[Tickling only] | Olivia’s Research


Anna breathed a sigh of relief as the door to the science building unlocked.

“You took your time,” teased Katie.

“Shut up,” smiled Anna, pocketing the paper clip.

Anna and Katie were first-years taking a biology course at university. Both shy and studious, they had befriended each other during the first few weeks of the course. Up until recently, they’d had perfect grades, but recently slipped and scored Bs on their tests. Their plan was to sneak into the science building, to log onto their professor’s computer, and to change their grades.

“Spooky in here when no one’s around,” whispered Katie. The automatic lights were turning on as they walked through the corridors, but there was still an eerie silence.

“I can’t believe you talked me into doing this,” replied Anna. She’d had no experience breaking rules to this extent.

They reached halfway to the room they were planning on going to. They were about to turn the corner at the end of a long corridor.

“Hey!” Called a female voice from behind them.

Anna just about jumped out of her skin. Katie bolted to the right instantly. Anna, without thinking, went left.

The only thing Anna could hear above the beating of her heart were the footfalls of the person behind her in pursuit. Anna had never been sporty. But she’d been smart. She turned a corner, darted into a storage room, and pulled the door closed behind her.

It was dark. Anna tried to control her breath. She would have liked to crouch but this was one of the small closets and it was so full of cleaning supplies that there was no room.

She waited.

She heard footsteps.

She tried to breathe as quietly as she could.

The door opened.

Anna shrieked. Her knees went weak.

“Found you,” smirked the woman.

Anna tried to make a run for it. The woman grabbed her easily. Anna recognised her; she was one of the university’s Judo champions. Her name was Hayley, she was a few years older than Anna, and was pursuing a Master’s degree in sports psychology.

“Let me go!” Demanded Anna as she caught her breath. Hayley had adjusted her hold, and was marching Anna down the corridors.

“Let go of a freshman I’ve caught sneaking around out-of-hours, clearly without permission?” Asked Hayley, mockingly.

Anna was panicking. She really didn’t want this on her school record.

“Please, I’ll leave if you just let me go, I promise I won’t come back again.”

Hayley tutted in mock-sanctimoniousness. “Olivia’s gonna love to meet you,” she said. That made Anna nervous.

As they marched, Anna spotted Katie, horrified, looking on through the window into one of the small library rooms. Katie ducked quickly enough for Hayley not to see.

They reached a corridor that Anna knew had rooms for research-students. Hayley pushed open a door with her shoulder, still holding Anna.

In the center of the room was a padded X-frame. The frame was parallel to the ground, and had unfastened leather straps at the ends of each arm of the frame.

Anna was confused. Before she could say anything, Hayley slipped a blindfold over her eyes.


“Don’t struggle,” giggled Hayley, “if you behave then maybe I’ll put in a good word for you with Olivia.”

Hayley leaned Anna backwards. Then she pinned one of Anna’s wrists to the frame, palm up, and fastened the strap. Anna struggled, but was disoriented by her loss of vision and the surprise. Hayley pinned the other wrist and fastened that strap too. At this point, Anna was sprawled backwards, wrists on the frame, feet to the side on the floor.

Anna swore at Hayley. Hayley just laughed and admired her handiwork.

Hayley muscled Anna’s torso onto the frame. She strapped Anna’s kicking legs down by the ankles. Anna struggled against her bonds.

“And for the finishing touch…,” murmured Hayley. With a mechanical drone, the frame started to tilt upwards. Soon, the frame was tilted at a 30 degree angle, with Anna’s head on the higher part of the slope. There was a comfortable headrest. The arms of the frame were bent back a little, stretching Anna out.

“Hmm, that looks about right.”

“Let me go!”

Hayley laughed. “Just for struggling, I think I’ll leave the blindfold on. Olivia will be with you in just a moment. In the meantime, I’ll go searching for your friend.”

Anna heard the door open and close while she protested. Then there was silence.

A few minutes passed.

The door opened quietly. Then shut. Anna froze. There was a long pause.

“Hello?” Squeaked Anna.

