The Reverend Joshua and His Emma Ch. 01


Chapter I of 6: The Devil’s Mischief, 2010

Reverend Joshua had been hornier than he remembered being in a long time. Out in the field of his farm that he worked with his daughter, Emma, every breeze that day seemed to make his cock stir with images of his little girl. Particularly images just the other night inadvertently seeing his little Emma bathing. Eighteen and well endowed like his mother, her breasts too large for her tiny petite frame, she was like an orchid, so ripe and soft and bemusing The Reverend Joshua could barely contain himself from stealing glances at his daughter at every opportunity. He loved his daughter, respected her and care for her, but he lusted for her as well.

Unable to stand not touching the beckoning throbbing meat of his cock any longer, Reverend Joshua alone in the field squeezed the thick meaty manhood of his large thick cock through his overalls. Thumb down, his fingers pinching his cock into the heel of his palm, sideways through the fabric, gripping himself in his palm, around his aching erection, rubbing it, squeezing, pulling, the electric sensations penetrating every fiber of his being, images of his loving daughter so ripe and tender and he knew so sweet to the taste flashed through his imagination.

He’d done the unthinkable the night before, an act that would forever set in motion an unstoppable path forward; after Emma had gone to bed, he retrieved her undershorts, and breathed in the fragrance of his daughter’s pussy. Worse, he’d pressed the crotch of her panties to his nose, pressed his tongue into the soft cotton, and licked.

Joshua groaned out loud wrapping as much of his hand around his needy cock as he could through his pants. Sliding his hand around himself up and down with the fabric, his cock swelling harder and harder still, he growled fiercely enough the horse tried to look past it’s blinder’s back toward him.

The sun hot on his face, his breathing deep and long, faster and faster with images of his little Emma coursing through him Reverend Joshua could scream he was so indescribably, amazingly aching hard.

The loose material of his overalls allowed him to slide his hand up and down, jacking his cock, the erotic sensations making him crazy with lust, and with no one but the plow-horse anywhere near, he leaned into the wooden handle of the plow for support, closed his eyes and let himself drift deeper and deeper into his erotic imagination.

He rolled the bloated head of his raging hard cock under his palm, right there in the field, the sensations of touching himself, of stroking his erection, thinking of his little Emma naked made his entire body light up and hum with sexual energy.

Images of her struggling, her hands bound above her head made his cock throb with want. Her lovely full breasts swaying and jiggling under her soft white nightgown. Images of her begging him to punish her, that she needed to be punished, that she’d been a wicked, wicked girl, wicked dirty thoughts, a dirty little girl, thoughts the Reverend knew were his own.

He saw himself unbuckle his belt, and her eyes widen. Him pull his belt from around his waist, him threaten to give her a good lashing, his little girl quiver, her lick her lips in anticipation, with want. His huge cock throbbed and ached even more. Images of him raising her nightgown above her tender little hips. Her pushing her lovely bottom out to him, “Punish me, Papa” she’d cry, “such naughty, dirty thoughts, I need, to be, punished, Papa. Make me a good girl Papa, want to be, your good girl. Touch my little pussy, Daddy. My bottom. So wet, Papa, so wet. Touch … my breasts, Daddy. Please …” she’d plea. “They hurt, Papa, they ache Daddy, need you to touch them.”

The Reverend leaned his head back and groaned. “Yes, baby, Daddy’s girl. Daddy’s good girl. So wet, lil baby. Mmmm, let Daddy touch you, let Daddy make you feel good, Emma.”

His now hugely swollen erection hurt he was so rigidly hard, his cock so swollen, aching for release, felt so fucking good. His entire body seethed with the erotic vibrations pulling on his swollen member caused.

Reverend Joshua almost gasped out loud out under the blue sky “Ohhhh, little baby” he muttered deliriously, “nnnn, good girl, need to be taught, need to be shown” jacking his cock, his little Em looking up at him, her big eyes, her soft voice, “Show me how, Papa. Want to please you, Papa.”

“Sweet lord, my little Emma, my little baby, my little girl, my sweet little baby, oooh lord, give me strength, such dirty, dirty thoughts about my little Emma” he struggled, squeezing the head of his enflamed insistent erection he couldn’t stop rubbing, the image of little Emma’s naked form burning into his imagination, her silky long hair, her pearlescent body glistening in the firelight, her beautiful eyes, her lovely skin, his baby’s lips. He imagined their kissing. His little girl’s tongue in his mouth. He groaned.

