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The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males including incest and if reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad

Chapter 20
A little bit of fame

“Aidan!” his mom yelled from the downstairs landing, “Phone.”

“Who would be calling you on the land line?” Jaden said jumping up to follow his brother downstairs.

“Who is it mom?” Aidan said breathlessly as he ran into the kitchen.

“It”s someone from channel 4.”

“What? Channel 4, the TV station?” Jaden said looking puzzled.

“What do they want mom?” Aidan asked excitedly.

“Yes, it”s the TV station, and I”ll let them fill you in,” she said grinning.

Aidan picked up the phone and said hello then got a serious look on his face as he listened to the man on the other end of the line. After a few minutes an excited smile filled his face and then he broke out in joyous laughter.

“Yes sir, I will sir. I”ll talk to the guys and call you back. Yeah, let me get something to write on,” he said motioning for his mom or Jaden to help him.

Mrs. Reynolds quickly produced a pad and pen and he wrote down the information in his usual precise hand writing and then read it back. After making sure he had it right he thanked the man and said he”d call him as soon as he”d talked to the others.

“Thank you so much Mr. Archer. This is so great. Talk to you soon…okay. Bye now.”

” What is it, what”d they say?” Jaden asked excitedly.

” They want me to be on TV, on the morning show. I mean us. All of us, to sing,” Aidan said dancing around on one foot.

“Ah…that”s great! So they saw your videos or what?”

“Yeah, I guess somebody at the station checks out all the YouTube videos and when they saw ours they thought we are pretty good and they want us to be on the show.”

“They are good son,” Mrs. Reynolds said smiling,” but have you forgotten what your father and I said about appearing in public?”

“Aw mom, please tell me you”ll let me do this,” Aidan pleaded.

“I”ll have to talk to your father about it,” she said trying to look grim, then smiling she added,”but…I”m pretty sure I can talk him into it.”

“Yessss,”Aidan said excitedly hugging his mother, then grabbing his brother, they both danced around like two little kids.

“I gotta go call Jeremy and Isaac,” Aidan said breaking away from his brother.

“I”m pretty sure they”ve already been notified by the station,” Mrs. Reynolds said,” but I”m sure you boys have a lot to talk about. So go ahead, scoot.”

Aidan sped up the stairs with Jaden hot on his heels and once they reached their room Aidan grabbed his phone and punched in Jeremy”s number.

“Jeremy this is Aidan,” Jaden heard him say.

“Yeah, yeah… That”s what he told me to. This is so great. Is Isaac there? Ohhh… Too bad. When will he be home?” Ummmkay, have him call me as soon as he gets home, okay?”

As soon as Aidan hung up Jaden sat down beside him on the bed, “Bro, this is so cool. You guys really deserve this. I”m so happy for you.”

“Wait, this includes you too. I need you to sing backup, ” Aidan said, then seeing the look on his brother”s face he frowned, “You want to be there, right?”

“Aidan, bro…this is your thing. Yours and Jeremy”s and Isaac”s. You don”t need me. Jeremy can sing back up. From the start this has been your thing. Don”t get me wrong, I love you guys, and I think you”re awesome, but…this just really isn”t my thing.”.

“Why is everybody so against me?” Aidan suddenly screeched, “I thought you of all people would understand how important this is to me. And that you would want to help me.”

Needless to say Jaden was surprised at Aidan”s sudden outburst. He stood there, his mouth moving as if to speak, but no words came out.

Then regaining his composure, Jaden finally spoke, “Bro how can you say that? Mom and dad have bent over backwards to help you with this thing, not to mention all the times I”ve helped you out. You make it sound like there”s some big conspiracy to keep you from doing the thing you love, and that”s just not true bro. But if this is that important to you then I”ll do it…for you. But please don”t tell me that everyone is against you, cause it just ain”t true.”

“Never mind,” Jaden said sounding calmer now, “you”re right, I don”t need you. Jeremy can sing backup. We”ll do just fine without you.”

The look of hurt on Jaden”s face went unnoticed as Aidan grabbed his laptop and began to surf the Internet. After a few minutes, when Jaden realized Aidan wasn”t going to speak to him again, he quietly went to the door and started out.

Looking up from his laptop Aidan gave Jaden a hateful look, “Are you going to go rat me out to mom now?”

Jaden started to say something then closed his mouth, gave his brother one last look, then shaking his head he left the room.

“Well I thought you boys would be upstairs rehearsing,” his mom said as Jaden entered the room. Then seeing the look on his face she stopped him and ran her hand through his hair, “What is it dear, aren”t you feeling well? Where”s your brother?”

“I”m fine. But you might want to have Aidan”s head examined,” he said breaking free and exiting out the back door.

His mother stared after him for a moment, flicked her eyes upwards and shook her head in consternation. Then climbing the stairs to the boys” room, she knocked on the door softly, “Aidan dear, can we talk a moment?”

“Oh sure mom,” Aidan said smiling brightly, “I was just looking at some videos trying to get some ideas. Did you call dad yet?”

“No he”ll be home soon. What I”d like to talk to you about is your brother. What happened between the two of you?” She said softly, “is it about this appearance on channel 4?”

“Sort of,”  Aidan said feeling panicky,”whaaat did he tell you?”

“Not much,” she chuckled, “something about having your head examined.”

Aidan sighed dramatically, “Well, I might”ve kind of said something stupid,” he said giving her a sad look. “He said he didn”t want to be on the show. He said it was my thing and I guess I… sort of got mad and said some stupid stuff.”

“I see,” his mother said entering the room and standing at his side, “and what exactly did you say young man?”

Aidan recounted the conversation as accurately as he could remember, defending himself a couple of times, then realizing how stupid he sounded, he sighed and looked at his mother with sad eyes, “I really messed up, didn”t I?”

“Yes you did young man. I think we may have to reassess this whole situation. I want to talk to your father when he gets home about this and I expect you to be on your best behavior until then. And most importantly, I want you to apologize to your brother, and mean it,” she said sounding stern.

Meanwhile, Jaden had wandered out to the back patio and was sitting in a lawn chair thinking about all that had just gone down. He didn”t like the changes that his brother had been going through lately, but today seemed even worse than some of the other stuff. If he didn”t know his brother better, he would have thought Aidan was on drugs or something.

He was trying not to take it personally, but Aidan”s words had hurt. He felt wronged. He knew he had tried his hardest to help Aidan in every way he could. Just because he didn”t want to appear on the show, or for that matter the videos, it didn”t mean that he didn”t support Aidan or want him to be successful.

He was staring at his shoes and looking glum when his mother appeared from the back door and set down near him.

“Are you all right Jaden?” His mother asked smiling warmly, “I talked to your brother. He told me what happened.”

“Oh great, now he will think I ratted on him,” Jaden mumbled.

“No, I don”t think so. I think he”s genuinely sorry for what he said, but I swear lately it”s  like I don”t even know him any more. He used to be so fun-loving and easy-going. I will tell you one thing, if he doesn”t straighten up, we may not let him appear on the show.”

“No mom you can”t do that. It would kill him. Please mom he wants this so much,” Jaden pleaded.

“Well, your father and I are going to have a long talk with him. But I do appreciate your standing up for him, especially after the way he treated you.”

“Wish I hadn”t said anything,” Jaden mumbled.

“You”re a good son and a good brother, and you don”t deserve to be treated that way. I will not tolerate Aidan”s behavior, any more than I would tolerate you behaving that way. I know John”s moving away has been hard on him, and we have been patient with him, but things have got to change.”

“Yes ma”am,” Jaden said sighing, “just…please remember how much this means to him. He”d die if you didn”t let him go on TV.”

“I will, your father and I will be very fair. Now come on, your father will be home soon and were having meatloaf for dinner,” she said standing and offering him a hand up.

Jaden accepted her hand up and she pulled him to his feet and into a hug. Jaden clung to her for a moment, then arm in arm they walked into the house.

By the time Mr. Reynolds arrived dinner was ready, and Jaden helped his mother set the table and get everything ready. Aidan had remained in his room the whole time and when everything was ready Mrs. Reynolds sent Jaden to tell him dinner was ready. Frowning a little Jaden dashed up the stairs and entered their room.

“Hey bro, mom says to come to dinner.”

“Okay,” Aidan said sheepishly, “Uh…J, about earlier, I”m really sorry bro. I don”t know what got into me,” he said looking distressed,” sometimes I feel like a different person.”

“Sometimes you act like a different person,” Jaden laughed,” Come on bro, we”re good. Let”s go eat us some meatloaf,” Jaden said holding his arms out to his brother.

Aidan scrambled into his brothers arms and they hugged for a moment then bumped heads. Then Jaden slipped his arm around his brother and they walked down the stairs to dinner.

“Hi dad, did mom tell you the good news?”

“Yes son, she did. She also said you seem to have sort of an attitude problem. I think that”s something we need to discuss after dinner.”

“Yes sir,” Aidan said softly, “I”m really sorry for the way I acted. And Jaden…I want to apologize to you for the stupid things I said. I know you”re there for me, I just…sometimes, I just get crazy. Anyway, I”m really sorry, mom, dad, Jaden, and I promise it will never happen again.”

