Thighs Wide Open Ch. 03

Big Tits

Three weeks had been a long time for Gary not to see nor hear anything from Dana, the dishy girl he’d lost his virginity with. It was also her first and as far as Gary was concerned the experience was both fantastic for them. Gary didn’t want to conclude this as a great one-night stand. He wanted her to be his girl so he sought her every now and then at the park where they first met. Sadly there had been not a trace of her. He had called her also on her cell phone several times but there was no answer. What remained of her were the photographs and the video he took of her and what good could they do if you couldn’t talk to her or make love to her again.

On the other hand, Gary had more luck after that event with Dana. More people admired his artwork– stuffs he made out of trash cardboard boxes and through word of mouth many came to check out his works until he had a deluge of job orders. His popularity was also increased on account of the publicity he had in a community magazine. A gallery owner offered him to do an exhibit for his gallery and as luck continued to shine on him, a wealthy woman volunteered as his patron to finance his exhibit. He accepted it and now he had enough money to embark on in his new ideas and he could even buy that old Chevy cargo van being offered in the auction. It was unbelievably cheap. But all of these are nothing compared to being with Dana. He missed her terribly he could cry.

Gary considered to drop out his school subjects because he needed much time to do his loads of work. He would only retain photography among his school subjects because the knowledge would come in handy when he put up his own studio. People who knew him had often told him that he was a good photographer and that he ought to make a business out of it. Gary was a young, smart fellow learning his craft and business rather fast.

One day Gary got home and found a folded note slipped under the door of his apartment. To his big surprise, the note came from Dana. It read,

Hi Gary,

Since you’re not at home yet when I came, I’ll be back six p.m. Hope you’re around.

(A lipstick smudge)

I miss you,

Dana Scruer

Gary felt his heart like a piece of china that dropped on the floor and shattered into a hundred tiny pieces. Now he had about one and half hour to clean up some mess in his apartment and get himself ready.

But since Gary was a tidy person not much was to be cleaned up and he just changed the bed sheet and pillows for fresh ones. He did one hundred push ups and sit-ups to pump up his adrenaline and then took a shower. After drying himself, he splashed Gio after shave and wore a tight V-neck heather gray T-shirt and khaki pants.

He went to the kitchen and checked the foodstuffs he had in the fridge. All he had were Coke in cans and tuna casserole which he cooked for lunch. Not much was left and it was good only for one person. So he thought he’d better run to the nearby convenient store to pick some stuffs to prepare for dinner since he still had about half an hour before she’d show up. He slipped on his Hush Puppies shoes and threw his brown suede jacket on and headed out for the door.

Soon as he had gotten out of the door, a cab pulled in front of his apartment and Dana was in there grinning hard at him. After she paid the cab driver, Gary opened the cab’s door and she swung out, flashing a generous expanse of thighs and a provocative peek of panties under a frilly, floral print flouncing short skirt. Gary felt a pleasant buzz of anticipation. She carried two bags, one in each hand, a shopping bag and another filled with some grocery items. A shoulder bag was slung on her shoulder. So Gary helped her out with the two the bags and immediately she clinched her body to him, her alluring perfume letting him know her presence. She clung her arms around him, crushing her puffy breasts against him and their lips touched, eyelashes and noses rubbing back and forth. It was a sweet kiss filled with overflowing joy. She felt his heart pounded against her and she quickly melted into him. They exchanged ‘I missed you glances’ but not a word slipped out from their mouths. Perhaps the long time they hadn’t seen each other proved to be too exciting. When she pulled apart from him, he scanned her from head to toe. She was dressed prettily in a close-fitting, white midriff, zip-up front cable knit sweater featuring a contrasting color stripe running from the shoulder to the sleeves. It showed off a tantalizing cleavage as well a flat tummy circled by a golden chain over the low-slung, short skirt. Her shapely legs were shod in fringed top, soft brown suede boots.

“Dana…” he heard his voice finally, “Come inside.”

She wrinkled her cute nose followed by a dimpled grin and replied, “You’re the one who’s going to come inside me. Plenty as I expect ‘cos I’m all so hungry for you.”

A smug smile creased Gary’s face as he pushed the door open and she strode inside. He watched her ass swayed so sexily and he was on fire. After closing the door, she giggled her way to the sofa. He caught kocaeli escort up with her throwing themselves on the sofa with her falling on his lap. She twisted her body to him with arms flinging around his neck and his hands– one sliding around her shoulder and the other skimming her hip side over to her butt, feeling the tulle texture of her panties under the bunched up frilly soft skirt. She collapsed herself on the sofa drawing his face close to hers.