Joshua couldn’t shake the constant stream of images going through his mind. His daughter, his little girl, how he wanted to fuck his own little girl. Images gaziantep escort bayan ilanları of her, releasing his little girl from the rafter in the barn, her hands bound, her body on fire after her thrashing, thrashings he never actually gave her, her gown damp sweaty, hot, on fire with want, her hair wild, her breathing hot and ragged, her legs and bottom red and welted.

Her on her knees in her soft white gown, her little belly and breasts pressing out to him, for him, him tear her gown open, her breasts spilling out, her eyes wild, her beauty unrelenting. Him releasing his cock from his pants, his little girl’s eyes wide, his little girl sucking him into her hot wet mouth, his groaning out, “Ohhh, Emma, yes, little baby, suck Daddy little baby, nnnn, yes, good girl, just like Daddy showed you, good girl.” The Reverend worked himself into a raging erotic need, his overalls now stained dark with pre-cum pouring from his cock.

He had violent images of her in a frenzy, begging him, to touch her, him throwing her to the ground, him pushing her back onto the bails of hay, her arms above her head, her hands bound, her not sure, if she wanted him, to take her, her denying how wet she was, how swollen her breasts were with sexual excitement. Her helpless to stop him. Her tender legs spread, her pushing her hot, wet pussy up to him, wanting him to touch her, “Nnnn, Dadddyy” she’d finally moan. Him tear her gown away from her writhing body, her fucking wonderful breasts, her swollen nipples, her lips quivering with want, her eyes begging him.

He imagined himself between his young daughter’s legs, him spreading her legs open with his legs, his long, hard, throbbing cock-flesh buried in his daughters cunny, wet and hot, swollen, pink, and shiny wet, her creamy satin-smooth pussy sucking him inside her, wrapping around him, the glove of her soft creamy hot sex. Her wanting him, him wanting her, begging her father to fuck her.

He could hear her soft voice turn eager, wanton, “Nnnn, fuck me Papa, fuck your little Emma, Daddy, nnnn, Daddy, yes, slide it inside me. Ohhh Daddy, so big, too big, Papa, ohhhh, nnnn, Papaaaa” gushing all over his huge animalistic daddy-cock fucking up inside his little girl. “That’s my good girl, yesss, little baby” the Reverend fantasized, holding her to him by the backs of her thighs, rutting into his lil girl, fucking his huge erection deep into his daughter, his beautiful Emma.


Reverend Joshua and his little Emma lived alone together on the outstretched farm some twenty miles from town. The nearest neighbors in 1883 were a days ride away in the wagon, and being so isolated, being so far away from other people for he and Emma to socialize with, her Daddy worried that he wouldn’t know how to care for his little baby all on his own; yet he conceded he’d done quite well, he and his Emma had done quite well together.

Emma was at such a tender growing age. An age where a young girl needed the affections and direction of an older woman, a sister. Joshua thought of his wife, and his mother, Rose, Emma’s Grandma. How she would be such a good influence on his little Emma.

He hadn’t expected to see his little girl in her bath that night, or expect to see not only how lovely she was, how much older she looked than he’d really noticed before now, how much she’d filled out since he’d last seen her naked when she was much younger, how utterly sexual she appeared to him, but to see her soaped up between her legs, carefully use her mother’s rubbing stone he didn’t know Emma had found, trimming away her pubic hair, her so beautifully sculpted.

The sight of his little girl naked in the bath had given Reverend Joshua a whole new vision of his young daughter, and a solid erection he had to hide for days on end.

While he didn’t know it, Emma had begun to imagine being kissed while her Papa was out working in the fields, and that she thought of him, too. That it was his lips, his mouth she wanted to please.

He was acutely aware of his little girl, her exuding a pure raw wanton sexuality. He saw it in the quick flashes of her smiles, in the way she moved. He’d caught himself questioning if these weren’t just the happy, excited, cheerful lovely looks of his loving daughter. Whether these impressions weren’t just the devil in him, convincing him she exuded a radiating, pure, wanton ripeness, an aura, an alluring fragrance, and he’d begun to notice that his thoughts of his little Emma had become more, and more, and more sexual.

His impure lustful thoughts about her if he was honest he’d had for some time. Thoughts he shouldn’t be having about his own little girl, his daughter, much less as a man of the cloth, but Reverend Joshua hadn’t always been a minister and the devil had been tempting him ever since.

