The Sporting Life Ch. 01


Kelly applied the ice pack to my injured knee and I winced in pain.

“Thanks Kelly.” I said with genuine appreciation.

“No sweat.” She stated in a sympathetic tone.

Kelly was a senior and one of the best players on our college volleyball team. During a team scrimmage, she spiked a ball at the net that I went after with a vengeance. As I stretched out my body in an effort to return volley, my leg gave out with my knee crashing to the floor. The result of my concerted effort was a severe sprain that had me writhing in pain.

When the whistle sounded at the end of the scrimmage, I saw Kelly walking over towards me.

“You Ok?” Kelly asked with real concern.

“Yeah, I guess so?” I said with a dry mouth. My knee had puffed up considerably and was tender to the touch.

From the first day of practice, I developed a crush on Kelly. Her long, lean and muscular body was a sight to behold in the girls’ locker room. If that weren’t enough, she was very pretty with a nice personality.

While I was considered a talented sophomore, Kelly was gifted enough to be mentioned as a possible Olympic candidate. We became friends as well as teammates and she took me under her wing. I was a better player because of her guidance.

However, outside of practice I acted like some love struck twit when she was around me. My mouth got dry and when I tried to speak, I sounded like a blithering idiot. But, whenever I looked into her beautiful hazel colored eyes, I practically melted.

With Kelly supporting my upper body, I hobbled back to the locker room. Just the nearness of her body had my pussy twitching and my heart pounding in my chest.

At the school infirmary, the doctor confirmed it was a severe sprain and I missed the next week of practices. With my knee tightly bandaged, I sat on the bench and watched the team but mostly Kelly. The girl was talented and her instincts during a match were usually flawless.

As Kelly controlled the net lane with her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, she reminded me of my best friend Karen who introduced me to the joys of girl on girl sex.

It all the started the year I graduated high school and was invited to spend part of the summer with Karen in California. We had been very close friends and swim team members until she moved to California after sophomore year of high school.

It had been two years since I had seen Karen and although we were both eighteen, her transformation was far more advanced. I noticed the moment I saw her at the airport in Los Angeles.

Karen had the “California Girl” look with long blonde hair, nice tan, small but perky breasts, blue eyes and pretty face. After we exchanged pleasantries, we hoped into her Mom’s car and took off down the freeway.

Karen’s home was the typical California split level with a swimming pool that took up most of the backyard. I was dying to get a tan and we went to her room to change clothes.

Although I had seen Karen naked before, it was the first time I felt inadequate around her.

Karen was slender but with curves in all the right places. Her breasts were probably a B cup; round and firm with longish nipples. She had a lush triangle of hair above her pussy and a lean athletic body that ending in a very tight butt.

I, on the other hand, was a pale, slim brunette with small swells for breasts that were mostly nipple and sparse wispy hairs above my slit. I had no curves to speak of with boyish hips and butt.

When Karen turned around resplendent in her swimsuit, I was instantly jealous. She looked stunning in her tiny pink bikini. I wondered if there was something in the water or air in California that made the difference.

Over the next few days, we spent most afternoons by the pool with me ogling Karen’s hot body.

Unbeknownst to Karen, I experienced bi curious feelings most of my senior year in high school but never acted on them. As a member of the swim and volleyball teams, I had several hot teammates to choose from for my masturbation fantasies.

My fascination with Karen’s body did not go unnoticed by her. Whenever she caught me looking, she would give me a cunning smile.

Karen’s mom was usually around in the afternoon but one day she had to report to the studio. She had a job as a minor character on a soap opera and was called in for a weeks worth of tapings.

The first day of her absence, Karen suggested we go topless for a better overall tan. I was nervous to say the least but with gentle prodding from Karen I agreed.

Reclining on my lounger, I had an unobstructed side view of Karen’s sexy titties. She caught me staring yet again.

“Do you think my boobs are too small?” she inquired with faux sincerity.

I tried to find my voice but it failed me and I continued staring. Karen got up and sat on side of the lounger facing me with her luscious tits proudly thrust out from her chest. She had a shit eating grin on her face. Her boobs, especially the long stubby nipples, had my pussy creaming and she Betturkey knew it.

“Want to feel them?” She asked in a sensuous way.

I hesitated for a moment but I heard myself say the words.