“Well, I appreciate the apology son, but this isn”t the first time that something like this has happened recently, and I think we need to talk a bit more about it. But right now, your mother”s meatloaf is calling me.”

The dinner conversation was subdued at first, but soon they were talking as warmly and animatedly as usual. Aidan was afraid to bring up the subject of the TV show for fear that nagging his parents would only make things worse, instead talking about school and a test he”d taken that day and other mundane subjects.

After dinner the boys helped their mom clear while their dad took a shower and when everyone was finished his parents gathered Aidan up and ushered him into the living room. Jaden wanted to stay, but his parents told him they wanted to talk to Aidan alone for now, so he went up to their room to wait.

Downstairs Aidan sat fidgeting on the couch as he waited for his parents to begin. Since his mother was closer to the situation, she went first.

“Aidan, dear, I know this has been a rough year for you. John”s moving away so suddenly was a big blow, not to mention the fact that you”re growing up and going through a lot of changes.  And your father and I have taken all this into consideration. We have tried our best to be patient, but sometimes I feel like you”re a different person. While Jaden used to be the wild and uncontrollable son, he has suddenly become the levelheaded peacemaker in our family. You boys have always been close, and I pray that you always will be. No one is against you son. We are on your side, and no one more so than your brother. So the next time you want to lash out at someone I hope you will think twice before you pick Jaden.

I know your music and these videos are very important to you. And I know this appearance on TV means the world to you. And even though your father and I do not want this thing to take over your life, we understand what an opportunity this is for you. What we need from you is your reassurance that you will not let this thing go to your head. Your education is the most important thing right now. I know you may think otherwise at the moment, but someday you will see I am right. Your father and I want to make sure that you have a good life now and a good future later. That being said I will let your father speak now.”

“Well, your mother has just about said it all, but I will add this: I want you to know that we are very proud of you, both you and your brother. And it has nothing to do with your videos or your fame or your talents. We are proud of you because you are two fine young men, young men who care about others, who love your family, and one another, and you make us proud just being who you are. I don”t know exactly what happened today, but I do know that sometimes in the heat of the moment we say and do things that we don”t mean. It takes a man to admit that he”s wrong and to try to make things right. I like to believe that both my sons are like that. Now your mother and I would like to talk about the situation alone and then we will tell you what our decision is. Do you have anything to say before we do that?”

Aidan sat there for a moment, thinking of what he might say or do to influence his parents, but in the end decided to leave his fate up to them. They had always been fair with him and his brother, and he had no reason to believe that would”t be true in this case.

“No sir. I know you and mom will be fair, and I will accept whatever decision you make.”

His parents smiled and excused  him to his room. As soon as he got to the top of the stairs he began to tremble and when he walked into the room Jaden looked up from his phone and hopped up to give his brother a hug.

“What happened bro? You”re shaking like a leaf. They didn”t say no did they?”

“Not yet,” Aidan said sighing,” they want to talk it over first.”

“Mom and dad are always fair,” Jaden said smiling,” and they know how important this is to you. Don”t sweat it.  After all, what parents wouldn”t want their son to be on TV? Unless it was on the news that they robbed a bank or something,” Jaden teased.

“Yeah you”re probably right. I hope so anyway. If I just hadn”t been so stupid,” he said falling down on his bed.

“Yeah, you were kind of a ass-monkey,” Jaden said falling down beside him, then reaching over he began to tickle his brother.

“Stop it,” Aidan giggled,” you”ll make me pee.”

“I like pee,” Jaden laughed.

“Not on my bed, quit please.”

Jaden did as he was asked and they both sat up. Looking at his brother Aidan smiled, “I really am sorry. I don”t deserve a brother like you.” Then leaning in he hugged his brother tightly.

“Sure you do, we deserve each other. Cause we”re the Reynolds Twins and ain”t nobody gonna stop us.”

The boys didn”t have to wait long for an answer. A few minutes later their parents appeared in the doorway with smiles on their faces. And seeing their two boys hugged up, with Jaden no doubt comforting his brother, they knew they had made the right decision.

“Knock knock,” Mr. Reynolds said grinning,” I thought you boys would be rehearsing,” he chuckled, “after all you”re gonna be on TV.”

“You mean it dad?” Aidan cried as he jumped into his father”s arms.

“Yes, it looks like we”re going to have a couple of celebrities in our family. But this doesn”t mean that you can neglect your schoolwork, and I will expect you to be on your best behavior.”

“Thank you so much mom and dad. You won”t be sorry. I”ll make you extra-proud of me,” Aidan said jumping up and down.

“We know you will son,” his mother said giving him a hug, “the important thing is: to do your best and have fun. After all you won”t be a kid forever.”

“Aw mom, I”m not a kid. I”m a crazy teenager,” Aidan said causing everyone to break out in laughter.

Later Isaac called and Aidan excitedly gave him the good news.

“That”s great A. Jeremy is so excited I swear the boy is ready to wet himself. You three are gonna kill em” on TV.”

“Wait, us three? Uh, aren”t you gonna be there with us?”

“Look bro, I will help you anyway I can, but this is your gig. You”re the one with the talent. It”s your videos they saw, and you…and Jeremy are the stars.”

“Oh, okay,” Aidan said trying not to show his disappointment and hurt, “but you”ll help us get ready…right?”

“You know it bro, anything I can do to help. I”m there dude. so do you have any ideas about which song to do?”

They talked for another twenty minutes, discussing the merits of this song and that, but no decision was made yet. They had almost two weeks before the appearance and there would be many hours of prep ahead. When they hung up Aidan grabbed his laptop and began searching the internet again for ideas.

Across the room Jaden was texting Jimmy and firming up their plans for Saturday. They were picking Deane up then going to the mall, then taking in a movie at the theater there, and afterwards going back to Jimmy”s house. His mom would be out of town and the plan was for Jimmy to spend the night at the twin”s house, with a stop at Jimmy”s for some three-way fun. 

are you excited? Jaden texted.

scared mostly

scared we”ll get caught?

no just worried about the sex thing

hey if it happens it happens

yeah i guess, i just don”t want to mess things up between us

aw it won”t but its up to Deane

yeah, no pressure lol

personally i”m excited and can”t wait

yeah, i guess i am too. wow in my own room too…lol

anyway i got the condoms and stuff, if we need them…lol

i”ve never even tried one on…lol

your d is big enough…lol don”t worry

wonder what it feels like

its sort of cool really. i”ve jerked into one before…lol

maybe i should do that too. can i borrow one?

borrow? lol, noooo…but you can have one. no need to give it back…lol

oh..yeah..lol well, gotta go for now. see ya at school tomorrow

ok i”ll bring u a present..lol

oh ok nite


“So what are you and Jimmy and Deane doing Saturday? Aidan said grinning. These days since he didn”t have much of a love life, he”d taken an interest in Jaden”s, and found the little love triangle he and Jimmy and Deane had formed to be quite interesting.

“Oh, not much. Goin” to a movie then to Jimmy”s for a three-way,” he said grinning.

“What? Really? You guys are finally gonna” have sex?”

“Well…maybe. It”s up to Dee really. After all, she”s the only virgin here,” he chuckled.

“Aw man, wish I could be there.”

Jaden shrugged, “Fine with us.”

“Tempting as that is, I really need to concentrate on getting ready for the TV appearance.”

“Not to mention, being with those two studs Jeremy and Isaac.”

“Well, Jeremy maybe, but Isaac”s really not interested in that stuff anymore.”

“Uh oh, he have a conscious attack?” Jaden laughed.

“I guess. I mean I really don”t understand, there”s not that big an age difference between us,” Aidan said frowning.

“Ever consider he might be straight?”

“Well, I guess that”s possible, but it”s just sex and most straight boys don”t care how they get off as long as they get off. But he did go on a double date with this other guy. He said the girl was fine, but I never heard how it went.”

“Yeah, well sometimes dating a girl makes a guy really horny to get off, so you got that part right.  And we know it”s not cause you”re ugly or unskilled,” Jaden laughed, “anyway, Jeremy”s pretty hot, and he likes it…right?”

“Oh yeah, but believe it or not I think he actually likes girls best. He”s still talking about Dee and how you stole her away,” he laughed.

istanbul travesti “Does he know about…you know, the threesome?”

“Naw, not sure he could handle that news,” Aidan laughed.

“Guess we could make it a foursome…or a five-some, if you wanted in, Jaden joked.

Aidan rolled his eyes and shook his head in dismay, “Poor Dee, what has she gotten herself into?”


That Friday Mrs. Reynolds dropped the twins off at the Wilson”s and they were met at the door by Jeremy. Aidan was spending the night, but Jaden was sleeping over at Jimmy”s and his mom was picking him up around 8.

“Hi guys, come on in. Isaac”s in the game room. My dad”s at work and my mom had a hair salon appointment, then she”s going shopping so we got the whole house to ourselves,” he said grinning.