Isolated as they were, Reverend Joshua didn’t need anyone but his little girl. He and little Emma were far away from the nearest town, and while they’d go in for supplies every month or so, where he’d give a sermon while there, especially now escort bayan gaziantep ilanları in the late spring, Reverend Joshua and young little Emma were proper folk (even if they were both privately ready to scream with a hidden, secret lust for one another).

It was just him and little Emma for miles and miles, and Joshua had to restrain his lustful feelings for his little girl, the sole feminine presence out here. He’d thought of taking a new wife, but really Emma was all the feminine company he needed; they managed the farm just fine together, and he loved taking care of his little girl, and her him.

He loved teaching her everything about the farm, the animals, and she was already as knowledgeable as anyone he knew. He loved how she’d show him the world afresh with her insights and interests. They worked well together, got along incredibly well together. They’d become friends out here on the farm alone together, companions, father and daughter.

Even as they’d ride the long trip into town in the horse drawn one-seat carriage, his little girl’s thighs rubbing and bouncing against his, their smiles at each other, her scooting closer so her shoulder rubbed and bumped against her father’s with the motions of the wagon, because of his new religious beliefs even relieving himself was a spiritual struggle he was reminded in the field that day as he rubbed his erection through his overalls. As he felt that lovely swelling heat in his balls, raising himself to orgasm, his soul raising toward the golden crown at the top of his head.

Joshua’s eyes rolled back as he restrained that first sweeping wave deciding to hold on to the pent up arousal, wanting to continue dreaming of fucking his cock into his little girl’s hands, into her mouth, between her full breasts.

That he’d become filled with such impure thoughts about his daughter, his little girl, that he’d begun thinking wicked thoughts “the devil’s mischief” he’d say, was a battle with a side of himself from before he’d become a minister. Add to that being out here so far from anything with no other relief from his aching balls, the site of the farm animals mating, the females in seasonal heat, even the youngest heifer’s and fouls bouncing and jumping, the air full of the narcotic spring heat, the side of him from before he became a minister kept creeping back out. Like when he was pushing the plow, he’d inadvertently press his cock against the wooden gear, his mind would wander, the heat making his imagination wild, remembering his wife, other women he’d known.

The side of him saying,”It’s just the two of you out here” he’d catch himself thinking. “She’s young, but only a little younger as her mother back then, and her mother loved my huge, hard cock in her little cunny. Em’s ready” he’d rationalize, “her body is ripe for a cock. She’d love it, she’d love having a big cock sliding inside her little cunny just like her momma did.”

The more he had these thoughts, the more he’d work himself up, the plow jerking him back to his task before drifting back off again into his fantasies.

He’d smile at himself, that he was having these thoughts about his little Emma at all, and then could go further into the fantasy.

Then again, he knew from experience there was some truth to his fantasies as well. “I can see it in her looks, how she stands, how she presses her breasts forward just like her momma” he’d say out loud, to no one but his conscience, “how she hugs me (the Reverend’s cock got harder yet), pushing her groin into my legs, her hugs a little too long, a little too close” he thought, pulling his cock to the tempo of these thoughts.

In a moment of guilty pleasure, he cried out loud, “Save me from the devil, lord, sweet lord save me.” He stroked his cock, pulled on it igniting a new burst of electric waves. “Oh lord, how I’d love to slide my cock between my little Emma’s breasts” (the image of little Emma in the bath, her too large breasts for such a little petite girl, ripe and jutting out, her puffy nipples turned upward), “to slide my cock into her little mouth.”

He saw his little girl’s lovely lips, her eyes sparkling, her mouth slightly open, the upturned corners of her mouth, her whispering soft little voice, “Let me suck you, Papa.”

Reverend Joshua moaned. Her little pussy would love being licked and sucked he imagined, her bald shiny mound, her tender little flower, her pink wet sex, his tongue gliding through her slippery wet folds, the taste of her, her sweet honeyed cream, remembering the sight of her smooth, naked mound, and the thing was, he was right.

Little Emma’s body was constantly on fire, and was making her crazy with lustful thoughts. She couldn’t wait to touch herself, and with her Daddy in the fields and her chores done she stole to her little room, to her bed, every day, even forgetting to pull the curtain to the main room closed.

Some days she’d steal away to a little hidden corner of the barn were she could lean into the bales of hay, pull up her work dress and rub her gaziantep bayan escort ilanları hot, wet little cunny, thinking of her father. She’d rub and squeeze her aching breasts, pinch her nipples through the fabric of her dress, slide her fingers inside, touch her hot flesh. She’d think of her Daddy catching her, his furious wrath, him grab her, pull her by her hair, throw her over the bales of hay to thrash her, and change his mind, deciding instead to show her a lesson.