“I do, but not out here.” I said very timidly.

“It’s time for lunch anyway.” She stated with authority and we put our tops on and headed to the kitchen.

Karen retrieved the sandwiches from the refrigerator and we ate but mostly in silence. We both realized that our friendship was going to take a new direction. At the same time, my thoughts were dominated by questions about my sexual orientation.

After we put the dishes in the dishwasher, Karen had a predatory look on her pretty mug. As we made our way to the family room, I stared with unbridled lust at her tight ass. My pussy was wet and I wanted to finger myself for relief.

I was standing in the middle of room when Karen turned her back toward me, then lifted her hair up and out of the way. I was instantly aware of what she wanted me to do and with my hands quaking nervously, I unclasped her bikini top.

Karen turned around and the top fell off her arms to the floor. I gawked at her softball size swells capped with those longish nipples; mesmerized by the raw display of beauty.

Without any prodding, I palmed and squeezed Karen’s cute tits. Her nipples swelled and elongated as the sudden urge to suck them overtook me.

At first, I gently licked the stiffened nubs, with Karen gasping her approval. But, soon I was sucking contentedly and loud moans escaped her throat.

“Ooh, that feels good” Karen purred and gently held my head.

The sensation of the rigid bud between my lips with my tongue flicking away on the sensitive end, was enormously seductive.

I spent a long time worshiping Karen’s tits and when I was finally sated, noticed we were both breathing very hard. The entire time, she had been moving her butt in a slightly circular motion against my leg.

I was anxious to see Karen’s pussy and I didn’t have to wait long. She wiggled her ass then, slowly pulled her bikini bottoms done her legs and stepped out of them.

Open mouthed I gawked at Karen’s beautiful naked body and a conflagration stirred in my loins. She struck a sexy pose and gave me her best come hither look.

With feline grace, Karen moved over to an easy chair and draped her legs over the arms. I went to a kneeling position so I could get a better look at her pussy. A dark blonde triangle of hair covered her prominent mound and the lips were partially separated and glistening with moisture.

I could feel Karen’s intense gaze boring into me as I gaped at her very wet sex. It was the first time I would touch a pussy other than my own. With my index finger, I gently explored her beautiful slit. My probing was really turning her on as her breathing became much more rapid.

Karen took charge.

“Oh baby, ooh, ooh, stroke me up and down.” She commanded.

Obedient in my new role, I tenderly stroked Karen’s pussy but with increasing intensity and gingerly thumbed her clit. Karen was moaning and moved her hips forward against my probing digits.

With utter fascination, I watched as Karen’s hole leaked a lot of fluid that trickled down to the crack of her ass and coated my fingers. I didn’t know at the time but she was on the verge of an orgasm.

Karen threw her head back and screamed. “OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” and her body shook convulsively from an orgasm.

It was the first time I witnessed an orgasm other than my own and it excited me. My fingers were coated with her juices and some dark desire took shape inside me and wanted to taste the fluid. I took the fingers into my mouth and sucked the wetness off.

I loved the taste. My first sampling of another girl’s pussy cream and I was ravenous for more.

Karen was staring at me with lust in her eyes and the aroma from her aroused pussy was stimulating my libido into overdrive.

As I knelt in front of Karen’s wide open legs staring at her soaked slit, I realized that the source of the tangy juice was right in front me. When I leaned forward, Karen scooted her pretty pussy toward my open mouth.

Tentatively, I licked her creamy gash. When my tongue collected enough droplets of nectar, I instinctively swallowed. Soon I discovered that the more I licked, the more her pussy seeped fluid.

By now my mouth was glued to Karen’s throbbing sex and I wantonly sucked and swallowed her creamy discharge. Breathing in rapid gasps, her gaze was fixed on me devouring her lovely pussy.

As I raked Karen’s clit with my rigid tongue, she threw her legs over my shoulders and ground her pussy on my drenched face. Her hips bucked wildly and I had a hard time keeping up with her movements.

“Oh God! I’m gonna come!” she bellowed.

When I sucked the ultra sensitive protrusion, Allison responded with a deafening,

“Oh Fuck, I’m Cominggg!”

The words surged out of Allison’s heaving chest, and she was Betturkey Giriş in the throes of another orgasm. My mouth remained sealed over her pussy as spasm after spasm wracked her body.

