The Nudist Colony


Note: if you’ve read many of my stories, chances are that you’ve already met Milla and Aria. This story isn’t related to earlier stories in any way. The Milla and Aria characters are based on two real people, two of my friends, and this story is just another take on the “what if?” premise.

A pair of warnings: first, this story is a more complex and longer than most of my others. This story is not a simple wham bam thank you ma’am story. Also, there will be some anal sex in there. If this is not your cup of tea, read some of my other stories.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!

Aria was riding her boyfriend’s cock in one of her favorite positions, the cowgirl. One of his thumbs was pressed against her clit with exactly the right pressure and she was on the verge of climaxing. So was he. They both wanted to cum, and dearly wanted to climax together, as this might be the last time they could fuck in a long while. Aria’s long reddish hair was plastered all over her upper body, from her neck and shoulders down over her heavy, bouncing breasts and even her belly and lower back.

She usually tied her hair when having sex, as she hated getting tangled in it as she rolled around with her boyfriend. But she knew he loved seeing her hair unbound, and so when they assumed the cowgirl position, knowing it was the final stretch before their climax, she had removed the elastic. Ethan had moaned at the sight of her thick mane swishing left and right.

When Aria finally felt Ethan beginning to groan differently, she knew he was on the verge of climaxing. He stared at her massive breasts and his mouth was opening more and more. She grinned, closed her eyes and abandoned herself to his cock and thumb. And then, for no reason she could discern, she felt him reach around her hip, to her ass and finally to her asshole. While Ethan didn’t try to penetrate her ass, he nevertheless pushed directly against it.

Aria was surprised, as they hadn’t ever explored this, but it wouldn’t have spelled the derailing of her climax. After all, even if she was still an anal virgin, she wasn’t closed to the idea of anal sex. What did derail her climax was that a memory popped into her mind. The wrong memory. At the wrong time. Once again she wondered how strange an organ the brain actually was…

A few years ago, Aria had caught her younger brother watching porn when he was 18 years old. And not just any porn: it was an anal sex scene. Aria and Kenneth, although brother and sister, had lived mostly apart. They had been placed in a foster home when extremely young, and all they knew of their biological parents was that they were Scottish. Aria and Ken had lived together for about seven years and then the foster home system had separated them. Before they hit their teens, they saw each other rather often. But when Aria hit fifteen, they began drifting apart. Since then, the siblings only saw each other two or three times a year, especially since they didn’t live in the same city anymore.

Two weeks after his actual birthday, Aria had come to his place for the party. She had, in fact, arrived much earlier than was expected in order to surprise him. She had sneaked into his home and had found him in his room. When she opened his door she saw, on his giant monitor, a huge black guy sodomizing a tiny blonde girl. She had been shocked by the sight of the monstrous cock assfucking the tiny white ass, and had gasped.

Immediately Ken had turned around, his own large cock in his fist, and had screamed bloody murder! Aria had moved away from the door and had stood frozen with her mouth wide open in double shock. The first shock was the fact that she had caught her brother masturbating and had seen his considerable cock. But the second shock wasn’t exactly the anal sex scene. Rather, it was the fact that she had suddenly felt very warm and had been forced to admit to herself that it had turned her on. Quite a lot, actually. Thankfully, the two siblings had a very good relationship and they eventually laughed it off.

So now, when Ethan touched her asshole, Aria wasn’t angry. Yet the fact that she was now thinking about her brother had thrown her rhythm completely off and knew that her climax was suddenly out of reach. All the while Ethan was climaxing beneath her, filling her with his sperm. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that he had climaxed before her, and Aria kept riding him hard.

She even faked a small orgasm so he would not feel bad. She then laughed when he pressed his finger a bit harder against her anus. She felt him pull his finger back as soon as he heard her laugh, misinterpreting it. She knew he’d be uncomfortable talking about it. Ethan wasn’t the most adventurous of guys in bed, and her laughter had probably felt like a slap for him. Aria also knew that he wouldn’t be opened to talking about it right now. “Later though,” she thought, while images of that huge black cock pistoning in and out of that small blonde’s ass flooded her mind.

