The New Neighborhood CAST


Cast of Characters

The New Neighborhood

Here is a list of the four families in the neighborhood. It may help until you get to know them:

Howard, Hannah, Holly (Holls), Hugh

Paul, Kristen (Krissy), Patricia (Trixie), Daniel

Tim, Melissa, Victoria (Tory), Rick

Keith, Suzie, Katherine(Kate), Sam

Cast of Characters: (residents only, listed by family group)

Tom Brostwin (me) : I’m 40 years old, 6’1″, I workout to stay in shape, so I’m a strong lean 200 lbs. Since I tend to fuck a lot it may be relevant to know that I have an above average cock (8 inches in length, 2 inch diameter)

Heather (my daughter): a beautiful young (20 year old) woman with long blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and an ever-present smile. She is 5’6″ tall, has luscious soft lips, 36C tits, a narrow waist, an amazing ass, and a cleanly shaved soft plump pussy that tastes like pineapple. It also swells and blossoms when she is aroused.


Kristen (Krissy): Kristen is a shapely redhead with bright blue eyes, 5’7″ soft C-cup pendulous breasts, and a fully shaved pussy. Enjoys having sex with multiple partners of both sexes.

Paul – Kristen’s husband, 5’10”, 180 lbs. Exercises but isn’t very athletic. Thinning brown hair and brown eyes. He’s a bit timid, enjoys sex but generally waits for the woman to initiate it. Voyeuristic istanbul escort tendencies. He has an average 6″ cock. He has embraced the changes in the neighborhood, but has a lot to learn.

Patricia (Trixie): 5’7″ thin elegant build, red shoulder length hair, green eyes that convey mischief, perky B-cup breasts capped with deep pink/raspberry nipples. She has full pink lips made for kissing and sucking. And she keeps a trimmed tuft of red hair hovering above her clit. She has a subservient side and relies on Tom to give direction to her life.

Sam: He is nearly a carbon copy of his father Paul. 5’10”, 165 lbs. He has the advantage of being exposed to a broader view of sex through countless hours of viewing porn. He is still somewhat timid, enjoys watching, and thinks often about both his mother and sister.


Howard – Hannah’s husband is a big bear of a man. Not fat, but 6’3″, 230 lbs. He’s friendly and very thoughtful, but not super aggressive sexually. He keeps his curly light brown hair trimmed short. He has a thick average length cock that satisfies his partners.

Hannnah: 5’8″ One of the more full-figured women in the neighborhood. Large D-cup soft enticing breasts. She has dark blond hair. Wider hips and a firm well-rounded ass. She has a dominant personality with other istanbul escort bayan women but is equally subservient to the male members of the neighborhood.

Holly (Hannah’s daughter): Waist length blonde hair – a little lighter than her mother’s. 5’8″ tall and with D-cup breasts that are both larger and firmer than her mother’s. Cleanly shaved pussy. Tight well-rounded ass. A squirter when highly aroused. She genuinely wants everyone to be happy.

Hugh: Similar build to his father Howard. 6’2″, 200 lbs. Stong and athletic. Played both football and basketball in high school.The oldest of the boys in the neighborhood. The first to turn 18 and to reap the benefit of Tom and Heather’s teaching.


Tim: 5’10” with Short brown thinning hair. Thin 180lbs. Enjoys playing golf. He is crazy about Melissa and his daughter, Tory. Not as close to his son Rick.

Melissa: 5’9″, Dark Auburn shoulder length hair, blue eyes B/C-cup breasts. Dominant tendencies with both her husband and other women. Is closest to Suzie due to church and related social activities. Perceptive like her daughter Tory

Victoria (Tory):Tall slender green-eyed red-head (Auburn – darker than Trixie). Her hair is long – below her shoulder blades. 5’10” tall, B-cup firm breasts and a cute bubble butt that leads to long long legs. escort istanbul Devout Catholic, goes to confession each week. Tends to watch what is going on. Very perceptive and also loves wrapping her perfect deep red lips around cocks. More attracted to her brother than to her father. Has a crush on the parish priest.

Rick: 6’0″ Tall with dark brown curly hair. Strong muscular build 210 lbs. Unlike his father he has been blessed with a 10-inch cock that is a little more than 2 inches in diameter. He likes video games. He finds his mother very attractive and often discusses those feelings when he goes to confession.


Keith: Tall, 6’1″, slender 190 lbs. Thick curly dark brown hair, kept short. Athletic – plays a lot of golf. Happy to go along with the changes that the women are promoting. Only man in the neighborhood with facial hair which he keeps trimmed. Has had a sizeable 7″cock since his early high school days. Loves Suzie, Kate, and Sam

Suzie: Short curly medium brown hair, brown eyes, 5’6″, C-cup breasts. Submissive tendencies. Very bisexual and enjoys women as much if not more than men. Loves to flirt and knows that Keith enjoys her being Hot Wife.

Katherine (Kate): shorter 5’5″, more buxom – C/D Cup and less firm breasts – that sway as she walks, brown-eyed brunette. Also Catholic and attends confession as well. Love’s having Tom’s cock in her tight deep pussy. Has a crush on the parish priest.

Sam: 6’0″, 180 lbs. Very similar to his father Keith, although he doesn’t like golf, yet. He matured early, including his cock and libido. The most self-centered of the boys in the neighborhood. Tends to objectify girls/women.

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