Topless Amongst Friends


It all started very innocently taking a waitress job to help make ends meet with a man, Bob, who my husband, Jim knew very well and used to tend bar for.

The nights were fairly short as the restaurant closed at 8 PM.

One night the evening bar tender never showed up and Bob asked me if I would like to learn the trade. I jumped at the chance as I always was fascinated watching them work.

I ended up working only the bar at night. My husband suggested I wear sexy attire to enhance my tips as the clients were mostly older men. He was right. I would wear a semi-shear top with a sexy bra and the men stayed longer and tipped better, good for me and for Bob.

Bob and his friends, his lawyer, Pete, 2 bar owners, Steve and Lou and a retired man Bill would play cards once a month rotating the three bars on Mondays when they were closed. Bob and Steve were younger, in their 40’s and both were quite nice looking. Lou and Bill were older but kept themselves well. Pete was nice looking but had a bad reputation for getting aggressive with women.

One day after everybody left we were closing and Bob asked me if I would consider working when they had their monthly card game. I said sure as his friends were good tippers.

Then he left and returned with an outfit and said this is what we’d like you to wear.

It was a French maids outfit with high cut legs and only a half bra with no blouse. My jaw dropped and he explained that he and the guys loved looking at me wearing my see through tops with the sexy bras but wanted to see my naked chest and those nipples that were hidden beneath the fabric. He said they promised they wouldn’t touch, just look and I’d get $200 plus tips for the next four months and if any time I didn’t want to do it again he would understand. Bob’s would be first, then Lou’s, then Steve’s and last would be back here.

I was very nervous but we really could use the extra money as I wasn’t working so I could stay home during the day with our kids till they were both in school which would be another 4 months then I had a job in purchasing at a company waiting for me. I told him maybe, but I’d have to ask Jim if he minded me being topless in front of people we knew. I also wanted to make sure they knew there was to be no groping of any kind. I had been groped several times before, enjoying it and I know I showed my tits and nipples often, usually shooting pool with a low cut top and no bra or listening to a band at a bar wearing a loose tank top and no bra with my tits popping out every now and then as we danced. My husband liked it and so did I. But that was with strangers who we wouldn’t see again.

Bob said he wouldn’t have asked me if he hadn’t already talked to my husband about what they wanted and showed him what I’d be wearing. I talked to my husband and he was thrilled that I would consider working topless for Bob and the others and that he loved the choice of outfit.

Monday came and Bob handed me the outfit and I went to the ladies room to change.

I couldn’t wear my panties with the outfit the way it fit so off they came. I stood there in front of the mirror admiring my naked tits and my ever hardening exposed nipples in the cool air, massaging lotion on my breasts to keep from getting a rash from rubbing on the bra while I wondered if the guys would have enjoyed doing it for me. I slid into the outfit and bra, adjusting it so it held my tits in place but still showed my nipples.

With a deep breath and a now wet pussy, I opened the door and went to the bar. They all looked at me with big smiles and gave me their orders which of course I already knew.

Things went well and I became much more relaxed while they were enjoying me serving them drinks and I was having a few myself to help my nervousness. They enjoyed me taking away the empty glasses and serving their drinks with my tits hanging out, as much as they were enjoying their game as we were all getting more tipsy as the night wore on.

While serving and clearing I had to bend in and I knew I was brushing my tits against them as they sat very close to each other and they made no effort to bend away but they never reached up to touch me, although getting tipsy myself I actually kind of wanted them to.

When the game broke up and they were leaving, I told them that as they followed the rules and being as I was more than a little intoxicated, I would allow them to cup my tits and kiss them. Everyone thanked me but refused citing my state of intoxication and their promise not to touch me. As Bob and I finished up cleaning, with me still in the outfit before changing, he got behind me, put his hands on my hips and whispered in my ear that Jim told him it would be alright if he played with my tits as long as I didn’t mind. I told him that I had wondered why he hadn’t hit on me before now and that I couldn’t wear panties with this outfit. As soon as I said that, one hand was on my tit and the other was unzipping the top. He pushed my escort bayan outfit down and soon was fingering my swollen, wet pussy. He was very good at it and I was soon shuddering with a massive orgasm as I felt his erect cock pushing against my ass. I turned and gave him my best blow job, knowing that Jim would not mind as we had discussed this happening with Bob before, as Bob had confessed to Jim before I worked for him that he would love to get in my pants and Jim had told me what Bob said and I could go for it if I wanted. Just as Jim had requested I do, as Bob groaned unloading in my mouth, I swallowed all of Bob’s cum. We cleaned ourselves up but I didn’t rinse my mouth, got dressed and headed home.