A light poke in the ribs made Anna kırklareli escort shriek. She’d always been embarrassingly ticklish. Her natural reaction would be to face her attacker and defend herself, but that was impossible on account of her being strapped the the X-frame.

Anna heard light, lilting laughter, not like Hayley’s. Her blindfold was removed.

Olivia stood beside Anna. She was tall and slender. She wore a white lab coat. She held a clipboard and pen. Her long dark hair was tied in a ponytail. She had sharp facial features. She was older than Anna by a few years, putting her in her mid-to-late twenties. Behind her glasses, accentuated by pristine eyeliner, sparkled her emerald-green eyes, looking directly at Anna. She had a friendly smile and wore lipstick.

“You scared me,” lied Anna, as if that was the only reason she’d shrieked at being poked.

“Hmm,” said Olivia.

Anna hadn’t noticed before, but on the wall the X-frame was facing was a large mirror. She saw how embarrassing she looked. Tonight she’d worn a thin, tight-fitting sleeveless t-shirt. Normally it wouldn’t be revealing, but from her being stretched out and after various struggles the bottom of the shirt had hiked up her body a little, enough to show her navel, which she’d never show normally. Her underarms were exposed. She’d worn shorts and trainers, so her skinny legs were on show. Her hair was messy and she wore minimalistic make-up. She blushed.

“I suppose you’re wondering why Hayley brought you here,” said Olivia. Her tone was friendly.

Anna didn’t know how to respond.

“I’m Olivia. I’m doing a PhD in behavioural psychology. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve been having trouble finding participants for my experiment. Hayley and I were working late, with permission of course, when we saw you and your friend breaking in.”

“I don’t want to be part of your experiment.”

“Would you prefer I told the faculty that you were sneaking around?”

Anna paused. “What’s your experiment going to involve?”

Olivia smiled. “Tickling.”

Anna’s stomach somersaulted at the word. It would have done so even if she hadn’t been trapped like this.

“No. No way. Nonono.” Said Anna, and started to struggle again. Her bonds weren’t budging.

Olivia laughed. She set her clipboard and pen down on the floor behind her. She moved between Anna’s outstretched legs, and rested a slender finger on Anna’s tummy, just above the navel and below the bottom of the t-shirt. Her fingernail was manicured and painted dark.

Anna froze. She looked away, completely unable to hold Olivia’s gaze.

Olivia began to drag, lightly and terribly slowly, her fingernail around Anna’s navel.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” breathed Olivia.

Anna felt her face blush deep red. She squirmed to the touch. All of her little twists and fidgets were useless.

Olivia’s finger completed a rotation, and started another. Anna kept her mouth shut despite her stupid grin, laughing sporadically through her nose. Her eyes met Olivia’s for a moment.

“Not gonna talk?” Asked Olivia, eyebrows raised, not letting up with her finger.

Anna wasn’t going to get out of this without being tickled. But she might escape without giving her name away. That would make it harder for Olivia to get her in trouble for sneaking in. She could endure until the building opened up again in the morning, then Olivia would have to let her go.

“I’m gonna need your name to include you in my study.”

Anna broke eye contact, still smirking involuntary.

Olivia’s finger had finished two more slow rotations.

Olivia stopped. Anna sighed in relief. Maybe Olivia would let her go if she wouldn’t give away her name. She looked up at Olivia.

Olivia was smiling. “We can do this the easy way…,” said Olivia, raising her hands and waggling her fingers, slowly approaching Anna’s ribs, “…or the hard way.”

Anna’s eyes widened as she lost all composure. “Wait!” and then a pause, “my name’s,” another pause, “Isobel.”

Anna looked to Olivia hopefully. “Liar,” smiled Olivia, her hands shooting out.


Anna struggled uselessly against her bonds, the straps at her wrists and ankles making escape impossible.


Olivia’s fingers were graceful and firm, dancing all over Anna’s thin top, which offered no protection, and only hiked higher up her belly as she squirmed.


It had taken less than fifteen seconds for her to break.

Olivia slowed, looking pleased with herself. Anna panted.

“I’ll know if you lie,” said Olivia.

“My name’s Anna”

“And what are you studying, Anna?”


“And why were you sneaking around this evening, Anna?”

