The Warehouse Tour


After my first post I received several requests elaborating on some of the details while I worked at the ‘warehouse’. I have tried to do that in this article.

I have recently started a new job, in a part time capacity, for I no longer want to work full days. The position is a menial clerical nature, in a very blue collar environment, where only two of us work in the office and several times a day people come in to buy electrical things from the store.

The store, a mish-mash of thousands of parts is through a door in our tiny office. Behind it is a large warehouse, with thousands more parts. My co-worker, P, is very rough. She is extremely heavy, eats donuts all the time and speaks like a gutter rat. Deep down, however, she seems nice, just negative.

I had my first experience with the new protocol at work, this morning. About 10:30 someone came in to the store, and P said that she would deal with him. I said OK and she asked if I was interested in helping her? I said I wasn’t sure and she went into the store.

A few minutes later I saw her on the TV monitor, leading the man out the back of the store, presumably to the warehouse. A second later she popped her head into our office and told me to ‘come on’. So I smiled at the guy and followed him and P through the aisles to the back where a couch, table and chair sat. Presumably this was a health and safety requirement, as there was a large medical box on the wall.

P introduced me and said that I was new and was interested in perhaps learning about the ‘service’. The guy said it would be OK and she motioned him to sit in the chair. He did and I sat on the couch. She knelt in front to of him and unzipped his jeans. It felt a little weird as she took his penis out and began to jerk it. The guy kept staring at me the whole time. P was looking at him and started to talk about me, asking him if he thought I had great tits?”

She asked him if he wanted to see them and as soon as he said yes she turned around and asked me to expose myself. I was wearing a tight green top so the only way to show him was to take it off, which I did. I was sitting in my bra and jeans, not sure how to proceed.

He seemed to like it and smiled. P said it was working (I guess he was getting stiffer) and told me to take my bra off. I hesitated a minute and unclasped it, setting my girls free. I cupped them for a few seconds but then let my arms fall down, exposing myself to him.

It was actually quite exciting and I played with my nipples a little. P asked him if he wanted her to suck him and he said yes. I watched her lower her head over him and a then she stopped. She asked him if he wanted me to help. The guy immediately said yes and she said that would be $125 altogether. The guy said OK. Of course no one asked me if I was OK with it?

So she turned to me and motioned me over. I watched her put a condom on him and I knelt down and put my hand around his cock and jerked him into her mouth. A second later I felt his hand on my breast and he squeezed it really hard. He pinched my nipple and I thought it was going to fall off. Suddenly he came and she stayed on him and sucked hard. He finally released his grip and we quickly dressed and were about to leave.

P told me to wait a minute so I did, while she left with the guy. She came back a few minutes later and said he really enjoyed that. She held out some money for me to take. I was about to grab it when tecavüz porno she unzipped her jeans and said smilingly, that I would have to earn it. I think the entire ordeal, of including me, excited her.

Once her jeans were unzipped she sat in her chair, while I stared at her hairy bush. I knew what to do and thank goodness I am bi sexual (sometimes I am too bi sexual). I knelt down and leaned in tasting and licking her vagina. She came instantly and smiled. She handed me $75 and we went back to work. The whole event did not last more than half an hour.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about what had happened. I probably don’t think I will get involved, because it is a lot effort for $75 dollars, or only $50 for a hand job (is that two words?) I can make more sitting in my house in front of my laptop, and there, I get off as often as I want. This seems tedious and there is always risk.

The next day P was in before me which is a rarity. She asked me if I had thought any more about yesterday and I told her I had thought of little else. She explained that it happened six or seven times a week and she really needed the money. I listened and said that I thought her fees were way, too low.

She said that with her overweight body, that was all she could charge, but with the way I looked and my beautiful titties, I would be able to double the amount. Didn’t tell her that I have been working at a massage parlour in Markham for the past 30+ years (only once a month, on average), so that I had a pretty good idea of what was expected. I also did not mention about my six years of dancing when I was young, where hand and mouth jobs were an expected part of lap dancing.

She said that she had her regulars, but any newcomers would be mine, if I wanted them. We continued with our work, but the thought was in the foreground of my mind. About an hour later we heard the buzzer and looked at the monitor, seeing a man enter the store. P said to ‘go for it’, so I walked through the door and into the store.

He was in his mid-fifties with quite a tummy and very hairy arms. He asked if P was in and I said she was, but asked if I could help. He stared at me and then at my chest and asked if I knew my way around the warehouse? I said I did and asked what he was looking for. He said P usually knew what he needed.

I picked up on all the innuendos and said that I was familiar with the warehouse; however, I told him that we have had a price increase. He asked how much and I asked what he was looking for. He said simply lending a hand, was all he needed. I explained that a helping hand would be $80 and he said that was fine. I asked for it in advance and after the money was in a safe place I led him through the rear store door into the warehouse.

It was not his first time there, as he knew exactly where to go. He stood in front of the couch and began to undo his belt. His jeans were next and they fell to the floor. I could barely make out his briefs, with all his tummy fat hanging over them.

I have always had a thing for large, older, very hairy men. I know this is a turn off for many women, but the thought of being taken by a big, brutish beast, as he turns me around and has his way with me, has always been a turn on for me.

He slowly pushed his underpants down, exposing his short, but thick penis, which was surrounded by a forest of dense, black hair. I looked 18 porno at it and then at him and motioned for him to sit down. He did and I dropped to my knees, reaching forward and placing my hand on his manhood.

