The Trojan Horse Wore Hightops Ch. 02


By Jess Faulks

“I fucked my own Mother.”

Sunnie laid on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and blinking the sleep from her eyes but the view refused to change: Kimberley Carlyle’s Crate and Barrel-catalog living room in Memphis, Tennessee.

The details were different now. Kim had hardly made a dent in the mess before they fucked on that very spot but now the room was clean. Night had fallen outside and the storm had passed. How long had she been asleep? When did that happen? She didn’t remember much past the unprotected and tsunami-like nutting in vagina of her conception and how amazing it was.

The thought and the twitch that followed reminded her that her cock was still very much erect, stuck to bottom of her bare breast with the dried remnants of semen. It had been a while. The label on the Viagra had said to call a Doctor if an erection lasted for more than four hours. Maybe it went away in her sleep and came back? She needed to find a clock. And Kim. Her mother.

Whom she had fucked.

The whole thing sat in her stomach like rancid, prison food. Sure, that had been the plan all along but Sunnie expected to hate-fuck the villain she’d built up in her mind: a selfish, size-queen slut that ruined her life with bad decisions. Kim was going to get caught cheating and left by her husband, knocked up by her daughter and the video of it was going to blow up the internet.

Recalling that plan, which she’d graphicly detailed in comic book form, spread regret beyond her stomach. The woman she’d blame all her problems on, came from a background just as tragic and miserable as hers. The difference was Kim turned out to be wonderful. The kind of mother she’d be lucky to have in her life and probably could have, if she’d kept her dick in her pants for ten more seconds.

Now, at best she might find herself with a girlfriend and secret to carry to her grave and that thought wasn’t as gross as it should have been. Kim was her biological mother but she was also amazing.

Sunnie pushed the blanket aside, revealing she was still naked but her clothes were all within reach, folded up beside her. She grabbed her long, boxer briefs out of her jeans and stepped into them, then pulled her tee shirt over her chest and upright cock. Just enough to be decent in a strange house.

Noises from the kitchen told her where to find her and she started towards it only to stop in the hallway and look back: the living room was immaculate. A true crime scene cleanup. Moms were good at that, weren’t they? Scanning the room, she caught the glint of her phone’s screen, still propped up in the bookshelf.

She checked that all was clear before rushing over to grab it. The phone was hot but still recording, now up at her face and had been running for nearly two hours. She hit Stop and the video took a moment to process, nervously checking over her shoulder again. Still clear.

She shouldn’t have taken the video but she had. Now she couldn’t help but to scroll back, closer to the beginning. The angle was almost perfect and the lighting sufficient to see everything. The titfucking. The oral. The moment Kim climbed on her dick. This wasn’t helping her erection, straining against her waistband so she turned it off and set it on the coffee table. Her secret video had been a success, even if now only for her own, private wanking. With the phone secure, she headed to the kitchen.

She hadn’t been this deep in the house yet and there was so much more than she saw from the front but spotting Kim in the kitchen removed all interest in anything else. Her back was to her and she was naked, but for a pair of house slippers and an XXXL apron mostly covering her front. She’d showered, washed her hair and shaved her legs.

Kim was adding spaghetti to a boiling pot of water before she reached over the oven timer, her free hand lifting her breasts to keep them from dipping into the water or the saucepan behind it. Sunnie had never considered how dangerous a range top might be for either of them.

Digital tones chimed with each button press and the big, blue letters counted down from 12:00. In the reflection of the microwave, Kim spotted her.

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead.”

Sunnie’s jaw opened with her lips sealed shut. “Mmmm…” It started to slip out without thinking. She could never call her that. Why did she want to? “Mmmmmaking dinner?”

Kim smiled. “I am. I thought about waking you up after I finished cleaning. I was going to see if you wanted to join me in the shower but seeing you sleep through all that racket, I figured you needed the rest.”

She wasn’t turning away from the task at hand but kept her upright back to Sunnie, giving her an eyeful of a strong, overworked back with familiar dents in her shoulders from bra straps.

Her back was beautiful but the real prize was her ass. She obviously spent a little too much time sitting on it but her curves were shapely and thick, a fat peach waiting to be devoured.

When her eyes eryaman anal yapan escort found Kim’s again, they were mischievous and knowing. “I’m not turning around.”

