The Product of Influence Ch. 02


co-author BlackSnake

John tossed and turned all during the night. The proposition from his mother had a really big effect on him. She flat out told him that she wanted to him to screw her. He figured that she was just playing around with him, but it was very hard to resist. He was glad he was able to control himself from making a move. Even for her, it was a really cruel joke.

She had teased him like he had seen her tease other men. He thought that maybe she was testing him to find out if he was as weak as the losers she fucked. No matter what her reasons, his hard-on would not let him sleep. He lay in bed staring at the ceiling as the sun rose and he heard sounds in the kitchen.

Joyce was up early in the kitchen making breakfast with her housecoat tied securely around her waist. She had done a lot of drinking and her stomach was begging for food. She heard John in his bathroom taking a shower. A smile curled at the corner of her mouth as she looked in that direction. She was proud of the way that he was able to resist her. Most men would have been on their knees begging for a taste of her. She could tell that he wanted to fuck her, but the fact that he controlled himself made her proud. She made a cup of coffee for him.

Joyce waited by the bathroom door until she heard the sounds of him getting out of the shower. “Coffee,” she said knocking on the door and then opening it.

John already had his towel wrapped around his waist, but his hard-on pushed it out in the front. “Thanks,” he said and took a sip from the cup. He looked at her wondering if he should ask her the question that had kept him up all night.

Joyce could see that John wanted to say something. She leaned against the doorframe and smiled at him.

“What would you’d done if I tried to screw you last night?” he asked the burning question.

“Let you,” she said laughing. “…and enjoyed it, of course, but I would have been disappointed.”

“Why?” he asked resolved that she was testing him.

“Because, it would have showed that you’re just like all the rest of the motherfuckers out there. They don’t care who they fuck…as long as they get their dicks wet.”

“That’s really messed up,” he said. “You’re not just anybody, mom. You’re really hot. It’s not fair. I mean if you was some old fat dumpy chick with missing teeth, then that’s saying something, but you’re really sexy.”

“I think the fact that I’m your mother is enough to make it fair,” she said. “Lots of people do have sex with their family members, but that doesn’t have a thing to do with you. It’s ok that you want to screw me,” she paused as she looked down at the tent his cock was making out of his towel. “Hell, I want to screw you too, but what you said last night was true…that doesn’t mean that we should. I think you and I go plenty far enough. I shouldn’t know how it feels to have that big cock inside of me and you shouldn’t know how it feels to have it there. I’ve allowed everything else, but that.”

“What about blowjobs,” John joked.

Joyce laughed as she turned to go back to the kitchen where the smell of the breakfast was indicating that it was about done. John grabbed a second towel to dry his hair as he followed her.

“Are you trying to split hairs?” Joyce said as she prepared two plates with the food she cooked.

“Well, you said no penetration,” John laughed.

“You, want mommy to give you a blowjob,” Joyce teased kissing his cheek as she sat their plates on the table.

“Yeah, so I can go brag to all my friends that…my mommy gives a better blowjob than your mommy,” he countered.

“That probably true,” Joyce laughed. “Just make sure that you don’t marry anybody who don’t like to have sex as much as you do.”

“That will be hard to find,” John said.

“You’ll end up in a miserable relationship, and eventually divorced,” she said.

“Like you?”

“I married men who thought that once they had me, sex was an obligation they had to perform,” she said. “Sex is one of the most important parts of marriage. It’s not the only thing, but it’s very important. If you’re having lots of sex, you can handle you problems a lot easier. Shit happens anyway. Sex makes you feel good no matter what is going on. If you’re enjoying it.”

“It’ll be next to impossible to find someone who likes sex as much as you,” John said.

“What about that girl, Sylvia?” Joyce said smiling. “She sure sounded like she enjoyed getting the shit fucked out of her.”

John laughed.

“I’m serious. She’s not the best looking girl who brought around, but she looks like she’ll drop her panties anywhere,” she said.

“Yeah, she’s always game,” John said laughing.

“Look John, there’ll always be someone better looking than the one you’re with,” she continued. “ but, the grass is not always greener on the other side.”

“You want me to marry someone like you?” he said continuing to laugh.

“Is that so bad?” Joyce said, her tone dropping enough to let him know that she didn’t find his comment funny. “Yeah, I’m a slut, but I never cheated gaziantep bayan eskort on the guys I married. I’m the kind of woman that men say want.”

