The Mother and Son Club


For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Authors note. Thanks for your support. I am sorry about the errors within the text. I know how bad it is when you are pulled out of the story by spelling and grammatical errors, I have not been able to find a reliable editor, and I have tried many times, so stop asking for me to get one, unless you want to do it. I have put it through Word and Grammarly and finally Google docs and read it through many times, I’m just not proficient enough to catch all the mistakes I make. If you find an error that you just can’t live with, politely let me know in the comments and I will fix it. I read all the comments, even the harsh ones, but I usually delete those after reading them. I am just going to give you what a non-writer can do and hope for your forgiveness.

The Mother and Son Club

I would go to college, but the strain on our finances would have crippled Mom and me for probably the rest of our lives. I started work at a local bar to help Mom out with the rent. And after a few years, I thought I was heading in the right direction. I was almost ready to buy the ring and propose to my long-term girlfriend.

Tina decided I was a “Mommies boy,” but I took it as a compliment, then she threw it in my face and walked out of my life forever. I was heartbroken, so I retreated into my shell, went to work every day, and then home to Mom each night. Our finances were enough to live on, but nothing else. I started to dabble in Bitcoin mining, assembling my first rig out of old computer parts. Then using the coins, I produced, to buy better-prebuilt gear. We had a solar system on the roof, so our power bill from the bitcoin mining equipment wasn’t too expensive, and I always covered any extra from my job.

I then discovered online trading. I started to ‘day trade’ and lost my shirt and gave it away for a time. I began to read everything I could about bitcoin and trading in general, and the different systems, but they all had huge risks. I used the small amount of Bitcoin I had mined to place longer-term trades, I formulated a strategy that more than doubled my holding over the next year.

I kept working in the pub, and I gave most of the money I earned to Mom for household expenses. Mom had me when she was sixteen, so now she is almost thirty-six with a twenty-year-old son. I know that must be cramping her style, but I loved her for looking after me.

One night, I was serving at the pub when a very well-dressed man came into the bar with a lady a little older than him on his arm. They had just finished dinner at a nearby restaurant and had stopped in for a drink. It was quiet, so they sat at the bar and talked to each other and me. That’s how you become an excellent barman, learning to listen to the patrons. We struck up a conversation about trading when I found out that he did it for a living. I was blown away by his knowledge.

“What college did you go to?” He asked, when he ordered his next drink.

“Google Tec,” I answered, being a bit of a smartass.

“You learned all that off the internet,” He replied.

“I mined a bit of bitcoin then lost most of it day trading like a blind man. I decided I needed to work out how to do it properly while I built up some more coins, so I spend about an hour each night after I get home learning what I can,” I said, serving another round.

“My name is Bernie Noble, and this is Loise, I would love to talk to you and your Mom about trying out this theory of yours and doing it on more than a few of your coins. But we will have to come up with a business plan to go before the board,” Bernie said, surprising me.

“I’m Troy, and I am amazed that you are even interested because this is only a very new asset class,” I said, really blown away, but realizing this could just be the alcohol talking.

“Here is my card, ring me tomorrow, but not too early, I may be late getting up after drinking and talking to you for half the night, OK, Loise take me back to the hotel, Bernie said, and kissed Loise as they made their way out of the door.

I put the card safely in my wallet, even though I was skeptical Bernie would remember talking to me in the morning. When I got home after midnight, Mom was still awake and made me a snack before bed. I sat watching Mom make a sandwich in her old and very thin nighty. I don’t think she realized that I could make out every curve of her body, but I was mesmerized by her breasts swaying unrestrained under the thin cloth. I shook my head, trying to get the unholy thoughts to go away.


“Hi Bernie, It’s Troy from last night, you said to ring, I hope it’s not too early for you?” I said, on the phone, hoping I wasn’t making a fool of myself.

“Hi Troy, I rarely give out my card like that, and yes, I was hoping you would call. You already passed my litmus test by ringing when you said you would. We are in town for another fetiş escort two days. When can we have lunch or dinner with you and your Mom?” Bernie asked, relieving some of my anxiety.

“I asked Mom this morning, and she was free for dinner either night, so up to you,” I answered, so happy he remembered our conversation, as I was looking forward to picking his brain over dinner.