“Fine by me,” Sunnie said and walked over, mashing her mother hips-first into the counter.

Hungry hands pushed behind that apron, reaching to grope her massive breasts while her face dove in to kiss the nape of her neck. She inhaled deeply the scent of floral essence from her body wash and shampoo. Kim’s skin was still hot and flush, like it hadn’t been long since the bath or shower. Every inch of her must be clean, which made her brewing, filthy ideas that much more achievable. Her high school Dad may’ve been a great guy but she bet he never ate Mom’s asshole like she was about to.

She kissed and pulled, squeezing and groping to delighted moans but Kim’s hands clutched the edge of the countertop, seeking for the moment, only to take and not give. For all she’d been through, she deserved it and Sunnie had a lot to give.

“Don’t let me forget to stir the pasta,” Kim purred with a chuckle.

Sunnie dragged herself down Kim’s back, pressing tightly enough to drag up her shirt and half-free her erection. Squatting, she pushed up and in, mashing her breasts to the back of her thighs and sliding hands up calves now marble smooth. She had never smelled another human up close that was so clean and fresh.

On the couch, she had barely gotten a glimpse below the waist for all the mashed together tits in the way. Down between her mother’s legs, she was staring down the folds through which her entire body had once passed and more recently, her dick. It was beautiful and perfect, a calm sea she couldn’t help but try to imagine in a terrible storm, her ugly, bald, baby head crowning through, covered in strawberry jelly.

How Sunnie had not ruined her amazing body the moment she was pushed, screaming into this world was one of nature’s great mysteries. Folds were swollen and parted with visible wetness, in case she didn’t know she was ready to go again. Above, Kim quivered, feeling the teasing tickle of Sunnie’s breath on her.

Hands slid up smooth thighs to part thick, ass cheeks and present her forbidden treasure: the dry, crumpled pucker of her asshole, a beautiful bystander to the previous debauchery. She almost went straight for it but her nose stopped at touching her cheek.

Keep it clean, Sunnie. At least to start. Warm her up. Melt her down. Drive her crazy first and she might let you get freaky with her ass. Fingers, then tongue. Then maybe…

Sunnie shivered in excitement, imagining such a thing was possible and she scrambled her feet out from a squat to sit, spread beneath and behind Kim. She leaned her head back and mashed her mouth to her folds, meeting with hungry lips and an aggressive licking. Her rational mind told her to tease and taunt, to build her up and draw her out until she was desperate for release but her lustful need demanded she attack and devour.

Her head mashed in and her tongue pushed deep inside her until it was straining, seeking response from her body and voice. The sooner Kim was cumming, the sooner they’d be fucking her again.

The cry Kim released at her touch was alarming, sounding more like she burned herself on the range top than had her pussy eaten but the way she tensed and pressed back against her face assured her that was not the case.

Her posture changed to lean over the counter, breasts pooling out, dangerously close to where she’d been preparing dinner. Sunnie’s hands on her ass pushed up, helping support her and pull her back enough to properly bury her face.

“Oh my God, Sunnie. You’re amazing,” Kim groaned, her body pouring over her. Her sounds were pure fuel to her fire.

A life as a rejected foster, orphan and inmate had been short on praise but in the last few hours, she’d grown desperate for the approval of this woman who she foolishly sought out for revenge. She was the amazing one and she made Sunnie want to be amazing too.

“Anything for you,” she said, muffled by flesh and wetness and thank God for that. It was the single, cheesiest thing she’d ever said. It just slipped out and Kim had surely heard. “I’ll do anything.” It was enough of a bandaid. Any deviance. Any sex act. Hopefully she would hear that.

“Me too,” Kim said with the release of a prolonged, straining groan, gripping the counter above her. The words were at once reassurance and permission. Time to push things.

She squeezed her ass once more before moving a hand close, to help her tongue and mouth worship her. They traced and tugged with care before drawing tiny spirals at her folds, easing them apart and probing at her profound wetness. With Kim’s every move approving of her, she slipped two fingers in as a gentle hook, creeping up to meet her tongue’s attention from behind. The trembling cry of delight that followed was pure encouragement.

Buried to the knuckle, they twisted and cebeci escort rolled, bringing her hand upright, in a loaded finger gun. Her thumb grazed the delicate, darkened flesh of her crack first, then again, closer, like a failing game of Operation. Her thumbnail was the first thing to actually touch the clenched muscle of her asshole and she gave a moment for Kim to react before pressing in with the whole pad.

