The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 55


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Pamela’s Tales

Chapter 3

They sat in Johnny’s beat-up, faded green Dodge Ram. Before them, the expanse of Majestic Mountain Park stretched west down the ripples of the foot hills. The parking lot that served the park also served the Nature Preserve, which ran North and East of the park itself, into the foothills and forested area of the Majestic Mountains. From this parking area, one could see the Pacific Ocean in the distance, stretching South to North. Downtown Regal Bay was to the Southwest, with the campus of Regal Bay University nestled up right against the park’s south border. The Majestic Mall and the surrounding business district lit of the evening sky to the Northwest of their sightline. The sun had set long ago, and the many others who came to this parking lot in the evenings to watch the sun set had long since left. Only a couple of other cars remained, and Pamela Walker suspected that much the same thing was going on in those others, as was going on in the front seat of her son’s pick-up.

Johnny had his driver’s seat reclined back, his jeans unfastened and pushed halfway down his thighs. He was enjoying the leisurely, sensual blow job his mother was giving him. Although the lights of the parking lot were dim, there was still enough for him to make out the bobbing blonde head of hair in his lap. He’d angled the rear-view mirror to be able to watch from a slightly different, almost voyeuristic angle, as his loving mother nursed on his raging hard on. On the radio, the band Aerosmith was confirming their enjoyment of the color pink. Just like Johnny.

Pamela had learned to enjoy giving her son blow jobs over the course of these last few months, since she gave herself to him in his basement bedroom. Over the course of their new-found relationship, she had given in to her son’s sinful desires whenever and wherever he asked. Through the warm summer months, she’d sucked her son off in nearly every parking lot in town, inside both movie theaters, in the bathroom at the Denny’s, and once during a drive up the coastal highway. Not to mention the many times she had pleasured her son by attending to his cock in their own home, with her crippled husband just a room or two away, while George slept or watched television. Since she and Johnny had become lovers, she realized that he made her feel dirty, and yet she also felt alive and desired once again. It was a feeling she’d lost over the years, since her husband’s injuries crippled his body as well as their sex life.

“God, that feels so good, Pam,” Johnny whispered, calling his mother by her name as he often did whenever they sinned outside their home. While at home, Johnny insisted on calling her Mom, even as he pounded her on the floor of the living room or took her in the shower. Just that morning, after they had settled her husband in for his bath, Johnny had made love to her in her own bed, where her husband had so recently lay beside her. Afterward, as mother and son helped him from the tub and prepared him for his weekly doctor’s visit, Johnny’s warm semen oozed from between her swollen labia. It was a feeling that very nearly made her cum then and there.

Pamela let her son’s cock slip from between her lips and replied, “You taste so warm and soft in my mouth, Johnny.” She stroked his saliva-coated knob across her cheek as she smiled at him. He so much reminded her of George at that age. How many times had she and George did this very act, in the front seat of his father’s old Ford wagon, and after in George’s own Malibu? How many times had they parked in this very lot and she performed this very act as a teenager?

Pamela could remember sucking George’s fat cock in their high school’s parking lot, before and after school. She could remember the look on old Mrs. Jacobson’s face when she caught them one morning before school. Pamela had looked up when George gasped, and saw their art teacher staring, her mouth agape, in through the side window. When Mrs. Jacobson got a good look at George’s fat cock, wet with Pamela’s spit, the look in her eyes let both teens know that she wouldn’t be telling anyone. Pamela often wondered if George had ever given Mrs. Jacobson a private showing. Even as she thought about it, at the time their art teacher had only been 28 or 29. She wouldn’t have put it past him not to at least try.

Recently, Pamela had joined the Royal Treatment Spa three things that she realized caring for her invalid husband for the last decade had drained out of her. All of this she owed to her son, though she might also say her initial fling with Freddy Killibrew had really started it all rolling.

Pamela had returned to slurping upon her son’s long, fat cock as she let the memories of her own youth float through her mind. Johnny’s cock felt different on her tongue than his father’s, and his semen much stronger and saltier. With escort hikayeleri his hand gently on the back of her head, she bobbed up and down, slurping noisily even though they had the windows part-way down. She could feel his manhood throbbing and worked that much harder to bring about his explosive release. She had been craving a hot mouthful of her son’s semen since lunchtime. When Johnny let out a slight moan, she knew that he was starting his final run. It was at that point when her cell phone chimed.