“OK, tonight it is, I will send a car for you at seven, It’s OK to dress casually. We are in a private dining room, text me your address,” Bernie said, making decisions quickly and decisively, I liked that.

I sent a message to Mom, and she panicked, I think she thought Bernie was joking with me, and I was half on her side. Mom got off a little early and put on some makeup and did her hair. She then dressed in her best dress. She came out of her room as the car blew his horn outside.

“You look stunning, Mom,” I said, and I was not lying, not even a bit.

She smiled and took my hand as we made our way to the car. Mom was trying to be ladylike getting into the car, but her short skirt rode up as she had one foot in the car and the other out. I was holding the door for her and got an eyeful of panties. I should have looked away, but her head was inside the car so she couldn’t see me looking, and it was such a lovely sight.

When we got to the restaurant, we were guided back to a private room and found Bernie and Loise waiting for us. Bernie introduced Loise and himself to Mom, and I did the same.

“This is my Mom Jenelle, she is responsible for raising me,” I said, proud of her for doing it all by herself.

“Hi Jenelle, I am Bernie and my better half Loise, have a seat,” Bernie said, pulling out a chair.

“Hi Jenelle, I thought Bernie passed the word that this was casual tonight?” Loise said, smiling at Mom.

“Sorry, I only have the one going out outfit, it was either this of torn jeans and a tee-shirt,” Mom said, looking a little embarrassed.

“Well, you look beautiful, doesn’t she Troy,” Loise said, putting me on the spot.

“Yes, she definitely does, ” I replied, without hesitation, then I looked at Mom’s breasts bouncing as she laughed, then I looked back to Loise to find her looking right at me.

Loise just smiled and called over the waiter to take the orders. I was a little worried as the menu didn’t have prices listed, but I made a mental list of the highest prices I could guess, and we were racking up quite a bill.

“I am picking up the bill Troy, order whatever you like,” Bernie said, when he saw my worried look.

As we sat around after dessert, Bernie put his arm around Loise and started playing with her hair. Mom was giggling at whatever Loise and her were discussing. Bernie straightened up, and his hand disappeared under the table as we continued our conversation. Mom didn’t seem to notice, but years of seeing couples do things at the bar, I had a sixth sense about it.

“OK, Troy and Jenelle, We need to get serious here, I have a proposition for you both, I want to try out your theory in the real world, and I need someone to run it, acquire the Crypto and secure it, so it doesn’t disappear on us. We will pay you a good salary with food and accommodation, and if things work out the way I hope they will, you could be offered a place within the group,” Bernie said, and I was waiting for him to smile and give himself away, but he kept a straight face.

“What’s the catch?” I asked, knowing this was too good to be true.

“There are a few catches, but the first this is a confidentiality agreement that you both must sign to know any more about our group,” Bernie said, and pulled out two sets of paperwork and handed it to Mom and me.

“What is this to do with me,” Mom said, looking confused.

“Troy will be working long hours and will need someone to keep house for him and tend to his needs. Also, I think you might find it difficult without Troy’s income to help with the bills. So it would just make sense for you to come along,” Loise said, smiling at Mom than me.

“Read the agreements and if you sign, I will continue explaining,” Bernie said, and continued playing with Loise under the table.

I read the paperwork, and it didn’t look too worrying, so I looked over to Mom, who just nodded, and we both signed and pushed the paperwork back.

“Before I start, the people in the group have the resources to prosecute you if you break the agreement you just signed, are we clear,” Bernie said, and waited for our response, and we both nodded.

“OK, You will need a passport, and we will arrange for your furniture to be put in storage, you won’t need a lot of clothes, Oh, that’s one of the catches, the Island is owned by the group and is close to the equator, and clothes are optional on the Island. I will need your full attention once we get there to set up the accounts and do the buying of the Bitcoin so that our money doesn’t push the market up artificially,” Bernie said, throwing gaziantep fetiş escort in the nudity like it was everyday conversation.

“So, we will have to be naked,” Mom said, her voice going up an octave.

“Clothes are optional, I’m saying that because you are going to see couples naked on the island, you can keep yours on if you like,” Loise said, smiling at Mom’s shocked look.

