Training Cristi


Cristi sat on the edge of the bed, dabbing herself with a tissue. Brad had lasted a record two minutes, exactly 30 seconds longer than he had in their previous sessions. He lay on the other side with a game controller, playing online with his friends and swearing at the monitor. “Fuck you!” he said as he got taken out by a 12-year old Australian kid. He turned to her, slipping one ear off of his headphones. “Hey, that was pretty good, huh? Bet you never been fucked like that before, have you baby?”

Cristi smiled at him. He was cute and had a perfect body, but like most guys his age had no clue how to please a woman. “I need to go,” she said, pulling up her jeans. “Yeah, ok,” Brad replied without looking up, then yelled at the screen, “You’re toast, fucker!”

Cristi grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She drove home, wondering how she was going to dump him. He’d be upset. Not because he cared for her, but because it would be a blow to his ego. Cristi wanted a man that would listen to what she had to say; someone who wanted to hear her dreams and desires. She wanted a man who’d take his time in bed with her. The truth was, she didn’t know what it would take to please her. She could make herself come with her fingers – sometimes, but had never had an orgasm with a man.

Cristi parked on the street in front of the apartment she shared with two other girls. “Hey,” her roommate said as she came through the door, “How was your date?” “Good,” Cristi replied. “Brad is soooo fucking hot,” her roommate said. “You’re lucky to have a piece of ass like that.” “Yeah, he’s a real prize,” Cristy muttered as she entered her bedroom and closed the door.

She began to undress, thinking about Brad and his pitiful performance earlier that night. He was more concerned about nutting and getting back to gaming than he was with pleasing her.

Cristi pulled the jeans over her long, muscled legs and tossed them in the corner. Her shirt went in the same direction. She unhooked her bra, letting her breasts fall. She looked down at them. They were nice, she thought: ‘Pear-shaped’, her roommate had once said. She had small, pink nipples. Brad hadn’t touched them all evening. Cristi ran a finger over one of them and felt a quick burning in her loins. Less than an hour ago she had whipped herself into a sexual frenzy, only to come away wet and unsatisfied. She rolled her finger over the nipple again, watching it perk up at her touch.

Cristi lay down on the bed, reached inside her panties, and began to softly rub herself. Her other hand combed through her short blond hair. She squeezed her button between her fingers and began to grind her hips. It was no use. She wasn’t going to come, not tonight.

Cristi finished work early the next evening. She had been ignoring Brad’s texts all day. Another night of watching him play video games, then breaking for two minutes so he could pump a load in her wasn’t her idea of fun. Still, she yearned to have a cock inside of her. She knew that her roommate had a vibrator, and often wondered what it would feel like. The girl had told her, “It’s fucking amazing. Every woman needs one of these.”

Cristi began the drive home and remembered the adult store near the restaurant where she worked. She had never dared to set foot in one, but found herself headed towards it, desire overtaking her fears. She pulled into the parking lot. Three cars were parked outside. At least one has to be an employee’s, she thought. That leaves two other customers. Hopefully, they’re not dirty old men.

Cristi stepped into the brightly-lit store. She was surprised, and relieved, to see that the two other customers, and the clerk, were women. The tatted girl behind the counter said, “Hi, need any help?” “Um, no, just looking,” Cristi mumbled, heading towards the back of the store. She stared in amazement at the rows of dildos, some over a foot long. She found the vibrator section and picked up the smallest one she could find, turning the package over to read the back.

An older woman browsed next to her. She looked at the tiny vibrator in Cristi’s hand and said, “It’s junk. Don’t waste your money with that one, honey. Here,” she said, smiling and handing Cristi a purple bullet, “You’ll be much happier with this.”

Cristi blushed, “It’s for my friend’s batchelorette party tonight. She’s getting married next week.”

“Yeah, ok,” the woman replied. “Tell your friend that she’s going to want some lube. And if the vibrator is too much for her, she can always wrap it in a washcloth.”

“Thank you, I’ll let her know,” Cristi said, looking at the woman. She was in her mid-forties – pretty, and dressed in business attire. with a low-cut blouse that revealed a bit of cleavage.

“Have fun tonight,” the woman said. “At the party.” She smiled at Cristi.

“Thank you,” Cristi replied, blushing again, and began to walk towards the counter. She turned around and walked back, picking up a small bottle of lube before heading to the register.