He’d throw her dress up over her tiny waist exposing her bare naked bottom to the air of the barn. Her little cunny hot and shiny and swollen, open to her father’s gaze.

Emma was quivering wet, her eyes closed, her breathing fast and ragged. He’d undo his pants; she’d hear him undo his belt, unbutton his pants. He’d growl, “such a naughty, dirty girl.” Emma strummed her fingers over her clit. “Daddy will show you how to be a good girl for Daddy” and Emma would cum with a shuddering, quaking orgasm.

Today Daddy was again in the fields, and there was no one else around for miles, and Emma felt perfectly safe leaving the door to the cabin wide open, the sweet breeze blowing through the cool shade of their home, gliding over her heated skin.

It was spring, and the openness, the nice weather, all made her young nipples sing under her work dress out under the big open blue sky as she imagined her father discovering her. Even the calves nursing their momma’s made her nipples want of her father’s mouth, made her imagine him sucking her swollen aching breasts.

She imagined his mouth on her breasts, “Nnn, Papa, ohhh Papa, yes, suck my nipples, Daddy, nnn” she’d murmur, rubbing her large swollen breasts through her dresses. She knew such lustful impure thoughts were wrong, and they made her want it even more.

She knew her father would punish her if he knew she imagined his cock in her little hands, in her mouth, pleasuring her own father. But she wanted to, she longed to, she thought about it day and night, each time the thought crossed her mind, her sex would ripple and ache, swell, become slippery. Sometimes she wasn’t sure if she was concealing her arousal. If she should any longer.

She knew it had been so long since he’d had a woman. She knew he would take the belt to her if he knew how wet her little cunny was. If he knew how wet she’d get when he punished her, when he’d tell her so forcefully to lay over his knee. She felt him get hard. She could feel how big he was. She wondered if he was punishing her for her purposeful misdeeds, or if he was punishing her because it gave him a reason to touch her, to rub his cock on her little belly. She didn’t care which it was.


Just that morning Emma had climbed into the tiny attic space and found the luridly shaped piece of wood in her grandmother’s wooden chest stored in the makeshift attic up in the rafters of the cabin.

It was almost hidden, under her grandma’s feminine things. Hidden because of it’s naughty purpose little Emma knew.

Her grandma’s things would fit Emma now, so she’d gone up to see what she might wear. Emma wanted to look older. She was already mature for her age, and she wanted to look older, too, for her Daddy.

Grandma Rose had told her when she was old enough she’d be able to wear some of her hand-me-down under garments and dresses and such, and this day couldn’t have come soon enough. She ran the silky cream colored stockings through her fingers, imagining how they would look on her, wrapped around the top of her creamy tender thighs. How her father would look at her, want her, how she’d seduce him.

She found an under-corset, the kind that pushed a woman’s breasts up, that if worn without an undershirt would make her nipples point out ripe and hot for her father’s mouth. Emma flushed. She imagined her father catching her wearing it, under her dress, his being furious at her, his losing control, his ripping her dress open, his pulling on her nipples, his big hands on her aching breasts, his hot mouth on her swollen aching breasts.

The women in her family were all “built small” her grandma would say, “Petite, tiny, little gals, but we make up for it under our tops” she’d wink at her little granddaughter already filling out, touching her nipple with the tip of her fingers causing Emma to tingle, wanting her grandmother to touch her again, more.

Emma touched her finger to the wooden phallus. Even though she’d never seen anything quite like it she knew immediately what it was. Even as she touched it tingles of excitement ran up her arm and through her breasts, too large and sensitive for such a little girl. When she and her Papa would go into town, she’d even notice the other women staring, such beautiful breasts for a young woman, not to mention the boys and men, seeing her as marrying age, and when they’d look she’d feel a mixture of embarrassment, pride, and a warm yearning.

She liked it when some of them looked, and she especially liked it when she’d catch her father looking. A yearning she’d experiment with in bed at night under her blankets, when she’d pull her night dress up over her tingling thighs and belly, above her aching breasts, when she’d pretend she was showing them to her Daddy, when she’d pretend her own hot little mouth sucking on her own nipples was her Daddy’s mouth. “Look, Papa” she’d say under her breath, “look how big they’ve gotten. Mmm, Papa, yes, it does feel good when you kiss my breasts, Papa, especially my nipples. Ohhh, Papa, here, suck the other one now, nnn, Daddy.”

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