“The housing is quite lovely, and a cleaner from a nearby island will come in every few days, all you have to do is cook your meal or arrange to pick something up from the restaurants around the Island. The Island is convenient because we made our own laws and didn’t have to pay taxes on our investments, other than what is due in the country they are produced, if any, and as for bitcoin, there shouldn’t be any, because it isn’t a country’s currency that we are trading,” Bernie said, looking at me.

“Where is the island, and how do I get off if I decide I have had enough?” I asked, wondering if I would have to swim for it when my theory doesn’t work out.

“The Island is off the coast of Thailand, and you have a return ticket any time you like. I am not holding you responsible for any losses from the trading, we know it is experimental and have more than enough to cover any losses for the next few years as we fine-tune your trading theory,” Bernie said, he must have read my worried face.

“What’s the worst that can happen, we get to spend a winter in a tropical paradise soaking up the sun,” Mom said, looking at me brightly. My father had taken off soon after I was born. Hell, he was only seventeen and probably scared out of his mind, Mom’s parents had kicked her out after that. This was the first good thing to come her way in a very long time, and I can’t blame her for being keen.

“I can’t turn my back on the chance to try out my ideas, and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is, anything we trade I will put all my coin on the line,” I said, hoping that Burnie would trust me.

“Then let’s have a drink to celebrate our new venture together!” Bernie said, holding up a fresh glass of Dom Pérignon 2008 champagne that the waiter brought to our table, and Bernie ordered another bottle.

Bernie and I left the rest of the champagne to the girls, and Bernie ordered Mortlach bourbon for us. Although I have never ordered a bottle for the pub I worked in, I knew how much it was and jumped at the chance to try it out, and I was not disappointed. I knew this was some sort of pissing competition for Bernie, but I wasn’t playing. I didn’t have the funds even to start, the bottle of bourbon alone would empty my savings account.

“Just enjoy the drinks, I am not trying to show you up, I am enjoying seeing your reactions to the things I am showing you. When you get to my stage in life, it sometimes takes fresh eyes to let you know what you have achieved. It is difficult to get a thrill out of life after you have had a lot of success. I have seen a friend bet a million dollars on a 20 to 1 outsider in a horse race just to have a thrill of the bet, and it ended up losing, but it was only by a nose,” Bernie said, sipping his bourbon with his hand still under the table.

“I will try to relax and just enjoy the company,” I said, noticing that Loise reacted to Bernie’s touch a little.

The night finished with Bernie insisting on his driver taking us home, as we were quite plastered. I had Mom slumped on my shoulder and snuggling into my side. I helped her inside, and when I got her to the couch, she flopped down on it and was out like a light. I couldn’t help looking as her short skirt was almost to her waist. If I had been sober, I would have looked away in fear that Mom would open her eyes and catch me, but I was drunk enough to stand between her splayed legs and stare at her pussy covered with only thin lace panties.

Just then, Mom’s hand moved, and I turned sideways to be less evident that I was staring, she only scratched her pussy, pushing some of her panties into her cleft. Her hand then returned to her thigh, and now I had an even better view, with one of her outer lips fully uncovered. It was cleanly shaven with only a little hair left right at the top. Mom must keep a vee of pubic hair on top of her pussy.

Even in my intoxicated state, I was hard as a rock, in all of the stories I had read about mothers and son’s fucking, this would be the point where I would have pulled her panties aside and fucked her. But this was my life, and I would never ruin it for a few minutes of pleasure. After taking one last look, I gently pulled her skirt down, crawled onto the couch beside her, and fell asleep with my head on her chest.

I woke a few hours later with Mom’s pussy pressed into my hip and her leg over my cock, I looked, and her eyes were still closed, she was dreaming, and it was a good one. This lasted only a few minutes, and she stopped and returned to soft breathing, while I lay awake with my hard-on trying to bust out gaziantep fetiş escort of my shorts. I must have fallen asleep because when I finally woke up, I was spooning Mom, and I had my morning wood firmly planted between her ass cheeks.

“OK, Troy, time to get up I need to use the toilet something fierce,” Mom said, straightening up and pulling away from my cock like it was going to bite her.