Jim was waiting up for me and asked how things went. I gave him a big kiss and he just smiled knowing Bob got his wish.

The month went by and when the guys came in I was very nervous that they might grab me, as I didn’t drink while working during the week but they all acted like gentlemen and like nothing had happened.

The Sunday before the next game at Lou’s place Bob brought out the outfit Lou had chosen for me. It consisted of black lace thigh high stockings, A black lace garter belt, an open breast corset and black lace panties that were very sheer. I told him everything was alright except the sheer panties as I said I would be topless, not show my pussy.

Bob suggested if I had a black g string I should wear it under the panties. I told him that I did and would wear it. He would tell Lou that I wouldn’t wear the panties without a g string.

When I arrived at Lou’s he handed me the outfit and said “you can’t blame a guy for trying but you’ll look great anyway”. I retreated to the ladies room to change. The corset was very scratchy and rubbed my tits when I moved. I had forgotten my lotion but there was a bottle of baby oil there so I used that instead. As I massaged it into my tits the feeling was so much better than my lotion. I then decided to rub it on my ass and around my pussy almost making myself cum. I looked in the mirror and with an approving smile I headed out to greet the guys knowing they were getting very horny waiting for their first look at my new costume or should I say to look at what wasn’t in it.

The night progressed as before except I refrained from drinking to keep my wits about me. As before, I had to lean in to serve and take away empties feeling them lean into my tits that were completely exposed with this top but still no one grabbed them. As I served a round my back was to Pete, the letch, and he put his hand between my legs on my thigh but not up to my pussy, to get my attention as he wanted a different drink. I thought my arm would have been sufficient to get my attention. I realized he was testing the limits I would be ok with so I was on guard after that. After that I really needed a drink to regain my composure. It tasted good and I felt much more relaxed so I had a few more as the night wore on. The night was almost over and I excused myself to use the ladies room and when finished, with my bravery much higher thanks to the drinks, I decided to ditch the g string and take my chances. As I came around the corner and entered the room all eyes went right to my pussy when they noticed I had removed the g string and they could see my neatly trimmed bush. I paid special attention to Steve’s reaction as I really had the hots for him.

To my delight he was smiling broadly as he stared at my exposed pussy and all I could think about was that his bar was the next stop, wondering what outfit he would chose.

The night came to a close with no touching, except Pete which wasn’t that bad as it drove me to have a drink and made me relax.

They all left except Steve who stayed to help Lou clean up as his bar was in the same town. I changed back into my clothes which included a loose top and a very short skirt but I didn’t put my g string back on. As I hoped, Lou asked us if we wanted to have a night cap with him. Steve and I accepted the offer and sat on the high stools at the bar as Lou went behind the strip to serve us. With Lou unable to see us below our midsections I turned towards Steve to show him I wasn’t wearing anything under my skirt and that my lips were swollen and wet. I thanked Lou and said I was leaving. Steve offered to walk me to my car which I gleefully accepted. Walking to the car he put his arm around my waist and as we walked and chatted he slyly slid his hand up under my top until he cupped my tit rubbing his finger across my hard nipple as I let out a soft moan.

When we reached my car he turned me to face him and I raised my skirt and took his hand and placed it on my naked, wet pussy and told him to remember this when he chooses next weeks outfit. I wanted to fuck him right there but we heard Lou coming and I said I should leave.

The next three weeks all I could think about was what Steve would bring for me to wear.

