The Plumber


The PlumberThe first part of this story actually happened a number of years ago, and then the 2nd part with the plumber is just fiction, altho I did have the plumber come out to replace the garbage disposer and he looked just as described.Over the weekend I had trouble with my garbage disposer that was making a God awful clanging noise every time I used it. So on Monday morning I called a plumber that others in the neighborhood had recommended. Since it wasn’t an emergency they said they could have a technician out on Tuesday morning between 8 and 9 and I agreed to that.On Monday evening an old friend Steve had contacted me and asked if I was available to play. I remembered him as a good lover, so I said yes, to give me an hour to make myself pretty. Since it was late evening I decided to wear my sexiest lingerie for him. It was an aqua green cute little baby doll that I paired with my black thigh high stockings, matching aqua green thong and my 5 inch CFM heels. My makeup was nearly perfect with my false eyelashes, foundation, powder, blush and my signature bright red lipstick. I spritzed some lovely perfume on my neck, breasts, and between my legs and as I looked in the mirror I was quite pleased with my appearance. Hell, I would’ve fucked me if that was even possible. My friend arrived right on time at 10 pm and judging from the bulge in his jeans he was happy to see me and quite pleased at my appearance. He immediately took me in his arms and began kissing my neck and then to my nipples, sucking and pinching them, before moving to my lips and his tongue exploring my mouth. I shortly dropped to my knees and unzipped his jeans and freed his raging hard on. It looked so gorgeous, but even more so when I wrapped my red lips around it and left a lipstick ring. He undressed, leaving a trail of clothes as we moved to my bedroom and we were really getting into some hot oral sex when he told me to lie down. I lied on my back and he first straddled my chest and began fucking my mouth, which is a huge turn on for me and my clit was now hard as a rock in my thong. I was so prepared to taste his wonderful man juice, but he had other ideas. He climbed off of me and proceeded to go down on me and nearly brought elazığ escort bayan me to orgasm when I asked him to stop. I didn’t want the fun to end just yet. He then got on top of me and lifted my legs as his raging cock searched for my love hole. I let out a soft moan when he found it. I do love the feeling of a hard cock just pressing against my opening. He slid my thong aside and pushed forward as he kissed me. He slid inside of me so easily and I wrapped my legs around his back as he began pumping my asspussy. He just kept on going, even as my clitty was now dripping incessantly. “Lisa, I’m going to cum”, I heard and I met his rhythm and felt his cock swell up and then felt him gushing his manly love juices into me. He collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck and my mouth as we just lay there in the afterglow. I looked over at my bedside clock and it was now almost 2 am. Steve slowly got dressed, cleaned up and left with a peck on my lips. I was delighted, knowing I had provided another admirer the best of me, and that I was attractive enough to be so lucky. I was now so tired that my own orgasm could wait. I set my alarm to 6:30, giving myself time to get up, have coffee and then shower and get back in boy mode before the plumber arrived between 8 and 9. I fell asleep fully dressed, even with my stilettos on. I awoke on time and noticed my pussy had leaked some of Steves cum onto the sheets. I walked to the kitchen, loving the sound of my heels clicking on the hardwood floor, and poured my coffee and sipped it as I checked my email. A nice message from Steve thanking me for a wonderful evening put a smile on my face. I then decided to lay in bed and pleasure myself and then quickly shower before the plumber arrived sometime after 8. I laid there in bed, slowly caressing my own body and my nylon covered legs. My clit was responding to my soft touches and I was just about to slide my thong aside and wrap my hand around my swollen clit when the doorbell rang. It startled me and I looked at the clock. It was only 7:10. Oh shit! I thought, he’s early. I had no choice but to answer the door. I quickly threw on a robe and covered myself. My hair was a mess from sleeping elazığ escort in my wig and my lipstick was lightly smeared. I went to the door and opened it slightly. “Hi, I’m Jason from so and so plumbing”. There stood one hunk of a man, about 6’2”, slender, very handsome, almost looked like Bradley Cooper…My voice does not match my appearance so I waved him in. I felt so embarrassed, since I know that I am not quite passable. I led him to the kitchen keeping my robe tightly closed. “What seems to be the problem”, he asked. Oh crap, now I was forced to speak….I softened my voice as best as I could and told him about the garbage disposer. He tried it and said it needed to be replaced and gave me a cost estimate. I said ok and he went about to his work. I sat at the kitchen table sipping my coffee, thinking I could pull this off as a woman, let him finish, pay him and then be done with this embarrassing situation. He mumbled something from under the sink and I had to say, “excuse me, what did you say”? He replied, “Those shoes look really sexy on you. I have been to this house before, but you weren’t dressed like that”. I knew I never used this plumber before and had never met him before, unless it was the few times I was so horny that I had blown guys in boy mode. so I asked, “Oh when was that”. He said, “ a couple of years ago you had given me a blow job, but you looked like a guy then”. I was dumbfounded and at a loss for words. “I hope you liked it” was all I could manage to say. “Oh I did”, then a long pause and he said. “I’m almost finished up here, any chance of getting another bj”. “I’d be happy to” I replied. I couldn’t believe this was happening….He crawled out from under the sink and tried out the new disposer and it worked great. He turned to me and said, “lets see whats under that robe”. I took my robe off at this point and stood there in my best feminine pose and let him admire my femme side. “Wow, that’s hot”. He moved closer to me as I wrote out the check and then placed a hand on my ass cheek and squeezed making me moan. “Oh Lisa likes that” I muttered. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch and asked, “does Lisa like that too”. I smiled escort elazığ in approval. He then turned to face me and took my face in his big strong hands and said,. “I love girls like you” and then proceeded to kiss me deeply and passionately. I felt like Lady Gaga being kissed by Bradley Cooper in the movie, A Star is Born. We moved to the living room where I hit a couple of buttons on the remote and a hot shemale porno was playing on the big screen. Jason stood there before me kissing me deeply as I fumbled to unbutton his pants and undo his belt and lower his zipper. His pants fell to the floor and he was wearing boxer briefs, which I quickly placed my hand on. His cock was stiff already and I tugged at them as he helped and now with his pants around his ankles, I reached out and took hold of what had to be almost an 8 inch cock. I began moving my hand up and down it and then I slowly slid down to my knees and his cock pointing directly in my face. I started to lick it from head to base like a popsicle, running my tongue across his hairy balls and back up the other side, until my bright red lips were at the head again. “Suck it Lisa”. I opened my mouth and took more and more of this beautiful cock until I couldn’t go any further. Jason placed his hands on my head and moaned as I worked his cock up and down, jerking him off with my mouth, with particular attention to applying pressure with my tongue to the sensitive underside of this huge rod. Jason stopped me briefly and stated that he had to get back to work very soon, could I get him off quickly? I will give it my best shot I told him. I started sucking him faster and deeper as I cupped and massaged his balls. I tightened my lips around him and then he grabbed my head and began pumping my mouth faster still. “Oh Lisa, suck my cock you horny little slut”, as he fucked my face, a huge turn on for me. “Oh Lisa, that’s it, I’m gonna cum”. And with that he flooded my hungry mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but he just kept cumming and cumming and it dripped from the sides of my mouth and down my chin to my chest and onto my silky babydoll. A couple more thrusts into my wet mouth and he was done. I sucked the last droplets of cum from the head and then stood up. Jason was pulling his pants up. He thanked me and asked if he can come back again sometime. I said of course and gave him my phone number. He then asked if I like to be fucked and I told him its definitely a possibility, and he promised to call me really soon..and then he was gone.

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