This woman followed my girl friend and I into the


This woman followed my girl friend and I into theAt my buddys farm there’s a stream of water that flows, with a path to the stream. My girl friend and I like to pack up some food some wine and go for a picnic now and then. Its in the middle of no where and we are the only ones who use the place I cleared out there.We parked the car and got our things placed on the cart, headed down the walking path. I noticed a woman walking for exercise and we spoke. She ask where we were headed? I told her on my friends property for a bit. She said she knew him and owned the property never to his. Walking in I pulled the cart that held out things and when I looked back the woman was following us. I stopped, she stopped. I started, she started. We got back to the water and I did not see her again. We tossed out the ground cover and I blow up an air mattress, my gf placed a blanket on the air mattress. We ate out food and we drank out wine. Listened to the birds sing and then we got naked. Looked for the woman but did not see her. I laid my gf on the mattress and spread her legs. Once I got her clit in my lips I started sucking and then ran my tongue across the end of it. (she has a thick and pretty long clitoris) She moaned out and I looked up to find her arms. Thats when I saw the woman we had spoken to. I grabbed my gf’s arms and pulled them under her back and locked them together holding both with my hand.. With the other hand I reached her right breast and pinched her nipple. I gave her a good three orgasms before she was exhausted. Its a bit warm in the sun and she is pretty hot by now. We stopped and gaziantep escort I told her that we were being watched. She asked if it were the women, I said it was. She ask where she was. I told her right near the last bend in the path looking. My GF put her shoes on but remained undressed. She then walked back to the woman and the woman started running. My GF runs 5 miles every morning so it did not take long for her to catch up. I ran back and looked around the corner and saw my GF talking to her. I went back to the mattress and drank the wine and listened to the birds and waited. I could hear them talking but did not understand what they were saying. Then I heard them getting closer and then saw them walking back. I was not dressed and did not cover my self, I sat there and greeted her. I offered her a glass of wine, she took it. She joined us sitting on the air mattress and then Chis (my GF) told me this womens story. She is a married woman who had not had sex in many years. Her husband treated her like a friend, not a wife. She thought it was romantic how my GF and i did these picnics. The air mattress was very interesting as it showed a plan to have sex. GF told her she did not have to live this way, she told us it was to late. She was not looking for another man, thats when my GF told why not a woman? she could be satisfied while not drawing attn to what was happening. The woman was not comfortable with the idea of a woman being with her. But i noticed the woman would get a peak of my cock and then turn her head, then my GF’s breast and look away. We talked about sex and escort bayan my GF told her she looked as if she had a fit body and nice breast. Ask if she wanted to take her clothes off. She was not ready for that, but she would remove her top. Chris helped her remove her top and then her bra. She dropped out a nice set of very mature hanging breast. had pink nipples, little tiny ones. Chris ask if she could touch them, and the woman let her. They touched each others and then Chris placed her hand between her legs. the woman felt her inside and out. When Chris ask to do hers, the woman said no thanks. Chris kissed her breast some and she seemed to like that, but the pants were going to stay on. Chris then motioned for me to join them. I kissed my GF and with a bit I got my hand on this womans breast. She was ok with it. I massaged the womans breast and her neck and Chris said I would kiss her. I kissed the womans neck softly and worked around to kiss her on the lips, she looked at my GF Chirs and Chris gave the ok. We kissed and Chris told us it looked hot to watch us. Thats when Chris laid ot the side and started to masturbate her self. I stuck my fingers at the womans waist line and then down her exercise pants. Legs opened up for me and I found a tiny but firm clitoris there. She sucked in air when I touched it. I soon was finger fucking her with her sweat pants on. I wanted bad to take them off. Chris did that for us. She positioned her self to watch me finger this woman. Chris pulled my hand out and placed some lube on my finger. then it was on. She responded to the lube and her ass started grinding. She fucked my finger until she had popped her cooked twice and still wanted more. I kissed her neck and she whispered is it ok for you to fuck me? Chris said that is great, I want that to happen. Chris ask if she could do the honors of preparing her. the woman said sure I am willing to try anything right this second, Chris spread her legs and spread the thick patch of red hair that nested between her legs. Then Chris got her clit in the mouth, she gave her oral sex like I guess only a woman can give another. I kissed the womans breast and her neck as Chris just mind fucked this woman into cumming several times. The woman would grab me and hold me tight with each she reached. Chris backed off and sucked my cock, she then gave it a coating of lube and covered it around. I then plunged into the loins of a 66 years old woman. She grabbed my neck and her head laid back. she arched her back and them laid there producing an orgasm with the strokes. I pulled this woman tight and slow stroked her. Chris kissed me and then the woman. The woman who not so many minuted ago said she could not be with another woman sure was enjoying my GF Chris. We fucked and sucked this woman for over two hours. When she could hear her husbands truck horn blowing. He got worried someign had happened and was looking for her. She quickly got dressed and so did Chris. Chris walked her out to the road and told her husband that she had joined us for lunch and we got talking and lost track of time. He was understanding and told Chris where the house was. invited her over some time. The woman told Chris that she would love ot go shopping, She gave her the phone number. Tonight that woman is coming over to our place. Where she will spent the night, and go home in the morning.

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