“Can’t tell how I missed you, Dana,” he said, his eyes sweeping over her stunningly lovely face and the delicious cleavage peeking through the half-opened zip up sweater. “I miss you too, Gary,” she replied.

He kissed her nose, cheek and then her lips. His lips were warm and soft, irresistible, breaking her down second by second into that vortex of sexual craving. He smelled so good, warm and solid, that she couldn’t help but think that nothing should feel this good. He kissed her slowly, so softly and deeply—the way she liked to be kissed. When he stroked her inner thighs, her legs flew open and there in between, his hand caressed her throbbing pussy that already damped her sheer panties.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped writhing at the touch of his fingers locating her nub of desire. He sneaked his middle finger under the crotch panel and immediately dug into her wet warm love tunnel. At this moment, her cell phone rang which was in her skirt pocket. She fished the phone out of her pocket, flipped it open and brought it to her ear.

“Hmmm, yeah…I’m here now in Gary’s place. Yeah, he’s here showering me with hungry kisses,” she said half-closing her eyes, savoring Gary roving lips.

“How come you never answered my call,” Gary whispered in her ear interrupting her conversation and circling his wet finger over hardening clit.

“Oh, this phone is not mine. Mine dropped in the water and got ruined. I’m talking to the owner– my friend,” she said humping up his finger that dug inside her again. Gary felt a tinge of jealousy thinking that it must be another guy.

“She said hi to you, her name is Daisy, ” Dana said quivering and put the phone to his ear. “Oh, hi Daisy…Fine…ahh…” his voice trailed off, couldn’t finish the damn sentence as Dana began groping him.

“Hmmm, Tarzan is already big and hard,” Dana said rubbing him back and forth in his pants.

“Is there any one else there? I heard you called a name,” Daisy said as Dana put the phone back to her ear.

“Tarzan?” That’s Gary’s trouser mouse getting alive and I love to feel it.”

“So ah…um…tell me more is it big?” Daisy asked.

“Oh God, anything larger than this and I would run away. This is the right size, baby, fits me snugly,” Dana said.

“What’s Gary doing now? And where are the two of you snoggling about?” Daisy asked.

“On the couch. Oh Daisy, he just unzipped my sweater, kissing my boobs, palming them with his hands… Ah, I don’t know how he got off my bra. Now my boobs were all out… He’s…he’s… Ohhh….he’s pressing them together like one and sucking my nipples as if there’s milk in them.”

“Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that’s pretty damn arousing, don’t hang up Dana, please, go on…” Daisy said with panting breath. Blissful moans streamed out from Dana’s mouth.

“Dana…Dana…are you still there?”

“Yeah,” Dana’s voice came back cracking.

“Where’s Gary now?”

“He’s licking my tummy while pushing down my skirt. Oh God I feel like there’s a wet sponge between my legs begging to get squeezed.”

“Go on Dana, I’m getting so turned on. Put the phone where he is licking you,” Daisy asked her.

“Hey, what is this running sex commentary thing all about, Dana?” Gary asked.

“Well, I can’t help it Gary, my friend here is so turned on, she doesn’t want to hang up. She wants to listen, do you mind Gary?” she asked demurely.

For a second, Gary was speechless but he shook his head. “You are very descriptive. Ok, I think I like your blow by blow account so go on let her listen,” Gary said looking amused.

“I heard him. Gary’s cute. Oh I hope I could go there too and see him in person,” Daisy chuckled.

“You like it? And watch us fuck?”

“Oh Dana I nearly got off when you said that.”

“I’ll ask him, you really want?”

“Ohh, ohhh…!”

“Yeah, why not.”

Dana was going up, up and away into that nirvana where lovers wish to be always transported.

“Dana, what’s happening…Tell me?” Daisy asked sounding like she was a home partner in a TV contest equally feeling the rush of excitement going on with Gary and Dana.

“He had just slipped off my g-strings and kissing up my inner thighs. Moving up, caressing me with his lips.”

“So you’re pussy is exposed? Is it shaved, trimmed or natural? Mine is completely shaven and I’d like to be eaten out with whipped cream.”

“No, most of my pubic curls are on top of the slit. It’s scarce along the delta.”

“Oww, ohhh,…” Dana moaned.

“Talk girl, talk! Don’t spare me the detail. Please!.”

“He’s between my legs now, darıca escort eating me…ahh, oooow, ahh, ahh… his… tongue is like a…ah…oww… slow-whirling tornado ravaging my cunt.”