“You’re right, I would like to marry someone like you. I just don’t know if Sylvia is the one,” he said truthfully.

“Have you given her a chance?” she asked. “Is she seeing anyone else?”

“I don’t think so, we just haven’t been serious,” he replied.

“Why don’t you give her a chance? You’ll never know, if you don’t try,” Joyce said taking up their empty plates.

“What make you so sure that she’s not going to turn out like one of those women that change as soon as you marry them?” he asked.

“John, any woman that allows a man to fuck them like I saw you fuck her, has to love sex,” she laughed. “You do like her, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I like her,” he said.

“Invite her over,” Joyce said. “I really believe that she’s the kind of girl that you should be with.”

John looked at his mother, wondering if he really wanted to marry a woman like his mother. Sylvia had a really nice body, but her nose resembled an Eagle’s beak. He really did like her. Maybe it was because she reminded him of his mother.

Joyce took the phone off the wall and handed it to her son. “Give her a call,” she said and went back to cleaning the kitchen.

“What about you?” John asked.


“How come you don’t stick we a guy that wants to screw you all the time?” John said.

“John, most of the guys I screw just want a trophy,” she said. She thought about Nathan and laughed. “The only guy that I’ve been with that could keep me satisfied is Nathan Williams.”

“Well, what’s wrong with Nathan other than him being black, at least he’s not a jerk,” John said.

“Could you imagine having Nathan as your stepfather?” she laughed.

“Yes,” John said in a flat tone.

“Get serious…Nathan?” she said.

“Well, you said you wanted a guy would want to have sex with you all the time, right?” John said. “Nathan has a real job, and he has a major thing for you.”

Joyce laughed. Nathan was a good man, and he wasn’t bad in bed. She even liked the size of his cock, though she wished he had a bigger cock like John’s. “I’ll tell you what,” she said. “You give Sylvia a chance, and I’ll give Nathan Williams a serious look.”

John dialed Sylvia’s phone number. She answered the phone on the first ring, “I was wondering if you’d call, John.”

“How did you know it was me?” John asked.

“Caller I.D., silly,” Sylvia said. “You’re up early for a Saturday, aren’t you?”

“I called to see if you’d come over this morning,” John said.

“I’ll be right there,” Sylvia said and hung up the phone.

John pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it.

“Did she hang up on you?” Joyce asked.

“She said she’ll be right over and hung up without saying bye or anything,” John said placing the phone back on the hook.

“Sounds like she’s on her way,” Joyce laughed as she went to her bedroom to dress.

It only took fifteen minutes before Sylvia was knocking on the door. Joyce answered the door smiling at the young woman dressed in pajama pants that hung on her hips low enough that Joyce could tell there weren’t underwear underneath. Sylvia also wore a sports bra and flip-flops, and had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Other than her make up, Sylvia looked like she just got out of bed.

“Hi, Ms Scott,” Sylvia said smiling. “Is John home?”

“He sure is, honey. Come on in,” Joyce said inviting the young woman in. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” Sylvia said glancing towards John’s bedroom as she followed Joyce into the kitchen. She was excited that John called and was eager to see him.

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Joyce asked.

“Yes, mam,” Sylvia answered politely.

“Look honey, if we’re going to get alone you’re going to have to call me Joyce,” Joyce said laughing. “That mam stuff makes me feel old.”

“Ok,” Sylvia said smiling. It was an encouraging sign for he to be liked by John’s mother.

“John’ll be out in a minute,” Joyce said. “It’ll give us some time to get to know each other. Coffee?”

“Yes…hum, sure…thank you,” Sylvia said stopping herself.

Joyce smiled as she poured coffee for the both of them. “So, you like my son, huh?” Joyce asked handing the young woman the coffee and leading her into the living room.

“Yes, hum…” Sylvia replied following Joyce and glancing towards John’s bedroom again.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it,” Joyce said lining up the list of questions she was going to ask Sylvia, but decided to be more direct. “Are you dating anyone else, other than John?”

“No! I mean, John is the only person that I’ve been with…I mean dated for about a year,” Sylvia said.

“Good, because I wouldn’t want my son dating a girl that’s dating around,” Joyce said.

“No, I’m only dating John and nobody else,” Sylvia confirmed.

