Tied down


Tied downI was over one day and had a surprise for you.I told you to lay down on the bed. I pulled out some rope and cuffs for your hands and feet. You had promised me to comply what I had in mind but still tried to protest. I threatened to leave if you did not comply. You quickly got on the bed and let me tie you down. The straps went under the bed and soon you were on your tummy with arms and legs spread apart. We had never done anything like this and you were getting excited already. I stood at the end of the bed and watched you struggle a little when I ran my hands up your legs. I could see how your pussy started to show how wet you were already. I kissed your legs and thighs. I undressed and climbed on to the bed. I caressed your back and out on your arms, I kissed you whole back and then kissed your face and lips. You wanted me to touch you in more intimate areas, but I kept you waiting. Then when you really wanted it, I pulled a blind fold over your eyes. You could not see anything. Your hearing got intensified and you reacted stronger to my touch. I kissed your back, down to your butt. I kissed and licked your whole butt, close to your pussy. I spread your ass cheeks apart and licked my way down over your anus, down to your wet entrance. I licked around the folds of your pussy and then inserted my tongue into your wetness. Your şişli escort senses were on high alert and you could barely be still. You struggled with your restrains and wanted to be loose to touch me. I found your clit and sucked and licked you until you were very, very close. Then I pulled back. I touched your inner thighs and your ass again, but being very careful of not touching you in a way so you would cum….!Right as I climbed on top of you and put my cock at your opening, pressing in my head and nothing else. My phone rang. I thrusted once and then pulled out. You begged me to not answer, but I pulled out and grabbed the phone. I left the room with you still tied down. You could hear me talking in the hallway outside your door. I told someone that it was ready, then I hang up and came back into the room.You wanted to know who I had been talking to, but I ignored your questions. I got back and started to lick you again. Soon you were soaking wet and on the edge of cuming. All of a sudden I stopped, got off the bed and left the room. You were so fucking horny that you were laying blind and begging me to come back and finish what I had started.You listen to where I went and thought you heard the front door open. Then thought you heard me coming back. It sounded like I was whispering to someone. You listen hard for mecidiyeköy escort more noise and it sounded like someone was taking off their clothes in the hallway. Then you felt someone climb on top of the bed and lay down between your legs. You felt some hands exploring your thighs and up to your pussy. It felt great and all you wanted was to cum.A couple of fingers got inserted and started to finger fuck you, while the thumb rubbed your clit. Then for a third time, when you almost started to cum, the stimulation stopped. You felt the body climb up on you and you felt a warm cock on your pussy. You arched up to give easy access and you felt the cock starting to slide in. You were to excited and it felt so good, you really needed this.The you thought you heard someone whisper something and another person reply. A hand reached down under you and started to rub your clit as the cock pounded you hard. Being so close three times already, it did not take long for you to reach climax. It felt so good to feel the cock inside while getting your clit rubbed. You could not see anything, but you heard me whisper that it was OK to cum now. With that, your felt the cock getting harder and swell. As your orgasm was ripping through your body, you felt the cock erupt and a couple of hard thrusts and the cum filled you. You esenyurt escort were breathing hard and started to come down, when you felt the body climb off and leave the room.Suddenly you were confused. Why would I have whispered and also leave the room after I had my orgasm? You heard me come back on the room and climb on the bed. I laid on top and asked if you enjoyed this? I told you a got a great video of this whole thing. You felt my hard cock against your ass and how I climbed back between your legs and put my hard cock inside of you again.As I started to fuck you, I lifted the blind fold and told you that you looked great getting fucked like this.You started to suspect that I had let someone else into the house who had fucked you while you could not see or touch the person. You had very mixed feelings, but in the end you gave into the pleasure and told me it had been so fucking hot.I lasted a long time and you were still tied down when I leaned down and kissed you. I told you I was cuming now and started to cum inside of you.After I relaxed, I untied you and let you free. You saw the camera on a tripod at the end of the bed and knew that this was all on film…You kissed me and hugged me. Then you wanted to watch the video.I grabbed the camera and plugged it into the TV so you could see it on the big screen. You could see yourself laying tied down with me giving you pleasure. Suddenly my phone went off and I left you. What would you see at the rest of the video? Would it be me playing a game with you, pretending to be a third person? Or had there been a third person fucking you without your consent?

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