“Damn it. I can’t believe this. My pussy’s dripping here. Think I’m gonna have to play it on my own Jeez…”

“Gary, oh..ohhh, Gary…oh…I’m coming…coming!” Dana groaned aloud almost dropping the cell phone.

“Fuck me now Gary…I want you inside me…think I got more coming!”

“Dana! Hello Dana!”

Dana heard her and put the phone back to her ear as she had stopped squirming her hips under Gary’s drenched lips.

“I just came off, girl,” Dana said huffingly.

“Same here, it’s so good hearing your moaning in ecstasy shit, it made me come a motherfucking huge climax.”

“Shhh…watch your language.”

“Ok what now?”

“Gary’s taking off his clothes. Oh lord have mercy!” she gasped.

“What’s that? You seeing his dick?”

“His one-eyed Tarzan staring at me!”

“Ok, so that’s Tarzan huh, funny. Touch and suck it. I wanna hear it girl.”

“I’m just about to do it. Listen.”

Dana asked Gary to lie down on his back and he did clasping his hands behind his head.

“Describe his cock Dana, bent, boomerang-shaped, ahh…”

“Ow, nothing like that. It’s all straight and thick, a magnificent seven incher I suppose.”

“Wow! Bet he knows how to use it.”

Gary was bemused and this phone sex was sidetracking him in good measure to delay his coming too soon.

“Yup! Figures the engine and the engineer work systematically,” Dana said proudly and winking at Gary.

Dana heard those gobbling, slurping erotic noises and behind those sounds were Gary’s soft but needy moans. She was flicking her tongue at the tip, lips sucking the head, and enveloping him inch by inch in her mouth while her hand stroked the shaft back and forth faster whenever her mouth rested and her tongue darting at all the sides.

“Gosh this is so hard. I can’t wait having it inside me, sliding in and out and feeling those ridges and veins tickle the inside of my pussy,” Dana managed to speak in between orally exciting him.

“Dana, did you ask him if I could go there? Share him with me, don’t be selfish, girl.”

“Wait,” Dana paused.

“Gary, Daisy was asking if she could come here and join us?”

“Well, ah…”

“She’s pretty and sexy…A Latin beauty, a mixture of Monica Belucci and Eva Mendez. Very talented too. You’ll like her.”

“Do you want me to invite her in?” Gary asked reluctantly.

“Yeah, only if you like it,” she said while her hand lightly stroke his cock and her tongue flicking along the pee hole waiting for his answer. She could feel his cock jerking up at every flick of her tongue.

Gary thought that it’s not often that a guy is offered a hassle-free pussy, though it wasn’t necessary as he wanted to be with Dana all to himself. “All right, she’s your friend, ask her in.”

“Daisy, you heard that. You can come. Dress up sexy.”

“Like I would not. I’ve got loads of lingerie he could drool about. Tell him if I’d come there dressed up like a movie star or a rock star or a clown. Ask him if he has any preference.”

“Gary, she’s asking what you want her to wear.”

“Couldn’t think of anything right now, just any thing sexy. Oh I wanna fuck you now Dana, you’ve been torturing my dick.”

“Hello Dana, Dana!!!” Daisy screamed on the phone.


“Give me the fucking address!”

“All right, 357 Washington St., old brick apartment. Turn at the corner of Sementology Building, won’t miss it,” Dana said and hung up.

“Keep still, Gary. I’m gonna ride you,” she said and scooted up her body straddling him to where his monument stood. She grabbed his cock with her hand and rubbed the head along the slit of her cunt, making sure that it flicked her clit on and off like a light switch. Then she entered just the head inside her wet sheath and shrugged off her midriff sweater, exposing to him her glistening body with a pair of shapely swollen breasts to die for, all round and pointy with slightly puffy areola and pink hard nipples. Gary reached for her breasts and massaged them, answering the ache and throbbing that she’d been feeling all those weeks that she missed him. As she closed her eyes tightly shut, she wiggled her hips, getting him slowly all inside her in spiral motion. Then she placed her hands on his chest and started her push and pull letting him feel her contracting cunt, inducing him to come at the count of three. But hell, he wouldn’t just let go, he’d think of ways to delay like do an accounting in his mind of the money that came in and went out the past three weeks. He had to close his eyes not to see her beauteous face, gorgeous boobs, swollen pussy and all that fucking expression that can make a man go insane and come like a fire hydrant.

Dana leaned forward and kissed his lips, urging him to open his lips so that their tongue could wrestle. “Oh Gary, this is so much fun,” he heard gölcük escort her muttered. And to think that there’s another pussy coming. “Jeez, I wished I could cope with this fucking luck,” he mumbled under his breath as the thought entered him.