Joyce was pleased to hear that. “You know, Sylvia…in a relationship gaziantep eskort bayan both people have to get what they want out of it, and I’m sure that you know that men want lots of sex,” Joyce said seeing the shocked look on the young woman’s face. “A lot of relationships end because both parties don’t want the same thing. If the woman doesn’t like having sex as much as the man, then they will eventually have problems. I wouldn’t want John to be in a relationship with someone who didn’t like to have sex as much as he does. If I thought that John was getting involved with someone who didn’t like sex as much as he does then I would insist that he break it off, before things got to serious.”

“No…I love having sex,” Sylvia said in almost a panic.

Joyce smiled.

John stood against the wall in the dining room listening to his mother drill Sylvia, as they agreed. He liked the answers Sylvia was giving.

“I’m happy to hear that, because my son’s happiness means everything to me,” Joyce said. “You’re not shy, are you? Men like women to dress sexy in things that are…well, revealing.”

“I normally don’t dress like this,” Sylvia said. “I was just getting out of bed when John called me. I thought he wanted to see me right away, so I just came right over.”

“He told me that he was thinking about getting serious with you. I told him to call you, so we could talk,” Joyce said. “I think it’s important that we know where each other is coming from.”

Sylvia heard what she wanted to hear for a long time. She wanted a real relationship with John, and his mother had just told her that he wanted to get serious with her.

“I wanted to find out for myself if you are the kind of woman that would make my son happy,” Joyce said. “Sex is very important in a relationship. Too many people are afraid to talk about that, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, I think it is too,” Sylvia said. “People should talk about sex more. I don’t think it’s dirty at all. I don’t see anything wrong with talking about it. I did have problems with sex when I was younger, but I wanted it?”

“Oh? What kind of problem?” Joyce asked.

“I had sex with someone I shouldn’t have when I was younger,” Sylvia said pausing. “A lot…almost every day and night…” She shook her head as remembered. “but, I wanted it. I asked for it…it felt good.”

“If you enjoyed it, what was the problem?” Joyce asked.

Sylvia looked like she was hiding a secret. “I enjoyed doing it, but it shouldn’t have been with the who I was doing it with. I know it was wrong, but I thought as long as I didn’t get caught…” Sylvia thought that maybe she was being to forth coming, but Joyce was making it so easy for her to talk, and she been wanting to talk about it for years. “I didn’t want them to get in any trouble. I wanted to do it as much as they did.”

“They?” Joyce asked. She was guessing that Sylvia was talking about having sex with her father. She had her own encounters, but who could they be?

Sylvia paused. “My younger brothers,” she said. “We were just fooling around.”

“I know how things like that could get started. What happened?” Joyce pushed for details.

“We were just bored. I remember it was raining, so we couldn’t go outside. My mom and dad was at work,” Sylvia began. “We decided that we were going to play house. We were actually too old to be playing such games, but we were bored. I was always the mom, and they would take turns being the dad. We had to clean the house anyway, so I got to cook and they would clean, except for the one who was pretending to be the dad at the time.” Sylvia paused to sip the coffee. “After that, we would pretend to go to sleep and then they would switch being the dad. Well, Joey said that we should pretend to do what our mom and dad did in bed. I liked being the mom since I didn’t have to clean up anything, so I agreed. I went and put on one my mother’s nightgowns, and I remember that she never wore anything under it. It wasn’t see-through, but I’d been in her room plenty of times while she dressed. Joey and I closed the door in my room and got under the covers. He got on top of me and started humping. I don’t even remembering it hurting at all, but I knew my mom did it with my dad, so I thought that’s what it was like. They would take turns; one would leave my room and the other would come in. I felt like I couldn’t wait for the next one to get inside of me. We stopped playing house, realizing how childish we were being. I started sneaking into their bedroom at night, because my room was next to our parents. I would go from one of their beds to the other. I would spy on our parents to see what they were doing and then I would go try it with my brothers. They really liked me giving them blowjobs. Our parents would leave us at home a lot, because we didn’t fight or break anything. We would just have sex the entire time they would be gone. I never told anybody about that.”

“Did your parents ever find out?” Joyce asked amazed at the detail Sylvia had gone into.

“Not eskort gaziantep bayan really. My mom figured out that I was having sex and put me on the pill. She didn’t asked me who I was having sex with, but I think she knew,” Sylvia said. “She almost caught us a few times, but she didn’t say anything.”

“How long did this go on?” Joyce asked.

“I guess about five years or so,” Sylvia said. “I guess we all felt that we shouldn’t be doing it. We didn’t talk about it, just stopped doing it.”