Why has mamak escort she always ended up with very tame guys in her life? Each and every boyfriend she’d had since losing her virginity had been pretty much vanilla. Strangely enough, none of them had been interested in her ass even though she knew they all loved her ass. Since that porn movie, Aria never actually tried anal sex. At least with guys. As for her dildos, well… That was another story altogether!

When she had met Ethan and had learned that his was a nudist family, her hopes had risen. But while they were a lot more open about nudity, Ethan was clearly another vanilla guy in bed. Until tonight. And she had laughed. Aria sighed. Well, maybe the next few weeks at the nudist colony would provide her with an opportunity to talk to him about it.

Then again, those three weeks of 100% nudism were the reason why Aria and Ethan had fucked so intensely in the last three days. Ethan’s parents knew that they were sexually active, but had explicitly warned them that sex at a nudist colony was a delicate thing. It had to be done very very privately, even more than usual given the circumstances. Ethan’s father had even commented that because Aria was a very pretty and sexy girl, she would have to be careful around other men. If there was even a rumor that she had been heard having sex, it would cause unwanted turmoil.

The first time Ethan’s dad had commented about her sexiness, Aria had been uncomfortable. But only slightly. When confronted with their nudism, very early in her relationship with Ethan, Aria had had to make a decision. And while it was strange to be naked next to your boyfriend’s equally naked father and hear him say that you’re sexy, Aria had quickly recognized that there wasn’t even a hint of inappropriate intentions behind his words. Given that Ethan’s mother had also agreed, standing there naked and sexy herself, Aria had simply accepted this as part of their family.

And so, as Ethan now snored next to her, Aria wondered what those three weeks would be like. She had gotten used to being naked in front of Ethan and his parents in and around their house far outside the city, but how would she feel being naked around hundreds of people? “What if I see a tall black guy with a huge cock?” she thought, and laughed quietly. “Or a tiny blonde girl that walks funny, as if…” she stopped her train of thought and tried not to wake Ethan by laughing too loudly.

In truth, Aria wasn’t worried too much about the nudist colony. Then again she knew that her confidence stemmed from the fact that she was, actually, very pretty and sexy. It was a fact that had become very obvious when she turned 18. The guys and men had begun to look at her differently, and she knew she had a beautiful face and luscious body. How would that work in a nudist colony, she had no idea. Would she be so confident if she was short, ugly and flat-chested? The thought made her feel rather uncomfortable, so she tried to think of other things until she fell asleep.


When Ken arrived at the nudist colony, he paused at the gate and took a deep breath. This was it! He was here! He took a deep breath and walked in. The young girl at the front desk, although very cute and with an amazing smile, was fully dressed. Ken realized he should have expected this: he wasn’t yet in the colony. And if guys knew they could come and see this sexy girl naked whenever they wished, well, things would get ugly!

He confirmed his reservation, trying not to focus on her long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Nor the smooth silhouette he could see under her clothes. Damn, this girl was sexy! And that sexy French accent! Ken managed to listen intently as she explained the rules. She sat with him and mentioned that usually first time visitors had to read about all that. But given that this was a slow day, she had the time to explain everything. “Damn!” he thought, sitting close to her. “She even smells nice!”

In the end, nothing she told him about the rules surprised him. After she was done, she asked him why he had chosen to come here. Ken startled and didn’t speak for a moment.

“I’m sorry…” the girl, Milla, said.

“No, it’s alright. I hadn’t planned on telling anybody about this, but part of nudism is to present yourself as you are. I’m here because my first and only relationship with a girl ended very badly.”

Milla looked very puzzled by his comment. She was about his age, and even though she was probably at ease with nudity, this was something else. Something a lot more intimate. Ken continued “I had to admit to myself that porn hasn’t given me a very good idea of what girls really want.” While Milla was surprised, Ken was completely flushed. Then again, it was the first time he had said it out loud. He realized that he had wanted, or rather, had needed to tell someone. Then again, maybe not the receptionist at the colony!

Ken looked up and saw that mamak escort bayan Milla’s eyes were still wide opened. “I’m sorry Milla… I had no right to dump that on you.”

“No, it’s alright,” she said, visibly uncomfortable. “In fact, you’re not the only one that believes that nudism would be a good way to combat hyper sexualization in our culture.”