“Sorry, Mom, I couldn’t make it to my own bed,” I said, as I tried to hide my erection.

“I must have had a good dream. It could have something to do with Bernie playing with Loise’s honey pot all night under the table,” Mom said, from the bathroom.

“Yes, in the early hours of the morning, you were making some noises like you were dreaming about something nice,” I said to embarrass her.

“Looked like you woke up all excited too,” Mom fired back, still in the bathroom.

“It will go away as soon as you let me go to the bathroom,” I said, then I hear the shower start and the shower door close.

She did it on purpose, and I was going in, or wet myself. I opened the bathroom door and could see Mom behind the frosted glass, I stepped up to the toilet in our little bathroom, right beside the frosted shower return. I pulled out my cock, and it pointed straight up in the air. I stood there, trying not to look at Mom’s outline through the frosted glass, knowing she was naked inches away from me.

“Still can’t go, Baby,” Mom said, giggling.

“Not helping Mom,” I said back.

Then Mom pushed her soppy bottom against the glass, laughing out loud.

“Also not helping,” I said again.

My cock finally softened a little, and I bent it down to start peeing, the stream making what seemed to be a lot of noise in the small bathroom. I left after taking a last look at her profile behind the frosted glass, and I made us both breakfast, and Mom finally came out in a light robe, and her hair wrapped in a towel.

We were both wondering if last night was all make-believe, when Bernie texted me asking for an email address to send me the itinerary for the flights to Thailand. He wanted to get going as soon as we could as the buy-in price for bitcoin was low, and the perfect time to start our trial. I gave notice at the pub, and Mom did the same at her two casual jobs. Bernie said he would find us a tenant for the house and we could make a decision on that later..

The removal people packed us up in no time, and put it in storage until we found out if we would be able to stay on the Island or not. I think I was ready to move on from the city anyway and if we came back, we would find something else. Bernie had arranged for us to stay at a hotel until our flights in a few days. It was beautiful with views of the city, but it only had a king bed. We were his guest and I couldn’t really ask for an extra room, and it was only two nights we decided to deal with it.

We said our last goodbyes to the few friends we worked with and headed out to dinner together in the hotel restaurant. It was a strange feeling, almost like a new start. Mom sat across from me smiling. I could see she was happy to go off on the adventure, anything other than the sixty-hour weeks that have dominated her life for the last twenty years.

“So, you are ready for this, then?” I asked, reaching out my hand to her.

“When you have been at the bottom for this long, you know to take any chance you are given, let’s make a pact to give this all our effort, not look back, and make the best of whatever comes our way,” Mom said, taking my hand and squeezing it.

“Agreed. To our new adventure,” I said, and held up my glass.

“A refill, sir?” the waiter asked, as he held a bottle of the champagne from the other night. “Complements of Mr. Noble,”

This happened every time our glass was even close to empty all evening. I also got dragged up onto the dance floor by Mom, and we danced and drank into the wee hours of the morning. I had to hold Mom up in the lift as we headed to our room, where Mom flopped down onto the bed, fully clothed, and promptly fell asleep. It looked like a good idea in my drunken state, so I stripped to my jocks and passed out beside her.

A few hours later, I woke up as the morning sun started to peek through the window of the room. I was probably still quite drunk as the hangover hadn’t started yet. I lifted myself out of bed to pee and get some water to stave off some of the headaches that was surely coming tomorrow. That’s when I saw the sun’s rays casting across Mom’s body. Sometime in the night, she had shed her clothes and was lying on her back, and the sun’s light touched every hill and left a shadow in every valley of her beautiful naked form.

Even in my drunken state, I could see her beauty, her breast still firm but falling a little to her sides with a beautiful pink areola topped by a nipple the size of an eraser from the end of a pencil. Her pussy was right next to my face. The hair above her pussy slit was a wide vee of black short-cropped hair, and her large outer lips had stubble that meant she hasn’t shaved since the dinner with Bernie and Loise. Her inner lips were hidden between her larger outer ones. I looked at her for a long while, then with all my willpower, I pulled the sheet up over her and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and jacked off to memory of Mom’s body’s burnt into my mind.

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