“Did you date much?” Joyce asked.

“Afterwards, I did,” Sylvia said “but, some guys were spreading it around that I was easy, so I stopped going out with anyone.”

“I bet,” Joyce laughed recalling what she had witnessed.

“Hey,” John said stepping around the corner into the living room. He had gotten very excited hearing Sylvia’s tale. He needed to get some fresh air and allow his mother to finish getting to know Sylvia.

Sylvia’s head snapped around as if she had forgotten that he was home. She stood up quickly as he reached for her hand. Joyce noticed John’s hard-on and figured that he’d been listening.

John hugged Sylvia and gave her a quick kiss. “I’m going to run to the store. Do you want anything, mom?” he asked.

“Yeah, gets some more beer, Rum, and something for lunch,” Joyce said. “Sylvia and I will be here when you get back.”

John kissed Sylvia again before leaving. He had never been that affectionate towards her before. They usually are going at it hot and heavy. She liked it.

“Do you think its bad of me for having sex with my brothers?” Sylvia asked.

“No, but I’m glad you told me. My father use to have sex with me, and then my step-father after him,” Joyce said. “Like you, I enjoyed having sex with them. I don’t have brothers, but I would imagine that I would have had sex with them too. Lots of women are taken my some man in their family. It’s not all good, but sometimes….”

“I liked it. I missed it. I thought my father wanted to once, but it was probably just me,” Sylvia said.

“Don’t be too sure,” Joyce said. “I thought it was just me when my step-father touched my ass, but I figured it out when he started massaging it.”

“I was sitting on my dad’s lap, trying to play the little girl. I felt him growing under my butt,” Sylvia smiled. “It felt like he was humping, but he was tapping his feet to the music.”

“Sylvia, a hard dick has away of taking over a man’s mind, so you really shouldn’t blame them. Women should use sex as a tool to control men, they should just enjoy having sex,” Joyce said. “I would hate if that happened to John.”

“I would never to that to him,” Sylvia said.

“Good,” Joyce replied. “I couldn’t give him my blessings if I thought he would have to deal with that. I want the women he plan to marry to really enjoy having sex.”

“I really do,” Sylvia replied getting the sense that she was being interviewed for the job of daughter-in-law.

“Good, I expect to see you doing a lot of fucking around here,” Joyce laughed.

“You don’t mind if we have sex in front of you?” Sylvia asked.

“Of course not,” Joyce laughed. “I you care about the person that you are with, then you shouldn’t care who sees you. I want you to treat this place as your home.”

Sylvia hesitated and pulled her sports bra off over her head. She teased her nipples a bit before standing up and removing her pajama pants.

“I’m impressed already,” Joyce laughed. “You don’t have anything against black people, do you?”

“No,” Sylvia said.

“Have you ever had sex with a black man before?” Joyce asked.

“A couple,” Sylvia said.

“Good, because you might see one over here from time to time,” Joyce said. “Would you like a gown to put on? I’m sure he would love to see you naked, but anyone else come over they might get the privilege also.”

“If you don’t mind,” Sylvia said thinking that maybe she had jump the gun a bit.

“Of course not, you’re about my size, though a little smaller in the hips, but that comes with age,” Joyce laughed.

John came back just as Sylvia and his mother were coming from his mother’s bedroom. He recognized his mother’s short nightgown on Sylvia.

Joyce made it over to John before Sylvia. “Fuck her in the living room,” Joyce whispered in his ear.

“You look great,” John said reaching for Sylvia. He figured that she wanted to see how Sylvia would react. She had obvious dressed Sylvia in her nightgown for that reason. He put his hands on her waist and then slid them to her butt-cheeks under the nightgown, and then lifted her up for a kiss.

Joyce put away the beer and made herself a rum and coke as John lead Sylvia into the living room.

It was going to be the second time John would be able to put on a show for his mother. It was his turn to tease her. As much as he wanted to fuck his mother, he also knew that she wanted to fuck him as well.

Sylvia pulled John’s shirt off over his head and kissed her way down his body as she knelt in front of him. She pulled his pants down to his ankles and took hold of his huge cock. She had plenty of practice sucking John’s cock, and this was her opportunity to show his mother just how well she could suck dick.

Joyce took John a Rum and coke as Sylvia began sucking on his cock. She sat on the loveseat to get a close-up of the action. She crossed her legs tightly, to give some relief to her aching cunt.

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