The meeting


The meeting

He was nervous waiting in the bar. He shouldn’t be, they had shared intimate moments, the love of the same type of sex, he had cum to her pictures, her body so natural so curvy, he had sent her the video, she had played & cum whilst watching it, the comp,intent returned.
He just wanted her not to be disappointed with the real person, to be turned on just as much.
When she walked in she looked amazing, just as sexy as he thought, stand up to kiss her in greeting, they both smiled, laughed a little, both slightly nervous but so glad to finally met. He called the waiter over, bought her a drink, they exchanged small talk, the weather, the journey, their jobs, but underneath the sexual charge between them was there in real life just as much as it was on the internet. Their bodies moving closer together so their legs were touching, looking into each other’s eyes, glancing at her breasts & her at his chest & hands, knowing automatically the desire growing. He ordered another drink, they started to chat about the site, exchanging stories of others on there, how it was each other that they felt the sexiest with, how they always turned each other on, the pictures, videos & chat between them leading to wonderful orgasms. His hand touching her thigh under the table making her gasp slightly, looking him straight in the face, telling him to move higher, her hand stroking his growing bulge, so erotic bring able to touch for real, but wanting more. His hand moved to her pussy, felt the glorious heat, know it had to be now, told he had to have her, he couldn’t wait one second more.
As soon as the door closed to the room he pushed her gently against the wall, kissed her passionately tongues playing, releasing the pent up sexual tension, breathless they pulled apart, staring at each other savouring the moment. He stared to undo the buttons on her blouse, revealing her breasts, cupped them though her bra, her nipples all ready hard. Her hands mirrored slowly taking his shirt off, running her fingers over his chest. He lead her to the bed, turning her around he pulled her hair to one side kissing her neck & shoulders, entry biting as the passion grew, hans I clipping her bra he reached forward to squeeze her full soft b**sts, rubbing her erect nipples between fingers & thumb, she moaned gently. Moving to sit in front of her he take her trousers off, she stepped out of them as they fell to the floor. His hand gripped her breast pushing her hard nipple towards him, his tongue circling it feeling it grow even more, he had to suck her, mouth around her, his tongue flicking the end. His other hand squeezing her other breast pinching her nipple. Her hands on the back of his head willing him on. His hand moved to her pants, resting on her pussy, feeling the wetness though the material, she pushed forward against him, she wanted him to touch her, bend & pulled her own pants down. His fingers stroked the length of her, probing as they gently spread her lips, two fingers on her swollen clit, sliding forward to inside her, he felt her legs buckle with the pleasure, her gasp as he sucked on nipples at the same time. The pace increased as he fingers run back & forward, she was on the edge of cumming, “not yet” she whispered breathless, pulling back from his grasp.
Her hands pushed on his shoulders gently forcing him to lie on the bed, her fingers unfolding his belt pulling his zip down, hands on his trousers, he knew to raise his hips, she pulled them off, his cock hard though his pants, a damn patch on the end. “The best compliment ” she said, staring at his cock twitch as her hand run the length. Rubbed gently, teasing for a second or two, before she pulled his pants down to, his exposed cock springing upright. She moved on all forms until her mouth hovered above his dripping end. Her tongue flicked the end, leaving a trail between it & his cock, such a horny sight as he watched. Her hand gripped his shaft as her mouth closed over the end, sucking as she did, hearing him groan. Lifted her head so he came completely out, looking him in the eyes. Sunk down again, taking more this time, sucking harder. The delicious action repeated until she had all of him inside her mouth. Her tongue playing with the end. Her paced increased, his hands on her head, he couldn’t help thrusting up towards her the pleasure so great. His turn to be on the edge, his eyes closed. Take all his self control not to cum, wanted to be inside her.
Pulled her head away from him, ” I want your pussy on my face, please. I need to taste you.”
She wanted it too, kissed her way up his body, placed herself on his willing mouth, her hands pushing against the wall, his tongue licking from her swelling clit to inside her, sucking on her wet pussy, she started to rub herself onto him, his hands reaching up to squeeze her breasts & pinch both nipples. She was so very close all ready, his mouth clamped on her clit, he felt her tense, her pussy contracted & she came, groaning, pushing down & flowing onto his mouth, releasing herself onto him, letting go completely, so wonderful for both of them.
She knew before your orgasm subsided she must have him inside her, she quickly slide down onto his cock, so deep & easily, they both gasped, both knew there was no holding back now. She thrust up & down on him, the length of his cock, he thrust up to met her, his balls banging into her wet pussy, his hands on her breasts feeling their full beautiful weight. Kissing deeply tasting herself spread all over his mouth, moaning on each other’s tongues, the pace increased, trusting onto each other, deep long & hard, suddenly they both tensed, her pussy tightened around him, sucking the cum out of him, he shoot deep into her, squirting & twitching, losing count how many times. The orgasm flowing though her body, making her shake her pussy spamming again. They held on to each other, both panting, breathless, their bodies exhausted but totally satisfied. Kissing gently now, lovingly, looking at each other & smiling “I knew we would be good together” he said ” but I never guessed we would be this fantastic, this amazing. This was the first time, it won’t be the last please, I simple can’t get enough of you, to touch you for real, I will never stop wanting that. ”

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