Barbara stifled Escort Çankaya a laugh and stared at Cristi’s perfect ass as she walked away. Gorgeous, she thought. And that cute little pixie haircut; her husband would just love it. She thought about what the girl would look like later tonight with the bullet pressed up against her sweet, fresh pussy. She was about to have the best orgasm of her young life.

Cristi walked into her apartment. Her roommates weren’t home. Good, she thought. Privacy. She went to her room and pulled the bullet from the bag and took it out of the packaging. Cristi inserted the battery and clicked the button. The bullet emitted a low hum, rumbling in her hand. She clicked the button again and the toy buzzed louder, harder. One more click and the bullet whined, practically jumping out of her hand. The vibrations pulsed through her forearm. Cristi could feel her pussy getting wet, and she turned off the vibrator. She quickly tore off her clothes and got into bed.

She squirted a dab of lube on the bullet and turned it on its lowest setting, then touched it to her pussy. She jumped. It felt like a bolt of electricity had shot through her. Too much, she thought, but then remembered the woman’s advice. She ran to her closet to get a towel. She lay back down on the bed and placed the towel over her mound.

Cristi clicked the bullet and placed it on the towel, above and to the side of her clit. The fabric dampened the shock she had felt on her first try. It felt incredible – like every nerve was on fire. She dropped her head back on the pillow, moaning. She brought the bullet closer to her clit and began moving it in small circles. She started to get comfortable with the vibrations, and clicked the button again. Once more her head slammed back. This time she cried out, and placed her hand over her mouth to muffle her moans.

Cristi had never been attracted to girls, but a vision of the woman she had met in the adult store crept into her mind. Cristi imagined her sucking at her clit, her breasts against Cristi’s thighs. Cristi began grinding her hips against her hand at the thought. She could feel a tickle in her abdomen, and from the few times she had orgasmed previously she knew she was getting ready to come. Cristi ground harder against the bullet, then stiffened as she came, bucking her hips as the orgasm rode through her.

It began to wane, and she had to pull the bullet away from her now-sensitive clit. She lay there, panting, a glow of sweat on her flat stomach.

Cristi pleasured herself two more times that night, each time fantasizing about the woman, and each time coming harder than the last. By the third go she had the bullet up to its highest setting, her cries echoing through the empty house.

She used it every night for the next week, her face in a pillow to quiet her moans. She ghosted Brad all week, and by Friday he had stopped texting her. By Saturday she had grown tired of the little bullet and decided to make another trip to the store.

She entered the shop a little more confident than she had on her last visit and strode straight to the vibrator section. She pulled a bigger version of her bullet from the wall and turned it over to read the package.

“Another batchelorette party?” Cristi turned to around to find the same woman she had met the previous week, standing behind her. Cristi’s ears burned bright red. She was mortified.

“That’s ok honey. Nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone uses these,” Barbara said, and after a moment asked, “Did you have fun with the last one?”

Cristi was uncomfortable, but the woman seemed to know things, and Cristi had questions. She looked at the woman, noticing that she was exposing considerably more cleavage than the last time. She wore a tight skirt, and Cristi could see that the woman wasn’t wearing underwear. She stared at Cristi with big, dark eyes.

“Do you come in here a lot?” Cristi asked.

“Once or twice a week,” the woman replied. “It depends.”

“On what?”

“On how horny my husband is,” she replied, laughing.

Cristi blushed again. “You’re married? But then why do you need these things? Does he, I mean do you…”

“Oh, yes, he does. Sweetie, you have so much to learn,” the woman said, picking a piece of lint from Cristi’s sweater. “I’m Barbara,” she said, extending her hand.

“Cristi,” she replied, taking Barbara’s hand. Barbara held on to it for a few seconds before letting go.

“How old are you, Cristi?”

“I’m 20,” she replied. “How old are you?”

Barbara smiled. “I’m 42.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that people your age still, you know.”

Barbara burst out laughing. “Sex at my age, and older, is much, much better than it was when I was 20.”

“Really?” Cristi said, eyes wide.

“Yes, really. Hey, we should chat. Would you like to have a drink with me?”

“I’m not old en…, um, sure.”

“Great,” Barbara said, picking out a curved red silicone dildo. “This one’s on me. I’ll meet Ankara Escort you outside.”

Barbara headed to the counter to pay for the dildo. Cristi went outside to wait for her.

