The Teacher in the Tweed Jacket


The loud, shrill sound of the bell rang throughout the dark corridors of the all girls, 18+ school. A heavy sigh came from all the girls as they started to make their way towards their next lessons. All the girls that is, except for the fifteen girls headed towards English, taught by Mr. Smith. These girls stood out from the rest of the school. Whereas the other girls dragged their feet sulkily, and moodily traipsed towards Geography or History, Mr. Smith’s class skipped joyously down the hallway, racing to be the first in class, and get the best seats, right at the front. Their beaming smiles seemed to light up the dingy hallways, and their enthusiasm for class was contagious.

The class flooded through the door, and fought over the seats nearest to the front. The girls giggled excitedly as they took their seats, and settled into a quiet, excited silence as Mr. Smith entered. Just under six foot tall, he was skinny and confident, his mousy brown hair brushed to one side in a comb-over, and his thick rimmed spectacles perched precariously on the end of his nose. He entered the class and dropped his heavy stack of books onto his desk, before turning to his class. One or two of the girls nudged each other, and whispered as their teacher removed his long overcoat, keeping his brown tweed jacket on.

“Right class,” he began, “I will need this week’s assignment in. Hands up if you don’t have it.” He looked around. Everyone had done their homework, he didn’t know why he asked anymore, it was always done, and done very well. Then he noticed one very timid hand being slowly raised at the back of the class. It belonged to the quietest, most timid girl he’d ever taught. Her name was Susannah, and she never caused any problems. Mr. Smith had never had to tell her to be quiet, or ask her to stop masturbating in class like the other girls. She always completed her homework, and kept her knickers on in class. She was a model student, so the fact she hadn’t done her homework surprised him.

“Susannah, I’m going to have to talk to you after class I’m afraid.” She nodded in acknowledgement, and put her hand down; her pretty pale porcelain cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. But at least she would get to spend some time with Mr. Smith after class, all on her own! She had thought he was extremely sexy since the first day of term, and was always wet in his class. She couldn’t help herself, her pussy just started to gush fluids, and she would get hornier in his class than she was at any other time. She would ache to be filled with london escort Mr. Smith’s big hard cock all lesson, and sometimes it was too much for her, she had to finger herself there and then. But she wasn’t like the other girls who sat at the front of the class and spread their legs, then their lips in front of the teacher. No, she was more subtle, bringing herself to a fulfilling orgasm at the back of class, silently fingering her pussy, barely able to keep herself quiet.

Mr. Smith was worried about Susannah, how had his star pupil missed her homework? All year she hadn’t missed one, or made a single spelling mistake or grammatical error. He hoped there was nothing wrong, but he’d find out after class.

The lesson went smoothly, with just the normal distractions. He had to tell Lauren twice to put her knickers back on, and stop playing with herself, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The bell went again soon enough, signalling the end of class, and the end of the day. A few of the girls hung around, talking to Mr. Smith, playing with their hair and flirting outrageously. However Mr. Smith was too concerned about Susannah to pay them any attention. Eventually the girls left, and Mr. Smith was able to talk to Susannah on her own.

“Susannah, I’m worried about you. You’ve never missed a homework before. Is there a problem at home?” Susannah just looked sheepishly up at Mr. Smith, and didn’t say a word.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself? Not doing your homework is extremely naughty, I hope you realise this Susannah.” He said in his strictest, most teachery voice. Susannah nodded at him.

“Yes sir, I realise this. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I didn’t do it. I must have forgotten.” Mr. Smith’s face grew stony.

“Forgotten?” he asked, “Forgotten?! How could you forget your homework! I was hoping it was something else. I’m very disappointed in you Susannah.” Susannah looked down at her feet.

“Sorry sir.” She said. Mr. Smith suddenly grabbed her hair, and dragged her up from her desk, and across the room to his desk, shouting angrily at her.

“Sorry? You fucking will be!” he bent her over his desk, exposing her plump, peachy arse. He lifted her skirt and yanked her knickers down roughly. She could feel a cold breeze around her bare, naked bottom, the chill sending shivers of anticipation up along her spine. She was left lying on the desk, feeling exposed for a few minutes before she felt her teacher come up behind her again. He grabbed her hair tightly in his clenched Escort Dubai fist, and pulled her head back, making her arch her back and stick her bum out. He leaned in close, till she could feel his warm breath on the side of her head, just behind her ear, making her squirm.

