The Shrine of the First Gathering


The Shrine of the First GatheringThe Shrine of the First GatheringThe rumbles of the peaks began low but gradually increased to a throbbing crescendo. In another instant all the nearby mountains rumbled loudly and all the earth began to shake. This caused all the villagers from the different clans to come running out of their huts and homes out of fear of falling stones and boulders. Shortly after these events began, a tall iridescent cloud rose all the way up unto the heavens from the greatest of the mountains …..the one they called Father Ararat or in the local dialect Agri Daci.Soon it became apparent that a large number of villages were almost totally destroyed around Father Ararat and the villagers desperately needed assistance. This would be no easy matter due to the extremely challenging terrain but the world’s peoples mobilized to help. The United Nations assembled teams made up of mountain climbers, athletes, and construction workers gathered almost overnight and were flown by plane and then helicopter to base camps near the summit of Father Ararat. That is also when the stories or rumors first began to circulate.When the helicopters flew over the summit of Father Ararat, a number of large cairns had been uncovered by the immense tremors. It was also discovered that within the ring of large cairns there were rings of concentric limestone pillars. Somewhat remarkable was that the myths recounted by the local villagers had hardly been passed onto to the outside world before the violent shocks and seismic activity had uncovered this huge monumental complex. The rings of cairns easily exceeded the size of several of the pyramids or the great ancient city of Jericho.Thomas was the American team leader and was a large stocky man who had won the Olympic Ice climbing event which was one the ultimate tests of speed, power and agility where the fastest time determined the winner. The bulldog like Sergei hailed from the Russian Federation and had just missed winning the top medal at the Olympics to Thomas. Abheek was from Kashmir and led the Indian team and was as fearless as his name denoted. Other groups of rescuers from the other countries would aid the three largest teams from America, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of India.Sergei and his team were the first to reach the village near the summit of Father Ararat. There they met a shepherd who had attempted to climb the mountain to gather in his flocks and according to the translator came back to the village in awe babbling about how huge and tremendous “they” were. It was not clear at first if there was perhaps a language barrier or if the man had partaken of d**gs and was hallucinating. Sergei and his team asked for a helicopter flyover of the recently uncovered shrine area and the request was granted.The helicopter crew flew over the shrine area and was able to film the many limestone pillar megaliths. Review of the videos revealed that all the many monoliths contained bas-relief representations of humans and a****ls but unlike most pre-historic sites which contained various female fertility objects, all of the almost life-like bas-reliefs were most distinctly male….and each one of the bas-reliefs showed a combination of human and a****l form exhibiting a tremendous engorged phallus. These limestone pillars would require much closer and more thorough investigationCHAPTER TWOIt soon became apparent that photographing and examining the huge limestone stelae with their immense phalluses would need to be accomplished up close. The relief efforts for the damaged villages were proceeding well and an expedition team karşıyaka escort of eight men was planned. Thomas the American mountain climber would lead the team which included some mountain climbers and others who were expert in other fields. The local guide that the team would employ was the shepherd Selim who had previously ascended to the summit searching for his goats and sheep.It was hard going climbing the summit of Father Ararat because so many boulders and great stones were strewn upon the mountainside. The team also could only proceed slowly because of the danger of additional aftershocks and avalanches. The members of the team each carried different items and supplies in their backpacks that would be needed on the ascent up the mountainside.Thomas and Selim proceeded up the mountainside first because they were the members of the team who were most experienced in mountain climbing. Not surprisingly these two were also the largest and strongest members of the team. Thomas had spent many years in the gym at the university where he studied when he was unable to go climbing. Selim of course had always lived on the sides of Father Ararat from a young age tending his flocks and growing increasingly brawny and chiseled. Both men had extremely muscled physiques