Three days and two nights in Ghana

Three days and two nights in Ghana
First an update. All is well here with a couple exceptions. Kristen and I are quite big around the 7 month mark. And it is as hot and humid here as one can stand. We are not going out unless it is necessary. Also, real fulfilling sex for both of us is pretty much at zero. Ozzy is giving us plenty of attention but he will not screw us. You can guess how we are keeping each other happy.

No names being used in this part. A girlfriend of mine was recently married. They did a honeymoon folded in to the guys work schedule. Both of them are in my old industry and they had business here. They had hotel reservations in the city and we caught up for a couple of days. The new husband gets called away for a quick out of country business function, he will come back in a few days. Kristen offers my friend to stay with us till the husband returns. She accepts.

Day one with my friend regresses to dirty girl talk. And with Ozzy’s 14″ cock being legendary among my friends, she asks us about how it feels. To make a long talk short, she has a BBC fantasy and would love to know how it feels, Kristen locks eyes with me, we both smile and Kristen tells her “We can arrange it.”.

My friend thought our sleeping arrangement ‘unique’ and she thought the three of us in Ozzy’s bed to me most unique. She eagerly bought in to the idea. We asked Ozzy to call before he got home because “The girl wants you to fuck her.”. He said “30 minutes”.
I tell her “He is coming” and she adds “Let him know he can’t cum in me.” like it was an afterthought. I say “You tell him.”.

We leave them along in our bedroom and eventually the sights had us both enter. There was no chance at all of us missing this. She could not get enough of his cock. I believe her hands did not leave his shaft for a good 1/2 hour as they kissed. She goes to her knees before him. Stroke, fondle, pull, tug, lick, stroke, suck, she was just amazed by the ebony shaft and the length. “Cum for me.” she demands. Ozzy says to me and Kristen “Take her arms”. As we hold her arms behind her back, Ozzy places one hand behind her head while the other hand jerks his cock while the cock-head is buried in her mouth. He announces he is going to cum, her lips go tight on him, he pushed her down a little further and moans as his shaft starts to pump the proverbial 5 day load. She is in heaven, pulls her arms free and caresses his balls and shaft as she swallow every drop of him. She looks up to him smiling with a gob of cum at the corners of her mouth, she released him and tells him “You made me cum” as she giggles. My friend is truly a master and appreciative cock sucker. She kept on working his cock lapping up the droplets as they oozed out. I was impressed by everything she did. Heck, I’m not that good. I’ll bet her new husband would be impressed too. Her first BBC was a smoking hot success, but this was just a starting point. All his first ejaculation meant was she was in for a long hard screwing, so I thought.

Ozzy pulls her up, places her ass at the edge of the bed, lifts her legs and goes down on her. She lays back and enjoys one of his exceptional talents. He will do this till he is rigid enough to penetrate her and get her all swollen and puffy enough to take him.

It’s not long till she is moaning while vicing his head between her thighs and beating him up with her heels. In short order Ozzy has her legs up and starts to enter her, bare of course. She took more than half of him quickly. After that, it was work. All the time he is working more of him into her, her eyes are rolling as she has multiple climaxes. After each climax, she motions him to stop as she cools down. He does, but he is still applying push and slowly working more of him into her. She was greedy for it. She was not shy about making certain he knew she wanted him balls deep, With Ozzy still standing he had all the leverage to forcefully cram her had he decided to. He would not. There was no need, she was close to taking all of him.

Eventually Ozzy started to long stroke her hard. He brought her to a strong orgasm which had her yelling and making fists to punch him in the torso. While still in orgasm, Ozzy forced the little bit of shaft remaining balls deep. She gasped, rolled her eyes, smiled and proudly said “I took all of you!!”. Ozzy’s expression told that he was quite pleased too.

She then asked him to come up to her and kiss her. He did not hesitate, lifting her legs, pushing her up on the bed and locking into a close missionary position, all the while keeping 14 inches of African black snake buried to the hilt. They both got quickly into very passionate intercourse. Her hands dug into his ass cheeks coaxing him to stay deep. By this time Kristen and I are on the far side of the room watching their profiles. Her breasts squeezed under his chest, mouths lip locked, his hands under her ass holding her cheeks tight with her legs up high, her fingers dug into his ass pulling him in. As I walked out of the room I said to Kristen “I’m jealous, lets let them be.”. I never made it out of the room because Kristen’s response to me was “Yeah, I bet she’ll take his load too.”. I guess she heard Kristen as my friend started to orgasm again and told Ozzy every possible phrase to let him know she wanted his cum.and absolutely needed to be filled. I heard: cum in me, cum in me deep, make me yours, fill me, give me your seed, fill me up and then she got vocal on the one topic Ozzy can’t resist, “Give me your black baby,” Maybe two loud grunts later which accompanied two vicious strokes and Ozzy hollers “Here, Now, Take it” and she thrashes and he holds deep while delivering ropes of baby making seed into her deepest parts. With all the sweat and panting, they stayed locked together for a very long time. As Ozzy would say, keep her plugged up.


From post insemination conversation…..

My friend is my age, thus feeling her clock ticking. She had been on a mission to make the honeymoon baby since their wedding 8 days earlier. She believes there is a bun in the oven already.

She was also not shy about letting all of us know that Ozzy was the best fuck she ever had. So much that I could see Ozzy blush, and feel like the newly crowned King of Cock. Her view was that with sex like that, the only way it could possibly end was with deep passionate insemination.

She knew she was close to taking all of him as she became aware of his balls slapping her ass as he hard stroked her. At that moment her mission was to accept the feeling of him forcing the rest inside in anticipation of taking his seed deep and natural. .
The moment she called him to come up and kiss her, she was ready to be bred. She was hoping for more close full body passion and hearing us talk about it just advanced the moment.

Size matters and the fact that it’s a black guy makes it all the more exciting. She found it odd that none of his seed ran out of her after that first coupling. Heck, Kristen and I could have told her to expect that. Plant it that deep and it always finds a home.

Missionary for passion, from behind for the endless impaled climax as hit sack is slapping up against her clit.

Final notes and thoughts.

My friend has a very pretty face, great personality, smart and is in great shape with a super body. Ozzy enjoyed her terribly, in and out of bed. He even offered that she stay and be wife number 3. And he is very serious.

Kristen and I were so impressed with her genuine feelings that we let her have him until her husband was due to return.
She was on his cock for two days. I can only guess how many times he seeded her. After the first day, she was taking him balls deep easily. She was quickly stretched out to match him. And she never felt more like a woman than when she was impaled on him balls deep. And yes, she was a bit sore, happy sore.

How the heck is she going to be satisfied and stay married now that she has experienced this?

And what kind of an actress will she have to be to have her husband believe she is being satisfied?
Will she be thinking about Ozzy every time her husband touches her?

The big question: I asked her what if she was not pregnant when she arrived because she surely would be upon leaving. She just had a feeling that her new husband got her there. Well, I guarantee she left here carrying. I got her a pee stick test, it showed negative. If her husband bred her a week earlier, its getting to the time it should show. If she shows negative for another week and then it goes positive, then it’s Ozzy. I’ll keep in tough with her over that minor detail.

I need to title this “Three days and two nights in Ghana”.

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