Torrid Young Policewoman’s confession


Torrid Young Policewoman’s confessionWe were put on short standby, as trouble brewed down-town. Fellow officers were out and reports were coming in that numbers were increasing, and our radios were alive as fights broke out, with colleagues calling in for reinforcements.I was a rookie just into my twenties, more a pin-up girl than a butch fighting feminine policewoman, in fact I was caught up between the sexes, with as many of my female friends as desperate for my attention, as male colleagues, during our patrols.The high testosterone and oestrogen levels attributed to the nature of the job, then there was the power surge one felt when cuffing someone and rendering them helpless.I had seen my female colleague undo a violent young man’s pants and put her hand down the front and twist his testicles, as we drove him to the station, ‘Good Cop’, ‘Bad Cop’, Jilly said, laughing, ‘which one am I’?She asked him in a seductive tone, licking his ear, as the police car slowed down, being driven by Sandra, and headed out into the countryside, she was looking into the rear view mirror, watching Jilly’s assault on him and laughing.I was eighteen, a rookie, and both women in the car, were married and in their mid thirties.He was a handsome young man with a nice physique, part of a drunken melee conducted outside the closed pub where they had been drinking.’Over there’, said Jilly to us, pointing to the young man, ‘lets have him’, she continued, and like a tigress in heat she moved in and together we managed to separate him from the crowd, herding him away and overpowering him near our car.’Do you have anything in your pockets than might harm me or my fellow officers’, asked Jilly, as we held him over the car, she was already touching him inappropriately, her hands in bolu escort his pants pockets feeling his cock.’Your pecker is hard’, she said with menace, ‘you planning to fuck us’, as she took her right hand from his pocket and proceeded to grope his crotch, her eyes wide with passion, as she rubbed herself into his pert tight bottom, ‘you wanna fuck all of us’, her mouth touching his ear, her hot breath laden with moisture, her tongue brushing his lobe.Suddenly she broke from him as we held him, she looked around as if making sure no one could see, ‘Cuff the fucking bitch and get him into the car’, Sandra looked at her, ‘My thoughts exactly’, she said to Jilly, I need a good fuck’, and at that he was tossed in beside Jilly in the back, who began to open his pants and put her hand in.I looked across the car hood at Sandra, my eyes wide, I knew what was happening, but I was still in a sense of shock at the veracity and the urgency off both women.Sandra must of sensed my confusion, ‘Don’t worry k**, a good fuck cures a lot’, she said, and as I opened my door and climbed in, I was witnessing a **** of a boy by two mothers, and I could feel his helplessness, but my confusion lay in, was it, or did he want it to happen, and looking into the back seat and seeing his cock in Jilly’s hand, hard as a rock, I think he wanted it? We turned off the road into a wooded area and brought the car to a stop. I turned, shocked to see Jilly was naked, ‘Help me get his pants off’, she said, and Sandra jumped out of the car and pulled his door open, ‘Nice catch Jilly’, Sandra grabbed his cock and was referring to its size, soon his denims were off and Jilly was on him, grunting and heaving like a sow in heat, ‘Don’t you fucking cum in me’, she grunted burdur escort as she rocked on him, ‘Save some for me’, said Sandra as she pulled her pants off, ‘I need a good one’, she continued, as she stood up, in her boots and socks, and uniform top, her long legs and broad bare ass, standing in line, waiting for Jilly to slide off.Her orgasm was loud and long, about forty-five seconds long, as she howled to the moon and ground down on him.As she got up from her squatting position, her thighs gave way, and Sandra leaned-in to help her to her feet, ‘Did he cum’, she asked, and Jilly shook her head?Sandra lowered herself onto him and began grinding into him, moving herself in little circles to rock his cock inside her cunt, her mouthings of, ‘Fuck that Pussy baby, ‘make momma cum’, were being forced out syllable by syllable, as she thrust herself down on him, this was the sign of a woman in her prime, having the best fuck of her life, on the cock of a boy hand-cuffed into submission.’What are you waiting for’?I turned to look at Jilly, she was talking to me?She was squatting again, her stockinged thighs were wide open facing the boy, and her urination was almost landing on Sandra as she was copulating.’What do you mean’, I retorted?’Get your pants off girl, your going next.’I’m not in the mood’, I said somewhat timorously.Sandra was building, indicating she was almost through with the boy, ‘Oh God’, she moaned, and Jilly scowled at me, ‘You’re next girl, we are all in this together’, then as Sandra exploded, Jilly rose with menaces, ‘You’re fucking next’.I swallowed hard, both Jilly and Sandra were big ladies, shapely but strong, well trained with a no nonsense attitude.She was still nude waist down with stockings on her powerful bursa escort thighs, as was Sandra.I unbuckled my belt and undid my buttons and pushed my trousers down to my ankles, ‘get them all the way off’, she commanded me, and when I slipped of my regulation boot and my knickers, I was pushed in his direction, and squatted down on him, he went in easily, I was wetter than I thought, even the boy made a comment how different I felt, both women laughed out loud, as I got into a rhythm, that began to feel pleasurable, the boy beneath me started moaning, ‘Fuck she is getting him off, Jilly laughed, her Pussy must be tight’.Both women fell silent as we edged to a mutual orgasm, that was when I felt something cold and hard push into my rectum, it was Sandra’s ‘Night Stick’, thin at one end, the end she was thrusting up me, ‘Fuck I can feel that’, the boy said, as the night stick rubbed against his cock as it thrust in and out of me, through the thin membrane separating both my organs.I dismounted my victim and stood up with the night stick still embedded in my ass, his semen was running from me and landing on his chest and stomach.Sandra reached in and took her night stick back.The young man was un-handcuffed and allowed to dress, ‘Open wide’, said Sandra, and he opened his mouth, into which Sandra popped in a pill, ‘Swallow’, she ordered, and his Adams Apple bobbled as he swallowed.Minutes later he staggered tried to walk and dropped onto the ground, mumbling, as we stood over him. Later he rolled into the fetal position and slept, Sandra put a package with a few pills in his inside pocket of his jacket.We got inside the car and took off leaving him there, about two miles from town.’He will be pretty fucked-up when he comes too in the morning, this will be a confusing dream’, she said, both women laughed, ‘your virginity will be safe with us’, she added. I felt full of shame. Back to the present’Right, everyone listen up, the Duty Sargent called out, we were ready to go.To be continued, but only if you want to know

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