and were capable of feats of endurance and strength.The team got closer and closer to the caldera where the megaliths were standing. Then a loud rumbling was heard and disaster struck. An avalanche ensued and boulders came raining down the side of the mountain. Thomas and Selim were cut off from the rest of the expeditionary team. The sun was going down and the winds were picking up substantially. This meant it would be a cold night upon the mountain top for Thomas and Selim. It was unclear what might have befallen the rest of the team or whether Thomas and Selim could expect any quick help descending the mountain. Thomas and Selim encountered some difficulties communicating but they managed to decide to climb until they found a flat area to bed down for the night. As luck would have it once they climbed a little further they reached the plateau where the limestone megaliths were situated…..it was now pitch dark with only sliver of a crescent moon hanging high in the sky and none of the ancient monuments with their huge phallic reliefs could be visualized in the dark bit they were very much present.The backpacks were examined and it turned out that there was only one insulated sleeping bag for the two men to share. Selim had thought to pack two containers of pure grain alcohol which was almost 200 proof to help start fires. . Neither Thomas nor Selim were thrilled at first at the thought of sharing the one sleeping bag because both men were close to 300 pounds each but they would need to rely upon each other’s body heat.Thomas decided that he and Selim had best try their best to make do in a possibly uncomfortable situation…..of course a swig or two of the grain alcohol might make it easier to fall asleep. Thomas took a large swig of the grain alcohol but he was not accustomed to the strength of this liquor. He coughed and the liquid dribbled down his beard into the auburn tufts of hair which grew up out of the collar of his shirt. Selim laughed loudly and he wiped his hand on Thomas’ wet hair and collar. Thomas was slightly pissed off and he handed the flask with the alcohol to Selim and insisted that Selim chug some of the alcohol as well. Not surprisingly Selim began to cough and spit out some the alcohol on his shepherd’s tunic. He opened the top of the tunic exposing coils of karşıyaka escort bayan his thick curly black hair that grew upon his neck and chest. Although this may have been a less than auspicious beginning to the men’s first night together, the two each chugged another batch of alcohol out of the flask and then barely managed to climb into the sleeping bag together. Soon Thomas began to smell a scent that was not entirely familiar but was at the same time very similar to another scent was more than just a little bit arousing.It turned out that being a shepherd was a serious business and Selim was required to determine which of his rams was ready to produce sperm and should be allowed to breed. The only way Selim knew how to do this was to measure the total scrotal circumference of the rams by handling the testicles of the rams. This process often meant that the rams leaked copious sperm on Selim’s tunic. For better or worse these pheromones were mixing with the scent of the alcohol and producing a potent aphrodisiac. Thomas and Selim both began to become extremely aroused.Thomas had been known for flying both ways as a bi-sexual when younger but as he had matured he found he was becoming more and more attracted to hunky hairy men like Selim. It was not at first clear that Selim was also so inclined but then Selim began to lick and chew on the auburn tufts of hair sprouting out of Thomas’ shirt. After some awkward groping, the lips of the men locked together in a passionate kiss which left them both breathless.Thomas decided perhaps a change of plans was in order. He exited from the sleeping bag and proceeded to build a large bon fire. Good thing that Selim had the foresight to pack the grain alcohol because the fire was soon roaring and casting off much light and heat. Selim also left the sleeping bag and began to pull off his layers of clothing. Thomas immediately noticed Selim’s huge biceps which were at least 20 inches in circumference and almost as big as his. Selim’s had monstrous thighs which had to be at least 34 inches thick. It wasn’t possible to easily decipher the size of Selim’s chest because it was completely obscured by a mat of thick black curly hair that spread up his neck to meet the thick hair of his foot long beard. Selim then surprised Thomas when he pulled off his undergarments and revealed a soft but more than12 inch long circumcised organ which was beginning to throb and swell. As the veins pumped more and more blood into the organ it began to rise up like a minaret tower…..only much much thicker. The monstrously thick crimson head of Selim’s cock resembled a huge mushroom