Karen continued to shudder and quake as I lapped every drop of moisture from her gasping gash. When I rested my weary head and sore tongue against her thigh, Karen looked at me with tenderness.

“That was wonderful!” she stated in a dreamy voice.

I smiled broadly and knew I would eat Karen’s tasty pussy any time she wanted me too.

“Where did you learn to eat a girls’ cunny?” she asked with a mixture of awe and admiration.

I confessed to Karen that one Friday night, when my parents were attending my brother’s wrestling match, I found a pile of girl on girl videos in my father’s closet. I learned everything from those videos.

My face and hair were streaked with her sticky discharge and I left to shower. As I soaped my body, I fingered my sopping slit and erupted in orgasm.

The rest of the afternoon, we were topless in our loungers by the pool. As Karen recounted her first girl/girl experience in California, my pussy dampened and creamed until the moisture dripped in my bottoms.

“I really wasn’t bi curious until I moved to California. But, I have to confess that my teammates on the swim team were the hottest of the hot.” She gushed with sparkling eyes.

Karen stretched out her scrumptious body in a feral pose of feminine beauty.

“I was totally infatuated with Claudia, a senior and prettiest girl on the team. One weekend, I was invited to her home for a sleepover and it turned into a girl on girl pussy party.” She said rather wistfully.

In spite of my growing excitement over her story, I was very tired and fell asleep. When I woke from a brief nap, Karen said she was hungry and we ordered from a nearby take out restaurant.

The food was exceptional and we ate every drop.

“What about dessert? I asked innocently and hoped she had some ice cream in the freezer.

Karen pondered my question for a moment and said she’d be back in a minute. I heard her in the kitchen and wondered what she was doing. As I entered the room, I saw Karen was naked and sitting spread eagle on the table with her hot crotch on display. She looked at me and smiled.

“Come and get it!” She cooed and spread her legs even farther for emphasis.

For the second time that day I was on my knees eating Karen’s steamy pussy and loving it.

A hunger, a sexual hunger consumed me and I feasted on Karen any time she wanted. At some point, her ass looked very tempting and I added butt munching to my repertoire.

Karen would finger me to some very satisfying orgasms but that was the extent of her reciprocation. It was gratifying but I wanted more.

The last night of my visit, I ferociously ate Karen’s soaking wet pussy like a mad woman. As I greedily sucked creamy juice from her throbbing hole, she howled with orgasmic fever.

It was nearly dawn when I finished my assault and we collapsed in exhaustion. The plane ride home was depressing but when I started thinking of Karen’s hot slit, I masturbated in the tiny bathroom for relief.

In four short weeks I started college and my tryouts for swimming and track were disappointing. Both coaches said I desperately needed strength training and I started lifting weights with a vengeance.

Thoughts of Karen were never far from my mind and I wondered where I would find a similar experience in college. My roommate, Becky, was very conservative and shy. It took most of our first semester to get comfortable with each other.

Before winter break, I noticed that my body had a leaner more defined appearance. When I flexed my arms, little biceps popped up. While I thought I lacked femininity, I had acquired a few more curves.

Over Christmas, my friend Allison invited me to spend New Year’s with her family in Cancun. We had known each other since elementary school and we were swim team members in high school. After Karen moved to California, we became best friends.

In some ways Allison looked like Karen with the slim build and blonde hair. But there the similarities ended. Karen had the “California Girl” look, while Allison had that wholesome and pretty mid-western “girl next door” look.

Allison had a lean and muscular body but with a very feminine appearance. During my first bi curious phase, she was the center attraction in quite a few of my nightly “let the fingers do the walking” scenarios.

We both knew about same sex flings on the swim team in high school but Allison never expressed an interest in that type of activity.

The condo her father rented in Cancun was a two story marvel with its own private pool and view of the Caribbean. It came fully equipped with maid service and cook.

We finished a delicious lunch and Allison claimed the top floor room for us. We were champing at the bit to get out and sunbath by the pool.

Neither of us was shy about undressing Betturkey Güncel Giriş in front of the other but Allison’s body had undergone some changes. Her breasts had grown to a full looking “B” or better and her hips and body in general was curvier. She was obviously weight training because her muscles showed a lot of definition.