“No rents, and all you guys can think about is music,” Jaden groaned once they joined Isaac in the game room.

“Why bro? What you thinkin” bout?” Isaac laughed.

“Oh, nothin”,” Jaden said grinning, “I guess I”m just over-sexed or something.”

“Jaden…” Aidan sighed, “do you need to go to the bathroom and rub one out before we get started?” he teased.

“Awwwk…touch my own junk with all these hot boys around? Huh uh, that would be like only drinking water when you were surrounded by a mountain of soda.”

Jeremy laughed, “Bro, are you really that horny?”

“Sorry, I”ll behave,” Jaden said sheepishly.

“Yeah, just save it for tomorrow,” Aidan blurted out.

“Why? What”s up tomorrow?” Jeremy asked grinning.

“Well, see me and Jimmy and Dee are going to see a movie and afterwards we”re going to Jimmy”s house. His mom is out of town…so, there”s a slight chance Jimmy and I may get to finally lose our virginity…with a girl,” Jaden quickly said as Aidan cringed.

“Oh,” Jeremy said, looking as if he”d been slapped, “I uh, thought you guys were just friends.”

“We are, well…Jimmy and I are more than friends of course, but hey, friends can have fun too, right?”

“Sounds like fun,” Isaac said wondering why Jeremy was acting so prudish considering what he and Aidan had done together, “Good luck man, but be careful. You need me to get you some condoms?”

“Naw, when our rents found out we were gay…well bi in my case, they gave us the talk and bought us a big box of assorted ones,” he laughed, “Course we don”t use them with our boyfriends, but girls are different.”

“Yeah, in more ways than you know,” Isaac laughed, “right bro?” he said poking Jeremy playfully, This stud nailed him one when he was 12.”

Jeremy grinned then his grin faded, “Just…just don”t hurt her,” he mumbled.

All eyes went to him, and Jaden suddenly regretted his being so brash. Isaac wasn”t sure exactly what was going on, but he knew his brother and he knew something about the situation was bothering him…a lot. Aidan knew exactly what was bothering Jeremy and he kicked himself for causing Jaden to reveal his plans.

“Hey bro. No worries. If anything happens it will be her choice. We like her a lot, and respect her. She”s not just a piece of meat or something to us. Heck, most likely we”ll probably just kiss or make out some.”

“I uh, need to go to the bathroom,” Jeremy said softly, then ignoring the fact that there was a bathroom in the game room, he bolted up the stairs.

“Oh shit,” Jaden said frowning, “I forgot Jeremy likes Dee.”

“It”s my fault,” Aidan said explaining the way he”d white-washed the three”s relationship to save Jeremy grief.”

“It”s cool guys. I get it now. I knew something was up. I sort of remember him talking about this girl and how his face lit up. I”m gonna go talk to him, okay?”

“Let me,” Aidan offered, “I”m closer to the situation and I feel bad about what I did, or didn”t do.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, if I need you I”ll holler.”

As soon as Aidan was gone Jaden turned to Isaac and shrugged, “Sorry bro, bet you wish I hadn”t come.”

“Not at all. I can tell you”re a cool dude and you care about people. You didn”t know, and when you figured it out you tried to fix things. I respect you for that.”

“Thanks, I guess I just never really noticed how much Jeremy liked Dee before.”

“Hey, he”s partly to blame too. If he likes this girl that much he needs to step up and tell her.”

“Yeah, I guess, but since school let out he doesn”t get to see her everyday.”

“Well, anyway, I”m cool with you bro,” he said offering his fist to bump.

As Jaden bumped fists he looked the sexy black boy over and felt a little stirring in his groin, “Uh I need to use the bathroom,” he stammered, deciding maybe he should rub one out before his dick got him into more trouble.

“Over there, remember?” Isaac said grinning.

“Oh yeah, right,” he said blushing, “be right back.”

There was no lock on the door and no sooner had Jaden got his hard cock out and began to stroke it than the door opened suddenly.

“Need any help with that?” Isaac said grinning.

“Always open for a little help, but…it”s only fair I return the favor,” Jaden said never missing a stroke.

Isaac nodded and lowered his sweats revealing a hard wet cock that made Jaden drool, “Oh man, now I know what Aidan was talking about,” Jaden hissed as he reached out and took hold of it.

They moved together and Jaden was surprised when Isaac leaned down and kissed him, then breaking away he murmured into Jaden”s ear, “I love uncut cock,” then pulling back he chuckled, “now I know how to tell you two apart.”

“I”m the cute one, right?” Jaden teased.

“Mmmm…do you suck?” Isaac growled pushing Jaden down toward his throbbing cock.

“Like a black hole,” Jaden giggled as he dropped to his knees then went to work.

“Mmmmm, oh baby…you two boys have the softest mouths I”ve ever felt round my dick.”

Jaden was too busy enjoying the taste, feel, and scent of Isaac”s 7″ of hard brown flesh to respond, but he appreciated the compliment. Coming up for a moment he began licking Isaac”s huge balls, coating them with slobbery love.

“Oh gawd, lick deez nuts,” he moaned, “that”s it baby, make me happy.”

Moving back up Jaden plunged down on Isaac”s 7″ of pure man meat and swallowed it to the root causing Isaac to moan and shake as he grasped Jaden”s head and guided him, “Oh fuck, how do you do that? Swallow me down baby…eat that fuck stick.”

Jaden could tell Isaac was getting close by the way he kept rocking forward and trembling, his breath in ragged pants now, and Jaden doubled his efforts. Grabbing Isaacs balls in his warm hand he kneaded them as he swallowed his cock and worked his throat muscles.

“Oh…shit…shit…shit…ugggggghhhhh, here it comes,” Isaac cried out as his knees went weak and he began to fire off his hot thick load into Jaden”s willing mouth. Coming off a little Jaden managed to get the next volley on his tongue and he hummed his satisfaction at the taste and texture of it. Six thick creamy shots, then a slow drizzle filled Jaden”s mouth before Isaac finally pulled away, wiping his slick cock on Jaden”s cute face as he sighed.

“Damn, that was hot. Get up here, let me taste it,” he said pulling Jaden to his feet then kissing him deeply, his tongue exploring Jaden”s mouth in search of his own flavor.

“I taste good,” he said coming up for air, “and I bet you do too,” he said dropping to his knees.


Upstairs in Jeremy”s bedroom Aidan was using his oral skills in another way as he tried to comfort Jeremy.

“I”m sorry I didn”t tell you everything about the three of them, but really…like Jaden said nothing has happened and probably won”t. But if it does it will be Dee”s choice.”

“It”s just that…well, she deserves to have someone she really likes and trusts for her first time. Not two boys just looking for some fun.”

“Think about how sexist that sounds,” Aidan chuckled, “boys don”t think that way. You don”t think that way, I don”t think that way. That girl you lost your virginity to, did you like and respect her? Did you like and respect me, I mean was it something special, or just sex?”

Jeremy frowned, “I guess I see what you mean, but I really like Deane, and I wouldn”t make her do anything she didn”t want to.”

“And neither will they, but it”s Dee”s choice. She doesn”t even know how you feel. If you don”t want her to be with those two then tell her how you feel and see what she says.”

“I can”t. I can”t cause I”m not even a whole man. She”d be like all the rest, feeling sorry for me, but never thinking I was a whole person.”

“That is bullshit and you know it,” Aidan snorted, “I know, J knows, and do we treat you any differently? No, we respect you for who you are, and as far as not being whole, you”re more man than a lot of guys I know who aren”t missing any body parts. You got a good heart, you”re smart, and sexy as hell. Anyone who gets to know you is going to love you. I do, yeah, I said it. I love you bro, and I wanna see you go after your dreams.”

A tear rolled down Jeremy”s cheek and he wiped it away. Then laughing sadly he said, “Too bad I”m not gay. I”d have a good boyfriend.”

“That”s okay. I”m not really looking for a boyfriend right now, but I do want to be your friend, and friends believe in each other. So what are you gonna do about this stuff? Are you gonna let Jaden and Jimmy mess with your woman, or are you gonna tell her how you feel and fight for her?”

“Fight I guess. Do you have her number?”

“That”s my man. As a matter of fact, I do.”

After giving Jeremy the number Aidan left him alone to make the call and returned to the game room. At first he thought maybe the two had stepped outside or were in Isaac”s room, but suddenly he heard moaning and the unmistakable sound of oral sex and he grinned.

Stepping closer, he placed his ear against the bathroom door and listened. He could hear Jaden moaning softly, obviously the recipient of the oral pleasuring, and decided to take a peek.

Opening the door slowly his suspicions were confirmed as he gazed down at his brother”s cute ass, Isaac”s large hands kneading the golden globes, as he sucked Jaden”s uncut cock with gusto.

“Hi guys, I see you found a way to take care of your problem,” Aidan chuckled.

“Mmmm…I see what you mean bro, Isaac does suck a mean dick.”

“And did you get a taste of his as well?”

“Of course, it was like a six course meal…with lots of creamy pudding for dessert.”

