Three guys by the pool

Female Ejaculation

Three guys by the poolThree guys by the pool We had been at that nice Cuban resort for three days, enjoying nice weather, sunny afternoons, nice beaches, rum shots and the other usual tourist things for most of the vacation. Victor and I did really need that vacation, after had been all year long focused in our jobs. Our sexual tension was pretty enough; we had not fucked during the last week; not even had exchanged a single love kiss. Now we were relaxing good, but still we both were not in the mood for a good sexual marathon.One of the plans for my loving Victor was to go fishing on that fourth day, with some other guests we had met at the resort. I decided to stay at the hotel and sit around the pool to relax. The plan for them was to be gone all day and be back for dinner.They left early in the morning and later I got up and had breakfast. Then I put a nice one piece black bathing suit and headed for the pool, which was not so busy.There were a group of young men next to me, drinking beer and having a good time. I decided to take a dip in the pool, swam a round and then one of the guys came up beside me and started some friendly chat. He invited me a beer and I accepted.I sat amongst the three of them, enjoying their company; they were much younger than me as I could have been their mother! We had a good time and I told them I had to go. Thomas asked me if I was interested in coming back to their room to smoke a joint; I accepted because sometimes Victor and I have smoked and I türbanlı bayburt escort thought it would be fine for me and could be helpful to get a better relaxing condition.Once there Edward, a nice black guy, poured some rum shots. In the meantime the third guy, Carlos, Hispanic type, rolled a joint we smoked it passing it between us. I was sitting on the edge of the bed close to Thomas; suddenly I felt a little bit dazed and tipsy, but I thought it was just connected with the joint smoking. The real thing was they had mixed some special substance in my rum shots to get me in that condition, because their plan was of course to fuck me all afternoon long and they were now waiting for what was happening in my head.Edward changed his place with Thomas close to me; soon I felt his hand running up my legs and rubbing my pussy through my swimsuit fabric.I looked at him almost fainting; the feeling was so fucking good!. His fingers were now inside my swimsuit, taking good care of my pussy lips. I could feel some nice wetness growing inside my now open and swollen vagina.I was close to a fainting status when I said: “Well, it’s a little crowded in here, isn’t it? But then Carlos said: “Not really, Ana dear; we all share everything here; we share the room, the bathroom, the smokes, the wine bottles and… the bitches…”Suddenly I felt several hands on my body and before I knew it, I was naked in the middle of these three horny guys. My black türbanlı bayburt escort bayan swimsuit had disappeared in a second.They sucked my nipples, making me moan in pleasure; licked my pussy and finger fucked me at the same time, making my tight cunt wet and even wetter.I was so aroused but my mind still was some clear, telling me that I did not want to be gangbanged by these three young guys. But at the same time my body was betraying me, feeling even hornier than ever, needing some young hard dicks.“The bitch is ready”, some deep voice said. “I’m going first, guys”.Then my smooth long legs were spread wide open and I felt a huge thing entering between my wet pussy lips. “OMG, you are so big!!” I just could speak before I was gagged with another piece of meat inside my mouth.I looked up and found that Edward was the one pounding my cunt really fast now with a rock hard black dick. I encouraged him to fuck me even harder. He smiled and thrust deeper his black snake into me. Thomas had his cock buried deep in my throat and Carlos jumped on top of me and started fucking my tits, his cock was almost as huge as Edward’s. He kept sliding it between my tits nice and hard until he exploded his warm semen all over them and my face. I felt like a dirty slut but I was enjoying every minute of it.Edward had reached a nice pace and was pumping me so hard. Suddenly he grunted and thrust even harder into my vagina, yelling he was türbanlı escort bayburt close to cum.He unloaded his hot seed deep inside my eager wet cunt.He got off me and Thomas came in between my legs, saying that it was his turn. I was waiting for his cock, but then he flipped me over on my hands and knees, whispering on my ear: “Babe, I have dreamed to fuck you in the ass since I saw you for the very first time, you are a fucking hot and sexy mom, so fuckable”.I tried to resist telling him no way he was fucking me in the ass, but I could not help to have my mouth gagged again with Edward’s huge black cock. I felt like a complete slut as I sucked that black piece, while Thomas pounded my now stretched and sore asshole. He was so wild fucking my ass, I could barely stand it.The three guys switched positions several times and fucked me during at least another four hours. They made me moan, scream in pleasure, cry in pain and beg them for their hard cocks. I had never been gangbanged so wild like that in my life.They sodomized me by turn, making my asshole so fucking sore. The worst was Edward, his black cock was really too much big for my asshole to stand it.Finally they were all done and I lay there on the bed, legs spread and cum flowing out of my cunt and ass. I got my black bathing suit back on and headed back to my room, saying goodbye to the wasted three guys.Back in my room I checked out my body. Had some light marks on my skin, dark bruises all over my breasts and ass cheeks; but the worst was my pussy lips, very red and swollen, dripping sticky cum. Of course my ass was also very sore and still gaping wide. The three guys had really abused of my body… but it was fine for me.Victor came back to me very late that night and thankfully he was so very tired to ask me for sex… But it was fine for me; my sexual tension was now definitely over…

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