He moaned slightly, as I started to massage him. I could feel him grow, against the palm of my hand. He told me I had ‘nice tits’ and I said that for $30 he could see them. He agreed and I stood and slowly took my top off, exposing my bra. He stared intensely and I asked him if he liked ‘tits’. He replied with, “Yours, I sure do.”

I smiled and unclasped my bra, placing it in the table. I let me girls hang free and he simply stared. All he could say was, “Amazing.” I smiled, being quite flattered and instead of dropping back to my knees, I sat on the couch beside him. I reached over and touched him again. Now he was quite hard and I knew how to play him. I jerked him back and forth and I heard him moan. I told him it was OK to feel my ‘tits’ and he clumsily placed one of his hands on my breast and kneaded it like you would cookie dough.

It wasn’t long until I felt his stomach muscles tighten and his thigh pushed out. I spoke him through it, saying that I wanted his cock to spit all over my tits. He moaned and I leaned forward, ready to catch his cum withy my breasts. To my surprise he shot a very large load and it covered both my breasts. I milked him slowly and smiled when he relaxed his body.

I cleaned him up and took the remainder of his money. I waited while he quickly dressed and walked him out again. He said that he really enjoyed it and would be back. I told him I would look forward to it.

When I returned, P asked how it went and I said it was good. She asked how much I had asked for and was shocked that he paid it. “Of course, if I had your tits and ass, I would charge more as well,” she said, flatteringly. We went back to work until later that afternoon, when another person came into the store (there had been a few in between, but only to buy parts).

P said that she would introduce me to the new customer. “He has been coming in for years,” she explained. I followed her into the store and saw a tall, very black, man. He was bald and maybe in his late forties. P introduced me and we said hello. She explained that I was new and asked him if he wanted to ‘try me’. He smiled and nodded and P motioned for him to follow me.

I led him to the back and he asked my name. I made up something and when we got to the couch I asked what he wanted. He said he would really like to feel my lips on his cock. I told him that could be arranged, but said that I was not as cheap as P. He asked how much and I said for a complete oral it would be $120. He asked how much for me to take my top off and I replied $30. Then he asked about my jeans. How much would that cost? I said another $20, but if he wanted to feel me it would be another $40. He thought about it, reached for his wallet and gave me $210.

We both began to take off our clothes at the same time. He said he wanted to help me, so I let him remove my bra and slide my jeans down. He knelt down and slowly moved my panties, exposing my total nakedness. It was the first time I have done this here. I watched as he removed his shirt and showed of a very muscular chest. Next came his jeans and his white underpants stood out brightly against his dark skin.

I dropped to my knees and held my head against konulu porno the fabric, feeling his member beneath. I could feel it twinge a little as my cheek touched it and I slowly removed his briefs exposing the largest penis I have ever seen. I must have shown my surprise because he asked me if I liked it. “What’s not to like?” I replied.”

He told me to suck it and I went to my purse to get some protection. He laughed and said that it would never fit. He had brought his own and handed me a package, which no doubt, were extra-large. I took his member in my hand and massaged it. It must have been seven or eight inches soft and when it grew it was at least nine, if not larger.

It was not only huge, but extremely hard. I looked as the shiny, black head stared back at me. I leaned in and opened my mouth and thought he was going to rip the corners. I felt him pump me hard and his cock was as rigid as a steel pipe.

I removed my mouth and masturbated him and he reached down to touch my breasts. He told me how ‘lovely’ my ‘tits’ were (I think it turns men on to use words like ‘tits ‘and ‘cunt’, etc.) and I felt him squeeze me. He sat on the couch and told me to sit beside him. I did and I felt his hand between my legs.

His big, black finger slid into my wet pussy and he began to push it in and out. I masturbated him and he moaned. I was so close that I came without warning. He laughed as I continued to jerk his rock hard boner.

He asked me how much more I wanted to let him fuck me and I explained that it was not an option. He didn’t push it, other than telling me how much I would love his cock inside me. I silently agreed, fantasizing about feeling it.

He suggested I lay flat on the couch and I did. I watched him take the rubber from my hand and roll it onto his penis. He turned around and mounted me in a 69 position. I lay with my legs open and felt him lower himself onto me. I could feel his mouth on my wet pussy and saw his giant tool pointing straight down over my mouth.

A second later he pushed down and began to fuck my face. Slowly at first, and then faster. I could feel him tense as he continued to eat me. I thought I was going to choke and gagged several times while he continued to thrust his cock into my mouth. I was so turned on by his lips, hungrily eating me that I was ready to explode. I did not hold back and as I came I felt my juices flow into his mouth.

It was enough for him and he also exploded. I could feel his cum shoot from his cock into the condom as he pushed it deep down my throat. I gagged again and felt some vomit, but he continued to thrust. Finally he relaxed and rolled off me. I lay still for a minute, feeling the soreness in my mouth. My pussy felt tingly and I rubbed it a little. We dressed and I walked him back to the front. He was very grateful and hoped he could see me again. I smiled and walked back to get my purse.

I was just about to leave when I heard a noise. I looked over and saw P sitting on a chair, behind some boxes. Her dress was hiked up and her panties were gone. She was fingering her bush. I asked how long she had been there and she said from the beginning. She said she really enjoyed watching and hoped I was OK with it. I didn’t mind and she asked if I wanted to finish her.

I walked to where she sat and dropped to my knees. I dove in and licked her soggy puss until she came. I thought her thighs were going to crush my face, but her love juice flowed freely into my mouth. We stood and walked back to our office and went to work. My mind was, of course, on the giant black cock, that only moments earlier, had orgasmed into my mouth. How could I concentrate on filing? I wondered what tomorrow would bring.

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