Twelve Months Ch. 02


Note: this story is very bi-male oriented, please don’t read if that’s not your thing!


So three months later and we’d settled into our routine – and into our roles. Si was most definitely the “man” of the relationship, Carly obviously the “woman”. And me… somewhere in between. Si fucked but never got fucked (only twice have we ever done it that way round, finding we both definitely preferred his top to my bottom) – he loved to suck cock but that was really the only receiving that did it for him. Except for the occasional strapon, Carly always received (loved to receive!) -her ideal night would involve us taking turns to fill her up over and over, which we’d do with great pleasure!

Tonight was a typical night. The key goes in the front door and Carly enters the house, hearing noise from the kitchen. She walks through to find her husband with his trousers on the floor next to him, standing behind me. I’m bent over the kitchen table and naked besides the cook’s apron, dressed exactly as I was to greet him when he got home. The best thing about those aprons is they’re completely open backed, and Si was currently using that to his advantage, his hands gripping my naked shoulders and his cock buried between my cheeks, slowly working it’s way in and out of me…

“Hi hun” we both said in chorus, and she pulled up a chair, away from the table near the doorway and sat down to watch with a grin. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of Si moving in and out of me as his strokes increased in pace. I was guessing (quite correctly) that his eyes were firmly locked with Carly’s; they loved to watch each other fucking me as much as I loved watching them going at it.

I could tell by the way he moved his hips that he was close to cumming already… the three of us had gotten to know each other’s bodies and body language pretty well since being together. I was nowhere near ready to cum yet but knew there was plenty of time for that; the night hadn’t even started yet!

So I started to push back hard on him, knowing exactly how to angle my hips the way he liked to get it just right… I opened my eyes and saw Carly had her iphone in one hand and the other up her skirt, filming our shag for later while rubbing hard at her clit.

Si gasped a little and I knew he was nearly there, so I pushed as hard against him as I could, him pushing as hard as he could too, and he started pumping his cum deep inside me. I loved that feeling, the novelty would never wear off. Since that first night I moved in three months ago, when we ditched condoms for good, he must have cum inside me at least sixty times – and every time it felt special.

He was still twitching inside me when he ground to a halt and he stayed there until it subsided, then stepped back and withdrew while I remained prostrate over the table. I looked at Carly who’d put her phone down now and stood, Si wrapping his arms around her and them kissing.

My turn to stand and I squelched as I did, the handful of butter we’d used for lube all melted now and starting to run down my leg. Carly came to me and repeated the hug and kiss, and I said “I need a shower!”

Upstairs to the bathroom, shower running at just the right temperature, I stepped in. I’d just started to rub the shower gel over my body when I heard the door open – Carly stepped in and closed it behind her. She had such a beautiful body… not too tall, pale skinned, red hair and the most gorgeous curves. I ran my hands over those curves, starting at her hips then up her waist to her shoulders then down her breasts.

My hands were soapy so slid with no effort, I gently massaged her boobs and leaned in to kiss her. My hands slid downwards now, around her hips and gripped her ass. My cock had become solid and it pressed into her beltline – she was that little bit shorter than me – before she took hold of it and began to stroke. I reached downwards and along her crack finding her pussy with ease and pushed two fingers in, reaching from behind. She was slippery, all turned on after our display in the kitchen.

I fingered her akkent escort for a few minutes while she played with my erection, then she disengaged and pulled the plastic foot-step from the corner of the shower with her foot and rotated around, sliding it against the wall behind where she’d been standing. It was one of those steps you buy for little kids to be able to reach the sink, but it was just the right size for…

She turned and faced the wall, then stood onto the step, legs as apart as it’s width would allow. I moved in behind her, felt her hand reach between her legs and groping for my cock which she found easily as I was already angling it upward and pressing on her perenium. A little movement then I felt myself slowly sliding into her. She placed both palms flat on the wall above head height and pushed her rump back and downwards, impaling herself on me.

My hands went to her hips then slid around her waist and upwards, until I was cupping her perfect tits. I started to move my hips backwards then pushed forwards in time with Carly’s rhythm of pushing back. She really did have the sweetest pussy, tight but very wet.

I moved my left hand, sliding it down the length of her body until in between her legs and quickly found her clit. I could feel my shaft just below where I was rubbing and it felt great – almost as good as feeling Si’s. My right hand now braced against the wall, I started to fuck and rub her like I knew she loved. Our movements became perfectly synchronised now, our pushes meeting every time – it was like some beautiful erotic dance.

My face was at her neck, kissing her and sucking. Her breathing became heavier and for the second time in an hour I was about to bring one of my lovers to orgasm. I rubbed hard and fast on her clit to match the now hard and fast fucking I was giving her and without the usual build-up she suddenly exclaimed “FUCK, YES, FUCK FUUUUUUCK!” and came. I imagined the massive squirt that she’d just produced, lost to the shower now. Not to worry, there’d surely be plenty more available later! The thought alone of her squirting was enough to complete me now and I almost silently came, matching her juices with my own.