She pushed her mouth harder against her, her lapping relentless and a hopeful diversion. She said nothing but her quivers and moans told her to keep going.

“Don’t forget to stir!”

Kim was shaking as she nodded, obliging somewhere above her.

Her tongue threatened to cramp and her neck bent to an extreme, squatting behind the bent-over Kim. She needed to be closer still so she pulled away, falling back to her rump and wriggling free of underwear that was only half-hiding her tight scrotum. She gave her neglected and now painful erection a few reassuring strokes before spinning around and sliding under her, back first until her spine was against the kitchen cabinets.

Hands gripped her cheeks again and she pushed her head back between her legs, closer and easier now, resuming the deliberate lavishing of attention to her sex. She heard the difference. Kim was loving it. Her wet fingers did not return, instead creeping in, back to her puckered prize.

Sunnie was seated awkwardly against cabinet and any glance up a reminder she was in the full shadow of an apron, struggling to contain those massive breasts, forming a canopy over her and the countertop. There was no way to see Kim’s face from down here and it was strangely disconnected.

“Don’t stop, baby. I’m so close.”

Sunnie jammed her face into her crotch again, realizing her mind had wandered for a moment but she was going to put her everything into making sure Kim would get there.

“You make my dick so hard when you call me ‘baby.'” She grunted, half into her wet sex, lashing with her tongue over her clit and transferring the vibration of her lips to her folds. She pressed in until she couldn’t get any closer, hearing the escalation of ecstasy above. Her finger crept up until it landed on the hard muscle of her asshole, rubbing and testing, tracing that tiny circle. She was still squealing and not stopping Sunnie.

Kim tensed, a long grunt escaping held breath while Sunnie applied pressure enough to sink in the first, slick knuckle while her mouth moved faster, cramped but belligerent until her mother finally gushed out her relief, a groan so bellowing it was almost masculine. Her tense body faltered on weak knees, pushing Sunnie deeper.

“I want you inside me,” Kim panted, leaning forward over the counter, held up by her elbows and ballooning out her chest awkwardly.

Sunnie scrambled to her feet, using her mother to help pull herself to stand behind her. She used her clean hand to guide her freakish log of a dick against Kim’s dewy, flush sex and eased herself in, watching transfixed as she stretched to accommodate. How much bigger had her whole body been, nineteen years ago?

She started back and forth, with Kim staying bent over, bracing herself with a long, swelling groan. Her hands began over her ass, tracing out to the curve of her hip, then up her side to feel the breast she was making quake with her thrusts. Fingers traced down her spine, slow and teasing.

“You’re fucking amazing, Kim.”

“You’re fucking amazing!”

Fingers slipped into the softness of her rump and pulled it apart, stealing another glimpse of her pucker and her dirty hand returned. She pushed herself deeper again in the divine, clutching depths of her mother, drinking in the straining, pleasured cries that followed. Her hips lingered in deep, holding so much of her length within her before she drew back and thrust again, this time pushing the finger in her ass, a gasp from Kim acknowledging her.

She pulled her cock out to the head, looking down at the wetness of her length like a dipstick. With grinding hips, she mashed her tip around, slipping in and out, watching how she spread every time and how her body held her when she pulled away, not wanting to let her go.

“Hnnnnghhh!” Kim made more of a grunt than a groan now and Sunnie’s index finger buried to the knuckle now, twisting around inside her. She wasn’t saying no yet and Sunnie sunk herself into her mother again, watching inch after inch disappear until her own breasts were blocking the view. She started to fuck her again, harder now.

As her eager body pushed Kim against the counter top, Sunnie’s clean hand snapped forward and grabbed her mother’s forehead, seeing her close to a hanging paper towel roll.

“Watch out,” she warned and made sure she was clear before picking up her pace again.

She fucked fast and deep, delighting in the sensation and view but beneath her teenage urges, she was still scheming. A second, wet finger circled and prodded, before pushing in. pursaklar escort She could hear the strain in Kim’s groaning but not in protest. It was working.

“So full!” Kim groaned. “Dirty girl!”

“I want to do something dirtier.”

“I told you: anything you want. Be careful. And stir the pasta first.”