What I failed to realize was the fact that my body had undergone a transformation as well.

“Wow, you’re looking pretty sexy.” Allison stated breathlessly.

“So are you!” I answered just as enthusiastically.

When our mutual admiration fest was over, we sprinted down to the pool and slathered tanning oil on our bodies. Allison’s mother appeared and said they were going into town to meet some friends for dinner. We were allowed to stay behind but not before her mother gave us a laundry list of instructions and rules.

I found it more than a little galling but Allison reminded me that “we weren’t in Kansas, Toto.”

With the privacy afforded by the pool, I suggested we go topless and much to my surprise, Allison whipped off her top. Her breasts rode high on her chest with broad nipples topped in the center by a pebble like bump.

For most of the afternoon, I stared at Allison’s sexy tits and she caught me a few times and admonished me with a fake scowl. Her response intrigued me and I wondered if she was bi curious as well.

It was close to dinner time when Allison’s cell phone rang. Her folks were staying in town and going on a party cruise. From the pool deck, I saw the cook looking out the kitchen window and covered up quickly.

We sat in the dimly lit dining room and shared a few glasses of wine. Allison chatted about her first semester at college and I related my experience. The cook announced she was leaving for the day and we were alone.

On the patio deck, we leisurely ate the delicious meal and drank more wine. My head was buzzing and my libido was in overdrive. Allison suggested we go back to the pool and with the sultry night air, the water was deeply refreshing.

Allison’s face had a mercurial look.

“Ever been with a girl? You know, like sexually?” She inquired nervously.

“Yeah.” Was all I managed to croak out of my throat.

Allison’s expression dissolved to one of extreme interest and maybe lust. Without saying a word, she stripped her bikini and was gloriously naked. I quickly followed suit and my pussy juiced with anticipation.

Allison’ splashed water at me and it was time for some horseplay. She jumped on my back and rode me around the pool. More splashing followed and she dove down in an attempt to swim thru my legs.

As Allison swam thru my legs, she slid a finger along my slobbering slit that made me jump in surprise. When she surfaced, she burst out laughing from the look on my face.

Not to be outdone, I tried the same maneuver with similar results. When I slowly rose to the surface, Allison had a hungry look and took me in her arms.

Allison gazed at me and I lost myself in her pale blue eyes. I was never more ready for an encounter with her. She kissed me with a tenderness that wobbled my knees.

“Perhaps we should go inside.” She stated in a sexy voice.

As she strode ahead of me, I pinched her cute ass making her jump. In the bedroom, I landed on top of her and we made out like two horny high school kids.

I kissed her head and neck, up one arm and down the next. I sensually tongued her upper chest and trailed wet kisses until I zeroed in on her beautiful breasts.

Because I wanted to savor every minute and make the pleasure last for Allison, I took my sweet old time and nipped at the distended stubs. She let out a loud and long moan as her body writhed in pleasure. Then, I tongue whipped them as she held my head and wailed her approval.

Finally, I sucked with childlike need and Allison writhed on the bed. She humped her pussy against my leg and was it ever wet. I told her to slow down and she did.

Finally, my gaze settled on her pussy and I felt a yearning like no other deep in my body. I kissed her gently on the lips, trying to protract the mood. When I pulled back, she was smiling at me. I bent my head for another kiss and this time it lasted longer.

Breaking the kiss, I told her to lean up against the headboard with her legs splayed and raise her butt so I could place a pillow underneath. Lying prone on the bed, I had a great view of her pussy.

The lips had separated and the pink inner folds glistened with moisture from humping my leg. Allison had a neatly trimmed strip of curly blonde pubes above her slit. I took a long time kissing and licking the insides of her legs up to her pussy.

As I nuzzled Allison’s bush with my nose, her aroma filled my nostrils. Placing kisses along the length of her sopping wet slit, she kept trying to hump my face.

A tiny trickle of fluid ran down from the bottom of her slice and disappeared in the crack of her ass.

“Oh God! Please eat me!” she wailed with need.

I decided Allison had waited long enough, so I flattened my tongue and ran it from the bottom of her slit to just below her clit, gathering her secretions on my tongue. I quickly swallowed the fluid and marveled at the taste. It was tart and slightly pungent but downright intoxicating.

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