“Gary, I’m gonna come again, I guess this position is hot, way so good it’s making me antsy to fuck you on and on non-stop. Aren’t you coming yet, huh, huh, huh?” she grunted while bouncing at him, their slamming flesh making erotic plopping noises. ” ‘Cos I can’t wait,” she said as she rode him like a rodeo queen.

Gary cupped her jiggling bottom and stretched out each cheek wide apart as he pumped up instigating her hardy clit to be so exposed and vulnerable to great friction at his pubis. When she climaxed, she felt that she was blasted up and out of the roof. After a wild scream, her hips shuddered and shivered and collapsed on Gary. Gary kissed her cheek and held her face to kiss her hard on the lips. She seemed like she passed out.

“I wanna get on top,” Gary said and made her limp body lie on her back, pillows under her butt and her hands were stretched all the way to the arm rest of the sofa. She looked vulnerable and sexy, her breasts delightfully heaving. His hands ran along her ribcage and around to gather her fulsome breasts. She pinched her still rigid nipples and pulled them up in his lips, one after another. Then she seized her ankles sans her soft boots already and placed them on his shoulders. He aimed his cock into her gooey fuck hole and squeezed it in. “Keep still, Dana, and I’ll let you feel my cock dance inside your pussy without me moving.”

“Huh, well how about some music?” Dana asked.

“Ok grabbed that clicker on the table and point it to the direction of my CD player.”

Dana reached for the clicker, glanced at the CD player, extended her hand to that direction and clicked the on and play buttons.

Next moment a beautiful pop song pulsed out from the CD player. It was “She’ll Be Loved” by Maroon 5.

“Oh, that’s my favorite!” she squealed.

“Oh shit, how’d you do that? You’re cock is really dancing inside me. Oh Gary you’re making me come again I can’t believe this. What have you been doing in the past weeks?”

“Just thinking of you,”

“Owww Gary, you’re a fuckin’ animal, I’m coming again and bigger this time…ohh, ohhhh…” Dana cried aloud.

Gary pumped her with blurring speed making her come twice or thrice in a row. Each climax rocked her body and arched her hips. Finally, he exploded inside her with a husky groan and every blast he made inside her can be gleaned with every blink in her eyes and the twitching of her delicious mouth.

When they finished they walked butt naked in the apartment and went to the kitchen. In the grocery bag was a bottle of Merlot white wine, Havarti cheese and some other gourmet kinds, liver pate, a quarter pound of chocolate and some Skyflakes crackers.

Dana opened the fridge and took a can of Coke. “I knew you have this and pulled the ring to open spraying the fizz all over her delicious breasts.

Gary fixed everything on the counter table of the kitchen.

“Dana, will you please tell me what happened to you the past three weeks as I’ve been calling you on our cell phone and there had been no answer.”

“As I’ve told you, I’ve accidentally ruined my cell phone and I haven’t replaced it or have it fixed. The phone I have right now is from Daisy Fuentes a friend since High School who lent this to me last night.”

She took some crackers and spread some liver pate on it, put it in his mouth to taste and the other to hers. “Hmmm, divine, isn’t it?”

Gary nodded agreeably.

“I got a job in a Chinese store selling sex enhancing and libido lifting pills for men and women as food supplement. My employer Tin Chow Pei liked me so much because ever since day one his sale increased by leaps and bounds. He thought the customers were charmed by me. So he made me work long hours and paid me handsomely. Later, an agent from Hollywood spotted me and urged me to audition for a TV commercial and an acting role for a major film that is now looking for casts. He dated me once…” she paused gulping in her coke and stared at him directly. “And he fucked me.”

Gary frowned fiercely. “What?”

“Yeah, he fucked me but not as good as you. He used rubber in his small dick.”

“What made you think he’d still make you audition for the commercial and that film role?”

“He gave me free round trip tickets to L.A. and free hotel accommodations. On that note, I’m leaving for Monday so I had to see you as you’re my first and great lover and you proved it again to me tonight so I cannot just forget you where ever I am. My employer was kind enough to give me a leave of absence and if nothing worked out he’d be happy to see me return and work for him.”

“If I get to stay there long my friend Daisy Fuentes will be around in case you need pussy. She loves to fuck but fickle about guys. She’s no longer a virgin though. She’s a great pal, my best I would say.”

“I’ll miss you for sure, Dana. I wish you to stay here till you leave on Monday. Would you do that for me?” He said holding her hand, kissing it and putting her finger inside his mouth to suck the liver pate that smeared it.

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