“Shit,” she gasped as she let Johnny’s cock slip from her lips once again and turned to pull her phone from her purse, lying at her feet on the floor of the pickup. She sat up in her seat and tossed her blonde hair back from her face as she read the text message.

“Who’s it from?” Johnny asked as he also sat up. His cock remained exposed, however, waiting for her to resume. “Dad?”

“Not hardly. It’s from your Aunt Helen.” Pamela typed in a quick response to her sister-in-law. Helen was George’s sister and called diligently three times a week to check up on her brother. Not that she would ever offer to lend a hand with his care, Pamela thought bitterly.

“What’s she want?” Johnny asked his mother. As he asked, he leaned into her and reached across to cup her far breast, still encased beneath her blouse and bra. While nuzzling his face into her shoulder, he began to kiss her neck. He also felt the bump of her nipple and gave it a gentle tweak.

“I guess she and Larry are coming through next weekend, on their way down the coast. They’re travelling on vacation and want to pay George a visit.” Pamela finished off her texting, but before she could get a reply, Johnny snatched the phone from her hand. “Hey! What are you doing?” she gasped as she reached to retrieve it.

Johnny pushed her hand aside as he aimed her phone towards his crotch. “Sending her a selfie!” Johnny laughed even as he quickly took a picture of his upright cock, still wrapped by his mother’s fingers.

“Don’t you dare! She’ll freak out!” Pamela all but shouted, but Johnny turned to keep her from getting at the phone before he could add a brief message before sending it.

“Ha! Let’s see what she says about that!” Johnny laughed as his mother too-late was able to retrieve her phone.

“I can’t believe you sent that! She’ll know damn well that it’s not your father’s cock. He hasn’t had an erection since the first surgery.” Before she could add her own message, her phone chimed a reply from Helen. Pamela read it, and gasped.

“What did she say?” Johnny leaned in to look at her phone.

Pamela hesitated, and then read, “Nice! At least someone in the family is getting some hot young dick! Hope you don’t mind sending a bit of that my way next weekend, Sis!”

“Oh, my god!” Johnny gasped in surprise and began to laugh.

“It’s not funny,” Pamela told him.

“Yes, it is! I can’t wait until you tell her that the dick she’s slobbering for is mine!”

“She’ll never find out!” Pamela insisted. “She can never know about us, Johnny. I know Helen. I’ve known her for years, and she’ll use this against me somehow. I know she will. She’ll show your dad that picture, on her own phone. I won’t be able to deny it.”

“So? Don’t deny it. Just tell Aunt Helen it’s mine, but it’s a picture that my girl-friend had mistakenly sent to you. Let her figure that one out.”

Pamela shook her head. “Can’t do that. She’ll see that it’s my hand wrapped around your cock. My wedding rings are plain to see.” Pamela turned away from her son, and a second later her phone chimed again.

Pamela repeated the message to Johnny. “She says she can’t wait to meet my “Meat-man”, Johnny. She wants me to personally introduce her, and she wants to make sure she gets what I’ve bet getting. I know what that means, by the way. It means that if I don’t introduce her to my lover, she will tell your father I’ve been cheating on him. She’s that kind of bitch.”

“Well, introduce her, I don’t care. I’ve always liked her, you know. I guess I could see myself nailing my Aunt Helen.” He grinned wickedly at his mother. “You think she’d mind getting a little piece of her nephew?” As he asked his mother, he waggled his cock around playfully. “I’ve got more than enough to share, you know.”

Pamela looked hard and long at her son then, and having been with him in the most intimate ways, she suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy in her chest. She’d never considered sharing her son with anyone, let alone her sister-in-law. And yet, here he was, wagging his dick in the air and stating plainly how he’d like to do to Helen what he’d been doing to her.

“We’ll see about that,” Pamela replied finally. “I know her, remember. My guess is she’ll laugh her ass off at the idea, and then demand that I stop bullshitting her gaziantep escort hikayeleri and take her to my lover.” Freddy Killibrew, the young man who first broke Pamela’s vows, flashed through her mind. He’d enjoy Helen, she thought. And Helen would enjoy him.

“Maybe we should just take a few more pictures, then,” Johnny said. “Or maybe make a movie!”

