travelling daddy

travelling daddy
His name was Frank, a cool Black daddy from new york I served him his cofee at my job/shop evry morning for the last week and we had some casual talk about the Montreal Canadiens being a sad team right now and other Montreal casual stuff.

I dont know why i didnt saw it earlier
as i pour down some espresso for him,. his big cock bulging in hist work pants

I coudnt stop starring ,damn it look huge and i tought of it all day
was he hard….was it for me, why,,,,all again running throught my head

i was closing when he drop by , unusual from him for the last week but it was friday he said , had to get another of my nice pour as i try to see the bulge

”its late i wasnt sure youd be oen”

”yeah im closing”

”cool , man im so tired can i come drink as you close your shop ”

”heuu well ok i guess”

”thanks boy”

the cofee store was very small, really just a bar and my machine , no more than 20 feet cube, i had work for my uncle since i was 18 and 3 years later was known for the best pour in that small cofee shop downtown

I closed the garage door of the sjop and close my cashier , the customer on the stool , one of the only 3 of the store and sip away talking about my plan for tonight

i was so into my cash counting i never see him get his pants open stroking slowly watching me work

his fat 9 inch craving my mouth on it, after watching me stare at it this morning drooling at his bulge

i finished and turn to see him holding his fat cock stroking it up and down like there was nothing

”heuuuu what …i mean what”

”oh sorry you starred at it so much i tought you wanted a better look”

”omg its so big”

”ahah you like it come here boy ”

and he grab me over the counter and pull me feet in the air lay on my stomach his fat cock poking my face
it was so sudden i reach to stop him only to have my wrist lock together by on of his big hand getting his belt to tied em up , leaving me floating bend up on the counter my feet trying to reach in vain the ground as he pull me to him sit on the stool holding my head over his cock head trying to make me suck him

not believing how fast i got myself in that crazy situation
his cock on my face rubbing on my lipse , feeling him beating me at the game as he pinch my nose
and i breath air , or should i say his fat dark cock

mouth help deeper his hands back on my head , calling me his cock sucker , his bbc getting please as he bobble my head on it
leaving me so less choice , just taken up by this travelers who needed his cock suck

the hepless feeling of floating on the counter hands lock in my back and fuck in the mouth by a big black cock was making me feel small , at his mercy, like i coudnt do anything to stop this to happen

”thats what you wanted, my fucking big cock down that white mouth ”

”tied up an sucking up on my cock , dont you feel good down there boy, yeah you do look at me slut”

”yeah look at me as im fucking up that mouth”

”hi boy yeah look at your daddy, you look good with my cock in your mouth, ”

listening to him degrade me as his cum swallower , describing how hes gonna Pour some load every mourning in exchange for my espresso pour

he was melting my brain constantly moving my head up and down legs spread on the stool , making me worship his veiny hard cock like he wanted and has long has he wanted

just pulling it out to make me repeat im daddy cock slut
or hed slap my face with his cock

making me fall deeper into it
as i repeated i was daddy cum slut
before opening big and getting mouth bobbling again making me loose it
face all goey , submitting to him all , enable to move and made into living his fat cock

moaning on his cock as he feed me all of it
pouring one down he repeated

literally pouring a warm load in my mouth as i swallow in succession

hand release hand left to hold on his fat cock pumping on it like a mad little slut
i wanted more
he laught
watching me continue to suck for more moaning helping with both my hands stroking on him

”ok boi one more and we go to my hotel room”

lighting up a cigarette helping me on my knees infront of the stool my new daddy hot cock in my mouth working on it , feeling so good his cock still hard, feeling like a good cock sucker, now too much loving his fat cock to stop , broken into loving the feeling of his veiny cock pulsating in my small mouth

he proposed after a while to continue in his car, walking me face glowing under the moon
sitting in the passenger and help to lay down , sucking away as he drives me to his place
telling me he has lube and condom , want me to sit on him and try his cock , to go slow and just relax watching me take him like i want

soon enought i was in his room

getting him sleeved up in a magnum, i never seen these condom, only in movies….the golden pouch on the floor

it was so much bigger than my lifestyle
i felt how big he was compare to me envlopping him up and lubbing him with lube

feeling slutty and wanting to try it so bad

the room filled with noise of me bouncing up and down like a whore who need cock after 10 minute of sitting on it and adding more lube

i moan i loved his cock like a girl , stretch like a teen on prom around his cock

bouncing up and down accepting i love his cock in me

moaning i love my daddy cock like a good little slut , up and down getting my pussy ass made into a gaping hole

help on all 4 ass up head down , really feeling owned and taken by him, holding my hipse and fucking me like a slut
pounding in me to ear me moan and squirm, making sure i feel him making me a cunt

”you are clean ”

”ahh ahh yess yess iam ”

the condom drop on the bed
”im tired of this, i want to feel that tight pussy”

and i felt the warm flesh enter me like a rightfull feeling, it was so much better and sliding with ease i started to moan and groan , shaking and becoming so weak as i cum mny ass being fuck for the 1st time

pumping in me laughting hard calling me a girl as i cum and listening to him repeating i was just a girl who cum from getting fuck in my cunt

assaulting my ass with force as i cum like a girl and feel him really make my ass into a pussy

holding me hard as he grunt and unload
making me feel all of it go deep and making me wet
sound of pussy fucking echoing as he repeat to me i have a nice fucking cunt

releasing me gaping and oozing cum
falling asleep , owned by Frank

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