightly pushing each other while laughing loudly. There was a redhead wearing jeans and a long-sleeved top, and a brunette with a very nice pert arse encased in a pair of lycra shorts with a loose-fitting t-shirt over the top. Just as I got to them, the redhead dodged between cars to cross over the three lanes. She stopped in the middle of the crossing, between the two carriageways, and despite the heavy traffic, her laughter rang out.

“Katie, you could have been killed stupid!” shouted out the brunette next to me.

I pressed the button on the traffic lights, waiting for it to turn the lights to red so we could cross.

“It’s not working mister,” the brunette said a little stroppily.

She turned to look at me, her face turning into a smile.

“Oh hi, erm, I bet it works for you,” she said sheepishly.

“You haven’t even tried the button Stacey you liar!” shouted Katie.

Stacey looked at me again, “Shut up Katie!” she shouted at her friend.

“Trying to flirt with the man and he’s laughing at you,” Katie giggled.

I was indeed laughing. If they weren’t intending to be funny, it had made me laugh anyway.

“Are you laughing at me?” Stacey asked.

“No, I’m laughing at your friend,” I said, my voice raising louder, “who goes riding around in this weather in jeans and a long-sleeved top?”

We finally managed to navigate the crossing, the two girls going over first. Getting to the other side, they both turned their bikes towards me as I rode across the road. Stopping, only then did I notice that Katie’s top was wet with sweat, the front stuck to her excellent sized breasts as she leaned forward on her handlebars.

“Thanks for helping an old man across the road,” I told them, laughing.

I rode off slowly, hearing the girls shout out their goodbyes. I waved a hand without looking back. I just about heard one of them say how fit I was. I assumed they were talking about me riding a bicycle at my age.

My car was going to take longer to repair than I’d expected, a couple of parts needing ordering in. The garage owner tried to help out by telling me he’d charge me as close to his cost price as he could, it helped a little but I still felt a little useless without my car.

Riding home that night I perked up when I saw a couple of girls waiting by the crossing again. Katie saw me approaching and waved, the two girls having huge smiles on their faces. Getting closer, I realised I hadn’t taken too much notice of them the night before. Both were naturally pretty and wore not much make-up. I stopped by them both and noticed both had blue eyes. Stacey’s were a darker blue, that matched her dark hair. Katie’s were very pale ice-like, matching her porcelain pale skin. She had a few smattering of freckles across her nose and under her eyes that seemed to show them off as a frame.

“We haven’t pressed the button yet, we were waiting for you,” I heard Stacey ankara escort say.

“How did you know I’d be here?” I asked.

“We hoped you would be, Katie wouldn’t stop talking about how you were looking at her tits in her wet top last night,” Stacey answered.

She started giggling even while Katie playfully punched her arm.

I looked straight at Katie’s tits instinctively. She wore shorts and a t-shirt now, so they weren’t so obvious. I looked up and caught her eyes, she’d seen me looking.

“Do you have a wife or girlfriend mister?” Stacey asked.

“Not any more, I got divorced two years ago,” I answered.

Do you fancy us then mister?” Stacey asked.

“Erm, you’re both very pretty,” I answered as casually as I could sound, “and call me Danny, mister sounds too formal.”

“Do you want to see Katie’s tits?” Stacey blurted out.

“I bet he wants to see your arse Stacey,” Katie replied.

I didn’t know how to answer. I wasn’t entirely sure they weren’t winding me up. Suddenly Katie held her hand out, and I took the two items from her.

“What are these?” I asked, even though I recognised them.

“Our passports, nobody ever believes we’re eighteen so we carry them everywhere, we’re always being asked for ID,” Stacey replied.

I opened and read the documents. The pictures were fairly recent, there was no doubt they were their passports. Not only were they eighteen, but both girls were also just a month short of their nineteenth birthdays.

“So, do you want to see Katie’s tits or not?” Stacey asked again.

The two girls started giggling, I still didn’t know if they were joking or not. I decided to call their bluff.

“Yeah, why not,” I answered.

They stopped giggling long enough to high five each other.

“Follow us then,” Stacey said.

We made our way across the crossing, then turned right along the cycle path, the opposite way from my house. A few minutes later the girls took a pathway down to a canal towpath. They cycled a short distance to a small clearing with a bench.

“We can’t go to ours, both sets of our parents are in. This will do though,” Katie said.

She very quickly pulled up her t-shirt, pulling her bra up with it, two very large breasts with large pink nipples dropped out. My mouth opened a little in shock, both at the speed of her unleashing them and the actual size.

“36D, what do you think?” Stacey asked.

“They’re very very nice indeed,” I answered.

“My turn,” Stacey said, getting off her bike and prompting her friend to hold it.

She turned her back, hooked a thumb on either side of her shorts and hooked them down, keeping her legs straight. Her peachy arse shot into view, perfectly round except for a small vee where the top of her cheeks was.

“Oooh, he likes that,” Katie laughed.

She pulled down her top and Stacey turned around to face me having pulled up her shorts. She asked me to pass my phone over, typed something into it, and handed it back.

“We have to go now, our parents will be expecting us back soon. We probably won’t see you tomorrow, maybe Thursday?” she asked.