Meanwhile Isaac continued the very pleasurable task at hand, or mouth, and was determined to bring Jaden to a satisfying orgasm. 

“Let me help,” Aidan said dropping to his knees and spreading his brother”s butt cheeks. Then darting his wicked tongue out he began to rim Jaden deeply and wetly.

“Oh gawd, yes, eat that ass little bro. Suck that cock Isaac,” Jaden panted, and before long he was on the edge.

Suddenly Isaac came up off his dick, grabbed it in his strong warm hand and began jacking it furiously. He marveled at the soft foreskin as it moved up covering the enraged cockhead then retreating to expose it. Jaden hadn”t expected this, but the feeling was so intense that he could hold back no longer.

“Oh shit…I”m coming,” he cried out, but before his first shot could reach his gaping piss slit Isaac swallowed his cock and drank it down. Four more intense blasts followed, then a few lesser ones before “s balls were emptied and all that was left was a dribble.

Coming up off Jaden”s cock, Isaac licked it clean, then placing a wet kiss on it”s head he stood, “Damn if you two don”t taste exactly the same, like warm tapioca pudding,” Isaac said and they all laughed.

Both Isaac and Jaden offered to get Aidan off but he declined, saying Jeremy would no doubt be down soon, not to mention the fact that he was looking forward to comforting Jeremy later in bed.

When Jeremy finally showed up a while later he looked in better spirits and actually apologized for his abrupt departure, but there was no mention of his call to Deane. Later when they broke for a snack, Aidan pulled Jeremy aside while the other two went upstairs to the kitchen, and gave him the third degree.

“Soooo…what did she say?”

Jeremy shrugged, “Not much really,” he said sounding aloof. Then a wide grin cracked his face wide open, “We gotta date Sunday to go see a movie.”

“What? All right, that”s great!” Aidan said patting his friend on the back, “but what about this thing with J and Jimmy?”

“Well, see first I asked her if she could go out with me Saturday night, but she said she already had plans. I pretended I didn”t know what her plans were, and then she just up and told me. I mean she didn”t say nothin” bout” sex, just that they going to a movie. But least she didn”t try to hide nothin” from me.”

“I have a feeling there are going to be two very disappointed boys tomorrow night,” Aidan chuckled.

“I don”t know, and I guess I really don”t care. I mean it”s like you said, it would be sexist to expect a girl not to have fun, at least until she”s committed to one person,” he said grinning.

“So your plan is to steal her heart then keep her for yourself?” Aidan chuckled, “Nice plan.”

“It”s worth a try, but we”ll just have to see how it goes. She might not even like me…once she knows my secret,” Jeremy said looking worried.

“So you”re gonna tell her up front? Way to go.”

“I”m taking your advise and hoping for the best, if we”re wrong…well, I may be moving to a new school again,” he joked.

“Naw, not gonna happen. Think about it, what is it about Dee that attracts you? She”s sort of an outsider because of her home situation, yet she is one of the sweetest people I”ve ever known. She never has a bad word to say about anyone, not even the ones who look down on her, and she”s pretty and smart. In my books she”s about as perfect as a person can be. I”ll tell you this: if I was straight you”d have even more competition than you have now. So…what I”m getting at is this, Dee is the one person I can positively guarantee will treat you with respect and love and never reveal your secret.”

“Nice speech,” Jeremy laughed, “but I get it. If I didn”t believe all those things you just said I wouldn”t be going after her like this.”

“So how are you getting to the movies?”

“I”m pretty sure Isaac will drive us,” he said grinning, “he”ll be happy to see me going after the ladies.”

“Hey, is that a put down?” Aidan teased, “he seemed okay with us gay boys when he was getting a nut.”

“Naw, but he thinks a guy should sample a little of both, then decide which one is right, or…in his case find out you like both.”

“How bout” you, do you like both or am I gonna be sleeping alone from now on?”

“Right now I can”t see nothin” changing. So plan on being my personal boy toy till further notice,” Jeremy laughed.

“That”s what I was hoping you”d say. Come on let”s go get a snack before those two eat everything.”

The boys had their snack then resumed work on the song they”d chosen and by 7:30 they were ready to call it quits.

“I think we need to record it next time we get together then watch it and look for areas we need to work on,” Aidan said relaxing at last.

“Good idea Aidan. We can also record the tracks for the accompaniment, since I won”t actually be there.”

“I wish you”d change your mind about that,” Aidan said giving Isaac a pleading look. Even the biggest stars have studio musicians, you could just be one of those,” he added grinning.

“Tempting, but I want this to be all about you guys. You”re the ones who are gonna take this to the end.”

“Huh, I don”t know about that. Mom and dad are pretty determined that I not let this thing go too far till I”m older.”

“But you”re in your prime,” Isaac teased, “Seriously though, I think once they see you on TV they may ease up some.”

“I hope so, but the real question is: how far do I really want this to go right now?”

“Only you three can decide that. If it”s meant to be, a few more years won”t make that much difference.”

“Uh, those two,” Jaden said making a face and pointing at Aidan and Jeremy, “I”m just along for the ride.”

“You may change your mind once the groupies start lining up outside your door. After this TV thing you guys are going to be very popular.”

“Yeah, maybe Ellen will call,” Aidan joked, “that”s how Justin and Greyson got started.”

“Well guys, it”s been fun but it”s time for me to split,” Jaden said checking his phone as it buzzed alerting him to a new message, “my ride is here.”

“I”ll walk you to the door,” Isaac said putting his arm around Jaden”s shoulder, “then I”m going to take a shower and get ready for my date guys.  Have fun tonight,” he added giving them a wink.

At the front door Jaden and Isaac bumped fists, “Well, you and Jimmy have fun,” Isaac said grinning.

“Oh we will. So what are you doing tonight?”

“I have a date…with a girl,” Isaac said smugly.

“You gonna score or go get some help from Aidan when you get home?” Jaden laughed.

“We”ll see, either way I”m gonna score.”

“I guess. Well, see ya”. Gotta run.”

In the van Jaden bumped fists with Jimmy then when he thought Jimmy”s mother wasn”t looking he gave him a peck on the cheek.

“I saw that,” Jimmy”s mom chuckled, “but I think it”s sweet. You have my permission to hold hands as well, just keep it PG back there.”

“Yes ma”am,” Jaden said grinning, then to Jimmy he whispered, “Put your pants back on Jimmy.”

They all laughed then and chatted the whole way to Jimmy”s. Once they arrived Jimmy called in a pizza for the two and when it arrived they retired to Jimmy”s room. Jimmy”s mom had already eaten was going to watch a chick-flick on Netflix.

While they ate their pizza Aidan filled Jimmy in on what had gone down at Jeremy”s. Jimmy listened with interest and when Jaden got to the part about Jeremy liking Deane, Jimmy stopped him.

“Whoa, so Jeremy has the hots for Deane and ask her out on a date? So where does that leave us?”

“I guess Dee will decide that. She didn”t break our date for tomorrow night, but we may not be doing anything but seeing a movie.”

“I mean I guess I sort of knew Jeremy liked Dee from what A said, but I didn”t think it was this serious. Think she likes him?”

“Well, she”s going out with him, so…yeah, I”d say so. Besides, what”s not to like? He”s cute and sexy, and from what Aidan tells me, well hung,” Jaden added the last with a grin.

“Dang, there goes our losing our virginity with a female of the opposite sex,” Jimmy laughed, “Guess I”m stuck with this handsome, sexy guy over here, “he said nuzzling Jaden”s neck with his greasy lips.

“Ewww, pizza breath, wait till you”ve brushed and flossed to do that,” Jaden teased.

“Aw, come on, you know you want my pepperoni flavored mouth around your throbbing member,” Jimmy said causing them both to crack up laughing.

“Throbbing member? You been reading your mom”s Romance novels again?”

“Hey, Danielle Steele writes some hot stuff.”

“I guess. Maybe we should write some gay romance novels, we could combine our names for a pen name, like Jayjim, or Jimden, ” he laughed.

“Naw if I was gonna” be a gay writer I”d want a cool name like Dick Stroker, or Peter Licker,” he laughed.

“You”re crazy. Get over here and give me a big kiss, you big stick of pepperoni.”

They were laughing so hard and loud that Jimmy”s mom could hear them downstairs, but she just smiled. They”d only be boys for a short time and she wanted them to enjoy every minute of it.


Friday night the two boys spent most of their time in each other”s arms, savoring their time together and sharing their love and bodies with one another. At breakfast the next morning they wandered in hand in hand and Jimmy”s mom greeted them with a warm smile.

“Morning young lovers,” she teased, “did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, really well,” Jimmy said grinning, “What”s for breakfast, I”m starved.”

“How does banana waffles and bacon sound?”

“Yummy, need any help?”

After breakfast they helped with clean up then went up to shower and change. Jimmy”s mom was flying out later in the day, headed to Dallas to see her sister who had just given birth to twins, and wouldn”t be back until Tuesday. Jimmy was to stay over with the twins, but of course he had his own key, and he and Jaden had planned on bringing Dee back there after the movie.