Ken was stunned, not expecting that at all. Milla continued “I haven’t read much about the philosophy of nudism, but I’ve been bored by my parents about this all my life!”

When she laughed, Ken joined her and immediately felt better. “So I’m not completely crazy?” he asked.

“No!” she replied, smiling now.

“It’s possible that being surrounded by naked girls and women will make me realize that everything isn’t sexualized, that nudity isn’t sexual in itself?”

“Sure!” she said. “But, don’t believe that it will happen in a day.” Milla paused and took a deep breath. “I also have to tell you something. I didn’t want to, because we’re about the same age and I felt uncomfortable earlier, but since you revealed all that…” she laughed nervously. “If you do get an erection, you must hide it and find a place to be alone.”

“I know, I know!” Ken replied, feeling suddenly awkward again. “Erections are not compliments!”

Milla said “Well, they’re involuntary reflex responses!” she laughed before adding “Well, even if they were compliments, they’re not appropriate here.”

“Got it.”

“After all,” she added with a twinkle in her eyes. “We’re not in a porn movie!”

“Ouch!” Ken said, placing his hand on his chest to acknowledge the point, but he was laughing.

“Also, don’t go around telling your story to everybody!” she added.

“OK! Got it!” he replied, laughing with her. After a moment, he added “Thanks for making me feel welcomed.”

“That’s why I’m here!” she said with a wink.

“Well, that was certainly a strange way to enter the colony!” Ken thought as he headed for the changing rooms. He was given a key to a locker where he’ll put all his clothes for his entire stay. All he had to do was remember to carry a towel around if he planned on sitting anywhere besides on the ground. Simple. When he finally entered the colony itself, he was greeted by a middle aged couple that had been waiting for him.

They showed him around the place and made sure he wasn’t going crazy with all the naked people around him. Ken wasn’t going crazy. It was extremely strange, but he didn’t fear that he was going to have an erection even though there were some very beautiful and sexy women around. Not all of them, obviously. The couple guided him to his own little cabin and wished him a nice stay. The cabin was a very simple thing with two beds, a fireplace for Spring and Fall as well as a sink.

His first day went by without a hitch. Despite his fears, he only had to fight an erection once and learned that seeing six naked girls playing volleyball was still beyond him. As he walked away, his towel surreptitiously placed in front of him, Ken thought “I think I need to level up a few times before I can deal with that!”

In the evening, Ken met Milla and was impressed once more with how beautiful she was. The fact that she was facing the slowly setting sun, in the golden hour, only enhanced her beauty. He tried not to focus on her long hair, nice breasts and especially her completely shaven bush. Ken was usually more into curvier girls, but Milla’s average sized breasts stood proudly, and the muted curves of her waist and hips nonetheless attracted his eyes. She walked up to him and asked him how his first day had been.

“Very well, actually. I managed to relax about it all after a few hours. I would have never thought that I would become comfortable around so many naked girls so quickly.”

“Well, it’s natural, isn’t it?” Milla said with a bright smile.

“Yeah. But the volleyball court, that will definitely have to wait…” Ken felt himself flush as he said it.

But Milla was smiling. “Oh, that!” She leaned in closer and said “Unofficially, that place is known as the ultimate test for guys!”

“What?” Ken laughed. “Aren’t nudists supposed not to think about sex?”

“What? Are you serious?” Milla seemed really surprised. “Such preconceptions, such biases!” she added in a falsely opinionated tone as she smiled. “We’re nudists, not monks! Again, Ken, it’s natural as well, right?”

“Yes, but…” he didn’t know what to say.

“Listen. This isn’t a sexless place. It’s just a place where you have to be more mindful of the line between public and private. And it’s also a place where nudity isn’t automatically associated with sex.”

“Oh.” Ken said. “That does make sense… So there are people having sex in their cabins?”

“Of course!” Milla laughed, touching his arm in the process. “Like most people we don’t do it in public and public displays of intimate affection are frowned upon.”

“Hmmm. escort mamak Interesting. Very public and biologically obvious compliments are also frowned upon?” he asked, his tone light.

Milla caught his meaning and grinned. “Yeah, especially those, as we talked earlier!”

“What about words?”

“What?” Milla was puzzled.

“Complimenting with words? Can I do that?” he said, looking directly into her eyes.

