The Sophomore Cumbank

The Sophomore Cumbank
If you read my last story about the little freshman I taught a lesson to than you know that just before i went over. fucked and came inside her over privileged pussy, I had just gotten done fucking a slutty sorority girl I called my cumbank. I have too many stories about her. She was a mixed girl with tan skin and blue eyes, small tits and a big ass, she looked latina but she was a little white girl at heart. She was a camgirl and bragged about it all the time. Even sucked my cock on cam. I’m not sure if she liked it more or I did, whenever the guys on the chat would start to beg for me to fuck her and to show her pussy, she would cut the feed and fuck me while hundreds of disappointed dudes sat there with their cock in their hands. She got off on how many dudes wanted to fuck her. And i guess i was the release of all of that desire.

I guess I’ll start with the story on how we started fucking. What, literally, had me cuming back for more.

It was the beginning of the year and everyone was still in party mode. I had been texting this girl we’ll call her Kim for a few weeks and she needed a place to crash for the night. She came over and smoked a few rips of the bong before i we went into my room. She was surprised to see I didn’t have a roommate which was the norm in dorm life. Mine, never showed up, so made myself at home and made the ultimate stoner bachelor pad complete with multicolored christmas lights and tapestries. She was still gawking at the lights when she sat on the bed and layed back. So in the typical fashion of the times, I put on netflix… I think it was Lost… And layed there stoned and cuddled barley paying attention to the show. Idle conversation, but the air was thick with sexual tension so thick we were both itching to touch each other. As we spoke i slid my nails over her body, around the exposed flesh of her midriff up to her naval and plunging back down. Every time i circled downward toward her panties she let out a soft gasp and her body would tense. I don’t think we made it 20 minutes before her tongue was in my mouth and her breast in my hands. She was grinding her hips against my hard on edging me closer. Within 30 minutes we were both naked as i lay atop her gliding the shaft of my black cock against her clit.

“So we going to fuck already” she breaths huskily. Her breath coming in shallow gasps.

“No baby, I’m tasting this pussy first” i bite and kiss my way down to her pussy already dripping juices in anticipation. (I will say this about this girl she had the creamiest pussy I have ever had the chance to grace my lips. You stick anything inside her it comes out caked in her juices)

I stick her legs up in the air and get down on one knee while she spreads her pussy for me. I stick my tongue inside and sc**** the tip along the top of her inside. I did this again and again till she can’t stand it anymore. One final time i go in and clamp my mouth around her clit while shoving my middle finger as far up inside her as it would go.

“fuck” she gasps not expecting it. Her legs clamp around my head then instantly relax as she gives in. I explore her. Every inch of her insides. I find her G spot, test to see how many fingers she likes inside, tease her asshole with another thumb, my hands ever moving over her body never staying in one place for long. She starts to writhe her legs. I can tell it’s driving her crazy. I shake my head from side to side while sucking on her clit. A hitched breath

“oh shit.. oh shit i’m gunna” was all she got out before she came all over my face. Her orgasm spilled down my face and into my beard but i never stopped. Not until she stopped grinding her hips against my face.

She practically pulled my head off getting me out from between her legs to lick my lips and taste herself on me.

“PLease give it to me”, she said between gasps and exchanges between our tongues. “Gimmie dick. Gimmie dick” she whined with puppy dog eyes grinding her hips beneath me. Now people how am I going to deny a good little bitch what she wants when she asks so nicely. And I told her that.

“Good girls get what they want from daddy” i whisper into her ear while licking my finger and spreading the bubble of precum already bubbling on my cock.

My favorite part of fucking is watching the slack jawed “oh yes” as she takes every inch of my black cock. It’s not the biggest, but its bigger than shes had in a while. I can tell by the shudder that runs through her body once my cock hits the back. I let her lay there for a moment feeling the tip of my cock swell inside her. She groans in something might have been a curse, or a moan, or a growl, I have no idea because her next words were drown out by moans of pleasure as i started to rock my hips in place.

I was standing on the floor while baring down on both her legs. She was spreading her pussy for me but now threw her hands back gripping the sheets as i slammed in and out of her. Taking out all of my length letting my cock swell just before i pulled out fully then, slammed back in hard. I hadd to stop myself from cuming while she screamed out her pleasure. She apparently forgot I had neighbors in the suite next to me, or she didn’t care. She was cumming on my cock and she wanted everyone to know apparently.

“fuck im close” i whisper laying on top of her. “I don’t want to pull out. I want to give this pussy what it deserves. A big thick load in your creamy pussy.”

“Cum!” She gasps and growls while i still fuck her. “Fucking cum inside me”

“B-But” I stutter still trying to contain myself

“I’m on birthcontrol” She moans “Fuckin cum inside me! Fuckin give it to me, daddy! Yeah, Yess!”

I wasn’t about to argue but I don’t think she gave me a choice because she reached down between our legs and began to grab and the base of my cock and my balls. She wanted that nut and she was going to get it.

“Gimmie cum. OOO daddy gimmie cum.” SHe just kept repeating in my ear. Our closesness and her grip on my balls had my full length inside her. Within a few second a shudder ran through my cock that exploded out the tip and emptied my balls into her. (this is the first time i came inside a girl without protection). I stand there still pumping my hips in small forcefull thrusts as i ride out my orgasms. She groans content and grinds back.

When i pull out she brings her legs up like we were fucking and spreads herself wide as my cum starts to leak out. She looks up at me and bites her lip almost innocent.

“look what you did” she says as i watch the cum slip past her asshole.

Wordlessly I take my still hard cock and drag it up and collect the cum spilling out and shove it back inside her. I came inside her twice more after that. We fucked every other day for months. Wasnt long after i started to write “cumdump” on her belly she declared she loved me during sex. I didn’t care, i fucked her and came on her face while she was still saying she loved me. She was fun. But all good things come to and end. Just like this story. LMK what you all think.!

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