The Mistress Who was My Neighbour

Big Tits

This is a story about a fantasy I had about a neighbour. I was looking online for a Mistress the other day and I came across this women who was based near me and I thought I’m sure I know that lady. I then thought I do, it’s my neighbour across from me.

I was second guessing myself, I then saw her the other day and yes it’s her. I smiled at her when I was getting my shopping from the car, I closed the door, put the shopping away quickly. I got my cock out and masturbated, thinking of her and her feet. I couldn’t believe that it was her!

From that moment I felt like she had some power over me and today I saw her and all I could do is to look down and not make eye contact. This embarrassed me and I quickly made my way into the house.

That afternoon a note came through my door and I don’t bother with post etc but when I saw who delivered it, I started to get excited and nervous. I opened the note and it said..

Hey loser, I saw you and you couldn’t bring yourself to look at me in the eye. What are you some sort of submissive? I think you know who I am and I want you at my door at 1pm. I think we could have some fun!

I went light headed and started to get a bit sweaty worrying that a neighbour would know secrets about me. It got to 12.30 and i still didn’t know if I could go through with it and I then thought let’s do it! 12.58 hit and I made my way across to see her, I don’t think anyone saw me.

The door opened and I was told to come in. She told me to close the door and remove my clothes. I wasn’t sure about this, I’ve never really spoken to her let alone be naked in front of her. I said to myself well I’m here now and she shouted hurry up to me. I started to remove my top, shoes and socks. My trousers followed and then after a deep breath I pulled my boxers down.

She said I have left a blindfold for you to put on and she said crawl to mardin escort me. I lowered myself onto my all fours, put the blindfold on and started to make my way to her living room by following her voice. I crawled in and she said very nice!

So loser what’s it going to be, what fetishes turn you and that pathetic dick on? What do you and that tiny dick wank off to at night? I didn’t know what to do or say and she said well slave? I said I really love feet and ballbusting.

Very well in that order, yes Ma’am I said. I have a big foot fetish for ladies feet, she laughed at me. Ok loser you will have to earn them but first I want you to sit with your bum on the floor and your legs apart. I am going to bust those balls to see if your worthy enough to have my feet.

She kicked me 10 times in the nuts and all I could say was thank you Ma’am. She asked do you think that is enough to see my feet and thought she was trying to trick me so I said no ma’am.

Please bust me some more, how much losers? Another 10 times but harder please Ma’am. I like that loser but we will make it 20. I said thank you Ma’am. After the extra 20, my balls were on fire and hurt so much. She said to me you did well and that she was proud of me especially as I was a first timer with her.

I think you have earned the right to see and worship my bare feet, would you loser like that? I said I would love to be at your feet please Ma’am. I then heard a noise and it was her boyfriend coming home and he walked in on us and said I didn’t think you were doing sessions today. She giggled and said I wasn’t but this guy came over.

She told me to take off the blindfold, I did and there I was naked in front of the boyfriend as well. He laughed and said your the guy across the road from us. All I could say was yes sir and lowered my head.

He saw my red balls and asked mardin escort bayan what was I here for and she said he wanks over feet and I’ve just busted his balls. He laughed and said he would leave them to it, which was a relief.

She said kiss my feet, I didn’t have to think twice. I kissed them all over, they were so soft and tiny. They looked like a size 4ish. She said open your mouth and she put her whole feet in there and made me gag. Do you want to lick them? Yes please Ma’am, I would love to do that more than anything!

She said I will remember that and said very well, lick them clean for me. I loved every moment, I couldn’t stop myself as I licked every inch of her feet. The taste was a dream come true.

She said enough loser, get your clothes and get out. I said yes Ma’am but she said on the way out go and say bye to my boyfriend and thank him for letting me worship my feet. I went upstairs and knock on the room, I entered and said I’m off now and thank you him for letting me worship her feet.

I left, went home and closed the door and I couldn’t believe what I have just done. The following day I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to go and see her again but I was nervous about going over there.

I found her number and call her. She answered and I said it’s Jim from across the road, she said who? I said loser from across the road. She then said oh hi and what can I do for you?

I said please can I come and see you today. She said you can at 2pm but my boyfriend will be here as well. I swallowed hard and said yes Ma’am and thank you Ma’am.

I made my way over to there place at 2, the door opened and I was told to come into the living room. I did and saw the pair sitting together. He said remove your clothes now and kneel loser. I looked at Ma’am, knew I had to do this and started to remove them.

She escort mardin said we have been thinking about you and we want to make you our Chastity slave. I was shocked! We want to lock that dick up and own your cock. This is the only way you will be at my feet, David or I should say Master, won’t participate in our sessions. Well unless you want him to she said with a smile.

What’s it going to be? I was taken back by the offer but I then opened my mouth to say. Yes I will Ma’am. No loser, beg us! Please can I do your Chastity slave? I beg you, please please. What a loser! Yes loser you may.

Go and put this on and return at once. I went to the toilet and have to wait for my hard on to go down and I put the cage on. It was small and a struggle to put on.

I walked in and handed the keys to them. He said you look much better now! I said yes Master and thank you Master. I was very embarrassed about being here like this but I wanted this and I wanted to taste those feet again.

She said enough slave, get dressed and we will call you later. I went home and thought what have I done. I’ve got a Chastity cage on but I didn’t even get to be at her feet.

I got a message at 7 to say come around now and get naked and join us in the bedroom. I nervously went around there, stripped naked and entered there bedroom.

They were both naked and said we are going have sex and we want you to watch us loser. I set there and watched them at it as he put his huge penis inside her.

He looked at me and said you couldn’t give her what she needs as you are a pathetic small willy loser who deserves to be in a Chastity. I said I am Master!

After there hot sweaty session, Ma’am asked if I would like to lick her feet? I replied yes please Ma’am. They were all sweaty, I licked them all over and the taste was incredible. She has such beautiful soft feet with red painted nails. Master enjoyed mocking me as I licked her feet.

I was then told to go home as they wanted to freshen up. This went on for a year or so. I was released from Chastity once every couple of months but then they had to move for work reasons and we agreed to end things.

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