Once again, Milla understood what he was taking about. She lowered her eyes briefly and Ken noticed that her cheeks turned a bit redder. “Well, it’s not exactly frowned upon, but it’s touchy.” She looked up at him and added “But thanks for the sentiment.” Her smile brighter than a thousand candles.

Ken grinned and watched her walk away to rejoin her friends. He managed to tear his eyes from her small, sweet ass after a few seconds, knowing it would be inappropriate to stare. The last thing he had hoped for was to come out of here with a girlfriend! But Milla was… she was just… Ken sighed and walked back to the beach. He lay down on the sand and relaxed there for a long while. The sun was almost gone, but for now it was still warm, and Ken felt good simply reclining on the warm sand.

And then everything changed. His entire plan had to be completely discarded. It began innocently enough. Looking at the water, he couldn’t miss the numerous beautiful or sexy girls and women around him. He was beginning to get used to it, and simply not focusing on their breasts, pussies or asses made things much easier. But then one woman walked out of the water towards him. With the sun behind her, he couldn’t much more than her silhouette at first. Yet that was enough.

Milla had been really cute, and he knew he had spent most of his time on the beach thinking about her. But this woman… Shit! Once she was almost out of the water he could see most of her body and it was stunning. Strong legs, definite womanly hips, a small waist and two very large breasts swinging left and right as she walked towards him. She should have looked funny walking in the loose sand, like most everybody else, but her peculiar gait made her look even sexier.

As she walked closer to him, he could see that her long dark hair clung to her pale skin and the contrast seemed to enhance her curves even more. Soon, even with the contrast of the sun behind her, he could see her nipples on those impressive breasts and the dark patch of hair above her pussy. He tried his best to look away, but his eyes kept going back to all those wonderful attractions. He was feeling he beginnings of an erection and he knew he should stop. The woman suddenly stopped about ten feet away from him and Ken immediately turned his head away. “Hey, you! Don’t you know it’s rude to ogle here?”

“I know, I’m very sorry, this is my first–“

But then he stopped. He knew that voice. He frowned into the sun, but soon enough the woman was next to him and he could see her properly. “Aria…” he whispered. And then he looked at her body again, flabbergasted by her beauty.

“Ken! I’m serious!” she whispered, smiling. “It’s bad form to ogle girls! And especially me, your sister!”

“Yeah, I know! I knew it was you!” he said, hoping he didn’t sound as insecure as he felt.

“Sure you did…” she was laughing again as she sat down next to him.

It was all Ken could do to tear his eyes from her body. He had always thought that his sister was hot, if a little curvier than was necessary. And even though he saw her a few times a year, it had been a long time since he had seen her in a bikini. And never naked, of course. She had definitely lost some weight and looked stunning.

“I’m telling you, sis, I knew… oh fuck it!” he laughed. Leaning close to her, he said “You’re fucking hot, sis!”

“You think?”

“Of course!” he added, hoping the compliment would smooth things over.

“I can see that!” she replied with a quick glance at his hardening cock.

“Shit!” Ken exclaimed. “I’m bad at this nudist thing!”

“Shush! It’s your first day here, don’t worry about it. Took me a while to get used to it as well. In any case, thank you for the compliment!” she added. “You’re not so bad yourself!” They were both smiling by now.

“Thanks… But it didn’t help me with Jennifer.”

“Oh, broken up? I’m sorry.” she said.

They spent the next twenty minutes talking about it, then about an hour catching up on other things in their lives. Ken then joined his sister, her boyfriend and his family for dinner. It was pretty nice, even if it was still strange for Ken to eat while watching four naked breasts in front of him. And his sister’s were spectacular! Gods!

And that’s how Ken’s vacation began, by meeting Milla and Aria’s breasts. Reclined in his bed, alone in his cabin, Ken laughed out loud thinking about this. Between the images of Milla’s nude body and his sister’s breasts, Ken finally allowed his cock to become hard. In his mind he was holding Milla in his arms. Strangely enough he didn’t exactly feel like imagining fucking her. He just wanted to hold her, kiss her, caress her… Nothing purely sexual. It was rather all sweet and loving with loads of smiles and laughter. They were rolling on sand as they played and tickled each other, all alone on the beach.

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