I had talked to my husband about the night at kocaeli escort bayan Lou’s and wanting to fuck Steve. He reminded me that we had not gone there before but knew that it was the next step as we had discussed me fucking another man while he watched, but was ok with it as long as Steve wore protection. Jim reminded me Steve’s son was home from college and was staying with Steve and not at his exes.

Sunday came and I was anxious and apprehensive for Bob to show me the outfit Steve had picked out for me to wear. True to form Sunday night, Bob brought out my next outfit. A nice pink baby doll with a ribbon closure, cut just below my tits and completely sheer bottom. Bob smiled and said Steve thought I wouldn’t mind the sheer bottom after last month. I just smiled and said “looks great”.

As I left for Steve’s, Jim reminded me about what we talked about. I pulled a pack of condoms out of my purse to reassure him. Then he smiled and said he meant Steve’s son. I said I didn’t think Steve would have his son working tonight.

I parked in the ally behind Steve’s car, off the street. I got a standing ovation when I walked in, knowing exactly why. Steve told me the outfit was in the ladies room, so I went back to change looking around to see if Steve’s son was there. I didn’t see him around so that put me at ease about that. As I entered the ladies room there was a rose bud in a vase with a note saying thank you from the guys. That really warmed my heart.

I changed into my outfit and stared at myself in the mirror noticing it was much more see thru than I realized when Bob showed it to me. I might as well have been naked. When I went out I had an idea. As I approached the table, with all eyes checking me up and down I announced I had decided to make them a deal. As they had behaved well I would let them touch me but there would be a charge for this opportunity. Ten dollars to touch my tits for ten seconds and another five to suck my nipples for ten seconds. Pete asked, how much to touch your pussy? I hadn’t thought about that but blurted out twenty dollars to run your hand up my leg to my pussy for five seconds, ten to kiss, ten to lick it and twenty more to finger fuck me for five seconds. I thought, now I have really turned myself into a whore.

They all reached for their wallets, counting their money. I said we will go around the table once after I get your drinks then you have to play cards so I can recover then I will announce a break.

They all chose feeling my tits and sucking my nipples except of course Pete who wanted the whole package. As I went around the table getting played with and sucked on I could feel my pussy getting wet and pussy lips swelling as I ended up at Pete. He kissed and sucked my nipples then slid my bottom down kissing and licking my pussy as he inserted his finger as they all watched wide eyed, very much to my delight. I didn’t count the seconds but I knew it was longer than the agreed upon allotment and made him stop when I thought I was about to cum. I reached down to pull my bottoms up

but instead kicked them away saying they weren’t needed anymore. Everybody cheered their approval.

About every hour or so they took another break from their game. The second time was the same except to my surprise, Bill also wanted it all. He was very gentle and adept at fondling my tits, sucking my nipples and licking and fingering my pussy. I was surprised at how good it felt, much more than Pete, who was somewhat rough with me.

At the end of the night they asked if I would play some music and perform lap dances for them. I readily agreed and straddled each one, grinding my naked, wet pussy into each one until I could feel their cock harden against me then I would move to the next one As you might expect, Steve got the super lap dance as I thought about the condoms in my purse.

After the dances were completed I went to change and when I came out there was Steve’s son who came to help him clean up. I knew immediately the condoms were staying in my purse. I went to my car feeling dejected and it seemed to be a very long ride home. I told Jim what happened and he told me there would be another time, just be patient. I was so turned on by the action that night we sucked and fucked all night. I know I shouldn’t have but as Jim fucked me I thought about Steve’s cock pumping in and out of my pussy as I thrust to meet him with every stroke. Soon I had the most massive orgasm I think I had ever had.

As the weeks passed with only one more Monday before I started my new job, I knew I was going to miss these last four months.

Sunday came and as I waited for Bob to show me the last outfit, I couldn’t help thinking how far he would go with it. After closing Bob came out with my outfit and said “this was chosen by Jim as were all the others”. I was in disbelief and shock that Jim wanted me to wear all the others without him there to see. Bob handed me the outfit and all kocaeli escort it was were chaps with no panties and the corset that I wore at Lou’s.