“Oh, hell no! If there’s one sure way for your father to find out about this it’s to make a fuck-movie.” Pamela shook her head. “That man spends so much time looking at porn on the computer, sometimes I feel sad for him. It can’t be doing anything for him, you know. He can’t get hard anymore.” Pamela then let her eyes drop into her son’s lap, adding, “Not like you.” As they talked on serious matters, Johnny’s manhood had begun to soften in her hand. She started to gentle pull and tug at her son’s cock, wanting it rock-hard again.

Their conversation hit a lull in that moment, and as Pamela continued to stroke her son’s cock, she turned to look off the right, towards one of the other vehicles still in the lot. She could just make out the silhouette of a man sitting in the driver’s seat, as well as enough motion to know that someone was doing for him what she’d just been doing for her son.

Johnny followed his mother’s gaze and a moment later he said in a hushed voice, “Hey, I think that’s Mr. Farmer!”

“Are you sure?” Pamela asked. She knew Donald Farmer. He was a math teacher at Regal Bay High. He was about ten years younger than Pamela, and was married to Yvonne Farmer, who taught high school science. They had a daughter, Julia, but Pamela didn’t know much more about them. “Oh, my god! That’s not his daughter, is it?” she gasped when the head bobbing in his lap didn’t have the golden blonde curls Yvonne had. These were bright red curls.

As they watched, a young woman’s head lifted for a moment from Mr. Farmer’s lap, tossed back her long, curly red hair, and then again lowered below their line of sight. The girl was obviously much younger than Mr. Farmer, and definitely not his somewhat geeky-looking wife.

“I’d hope not,” Johnny said to her. “Julia is maybe 12 years old.”

“And how would you know that?” Pamela asked.

“I know a guy, who knows a guy, okay?” Johnny wasn’t going to tell his mother about everything that he knew that went on in the shadows of Regal Bay. “Besides, Julia is more a blonde like Mrs. Farmer. That girl’s a full red-head.” Mother and son watched the next couple for a few more minutes, until Mr. Farmer, began to obviously peak. His head pushed backward and his hips rose until the girl’s head was fully in view below his round belly. He was holding her tight to his crotch at that point, and both Johnny and Pamela knew that he was filling her mouth with hot cum.

“Do you recognize her?” Pamela asked a moment after Mr. Farmer had relaxed and the girl had sat up in the far shadows of the car. She herself didn’t, but that didn’t mean much. Pamela had issues when it came to remembering faces, unfortunately.

“I didn’t get a good look. Besides, it’s probably one of his students, trying to get a better grade to start the year off,” Johnny laughed. “Come on. Show me you can suck dick with the best of them! Back to work, Pam!” Johnny again waggled his dick, his manhood still reasonably hard and up-right. Pamela’s attention turned from the near-by car to inside the truck. She did still have a need to have her son’s big cock fill her with a hot creamy load, she had to admit.

Pamela grinned at her son, and then licked her lips playfully. “I’ll show her how to suck a load out of a man!” she murmured as she bent back towards her son’s lap. Within seconds, Pamela was back to work on her son’s fat dick.

“Aahh, that’s what I need,” Johnny sighed as his manhood was again wrapped by his mother’s warm lips. “Suck that dick, Pam. You know you want it.” His hand again lay atop her bobbing head as his mother went back to work. It took some time before Johnny began to feel his nuts tighten, and by then Mr. Farmer had already backed out of the parking lot, taking whoever it was giving him head back to wherever they had come from.

“Aaaahhh, fuck!” Johnny grunted a moment later. His cock pulsed against the roof of Pamela’s mouth and a second later filled her up with hot semen. Pamela gulped and swallowed, gulped and swallowed, fighting to capture every drop of his warm load. A thin stream trickled from the side of her mouth, however, and ran down the length of his shaft. This she dutifully licked up after his orgasm had subsided.

“That felt great,” Johnny sighed. Pamela sat up and wiped her mouth with a wet-wipe she had begun to carry with her. Next, she wiped down her son’s penis, now limp and hanging from the fly of his jeans. “I really needed that.”

“When do you not “really escort gaziantep hikayeleri need” a blowjob?” she laughed. Johnny tucked his cock away and zipped up. A moment later, he was starting the truck. Pamela waited until they were on the road before asking, “When can we get together and make love again?”