“You’ve been very naughty Susannah. And you must be punished.” He whispered menacingly into her ear. “You must do as you’re told!” as he shouted the last word, she felt a sharp sting on her backside, making her gasp in a delightful mix of pain and pleasure. She couldn’t move her head around to see what she was being struck with as Mr. Smith still had a tight hold of her hair, but she could feel her arse getting hotter and hotter as she was spanked repeatedly. She gasped louder and louder as he hit her harder and harder. She could feel the bare flesh of her cheeks getting red. Then it stopped, just as suddenly as it started. She heard a zip undoing, and felt a hand stroke her wet pussy and sore arse cheeks. She shuddered involuntarily, her pussy getting wetter as she grew more excited. She could feel her stiff nipples rubbing on her shirt as she was pulled to her knees.

Mr. Smith had pulled his trousers down, and released his huge, throbbing cock. He was desperate to feel Susannah’s plump, delicious lips wrapped around his shaft, her warm wet tongue slowly licking him up and down. He pulled her to the floor, and ripped open her top, exposing her voluptuous breasts to the world. Roughly, he tweaked her nipples as he guided his throbbing cock into her open mouth. She sucked on him hungrily, tasting his salty pre-cum on her tongue, licking around his head as he grabbed her hair and fucked her head. She pulled him out of her mouth, and licked up and down his shaft, then started sucking his balls as she wanked him with her soft hands. He moaned loudly as she gave him the best blow-job of his life. Her mouth was soft and wet and warm on his rock hard cock. She looked innocently up at him as his cock went in and out of her mouth, while he tweaked her hard nipples.

Mr. Smith managed to pull his cock out, and drag Susannah roughly to her feet. He turned her around and bent her back over his desk, and spread her legs and her lips. She gasped as he entered her, her tight, wet pussy barely managing to take him at all. It was almost painful as he forced his cock into her, but she loved it. She couldn’t stop herself from crying out loudly, ecstatically. Mr. Smith reached around and cupped her right tit as she played with her clit. He tweaked her independent escort girls nipples whilst she played with his balls whenever they came into contact with her masturbating fingers. Her head was going blank with orgasmic pleasure, she couldn’t think, could barely breathe. All she could think of was Mr. Smith’s giant cock in her tight, wet fuck hole, and his strong firm grip around her throat. He was fucking her as hard as he could now, ramming his solid dick as deep inside her as he could, as fast as he could, as hard as he could.

He kept hold of her throat, and leant over her, to whisper in her ear. “Ready for your punishment?” she looked at him confusedly as he withdrew his cock, much to her disappointment.

She heard him spit on his hand, and felt something warm and wet at her virgin arsehole. She gasped, she’d never had anything in there before! How would it feel? Mr. Smith grabbed a handful of her hair, and she could feel his cock nuzzling at her tightest hole. He started to push it in, meeting firm resistance at first, but after a few pushes she relaxed and he was able to get the head of his cock in. She gasped loudly in shock — it felt even bigger in there! She didn’t realise his cock could feel any bigger or even more satisfying, but it did. She reached a hand under her body and played with her pussy as Mr. Smith fucked her tight, virgin arsehole. At first he moved in and out slowly, giving her a massive head rush every time he thrust home, but as she grew more and more relaxed he was able to fuck her harder, soon he was able to thrust his cock into her with ease, like a sex knife through her butter. At first she was apprehensive — a cock wasn’t supposed to go in her arse, was it? But now she knew the answer was yes, a definite yes. She was screaming with unbridled, orgasmic ecstasy. Her head was swimming and she couldn’t see. Her fingers were knuckle deep inside her pussy as Mr. Smith was balls deep in her arsehole. She screamed as she came all over her fingers and his cock.

He thrust into her twitching, tightening arse a couple more times, then pulled out of her, and forced her back to her knees again. He wanked himself as she sucked at his balls, till he came, shooting great big jets of his boiling hot cum over her face, covering her in his sticky mess. She smiled as he shot her, and started licking it off her face, and off his cock.

They both stayed still for a few minutes, panting heavily after there exertions. Susannah stood up, her face red and flushed with her subsiding orgasm, and all the effort she used earning it. Mr. Smith smiled at her.

“Now, Susannah, I hope you’ve learnt your lesson. Will you please bring me your homework tomorrow?” Susannah nodded an obedient ‘yes’, but the wicked gleam in her eyes said ‘no’.

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