“Follow me,” Barbara said as she came out of the store, handing Cristi a package. “There’s a great place close by,” she told her, sliding in to a black Lexus.

Cristi got in her car and followed Barbara out of the lot. She seems nice, Cristi thought, as she drove behind Barbara. She thought about what she was going to ask her. She had so many questions. Her friends thought they knew about sex, but they were as clueless as she was about their own anatomy, not to mention a man’s. Here was a chance to pick the brain of someone who had decades of first-hand knowledge. Besides, she’s confident and sexy. Cristi wanted to be like that.

They arrived at the bar, and Barbara waited for Cristi at the door. “I love this place. They have fantastic cocktails,” she said, opening the door for her.

They found a table at the back. “What do you drink?” Barbara asked.

“I’ll have a Corona,” Cristi replied.

“Cristi, you want to be a mature, attractive woman, do you not?”

“Yes,” Cristi replied, sheepishly.

“Then you need to drink like one.”

The waiter came to the table. Barbara said, “We’ll have two Sidecars, please.”

“What do you do for a living?” Barbara asked.

“I’m a waitress at Chili’s, but I go to art school part time,” Cristi replied. “How about you?”

“I’m in real estate. Not my first choice, but I make good money and can work when I want. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not really. I was seeing someone, but it wasn’t working out.”

Their drinks arrived. Barbara lifted her glass to Cristi. “Now *this* is a drink. Here’s to sex, in all forms.”

Cristi toasted, and took a sip of the cocktail. It burned going down, and she winced. The second sip was better. She could feel the warmth of the cognac seep through her body. She liked it.

“What happened to the boyfriend?” Barbara asked.

“I don’t know. He’s cute and everything, but he doesn’t do it for me. He doesn’t make an effort to understand what I want.”

“He’s a boy.”

“I guess.”

“Have you ever been with an older man?”

“Yes,” Cristi replied. “Last year I dated a 23-year old guy. He was nice.”

“No Cristi, I meant an *older* man, like a professor.”

“Oh, no. That’s kind of creepy. Why would I want to do that?”

“Because they know how to please a woman, that’s why. They know about romance. They’re gentlemen. They hold doors open for you. They tell you you’re beautiful. This former boyfriend of yours – what was his name?”


“Brad. It’s not really his fault. He just hasn’t had enough practice, and he won’t learn until pleasing a woman becomes the most important thing in his life. It sounds like he’s not ready for that yet.”

“He’s been with plenty of girls.”

“Did he ever make you come?”

Cristi blushed. “No”

“Did he try?”

“Not really, no.”

“A mature man would have made you come. He would have went at you as if his life depended on it.”

“So what are you saying?” Cristi asked. “That I should go find an old man?”

“I’m saying you should find a man that knows what he’s doing,” Barbara replied “Or a woman. Or both,” she said, taking a sip of her drink and looking her in the eyes.

Cristi flushed, remembering how she had fantasized about Barbara this week. Cristy had the feeling that Barbara might be hitting on her.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” Cristi asked.

“Yes, I have.”

“Are you bi?”

“Not really. I told you, I’m married. To a wonderful, loving, passionate man. I’ve been with women just to mix it up a little.”

“Does your husband know?”

“Oh yes,” Barbara said, laughing. “He knows.”

“And he’s ok with that?”

“Let’s save that one for another time,” Barbara said. “I want to know about you. What is it that you want – sexually, I mean.”

“You mean, like, positions?”

“No, silly! How do you want to feel?”

Cristi thought for a moment. “I want what you have. I want to feel free and confident, and I want someone who knows how to make me feel good.”

“I may be able to help you with that, but first, I’m going to give you some homework.”

Cristi perked up. “What is it?”

“You need to learn about your body. Take your new toy home tonight. Play with it, but don’t come right away. I want you to hold back. Take yourself to the edge and back off. I want you to do that three times, then you can come, ok?”


“Meet me at the toy store in two days. I want to know how it went. Monday at 10.”


Barbara paid the check, and they headed for the parking lot.

“Remember, three times.” She leaned into Cristi and gave her a lingering kiss on the cheek. “See you Monday.”

“I’ll be there Barbara. Thanks for the advice.”