Sure, same time same place,” I answered.

I rode off back home as well as my growing bulge would let me, my semi-erect cock trying to escape from my shorts. If the girls had noticed it, neither had let on. I got home and showered, trying to resist the images in my head and not masturbate.

Having dried me and gone downstairs to cook something to eat, I checked my phone while waiting. While she had my phone, Stacey had inputted both hers and Katie’s phone numbers. It wouldn’t hurt to send them my number back I thought to myself, the girls had intrigued me enough to do so. I sent them both the same text saying it was me texting and put my phone down. Within seconds I had two notifications. Both were images, I opened the first and saw a picture of Katie sprawled across her bed, legs splayed open but she was still fully clothed. The second was of Stacey, on all fours on a bed and again, sadly still clothed. Behave, I told myself, you’ve already seen more of them than you were expecting today.

I looked at both pictures, then something dawned on me.

“Are you two in the same room? I thought you lived in different houses?” I texted.

“I’m at Katie’s house, we’re supposed to be studying,” Stacey replied.

“There doesn’t look much studying going on?” I sent back.

“It’s an excuse to talk about boys, and do other things,” Katie answered.

I left the conversation there and settled in front of the TV to eat. If they wanted to tell me what other things they meant, they’d tell me in their own time. There were no further messages that evening.

Wednesday came and went fairly uneventfully. Work was quite boring and I had no interest in being there. Thursday found me in a much better mood though, maybe because I might see Katie and Stacey on the way back. Surely enough, they were there.

“Want to come down to the canal again?” Stacey asked. Katie giggled.

“Hello çankaya escort to you two too. What for?” I said, teasing.

“You can see us flash again if you ask nicely?” Stacey responded.

“I think I’d like that very much,” I answered.

We rode to the same place as last time and the girls got off their bikes and leaned them against a tree. They paused as someone jogged past us down the towpath, then after looking at each other, pulled their shorts right down at the front. They both giggled with excitement. Two shaven pussies peeked out at me, Stacey having a finely trimmed line just above her clit, Katie’s was fully shaved.

“Yours now,” Katie urged, as the girls pulled their shorts back up.

I quickly glanced around, then pulled my shorts down, my cock being released into the warm air. Stacey gasped.

“Oh boy, it’s bigger than my dad’s!” she cried out.

Myself and Katie both stared at her. She caught our disapproving looks.

“I walked in the bathroom one night and he was showering, and hadn’t pulled the curtain right over. I saw him masturbating and backed out quietly,” she explained.

Katie let out an audible phew and Stacey laughed. There were thirty seconds of silence, broken by Katie.

“Will you have sex with us?”

“What, here?” I laughed.

“No silly. My parents are out tomorrow all day, we have the house to ourselves. Stacey and I normally spend the day masturbating.”

I gave her a puzzled look. She continued the explanation.

“We masturbate in the same room at the same time a lot. We normally talk about men and what they’d do to us if we had the chance.”

Stacey looked at Katie, then said, “We need to be honest with him.”

She turned and looked at me.

“We masturbate a lot because we’re both virgins. Both of our parents are very religious, they don’t believe in sex before marriage. We hear lots of our college friends talking about sex and neither of us can wait any longer.”

“So, did you single me out on purpose then?” I asked.

“No, we genuinely bumped into you the other night, then couldn’t stop talking about you. You’ve no idea how happy we were to see you the next night and you stopped to talk to us,” Stacey said.

“And we both fancy you like mad,” Katie followed on.

“And the age gap doesn’t bother you both?” I asked.

Both of the girls shook their heads to say no. My semi-erect cock from thinking about having sex with them both had made up my mind for me.

“It just so happens Friday is my day off, so yes I will. Where and when?” I said.

The girls laughed and cheered, then high-fived each other. They told me to meet them at midday, here by the canal. Katie said there was a back gate we could go through at her house, so the bikes would be safe and nobody would see us go back there. I showered that night, desperately trying not to masturbate to save myself for the following day. My self-control let me down, and I splattered a huge load over the shower curtains.

The next morning was even warmer than the last few days had been. I awoke in a good mood knowing I’d be seeing the girls later and got better when the garage phoned and said the parts had arrived, would be fitted that day, and the car would be ready to pick up the next day. Another bonus was the repair bill was a lot less than I’d been expecting.

I put on shorts and an old football top, silky material that wouldn’t make me sweat in the sun like some of my other t-shirts. I had a slow casual ride to the canal towpath, getting there ten minutes early, but saw the girls were already there and looked very excited to see me approaching them.

Stacey was wearing a sundress with buttons up the front, the bottom two buttons undone presumably to help her get her legs over her bike. Katie was wearing very high cut shorts with a vest top that didn’t do much to keep her large breasts inside. Their bikes both facing me, Stacey threw her leg over hers and I got a quick glimpse of her inner thigh. I felt my cock stir already. Katie mounted her bike and leaned forward to grip the handlebars, the vest slid down almost to her nipples. I got an instant image of my cock in her cleavage, and my cock stirred again.