When the boys emerged from Jimmy”s room Jimmy”s mom kadıköy travesti was was pulling a wheeled suitcase down the hall and Jimmy quickly took over.

“Allow me me lady,” he said bowing and his mother laughed, but Jaden just did a massive eye roll.

“Thou art too kind,” she laughed.

“Me thinks you two are both overacting,” Jaden giggled.

“We should go to one of those Medieval things sometime,” Jimmy said seriously. “I think it would be cool to dress up and talk like that.”

Jaden stopped Jimmy and made a big show of feeling his forehead, “You don”t feel hot, maybe you fell and hit your head,” he joked.

“Boys, come on. Let”s get my luggage to the car and I”ll drop you two off at Jaden”s. I don”t want to miss my flight.”

“Sure mom, tell aunt Trudy congrats and give her my sympathy,” he said grinning, “double dirty diapers and screaming peeing babies. Bet she wishes she”d used protection,” Jimmy laughed.

“For your information young man, your aunt Trudy and uncle Howard have been trying to have children since they got married, so they just made up for lost time, and they couldn”t be happier.”

“Good for them,” Jimmy said evenly, “but I”m glad it”s them and not us.”

“Oh, silly,” Jaden said in a high-pitched voice, “I”m not ready to start a family yet.”

Their laughter could be heard up and down the block. 

At Jaden”s, Jimmy”s mom came in long enough to give Mrs. Reynolds her sister”s home number and address. “You have my cell number in case anything goes wrong, but I”m counting on Jimmy to be on his best behavior. Right son?” she said hugging him from behind and kissing the top of his shaggy head.

“Yes ma”am, no fireworks, no booze, and no hookers, I got it,” he joked.

“You forgot no fires,” she said ignoring his humorous reply.

“So no smoking I guess,” he sighed, “this is gonna be a lame three days.”

“Gee thanks,” Jaden said attacking Jimmy and throwing him down on the carpet. They were still wrestling around when Jimmy”s mom finally made her exit.

Up in the twin”s bedroom Jimmy reclined on the bed staring at the ceiling, deep in thought.

“Move over,” Jaden said tapping his boyfriend”s leg. Then stretching out beside him he sighed, “Whatcha” thinkin” bout” boyfriend?”

“Oh, about a bunch of things. Like this thing with Dee and now Jeremy, and my new cousins, and wonderin” if I”ll ever get married and have kids, stuff like that.”

“Do you think you want that…someday?”

“I don”t know, really I hadn”t thought much about it till lately.”

“Know what I think? I think you worry too much. Just let things come as they will. If it”s gonna happen, it will happen. Who knows you might be stuck with me for the rest of your life.”

“That wouldn”t be so bad,” Jimmy said snuggling up to Jaden, “I couldn”t think of anyone else I”d rather be stuck with.”

“Me either boyfriend, me either.”

They napped for an hour or so and when they awoke Aidan was lying on his bed staring at his phone.

“Have a nice nap guys?”

“Yeah, except it was the PG kind,” Jaden joked.

“I”m sure you”ll make up for it tonight,” Aidan chuckled.

Jaden stretched and unwound from Jimmy”s warm soft body, “What is it about sleeping with someone you love and trust that makes you sleep so well?”

“I think you answered your own question,” Aidan said softly, “It”s like when we were babies and mom and dad would hold us in their strong loving arms and we”d go right to sleep. Then when we were older and had a nightmare or a storm woke us, we”d pad off to mom and dad”s room and climb in between them and fall right to sleep.”

“Yeah, then when we got older we started climbing in bed together for comfort and I always slept like a baby those nights,” Jaden said looking over at his brother with  soft loving eyes.

“You guys are lucky,” Jimmy said smiling, “you have each other to turn to when you need comforting.”

“Well, now I got you too, and you got me..babe,” Then Jaden began to sing I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher, soon Aidan joined in singing Sonny”s part and Jimmy sang backup. Before long they were really into it, and jumping to their feet they began to sing to each other. It was magical and fun and when it was over all three boys applauded and cheered.

“You should totally do a video of that,” Jimmy said, “one of you could wear a long dark wig and sing Cher”s part, and the other one could be…the guy, uh Sonny.”

“I”m not wearing a wig, no way,” Jaden said holding up his hands, “I”ll be Sonny.”

“I don”t mind,” Aidan said, after all I”m the gay boy here. But what if we took it a step further. What if we dressed the part. I could wear a dress or something, maybe tye-dyed, and you could wear bell bottoms and platform shoes and a silk shirt…”

“Oh, oh, and a fake mustache, this would be so cool,”Jimmy added.

“Just no mini-skirt, okay bro,” Jaden laughed.

The boys played video games till it was time for Mrs. Reynolds to take them to the mall. On the way they picked up Deane and to their surprise, instead of her usual slacks and pullover, she was wearing a pretty yellow dress with sunflowers around the neck.

“You look very nice,” Mrs. Reynolds said, one girl to another.

“Yeah, really pretty,” Jimmy added enthusiastically.

“Damn girl, you look fine,” Jaden whistled, “you gotta” big date?”

“Jaden, language,” Mrs. Reynolds said suppressing a grin.

“Just sayin” mom. She”s fly.”

“Thank you guys, my mom bought it for me. At first I wasn”t gonna” wear it, but I didn”t want to hurt her feelings.”

“Well, me lady. We will treat thee like a princess,” Jimmy said bowing.

“What”s with him?” Dee laughed as she rolled her eyes.

“I think in a previous life Jimmy was a knave or something, you know back in the days when there were knights and stuff.”

“Knave? No, no, no…I was a Prince or maybe a King.”

“Whatever…at least I know what to get you for Christmas…a suit of armor.”

When Mrs. Reynolds dropped them off at the mall, she called Jaden to her window and handed him two twenty dollar bills, “Have fun and call me when you”re ready for me to pick you up.”

“Gee thanks mom, see ya later. It may be late, like 11 before we”re ready, the movie doesn”t start till 9.”

“Okay, just be careful.”

The truth was: the movie began at 7 and would be over by 8:45 giving them time to walk the half mile  to Jimmy”s house, mess around, then walk back. But now that he had an extra 40 bucks they could take a cab if they ran low on time.

In the mall they headed straight to the food court and after talking it over decided on McDonalds. Jimmy and Jaden ordered for the three while Dee held a table for them and when the boys returned they dived into their food hungrily.

“So, anything new, besides the new threads?” Jaden asked raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, not much. Just the same old stuff, but I do have a date tomorrow afternoon,” she said grinning. She knew there were really no secrets among her and her friends and she was sure Jeremy had told them as soon as he hung up the phone.

“Oh, do tell. Who with, anyone we know?” Jaden said playing dumb.

“Oh please, you know who it”s with. Don”t act like you don”t. I know how you boys love to gossip.”

“Boys…gossip? Naw, girls do that, not boys.”

Deane rolled her eyes then laughed, “Why don”t you just ask me what you really want to know? How does this affect us three being friends?”

“Well, it”s just a date. You”re not gonna throw us to the curb yet are you?”

“No, of course not. As far as I”m concerned nothing has changed between us three.”

“Nothing?” Jimmy asked looking up suddenly.

“Nothing,” she assured them, “we”re still going to your house after the movie, right?”

“Yeah, I mean if you still want to.”

“Yeah, I”m pretty excited about it. It seems so…naughty, fooling our parents and all,” she giggled.

“Yeah, my mom would kill me if she knew,” Jimmy said making a face.

“Then we”ll have to make sure she never finds out, cause” I don”t want to lose my boyfriend,” Jaden said with a mock look of despair.

“So what are you and Jeremy going to see?” Jimmy asked munching on a fry.

“I”m not sure. I told him he could pick,” Deane said shrugging.

“They”ll be too busy making out to watch the movie anyway,” Jaden teased.

“You”re awful,” Deane said giving Jaden a playful shove, “I don”t make out on the first date.”

“Yeah, it took us three dates till we even kissed,” Jimmy reminded him.

“And may I say you boys are both good kissers.”

“We”ve had enough practice, that”s for sure,” Jaden said making a smoochy face at Jimmy.

“You boys are so cute,” Deane giggled.

After their meal they still had a half hour before the movie started, and once they got their tickets they wandered the mall till time to go in. The movie was The Emoji Movie and all of their friends who”d seen it highly recommended it.

Ten minutes before the movie was to begin they stopped at the concession stand and got a huge tub of popcorn and large drinks and some candy. There were no empty seats in the second section, so they went a bit higher and found an empty row and took the three center seats, with Deane between the two boys.

“Hold the popcorn Dee,” Jaden said trying to sound innocent, “so we can all get to it.”

“Okay, okay, I know, I know,” Deane said grinning, “so you can cop a feel every time you get a handful.”

“I”m hurt,” Jaden said pretending innocence, “would we do that? If you want I”ll sit in the middle.”

“I didn”t say I didn”t like it…”

“You”re just using us to get your jollies, aren”t you,” Jaden teased.