or dome atop a building. Thomas rushed to disrobe as well and Selim was a bit frightened by the size and definition of the bigger man on the mountain. The arms and legs of Thomas were larger and bulkier than Selim’s and covered with clumps of reddish brown auburn hair. Thomas also was covered with many freckles that only revealed themselves in the few areas that were not covered by Thomas virtual body rug.Thomas gradually lowered his boxer shorts to reveal a jungle of hair out of which his uncut manhood was starting to rise. Selim’s eyes opened wide in amazement as he watched the prepuce of Thomas’ immense shaft retract to display its glistening purple glans. The men of Selim’s village never had such beautifully large purple jeweled heads on their phalluses. Thomas had already begun leaking and oozing buckets of precum at the thought of having his own “personal pan orgy”.Selim moved toward Thomas and began to play with the brown nipples which escort karşıyaka at first barely protruded out of Thomas’ chest hair. Perhaps this was to be a contest similar to an Olympic trial. As the nipples were masticated skillfully by Selim, the huge uncut organ rose up almost two feet away from Thomas’ groin. Selim had much experience milking stud rams as a necessity and he started to skillfully manipulate Thomas’ foreskin and shaft. As Thomas moaned louder and louder, his schwanz rose to its full 20 inch height and ten inch circumference…..but Thomas did not want to succumb to cumming so soon. He gradually drifted down on his knees to meet the furry front of Selim’s body and locked his lips on the corona of Selim’s minaret shaped phallus and nibbled upon it. Selim grunted and panted as Thomas inhaled more and more of Selim’s 17 inch mushroom headed organ down his throat.Thomas could barely accommodate the girth of Selim’s throbbing tool and Selim began to uncontrollably thrust up and down. The sweat of the two men matted down the fronts of their immense hirsute bodies and acted as an incredibly strong pheromone which only served to arouse their pricks even more. As Selim managed to bring the very hilt of this throbbing male member up against Thomas’ lips and beard, he began to feel a rumble in his ball sack. Shortly thereafter as if on cue Selim began to shoot loads of almost scalding hot cum down the throat of his new buddy. Thomas did his very best to drink all of the potent liquid up but after five minutes the orgasms continued. The copious cum began to dribble out of his mouth when he was forced to come up for air. They say it is not over until the fat lady sings….but Selim’s fat lady refused to sing and he continued to pump jism into Thomas’ mouth for a good ten minutes more.At this point Thomas was almost beside himself with sexual hunger passion. He rolled Selim over and exposed his hairy butt. Thomas quickly cupped up some of the copious overflow that had landed upon the furry mat on his chest and used it to lubricate his glans penis. After spitting in Selim’s hairy crack, Thomas proceeded to penetrate through the hair surrounding Selim’s anus. With one large thrust and a loud popping noise the helmet of Thomas’ prick began its journey up Selim’s love chute.Selim at first began to scream over the massive invasion into his body but Thomas was not able to comprehend what Selim was saying. As Thomas began to rhythmically stretch the sides of Selim’s chute, Selim stopped screaming and began to roll his eyes up in his head while moaning loudly. To make sure he got every inch of Thomas’s engorged organ, Selim began to use his massive arms to hug Thomas hips in rhythm to the forceful thrusts of Thomas’ pelvis. As the thrusts increased in speed and force, Selim’s minaret pole began to once again throb intensely and become fully erected again.As Thomas pounded Selim’s furry butt, his nut sack was being stimulated by the wiry curls there. When Thomas felt another hot flood of Selim’s love juice spurt across his chest, he became to feel an irreversible throbbing in his organ. As he rammed into Selim’s butt to the hilt, the juices began to flow out of his enraged and engorged member and he could not hold his orgasm back any longer. Wave after wave of hot jism flowed out of his cockhead into Selim’s love chute…..after ten minutes of throbbing ecstasy the two men collapsed upon each other totally spent.Although the two men thought all this passion was not being observed, they were wrong. The limestone megaliths had all reoriented their facades towards the playing field of the two hunky men. If the two men were not so very preoccupied, they might have noticed that the phalluses on the limestone monoliths first began to glow in the moonlight……then they might have noticed that the phalluses on the bas-relief statues also began to grow. Even more mysterious events were soon to unfold.

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