Johnny gave his mother a side-long glance before answering, “Maybe we could do a little fooling around when Aunt Helen and Uncle Larry are here. Talk about taking the risk. The thrill of getting caught by them would be awesome!”

“Maybe for you,” Pamela replied. “I don’t need the head-aches.” She patted her son’s thigh, and then slipped her hand higher to squeeze his crotch. “Tonight, after we get your father into bed?”

Johnny grinned. “You are becoming a nymphomaniac, you know that, Pam?”

“Only for you, Johnny.”


The next day, a Thursday, Pamela was surprised when Larry Farmer approached her during her morning break. “Hey, Pamela?” he waved as he approached.

“Larry. How are you?” she asked, stirring creamer into her coffee.

“Good. Good. I wanted to ask you, does your son drive a green pick-up truck? A Toyota, I think?” He had a lopsided grin on his face, Pamela noticed. She felt her heart skip a beat.

Pamela looked innocently up into his face. “It’s a Dodge, but yes, he does. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason, really,” Larry stammered. “I just thought I saw him last night, is all.”

“Oh, you did? And where was this? He was out with his girl-friend,” she added quickly.

Larry turned slightly, as if checking to see if anyone was listening in to their conversation, then answered, “I was up at Majestic Park last night, and well, I saw him with his girl-friend I guess, is all.” Larry suddenly looked very much like he didn’t want to be there anymore. “Listen, I’m sorry to have bothered you. I was just wondering if he said anything to you, you know, about seeing me, or anything, up there?”

Pamela took a sip of her coffee, and then replied, “No. I only saw him briefly this morning and he didn’t mention it.” Pamela thought she’d give Donald a jolt, however. “Oh, my god! Donald, are you saying you were up there, with another woman? Not your wife?”

Larry looked suddenly as if he were going to have a heart attack. He shook his head, “Uh, no, I didn’t say that,” as he looked to see if anyone might have heard Pamela’s rather vocal insinuation. “I wasn’t with another woman.”

“Are you telling me then that you were up at “Lover’s Park” after dark, with another man?” Pamela laughed, and then added, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” She was grinning and feeling very ornery. She wanted to tease her fellow faculty member a bit more, but reminded herself that it had been her in the next vehicle over after all.

Donald was obviously about to deny that accusation when the door to the break room opened. His wife and another teacher walked in. Yvonne immediately gave both her husband and Pamela a sharp look.

“It isn’t what you’re thinking,” Donald immediately defended himself. “We were talking about a troubled student, is all. Right, Pamela?”

Pamela recognized that Donald was not the man of the house in the Farmer household in that moment, and decided to play along with his line of defense. “That’s right. It seems we both are having issues with Carol Lightford,” she told Yvonne as his wife walked past, still glaring at her husband. Donald gave Pamela a sharp, surprised look. Yes, Pamela had easily enough learned the name of the young red-head he had been with up at “Lover’s Park”. It wasn’t all that difficult, given a high school year book. There just weren’t many seniors that year with long, curly red hair. Senior girls that were also in the Math Club. Pamela looked up at Donald, and fought hard not to give him a knowing wink. Instead, she announced, “I’ve got to get going. I’ll see you later, right Donald?” she added with a slight touch to his arm, which he recoiled from as if burned. Pamela left him to explain what that was all about to his wife and headed for her classroom.


Unfortunately for Pamela and her plans for the evening, her husband had called a poker night. Five of George’s friends arrived shortly after dinner with six-packs, a couple bottles of whiskey and rum (as Don Hoyt was a rum drinker, he would probably down the entire bottle, Pamela mused) and pockets full of singles. Within an hour, the living room had turned into a beer hall back room, with cigar and cigarette smoke swirling about under the influence of the ceiling fan, empty cans piling up on end tables, and ash trays overflowing. Pamela, always the good host, made a couple of passes through the room before deciding to give it up and head for her room.

A few minutes after settling into the pile of pillows, Johnny stuck his head into her bedroom and asked her, “Seeing as how we’re not going to get any privacy tonight, I think I’ll head out and catch a movie. You want to come?”

Pamela was tempted, but she could feel the aches of her work day taking hold. “I’m sorry, honey,” she grinned. “I’m just going to read for a bit, and then take a hot bath before going to sleep. I’ve had a rough week already, and it’s only Thursday.”

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