“Oh please. You boys are so silly. No one is being used. We”re just three good friends satisfying our curiosity.”

“Yeah, The Three Musketeers,” Jimmy cheered.

“Shhh, the movie is starting,” Deane said.

The movie was hilarious and the three were too busy laughing and having fun to worry about anything else. The popcorn disappeared first, then the candy, and by the time the last of their drinks were sucked up, the movie was coming to an end.

“That was great,” Jaden said making a funny face, “I want an emoji like that.”

“I”m feeling kind of meh,” Deane giggled making the appropriate face.

“Not me, I”m the smiley face,” Jimmy said grinning widely.

“Come on, let”s get out of here,” Jaden said remembering what was next.

After throwing their trash away on the way out they headed back to the mall.

“Do we want to walk to Jimmy”s or call a cab?”

“Let”s walk there, maybe take a cab back,” Jimmy said, “we need to walk some of that candy off,” he chuckled.

“Okay, we”ll walk up Second Street, there”s sidewalks all the way, then turn on Jimmy”s street. We should be there in 20 minutes.”

They made good time, laughing and talking the whole way there, trying to keep their mind off what might lay ahead. Jimmy was starting to have second thoughts, not about what might happen with Dee, but about deceiving his mother and being at his house with her gone. Jaden was nervous, but excited and eager to see what might happen. Still he had some reservations about things now that he knew how Jeremy felt about Dee, and wondered if when the time came he”d be able to go through with it.

“Here we are,” Jimmy said digging out his house key. His mom had left the living room light on and it cast a warm glow onto the front porch as Jimmy opened the door, “you guys want a soda or anything?”

“Got any beer?” Jaden teased.

“Nope sorry, mom hates beer. Wine maybe.”

“A Coke will be fine,” Jaden said following Jimmy to the kitchen.

Deane lingered looking around and noting how much nicer Jimmy”s house was than her mom”s apartment. This was her first time seeing Jimmy”s place and she envied his world.

“Dee, want a drink? I got Coke or Sprite.”

“Sprite,” she said running her hand over the soft fabric of the couch, then sighing, she joined the two boys in the kitchen.

“Here ya” go Dee,” Jimmy said handing her the drink, “you okay? You look kinda of down or something.”

“Naw, I”m fine. You have a nice house Jimmy,” she said looking around the kitchen.

“We haven”t always had it this good, but…yeah it”s a nice house. I like it here a lot. It”s closer to J”s and I can walk to school or the mall.”

“Let”s go sit in the living room,” Jaden suggested, “we can talk and drink our sodas.”

As in the theater Dee took the spot between the boys and they scooted in close so they were almost touching, but not quite. At first they were quiet, then Dee sighed dramatically and reached out and patted both boys on the leg at the same time.

“You guys nervous or what?”

“Naw, why should we be nervous?” Jaden scoffed.

“Maybe a little,” Jimmy confessed.

“Well,” Dee said turning her head to face Jimmy, “how about a kiss to get things started?”

Jimmy grinned and leaned in and their lips met. It was a decent kiss, with just the right amount of tongue, and Jimmy felt a stirring between his legs after only a few minutes.

“Hey, how bout” me?” Jaden pouted.

“Okay, you”re next,” Dee said grinning.

Jaden became a little more animated than Jimmy had been and placed a hand along Dee”s face and stroked her soft skin as they kissed. Within moments he was rock hard, and Dee felt a tingling and wetness between her legs.

“Rate the kiss,” Jaden chuckled when he pulled away.


“On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Jimmy”s kiss?  Then mine?”

“Well, I”d say Jimmy was a solid 8 maybe…and yours was a 9.”

“Just a 9?” Jaden whined.

“Yeah, but a 9 is good…so”s an 8.”

“Just have to keep tryin” I guess,” Jaden said leaning back in, but this time he wrapped his arms around Dee and pulled her to him.

The kiss went on for a long time and when they finally came up for air both were panting.

“Better?” Jaden whispered as he smoothed back the hair from Dee”s cute face.

“Wow, yeah…better, 9 and a half I”d say,” she giggled.

“Grr…I give up. Jimmy kiss this girl.”

Jimmy followed Jaden”s lead and pulled her close, then going a step further he pulled her into his lap. Locking his arms around her slender waist he kissed her as she threw her arms around his neck. This kiss was steamy and arousing and within seconds Jimmy was fully hard, his erection pressing into Dee”s bottom.

“Mmmm…10!” Dee said as they broke off the kiss, “and something hard is poking me down there,” she added giggling.

Jimmy blushed but didn”t apologize, “You caused it Dee, with that sexy kiss and your soft bottom rubbin” on me.”

“Let me feel,” Jaden said scooting over and wedging his hand between Dee”s bottom and Jimmy”s fly, “yep…hard as a twig.”

“Twig? You mean log?”

“Stick maybe, log no,” Jaden laughed.

“Boys…” Dee said rolling her eyes, “always competing. Why don”t you let me be the judge of who”s bigger?”

“Okay,” Jaden said grinning, “but not here, let”s go to Jimmy”s room.”

As she had in the rest of the house, Dee looked around Jimmy”s bedroom and made mental notes. It was a typical teenage boy”s bedroom, with posters on the wall, sports equipment and things of interest scattered about. It was surprising neat for a boy”s room and except for a pair of socks the floor was clear of clothing. The bed was unmade, the covers thrown back, and looked slept in, most recently by Jaden and Jimmy the previous night, she guessed. It had a distinct smell as well, not a bad smell, but definitely the smell of teenage boys and maybe sex.

“Nice room, for a boy,” Dee chuckled, “at least there”s no dirty underwear lying around.”

“Why? You want to sniff a pair?” Jaden laughed, “if you do they”re in the hamper in the bathroom.”

“You would know,” she said rolling her eyes, “I don”t sniff dirty underwear, but I might sniff the real thing.”

“Whoa, really?” Jimmy shivered.

“Drop em” boys,” she giggled, “and let”s see whatcha” got.”

Both boys were nervous but excited, as they stripped off their shirts. Dee looked them over and clucked her approval.

“Not bad, you guys work out?” she chuckled.

“Just on each other,” Jaden joked, “sex is good exercise.”

“Ummmkay, now the jeans.”

The boys had pulled their shoes off at the front door and it was an easy matter to rid themselves of their jeans and soon they were standing before a red-faced Dee, their fashionable underwear tented by their stiff teenage cocks.

“Nice panties,” Dee giggled, “what”s that poking out there?” she said patting Jimmy”s erection.

Jimmy sucked in a breath and shivered, “Careful, that thing is loaded,” he joked.

“Okay boys, let”s see em”. We didn”t walk all this way to be shy, did we?”

Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his Under Armor boxer briefs Jaden wiggled his eyebrows comically and began teasingly lowering them pulling them back into place. Jimmy followed his lead, humming a lively strip-tease song as the two boys showed off.

“Just drop em” already,” Dee laughed, “we haven”t got all night you know?”

“Ta da,” Jaden said as he finally pushed his underwear down and kicked them off. Then twisting back and forth he caused his erection to slap his hips loudly causing everyone to giggle.

Jimmy was next, dropping his underwear without fanfare and placing his hands on his hips and thrusting his hard penis forward for inspection.

“Boys are so interesting to look out at,” Dee said softly. “we girls are kind of boring,” she added.

“Let”s see,” Jaden said locking eyes with her. “it”s only fair. If we gotta get naked, so do you.”

“Well…okay, but don”t say I didn”t warn you. I don”t even have tits yet,” she said unbuttoning her dress.

“I bet they”re nice,” Jimmy said watching her closely.

“Need any help?” Jaden, always the gentleman, asked.

“Thanks, but I”ve been dressing and undressing myself since I was six,” she teased.

“Ftttt,” Jaden laughed making cat paws with his hand and making a cat screech.

Jimmy laughed, but Dee just smiled, “Sorry, I”m not trying to be a bitch. I”m just nervous. This is my first time being naked with a boy, or in this case, boys.”

Beneath her dress Deane wore a thin cotton slip which she quickly pulled off. A pretty pink training bra and matching panties were beneath that and she stood a minute letting the boys get a good look. She”d bought the bra and panties with her own money just for this occasion and she was proud of how she looked in them.

“I don”t know why you don”t think you”re interesting to look at,” Jaden said taking her slim but curvy body in from head to toe,  you look amazing.”

“Yeah, really pretty,” Jimmy said enthusiastically.

“Thank you boys,” Deane said smiling, “Well, here goes,” she added removing her bra slowly and dropping it to the floor.

Her tits were small, but perky, and her little pink nipples were hard and inviting. “Told ya” I didn”t have much in the tits department.”

“I think they”re perfect,” Jimmy said moving a little closer. I never really understood while guys like big boobs. Can…can I touch them?”

“Okay, I don”t see why not.”

“Me too,” Jaden said moving up beside Jimmy.

At the same time they reached a shaky hand out and touched a warm soft girl breast for the first time.

“Soft,” Jaden said smiling.

“And warm,” Jimmy added, “I like them.”