Bob told me that they had invited Jim to join them for my last night but said Jim would stay home if I asked him to. I said that if Jim had been setting me up with these outfits then he needed to come and watch what I was really willing to do, me knowing that he had been sly about the whole thing while I described each night to him. I told Bob don’t be surprised at anything tomorrow.

I didn’t tell Jim that Bob had told me that he had picked out the outfits I was to wear.

Monday night came and we dropped the kids off at my parents as school was starting in three days.

When we arrived at the bar Bob brought out the outfit and I took it, held it up and said “wow, this should be fun”. I told Jim to grab a seat at the table with the others and I would be right back to show him how my Mondays with the guys go.

I went to the ladies room and stripped naked putting my plan for Jim to work. I had made a necklace by stringing five condoms on a chain with each guys name on one.

I put the chaps and the necklace on but left the corset off so basically I was nude.

When I came out without the corset everyone cheered, even Jim. As I got closer they all noticed my necklace and asked what it was. I came to the table, took it off and stretched it out so they all, including Jim, could see they were condoms with each of their names on one. The look on their faces was one of disbelief that they might be this lucky except Jim’s, his was a blank stare.

I told them as this was my last night and seeing that Jim had wanted to watch me fuck another man and as he had provided the outfits for your pleasure, I felt this night should be special with no card playing, just entertainment. I took off the necklace and placed the condoms in a bowl for future use. I loaded the jukebox with tunes for slow dancing

and one by one I danced with each guy, grinding my pussy into their cocks except Jim.

Then I performed lap dances for each telling them to massage my tits with the oil I brought, all except Jim. I could see he was getting very nervous so I poured him a drink and told him to relax and enjoy watching.

My pussy was extremely wet by now and I put two chairs facing each other about ten feet apart. I told Jim to sit in one and watch what he had started. I said “ok guys it’s time, Bob get the bowl”. I could see by their faces they hadn’t forgot what I put in there.

I instructed them all to undress, just like they liked me to do and Jim would draw one condom at a time. When your name was drawn you were to give me the condom and sit in the other chair while I gave you a lap dance. You could do anything you want except put your cock in me until I tell you to.

As I danced with each one as their name was drawn I rubbed my wet pussy against each guy’s cock until they were rock hard then took it in my hands and rubbed the head of it against my clit almost giving me an orgasm. I then got on my knees between their legs and sucked them while playing with their balls. When I could tell they were close to cumming I put the condom on their cock and started the lap dance again. I took ahold of each cock and told Jim to watch carefully as his wife became a total whore. I lap danced each one and as I did I guided each cock into my pussy making sure Jim could see their cocks sliding into me. I told them to fuck me hard as I met each of their thrusts with my own until I could feel them pulse and hear them moan as they shot their load into the condom.

Everyone had their turn fucking me except Steve. Apparently his condom was missing as I had trashed it when I was putting them in the bowl. I just said oh well he still deserved to get his turn. I gave him an exceptionally good lap dance as he fondled my tits and sucked my nipples. Then I dropped to the floor and proceeded to give him my best blow job as I fondled his balls and sucked on them. I felt him tensing so I slowed until he was under control of himself. I stood and straddled him turning my head to Jim

telling him to watch carefully as I fucked him bareback. I rubbed my wet pussy against his cock taking it in my hand and guiding it to my sweet hole. Then I sat down on his cock taking it in all the way. I turned to Jim and told him to come closer and put his face near us and watch as Steve filled me with his cum. Steve started to fuck me hard and I was fucking him just as hard. He had great control and fucked me for what seemed like forever. He came in me very hard as I could feel his warmth spewing inside my pussy.

When he withdrew his cock and his cum was running out of me I told Jim it was his turn. He started to undue his pants but I said “oh no, your job is to get down here and clean me up with your tongue, as you made this mess happen”. Jim was hesitant but I told him to get down here now, clean me up and make me cum. He started slow but then I could tell he was getting in to it and was licking my pussy and clit furiously. I watched the guys enjoying this and every one of them was stroking their cocks like crazy! I then had a fantastic orgasm, screaming out with pleasure.

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