Holy shit. This was actually going to happen. She grabbed the wooden spoon and gave the pot an impatient stir, splashing water on the range with a hiss. A smaller splash followed when she set it down.

Eager eyes scanned over the counter and landed on a bottle of olive oil Kim had been cooking with. She took it by the neck with her clean hand and hurriedly removed the cap.

Sunnie drew her hips back and poured the oil, drizzling over the top of Kim’s rump. Gravity took care of the rest. Some oil dripped on the floor beneath them, to deal with later. Probing fingers worked in, lining her inner ring while she backed up enough to pull her dick out of her mother’s clenching sex. She drenched it in more oil, then hastily jockeyed herself into position.

Fingers gripped her own girth, reaching only two-thirds around it. She dragged along the crease of her crack, scooping viscous liquid until she brought her cock against her penetrating fingers.

Pressure applied to her parted ring, transferring gradually from digit to thick appendage. Her bulbous tip dwarfed those two fingers but she had to keep her wedged open and she eased them out as her hips pushed harder. Fully switched out, she sank slowly forward, penetrating her impossible tightness.

“Wait!” Kim held up her hand, panting hard. Her cock was pinned and squeezed tight, like the times she’d tried to use a normal sized condom except much stronger. She looked down and gasped at the spectacle: the tip of her dick now out of sight, buried past the clenching threshold of Kim’s distended asshole.

Her clean hand reached out for Kim’s sex, fingers finding her again, coaxing her with a more familiar pleasure.

“You can do a little more, baby.”

Her body gripped almost painfully but the oil made it easier and ever so carefully, she sunk deeper.

“Okay, okay.”

She couldn’t stop staring. So much was still outside but she was having anal sex after years of fantasizing about it. And with the most perfect lover she’d know. Was there nothing Kim couldn’t do better than anyone else? Did this even count for incest?

Sunnie started to rock her hips in a gentle wave, back and forth, drawing up and thrusting down, minding her depth. Her clean hand was relentless in it’s distraction, fingering furiously.

Kim’s groans were low, straining and guttural, with an intensity she didn’t have before. She whipped her head to see Sunnie over her shoulder, eyes wide and almost feral. Teeth gritted before unclenching another, deep groan. Her gaze was the only thing that could steal Sunnie’s attention away from the oily intersection of flesh. She was amazing. So beautiful. So tight. Oh God, she was cumming! She hadn’t noticed it creep up so suddenly.

“Fuck!” she cringed as she pushed once more before her knees buckled. Her attention dropped again to her throbbing, half-exposed cock as she shot another thick load of semen into her mother. Flat on Kim’s back, her hands slid up until Sunnie was folded over her completely, panting, exhausted and delirious as her orgasm passed.

Only in the bliss that followed did she realize she was groaning just as loud as Kim. She was desperate for breath. With her racing pulse past it’s apex, she opened her eyes, seeing only skin, feeling flesh in every direction with her fingers. She was embarrassed to have cum so fast but beneath her, her mother was strong and supportive.

“Oh my God, I fucking love you.” Words just fell out. A casual thing people her age said to each other when enamored. Just an expression, right? People said that all the time when they didn’t mean it. How would she even know? No internal excuse quenched the inferno of her sudden, sweating blush, her forehead burning against Kim’s back.

Panting hard but suddenly self-conscious, Sunnie moved her face from flesh to bury in Kim’s tossed-about hair. With her cock still buried in her ass, Kim said nothing.

The oven timer chimed, a drawn-out and loud digital tone. The spaghetti was done.

* * *

Sunnie remembered to lower the seat then flushed the toilet but her dick was still hanging out when she stepped in front of the mirror. She’d never been so relieved to see it limp. Four viagras was just one in a long string of terrible ideas that had led her here. Thankfully, they didn’t put her in the hospital. She tucked back into her pants and fed it down one thigh before zipping up and checking herself in the mirror.

“Shit.” There was marinara sauce on her shirt. She ran the sink to wash her hands, and dabbed the spot with a hand towel.

Kim had let the ‘I love you’ slide as if she’d not heard and the rush to keep the food from overcooking had distracted them both.

Sunnie had pulled out with care and uncorked a small mess that her mother was for a moment, entirely too casual about, drooling down her inner thighs and spilling on the floor as she tended to dinner first, draining the spaghetti and minding the puddle.

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