A pause.

“Five,” smirked Olivia.

Anna had to think of something.


“I can’t see how this is relevant to your experiment,” blurted Anna.


“I was going to pick up something I left in the lecture hall.”

Olivia’s nails, very lightly, very slowly, dragged up and down over Anna’s exposed armpits. Olivia only used her index and middle fingers. Anna’s eyes screwed shut as the squirming began.

“ahahahahahahahahanoho hohopleheheheheaseahah ahahahahahahaha”

Olivia lifted one leg over an arm of the tilted X-frame that Anna was strapped to, straddling one of Anna’s thighs as she tickled.

“ahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha”

Olivia switched tactics. Her hands came to Anna’s waistline, and began lightly working on Anna’s bare tummy and sides.

“nohohoho,” squirmed Anna, her hips bucking.

“Ahahahahahahahahaoh nohoho, ohoh nohohohohohahahahaha”

Olivia’s slow but insistent approach was turning her silly.

“I wahahahahas gohohohing to chahahahahange my grahahades on the compuhuhuhuhuter”

Anna’s eyes widened as she realised that Olivia wasn’t stopping.

“Ahahahahaha plehehease hahahahaha”

Olivia was looking at Anna’s tummy as she tickled. Olivia seemed to be blushing a little. Olivia noticed Anna looking at her, and stopped, lightly leaving her fingers and palms on Anna’s sides, her thumbs out and pointing towards each other.

They gazed into each other’s eyes and breathed heavily.

Olivia made a quizzical face. “You were doing what?”

“I was going to change my grade on the school system.”

Olivia laughed happily, looking away. Anna felt embarrassed.

“That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard,” sighed Olivia, looking back at Anna.

Another long gaze.

Olivia leaned back, off of Anna’s thigh, and removed her hands from Anna’s tummy. Anna sighed with relief. Olivia began to take off her lab coat. Beneath her lab coat she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She took the hair tie from her ponytail and raked her fingers through her hair a bit to give it some more volume. She still wore her glasses.

“Does this mean you’ll let me go?” Asked Anna.

Olivia walked behind the X-frame. They looked at each other through the mirror.

“No,” chuckled Olivia, using an index finger from each hand to prod under Anna’s arms.

Anna gasped even though she’d seen it coming. The squirming and blushing restarted. Olivia wasn’t really moving her fingers, just tracking Anna’s movements with them. Anna’s lips trembled as she struggled to not laugh.

“Can you look at me Anna?” Asked Olivia, voice barely above a whisper. Anna used the mirror to make eye-contact with Olivia again. It felt so intense, making eye-contact while Olivia was controlling her like this.

“Now look at yourself.”

Anna looked.

“What do you see?”

Anna saw herself, wrists and ankles bound, wriggling tummy completely exposed by her hiked-up top, thighs shining with sweat, blushing, squirming, trying to not laugh. She saw Olivia behind her, wearing casual clothes, tracking her armpits with her index fingers, returning her gaze.

She didn’t know what to say. But Olivia did.

“I see a very naughty girl,” whispered Olivia, “A girl that needs to be taught a lesson.”

“Nohohohoho plehehehease,” begged Anna.

“You know, I’ve hardly really tickled you at all tonight,” grinned Olivia. “Since this is my field of expertise, I could’ve made things a hundred times less bearable for you.”

“Plehehehease I wohohohohom’t do it agahahain I prohohohohomise.”

Olivia’s grin widened. Anna was blabbering.

“My frihehehehend made me cohohohome hehehere.” Anna immediately regretted mentioning Katie.

“Oh? And what’s her name? Maybe she’d like to join us here.”

“Nohohoho.” Anna wouldn’t betray her friend, no matter what.

“Anna…” said Olivia, raising her eyebrows. She began to use her middle and index fingers on Anna’s armpits, slowly like before, making the squirming even more desperate.


“There’s one place we haven’t visited yet.”

Anna kırklareli escort bayan saw were she was looking in the mirror. Her trainers.

“NOHOHOHOHO,” shrieked Anna. Her feet being tickled would really drive her insane.