“Me too,” Jaden said, “your nipples get hard just like ours do,” he said running a finger across the little pink nub, causing Deane to shiver.

“I have to admit, it feels good having them touched.”

“Can I…take these off?” Jaden said laying his other hand on the waist of Deane”s panties.

“O..kaay,” Deane said sounding nervous.

“It”s okay if you don”t want to…”

“I do, just nervous,” she giggled, then raising her hands she closed her eyes and waited.

“You take that side and I”ll take this side,” Jaden said eying Jimmy with a nervous grin, “on the count of three, one, two, three…”

They tuggeded and the silky panties slid down inch by inch revealing first a little patch of soft looking hair and then all that made her female.

Both boys had seen pictures on the internet and text book drawing, but nothing prepared them for the real thing. Both were amazed at how pink her pouty pussy lips were and the crack between them looked impossibly tight.

“Can I touch you?” Jaden asked in a breathy voice.

Deane nodded and watched with interest as Jaden”s hand snaked down and touched her where no one had ever touched her before. Jaden”s bakırköy travesti hand was warm, his skin soft, and she noted with interest that his hand was shaking.

“You can touch me too,” she said taking Jimmy”s hand and guiding it to the tiny bump at the top of her slit that was the center of her pleasure, “Oh, yeah…like that she gasped.”

“We should lay down on Jimmy”s bed,” Jaden suggested, “Dee in the middle so we can both touch you.”

Once in bed Jimmy continued his exploration in the cleft between those puffy mounds while Jaden kissed her neck, then worked his way down to her small supple breasts. Taking the closest nipple in his mouth he gently suckled it causing Dee to moan softly.

Turning his attention to the other nipple he gave it a good working over while running his hand across Dee”s soft flat stomach. 

“Jimmy, let me..” Jaden said looking at his boyfriend with urgency in his eyes.

Without a word Jimmy moved up and began kissing Dee on the mouth, leaving her girl parts for  Jaden to explore. Jaden knew exactly what he wanted to do, and though this was his first time, he thought he knew how it worked. Moving his face closer he breathed in Dee”s soft girl fragrance. It didn”t smell like fish at all, he almost giggled, it smelled exciting and sexy.

Spreading her lips a little he sniffed again and then stuck his tongue out and pressed it against her clit, causing her to gasp and moan into Jimmy”s mouth. Jimmy pulled away and looked down just as Jaden moved in to do some serious licking.

“Oh, my God,” Dee panted, grabbing the covers and wringing them in her hands, “is that what oral sex feels like for you boys?”

“I guess it”s good, huh?” Jimmy chuckled.

“Ummm…the best. Maybe I could touch your…umm..penis while Jaden does that…”

Jimmy happily obliged, kneeling at her head and thrusting his hips out to make his rampant teenage cock available. Dee reached out timidly at first, then seeing the look of pleasure on Jimmy”s face she began to move her hand up and down the shaft. Though she”d never held a boy”s penis in her hand before, she knew about masturbation and the mechanics involved and figured it wasn”t that difficult.

Between her legs Jaden was now running his tongue down her slit, tasting her girlish flavor and exploring, learning as he went along. Finding her tight hole with his tongue, he darted his tongue into her and she cried out as her first orgasm of the evening washed over her.

“Sorry, did I hurt you” Jaden said with alarm, then seeing the look on her face he laughed, “Guess not. You came didn”t ya? That was so cool.”

“Oh…that was incredible. I always wondered about that.”

“Did I do okay?”

“You did fine, maybe..maybe I could try to…you know do oral with you guys.”

“You mean suck us?” Jimmy giggled.

“Yes…suck you,” Dee said blushing.

“Okay,” Jimmy said plopping down on his back, his hard boner sticking straight up from his sturdy body.

“It”s easy Dee, want me to show ya” how it”s done?”

“Okay, that might be best,” she said, grateful for Jaden”s offer. Though she”d seen pictures and had a pretty good idea about how it worked, she knew there were probably little tricks that made it feel better, and if anyone knew those tricks it was these two.

Jaden smiled and knelt down beside his boyfriend and took his hard wet cock in his hand, then in a grown up stiff voice he said, “This is the penis, the male reproductive organ. Notice that it is engorged in blood. This makes it erect and ready for action, like this,” he giggled plunging down on it and swallowing it to the base.


“I”m not sure I can do that,” Dee said grimacing, “it”s so big.”

“Yes, it is, isn”t it?” Jimmy said proudly.

Meanwhile Jaden came off of Jimmy”s cock and continued his narrative, “The glans, or head, is especially sensitive, and so running your tongue along it will make your partner moan with pleasure, like this,” Jaden said then began licking Jimmy”s cock head all around with his hot wet tongue.

“Ahhhhh..yeah,” Jimmy moaned.

“But the best feeling is when you use your lips and tongue together like this. First wrap your lips around your teeth, cause teeth are not good, then do this,” Jaden said demonstrating his technique while Jimmy moaned lowly. Then coming up he added, “You don”t have to go deep, that comes with experience. The head is the most sensitive part so anything you can do there will work.”

“Is that why it”s called head?”

“Maybe, probably…good call. You wanna try now?”

“Yeah, I think I got it.”

From her position on her side she leaned in and took Jimmy”s cock in her hand and held it in place as she mimicked Jaden”s actions. Jimmy raised his head and stared down at her as her pretty pink tongue began slathering his cockhead.

“So far…perfect,” Jimmy moaned.

“That”s right, now make an O with your lips and suck and use your tongue at the same time.”

Dee did as she was told and found she liked the feel of Jimmy”s hard cock in her mouth. She was surprised at the taste as well. She wasn”t sure what she expected, but she found the taste pleasant and exciting. 

“Oh..oh, she”s good at this stuff,” Jimmy said moaning, “Who knew girls could suck dick,” he giggled.

“Uh, almost anyone,” Jaden laughed, “but gay boys get more practice, that”s all.”

“Ummm…her tongue work is awesome.”

“Oh, and Dee, handling the nuts is a good move too. Not too rough though, the boys are sensitive, that”s it, gently. You like that Jimmy?”

“Ummm…yeah,” Jimmy gasped. “I”m getting pretty close.”

“Okay, Dee that”s enough practice on Jimmy, now show me what you”ve learned,” Jaden said falling down beside Jimmy.”

Confronted with Jaden”s foreskin, she wasn”t sure what to do exactly, but Jaden talked her through it. “You can skin it back and it”s just like Jimmy”s or…you can push the skin up and down with your lips. Either way works.”

“I like the skin,” Dee said working it up and down, “it”s so soft.”

Then darting out her pretty pink tongue she worked it into his foreskin and explored his piss slit.

“Girl”s a fast learner,” Jaden gasped.

Jimmy laughed, “While you”re doing that maybe I can make you feel good,” he said to Dee. 

Then moving down a little he began fondling her breasts and fingering her pussy. She was wet with excitement and when Jimmy”s finger found her clit she moaned around Jaden”s cock causing him to shiver. 

“Stretch out a little Dee,” Jimmy said in a husky voice, “I want to taste you.”

“It took some doing to get positioned just right but at last Jimmy was able to get his head between Dee”s slender legs and his tongue in her pussy. He licked up and down till he found her clit then went to work feverishly on it. She moaned lowly and directed her horniness to Jaden”s cock. She was very close to her second orgasm of the night when Jaden suddenly growled that he was coming.

“If you don”t want me to blow in your mouth just pull off and jack the skin…”

Dee wasn”t sure how she felt about tasting a boy”s cum, but decided it couldn”t be that bad if these two did it all the time. She figured she could always pull off and then spit it out, but she didn”t want the boys to think she thought they were gross or anything. Moving faster she made her decision as her orgasm hit and then Jaden cried out and she felt his cock jump in her mouth. She felt something warm and wet hit her tongue and realized it was Jaden”s cum, and that it tasted good. Sort of sweet, yet salty, and a bit spicy too. It wasn”t thick or chunky like she”d thought it would be, instead it was the consistency of cream and damn near as tasty.

Between her legs Jimmy had begun fingering her again as Jaden fired off one, two, three more times. Then his cock burped out a little more of his seed until he finally fell back on the bed exhausted. Dee sensed that he was through and a bit sensitive down there, so she just held his cock in her mouth without moving for a while.

“That was really nice Dee,” Jaden sighed, “come up here and kiss me and let me taste your tongue.”

Jimmy pulled back and allowed her to straddle Jaden and when she leaned down to kiss him he pulled her down on top of him and plunged his tongue into her mouth seeking his own flavor there. Dee could feel his slick cock pressing against her stomach and it seemed to be just as hard as before. She took some pride in knowing she could turn two seemingly gay boys on, and wondered what it would be like with a completely straight one.

Jimmy had reached up and was rubbing her butt now and she found that strangely stimulating. She knew these two knew a lot about what turned each other on, and she supposed there really wasn”t that much difference between them and her, except the obvious ones between their legs.

“You have a cute butt,” Jimmy said softly as he traced his hand along the shapely globes, “almost as cute as J”s,” he teased.