Barbara watched Cristi drive away. Sincan Escort She’s going to make for a fun plaything, she thought – as soon as I’ve finished with her training. Troy is going to love her. She imagined him fucking Cristi while she watched, and leaning over to lick her sweet little pussy while his cock slid in and out of it.

Barbara pulled out of the lot and called Troy. “Hey babe. I’ve got a new trainee. You’re going to *looove* her.”

Cristy quietly opened the door to her apartment. Only one of her roommates was home, and she slipped into her room unnoticed. She undressed and opened the package. The curved vibrator Barbara picked out for her was a rechargeable model, with clitoral and g-spot stimulators. She plugged it in to give it a quick charge. She took out her tablet and browsed a few porn sites, searching for lesbian and milf vids, and settled on one featuring an older brunette going down on a young blond girl.

The video opened with the brunette kneeling in front of the girl, running her tongue up her shaved pussy in long, deliberate licks. Soon the blond was on her back with the older woman sucking deeply at her cunt, her face wet with the young girl’s juice. The blond girl moaned loudly, then squealed, as she came on the woman’s face.

Cristi unplugged the vibrator and crawled into bed with it. She smeared lube on the tip and clicked through its settings, deciding on medium. The dildo hummed in her hand. She gently touched the toy to her mound. It was softer than the bullet, she thought; she wouldn’t need the cloth. She ran the dildo up her seam, feeling the vibrations pulse through her. Cristi nestled the side of the vibrator into her folds and let out a soft moan. She pulled the head up to her clit and slowly circled it, then brought it to her opening. Cristi teased her tight slit with the tip of the dildo, then slid it into her warm, wet cunt. She began fucking herself, imagining Barbara over her, smiling and slowly sliding the vibrator in and out of her. She pushed it in until the knob at its base touched her swollen clit, and held it there. She could feel the first twinge of an orgasm creep into her, and moved her hips, grinding against the knob. The orgasm welled and she waited for that now-familiar point of no return to hit her. She remembered what Barbara had instructed her to do, and pulled the knob off of her clit.

Cristi moaned as she felt a warm wave pass through her, but she didn’t come. She waited for it to pass, then pushed the vibrator back up against her little button. The orgasm began to build again almost immediately. Cristi groaned, and ground hard into the knob. Once again, she felt her self winding up, getting ready to come. She took herself even closer to the edge this time, then slid the dildo out again. She had to turn off the vibrator to keep herself from coming, and held still, shaking. Cristi whined as she felt her pussy spasming in complaint. It felt so good, but she wanted to come, badly.

She waited until her cunt stopped twitching, and clicked the button back on, accidentally taking the vibrator to its highest setting. She gasped, and clicked it again. The vibrator switched to rapid-fire pulses, and she felt the orgasm burst into her – too far for her to stop it. Cristi cried out and immediately came – hard. She bucked against the knob of the dildo. The orgasm seemed to go on forever. She felt her pussy weep onto the dildo and over her hand.

Cristi held the dildo inside of her until the orgasm passed, then pulled it out. She clicked the button through the rest of the vibrator’s settings until it shut off, then lay there, panting. She had never come like that before – never that hard, or for that long. Barbara had known she would, Cristy thought, and she smiled. She took a sip of water from the bottle on her nightstand and lay back down on the bed. Cristi turned the dildo over in her hand, marveling at what the little toy could do, then turned it back on and slid it towards her wet, waiting cunt.

Cristi played with her new toy throughout the weekend, each time pushing herself closer to orgasm, then backing off. Soon she found that she was able to get to the edge and hold herself there, letting her pussy and abdomen contract in mini-orgasms before taking herself down and starting all over again. The orgasms that followed were explosive.

Late Sunday night, after edging herself six times, she came violently, shaking so hard that the bed rattled against the wall, prompting a yell from her neighboring roommate, “What the fuck are you doing over there, Cristi?!” It was deliciously exhausting.

She numbed through her Monday classes, thinking about meeting with Barbara later that night. She couldn’t wait to tell her about her weekend. She ate lunch under a tree between classes, and saw Brad coming across the quad with a group of his friends. He walked up and sat down next to her. “Hey baby,” he said. “You and me again. The only thing missing is my cock.”

“I haven’t been missing it,” Cristi said, and got up to leave. Brad sat open-mouthed. She didn’t have time for his little-boy bullshit.

She breezed through her shift that night, changing clothes in the restaurant bathroom and freshening her makeup before heading to the adult store.

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