“Well it’s your choice,” said Olivia sweetly. She let up on Anna’s armpits and moved in front of the X-frame again, crouching at Anna’s feet.

“Katie! Her name’s Katie!” Said Anna. Just her name couldn’t matter much, could it?

Olivia smiled and looked up into Anna’s eyes.

“And where is she hiding?”

“I don’t know!” Lied Anna.

Olivia began to untie one of Anna’s shoelaces.

“The library! The library!” Said Anna truthfully, wiggling her foot.

Olivia looked up at her. She began using her nails to lightly tickle above the ankle.

“Say that again.”

“The library, she’s in the library.”

“Say “I want you to tickle Katie instead of me.”” smiled Olivia, as she reached into her pocket.

“I want you to tickle Katie instead of me,” whispered Anna.

Olivia brought out a smartphone. She tapped in and sent a message, presumably to Hayley. She reached and left her phone on her lab coat. She sat back at Anna’s feet, cross-legged. She leaned back and used her hands to hold her weight as she casually looked up.

Anna couldn’t hold eye contact.

“You’re so cute,” said Olivia. She took the blindfold from the floor. Anna started to say something, but Olivia shushed her. Olivia put the blindfold on Anna.

Anna heard Olivia moving around. Then Olivia was behind her and the X-frame again, whispering, stroking her hair.

“I forgive you for sneaking in to change your grades.”

“Thank you.”

“But I don’t forgive you for betraying your friend.”

Anna bargained and pleaded and struggled and begged.

Anna felt a ball gag enter her mouth and be strapped behind her head.

The struggling didn’t stop.

Anna felt the lower arms of the X-frame swing closer together. Her right shoelace came undone. Her shoe was pulled off. Olivia gave a mock gasp. “What cute socks!”

Anna had worn white cotton ankle-socks, with a pink flower design.

“MMMMMF! MMMMMF!” Anna begged into the gag, as Olivia giggled to herself.

“I’m gonna break you,” said Olivia, touching a manicured nail to the sole of Anna’s socked foot.


“I’m gonna turn you into my little tickle toy.”

Anna’s foot wriggled, held fast by the ankle-strap.

“I’m gonna tickle you so bad that you go crazy. I’m gonna tickle you ’til your mind turns to mush and you follow my every command. That’s what my research is all about.”

Anna screamed into the gag.

Olivia laughed girlishly. She took her finger from the sole of Anna’s foot. Anna felt the gag come out. The blindfold came off. Olivia stood there smiling.

“You sure know how to make a fuss, Anna.”

Anna laughed, embarrassed.

“The truth is, Hayley found Katie ages ago. I told them to go change your grades together. I wanted you all to myself.”

“For your research?”

Olivia cracked up. “My PhD isn’t actually about tickling. This is just something I do for fun. I cleaned this beforehand, by the way,” referencing the gag. “Are you sure you don’t want me to tickle your feet?”

Anna thought about it. She had actually been enjoying herself a little, even though she hadn’t realised it at the time.

“Only if you stop when I say stop,” smiled Anna, shyly.

“Deal. But once you say “stop,” that’s it for the evening.”

Anna got the idea. She knew Olivia would keep her on the edge, walking the line between exhilarating and unbearable.


Olivia smiled and sat down and looked back to Anna’s socked foot. Anna giggled nervously.

Anna gave an involuntary shriek as Olivia’s nail touched the sole of her foot. Olivia started drawing small circles. Anna tried to maintain composure.


“Say “I’m a ticklish little girl.””

Anna grinned devilishly. “Nohoho!”

“It’s like that, is it?”

Olivia untied the other shoe and pulled it off. Anna squealed as Olivia’s fingers danced on both feet.

They looked at each other, both smiling. Anna’s refusal to say the line dared Olivia to go further.

Olivia gently pulled down the top of Anna’s socks, halfway off. She started to draw circles on the bare heels.


“Say it.”

Anna shook her head, unable to answer through laughter.

Olivia grabbed the ends of Anna’s socks and removed them completely. Now she tickled both bare feet all over.

“You have such cute feet, Anna.”


“Say “I have the cutest little feet””


“Want me to go easier on you?”


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