“Mmmm…” she said breaking the kiss, “do you guys…um, do that stuff? I”ve always wondered about that.”

“Shall we show her?” Jaden asked looking over at Jimmy with lust.

“You just came…”

“Okay, okay..you can do me..first.”

“Oh my God, you guys are going to do that. Can I watch..I mean, of course I can..up close.”

Dee was surprised when Jaden remained on his back, but when he raised his legs high and she caught a glimpse of his tight pink hole she understood. Jimmy surprised her again when he dived in between Jaden”s legs and began rimming him to loosen him up. She guessed she had a lot to learn when it came to sex, especially boy sex.

When Jaden was good and wet, Jimmy grabbed a bottle of lotion from the nightstand and began greasing up his stiff cock, and then applying a bit to Jaden”s hole he worked it in with his fingers.

“All ready now…” Jimmy said winking at Dee, “let the magic begin.”

As Dee moved closer to get a better look Jimmy placed his cockhead at Jaden”s back door and pushed. He entered easily and quickly and when his smooth balls rested against Jaden”s equally smooth ass he sighed.

“I can”t believe it all fits in there,” Dee said gawking.

“He”s not that big,” Jaden chuckled, “I”ve had bigger.”

“I don”t even want to know who,” Deane joked, “So now what, is it just like with a girl?”

“Yep, in and out,” Jimmy said demonstrating his technique.

“Oh, it sounds squishy,” Dee giggled.

“Pretty soon you”ll hear the slapping of my balls against his ass, then his head hitting the wall,” Jimmy laughed, “and he loves it.”

Dee watched with interest, absent-mindedly fingering her wet pussy, and soon she felt another orgasm rushing upon her. Then noticing that Jaden was rock hard again she reached over and wrapped her hand around his cock and skinned the soft foreskin back.

“Are you boys always hard?” she giggled.

“Well, not always but, heck..we have a sexy naked girl right here with us and that helps.”

“Watch this Dee,” Jimmy said grabbing Jaden”s feet and pushing his legs higher so he could go deeper, “Now for the grand finale.”

Pounding Jaden harder he felt the sap rising and soon he was grunting and moaning and with one final thrust he cried out, “Thar she blows,” causing Jaden to giggle.

Dee watched with interest as Jimmy”s body convulsed and gyrated his hips as his hot cum flew out into Jaden”s tight guts. Then slowly Jimmy pulled out showing Dee his wet glistening cock which to her surprise had no brown on it.

“I always thought that would be messier, you know..poop.”

“We keep clean when we know we”re going to be together,” Jaden explained.

“Ah, I see. Does that hurt?”

“It can, at first, but then it starts to feel really good. Of course we”re used to it so it always feels good for us, right boyfriend?”

“Jaden”s dick fits perfectly in my b-hole,” Jimmy said grinning, “Better get up and go poop me out and wash up, don”t want you to get anything on my sheets.”

Jaden sighed and slipped out of bed and when he was gone Dee looked at Jimmy and smiled nervously. “I guess we should get back, huh?”

“We have time,” Jimmy said leaning in and kissing Dee on the mouth, “I want to play with you some more. I might not ever get this chance again,” he said pushing her onto her back then working his way down her body, kissing and licking as he went.

“Well, okay,” she purred, “Oh…yes, right there,” she moaned when Jimmy”s tongue found her g-spot.

Jaden returned, took one look, then fell down beside the two and began working on the top while Jimmy worked on the bottom. Dee was in Heaven, not one but two cute boys were treating her like a Goddess and making her feel so good. What could be better?

She came again beneath Jimmy”s tongue and then rested while the two boys lay on either side of her and snuggled in close.

“Happy?” Jaden asked running a finger down Dee”s cute cheek.

“Ummm…you realize this is my first time…with a boy?”

“Yep, well…it”s our first time too, with a girl, I mean.”

“Just so you know,” she said anxiously, “I don”t want to…you know, go all the way. I want to save that for the first boy I love.”

“Aww…I thought you loved us,” Jaden teased, “It”s okay. We know that”s something special to a girl, right Jimmy?”

“Yeah, but a guy can dream, can”t he?” he laughed.

“Sorry, but at least you both…you know, had fun.”

“Mmmm…yeah, this was fun. I think I might like girls now,” Jimmy said resting his head on Dee”s chest and rubbing the nearest breast, “but I still like boys too, so I guess I”m bi, but mostly gay.”

“I think I”ve always liked girls,” Jaden admitted, “but I”m in love with a boy, so who knows what will happen?”

“Aww…I wuv you too,” Jimmy cooed, “but I love Dee too.”

“Just don”t go falling in love with me,” Dee said grinning, “I wouldn”t want to come between you two.”

“I love you like a sister,” Jimmy joked, “and incest is best.”

“Should we get going now?” Dee asked again.

“Are you sure? Did you umm…get satisfied?”

“Four times,” she sighed, “you guys are amazing.”

“Well, if you”re happy…so are we I guess.”

“Think we should shower first?” Jimmy asked sounding sleepy.

“Good idea,” Jaden said hoping up, “never know what might happen when we”re soaping each other up.”

Then reaching a hand down he helped Dee up and pulled her into his arms, “Come on little sister,” he chuckled, “let big brother wash your sweet body.”

“Hello, wait for me…” Jimmy said bounding out of bed.

Jimmy adjusted the shower and then the three stepped into the warm stream. It was tight, but cozy, and the closeness of their bodies kept the three aroused. Moving up behind Dee, Jaden pressed his hard cock into the crack of her ass as he reached around and soaped up her front.

“Mmmm…something”s poking me,” she giggled.

“Mmmm…it”s my magic love stick,” Jaden said letting it slide up and down her crack, occasionally grazing her tight pucker.

“Well, keep it outa” my butthole,” she said, “but what you”re doing feels good.”

“Mmm..for me too.”

“Hey, don”t want to interrupt, but I”m horny too.”

“Back up to me,” Dee said softly, then reaching around him she grabbed his wet cock and began stroking it.

“Nice,” Jimmy hummed.

Meanwhile Jaden has quickened his pace and was hitting Dee”s pucker over and over sending tingles all up and down her body. Reaching for Jaden”s hand Dee took his finger and placed it between her lips. Jaden found her clit and began rubbing it in time to his thrusting and soon Dee moaned softly and shook as yet another orgasm ran through her body. 

Next Jaden stiffened and growled as he began to squirt his teenage cum in Dee”s crack. Then Jimmy grunted and began to fire his milky cum onto the shower wall and floor. Relaxing into each other”s arms, the three rested till their hearts slowed down and their breathing slowed then they quickly washed each other, rinsed and stepped out to dry off.

“Your skin is so soft,” Jimmy said as he finished toweling off her back.

“Well, you guys feel pretty good too, not like I expected. And that skin on Jaden”s penis is oh so soft.”

“Yeah, it”s the protein injections it gets from other dicks,” Jaden teased.

“Hmm..maybe I should start getting cum facials,” Dee joked and they all laughed.

It was pushing 10:30 by the time they were dressed and Jaden suggested they call Uber. He had the app on his phone and an account set up by his folks just in case he ever needed it and within 10 minutes their ride arrived.

The driver seemed surprised to see three young teens, but he”d been young once and didn”t question them. He dropped them off at the mall and Jaden tipped him five dollars and he was on his way again.

“It”s too soon to call, I told mom 11, so we”ll have to hang out a while.”

“The mall is closed,” Jimmy reminded him, “we should”ve stayed at my house longer.”

“Too late now Einstein,” Jaden said rolling his eyes, “we can walk around to keep warm.”

“Yeah, and when your mom gets here and sees we”re frozen she”ll wonder what”s up,” Jimmy said frowning.

“Hey…guys, there”s a Convenience Store across the street. They”re open 24 hours. We can hang out there.”

“Till they run us off,” Jaden said, “but it”s worth a try.”

“The clerk looked up when the three entered but didn”t greet them or seem to be concerned about their presence at all. They decided to get a fountain drink to make them look like regular customers, and Jimmy found some candy that he liked, but had a hard time finding other places.

They wandered around looking at things till it was time to call Jaden”s mom then headed to the counter to pay for their drinks.

“$4.03,”The clerk said sounding bored.

Jaden handed him a five and Jimmy dug three pennies out of his pocket and the clerk handed him a single as change.

“Would it okay if we wait inside till my mom picks us up? Jaden asked the clerk.

“Whatever kid, just don”t block the door,” he said without even so much as a thank you.

“Thanks, we won”t.”

The story was that the movie had let out a little early and they had walked over to the c-store for a drink, and that was where they were when Mrs. Reynolds pulled up 15 minutes later. As they piled into the van, Dee in front with Mrs. Reynolds, and the boys in the second row captain”s chairs, Mrs. Reynolds asked them if they had fun.

Jaden looked at Jimmy and grinned, “Yeah mom, we had a really, really good time.”

End chapter 20

Next: Jeremy”s date.

I have updated my story list if you see any missing please let me know.

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