The girls turned and rode off down the canal, the sight of their arse cheeks rising and falling as they pedalled was mesmerising. We moved off the towpath, along a couple of streets, then along an alleyway until we reached Katie’s house. We went through a gateway into the rear garden, enclosed on both sides by trees.

Once inside the girls couldn’t wait to get upstairs, running right up giggling loudly. I entered the bedroom just as Stacey was hurriedly undoing the other buttons on her sundress, and let it slip to the floor. She was totally naked underneath, and I gasped as I caught my first view of her tits. They were as large as Katie’s, perhaps a little rounder. She saw me staring.

“34E these are, they’re nice aren’t they Danny?” she asked excitedly.

“They certainly stay kızılay escort hidden under your clothes anyway, I’d never have guessed they were that big,” I answered.

Katie had finished undressing while we’d been speaking. Unlike her friend, she’d been wearing a matching set of bra and knickers. I looked them both up and down, giving an approving nod.

“Are you going to fuck us now?” Stacey asked while playing with her nipples.

“Easy tiger, calm down, plenty of time for that I hope,” I said, then turned to Katie, “what time do your parents get back?”

“About 5ish, so you’ll need to leave by 4.30 pm in case they’re early.”

“Right then, lie back on the bed both of you,” I instructed.

Lying on their backs, I asked them to show me how they masturbated and to do so until they were wet. Katie pushed her fingers along her wet folds and groaned, Stacey went straight for her clit. I placed my hand on hers and stopped her, telling her it wasn’t a race. She looked over at Katie, copied what she was doing, and screws her face up as she got more turned on.

“Have you ever done anything with any men?” I asked.

“No, but we’ve watched videos on our phones,” Katie answered.

I got them both to stop, put their hands behind their knees, and pull back to spread their legs wide. I knelt in front of Stacey, leaned forward, and let my hot breath cascade across her pussy. Stacey shuddered in anticipation. I stuck out my tongue and ran it along her wet labia. She tasted good, fresh, and she arched her back at my touch, groaning louder still. Katie sat up to watch, then knelt on the floor next to me to get a better view, her breasts squashing against my arm.

I licked along Stacey’s slit a few times, then introduced my tongue to her clit. Her body arched more and she almost fell off the bed. Carrying on doing it, she screamed loudly and came. I withdrew my face, and Katie kissed me and licked Stacey’s juices from around my mouth.

“Holy shit, that was amazing, I’ve never cum that quick before,” Stacey finally blurted out.

“My turn!” Katie said, clambering up onto the bed and quickly getting into position.

I took a little longer to make her cum too, but not much longer. I’d pushed a solitary finger into her pussy too, which had tipped her over the edge. I gave her a chance to relax, then got them both to kneel on the bed, arses together facing me.

This time I took turns with them both, pulling their arse cheeks apart as I licked them both, deliberately not touching their sensitive clits. I decided to push my luck, and going back to Stacey I parted her arse cheeks again, this time sticking my tongue into her puckered arsehole. She squealed and jumped, but I left my tongue there, then flicked at her clit. Thirty seconds later she came again, a river of her juices flowing down her thighs. Katie hadn’t seen what I’d done for being face down, and it didn’t take long to make her cum doing the same thing to her.

The girls lay on their sides facing each other, smiling broadly, then looked at me.

“Hey, you’re still clothed, not fair,” Katie shouted out.

They both rested on their elbows as I undressed. I needed to take off my shorts and boxers anyway, the insides were a sticky mess with my pre-cum dribbling out of my cock. The girls both looked at each other and smiled as my cock sprang into view.

“Have you ever done anything with each other?” I asked. Katie looked at me sheepishly.

“Not with each other, no, but we’ve seen each other naked a lot.”

“Go on then,” I instructed.

“Do what?” Katie asked.

“Make each other cum for me,” I answered.

They looked at me, then at each other. Stacey made the first move and stuck her tongue in her friend’s mouth. Katie responded and they kissed each other hungrily. Katie moved her hands and pulled at her friend’s nipples, Stacey answered by sliding a hand between her friend’s legs. Katie threw her head back and groaned loudly.

“That’s it, do to each other what you’d like done, or what I’ve just done to you,” I told them.

Stacey paused and looked at her friend. Katie nodded, and Stacey kissed down her body and started to lick her friend between the legs, tentatively at first to make sure she was doing it right. She looked up at me for approval.

“Lick each other,” I asked.

They paused while I manoeuvred them along the bed so they were sixty-nining, but lying on their sides. Stacey waited until Katie slid her tongue into her wet pussy, then went back to licking Katie. Getting more and more turned on, and moaning louder and louder, my cock was now at bursting point. Katie saw it from the corner of her eye and quickly thrust three fingers into Stacey’s pussy. Stacey groaned and then did the same to Katie, both hands becoming a blur as they raced to get the other off.

I settled back into an armchair and sat watching, slowly stroking myself as I enjoyed the view in front of me. The girls both came within seconds of each other, and it almost made me cum too. Sprawled on the bed, Stacey broke the silence.

“Oh god that was good, we’ll have to do that again instead of watching each other masturbate,” she said.

Katie nodded in agreement, then nodded towards me. Stacey noticed my erection.

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