She stepped down and turned, we embraced and kissed long and slow, then she left the shower. I quickly finished my wash, rinsed off and did likewise.

Stepping into the bedroom I found Carly sprawled on the bed, Si laying atop her. I knew exactly how this happened – Carly found Si already on the bed, fresh from his shower in the other bathroom and with a massive hardon, aroused as he always was knowing that she’d just been fucking me. He never took long to regain his erection with the two of us for stimulation!

Si *loves* to fuck his wife straight after me and I know the feeling. Slipping inside a cunt already lubed by her arousal is nice, but the sticky slipperiness of a pussy already full of cum is out of this world!

His ass was pounding up and down, giving her the second good fucking of the day – all in the space of 10 minutes.

I lay next to them on the bed and watched. Still the most beautiful sight in the world to me, my two partners pleasuring each other. I ran one hand down Simon’s back and caressed his bum, while leaning in to first kiss Carly and then (when he’d slowed down enough to keep his head still) to kiss him. I watched them and stroked them – his back, her breasts, his bum…

Carly started to cum and her moans pushed Si over the edge too as they came together, her pussy filling up now with our 3 combined juices. They kissed then separated, Si climbing off then standing. I was still laying alongside Carly and we looked at each other. She motioned with her eyes, looking down her body twice as if to say “go one then!”

Simultaneously she shuffled down the bed a little and I got on my knees, rotated myself 180 degrees and lay back down. In one quick movement she rolled over and ontop of me, her lips were on my cock in the same instant that her pussy hovered above my face and began to ooze with our nectar. I wasn’t akkent escort bayan fully hard at that point, having not long given her a performance in the shower, but the instant I clamped my mouth over her slit and let her start to dribble into my mouth I was solid again – threeway cum is the greatest aphrodisiac I’ve ever tasted!

And so I sucked and licked her over and over while she worked her magic on my erection. She gave the most amazing blow jobs and tonight was no exception, though having already cum recently I knew she’d reach orgasm long before I did… and having licked her clean, and spent a while tonguing her clit – she did.

I love it when she cums in my face; she’s a squirter and never disappoints! She practically collapsed ontop of me when her orgasm was over – but that was fine, my turn could wait.

My stomach started to rumble – it was 7pm and we’d yet to eat dinner! We decided to get Chinese food delivered so placed the order and sat in front of the TV while we waited. Si wore a dressing gown, Carly and I both in loose shorts and t-shirt. We cuddled up on the sofa – Carly in the middle and her two guys either side.

“So… it’s been three months. How’re you both feeling?” she asked.

“Well… I think we’re still in the ‘honeymoon period’ so…” started Si.

“True, our actual honeymoon period was something like six months wasn’t it?”

I laughed. “You shagged like this for six months?”

Now Si laughed. “Yeah something like that – you know us both intimately enough to know what we’re like.” He sat forwards and looked at me. I did likewise and we leaned across Carly for a long slow kiss.

The doorbell went and Si stood, grabbing his wallet to pay for the food. We ate on the sofa using the coffee table, with the TV on as background noise. Near the end of the meal Carly said “Are we all happy though? Do you see… ‘us’, the three of us, lasting indefinitely?”

Si and I both looked at Carly and I could see from his expression that this had him worried the same as me.

She continued “Woah, no don’t go thinking… I love you both and I know you feel the same,” she held out her hands and the two of us followed her lead. “What I mean is we, Si and me, and you separately – we set out to meet people for sex. And boy did we ever! But we ended up finding new lovers. And the sex is pretty damn amazing,” she smiled at this and we did too. “So I suppose what I’m asking is: are we going to keep things to the three of us, or do you – well ‘we’ – want to get back out there… you know, as a threesome?”

I wasn’t expecting this, but wasn’t instantly against the idea. It was just… “What if one of us ends up falling for someone else? It happened with the three of us, what if…” I trailed off.

Si now spoke. “Sounds like there’s something specific that’s got you thinking about this… right?”

She smiled again. “You know me too well baby. Yes. So – I love watching you both together. Absolutely *love* it. And watching either or both of you fucking me (when we’ve recorded it). But I can’t help thinking… it’s…” She paused, seemed a little embarrassed which was totally out of character for her, then blurted out “I really want to watch you fuck another woman. Both of you.”

Again, unexpected! I saw the smile on Si’s face as he said “And anything else…?” Another almost embarrassed silence from Carly and then she said “And I really think the time is right for me to try it too. With a girl. Girl on girl.”

Damn! That had never crossed my mind, I’d never thought she’d been interested that way at all. Another brief pause and then we all giggled.

“So what, find a girl? Or a couple?” asked Si.

“Bisexual couple,” she replied, “at the very least that’d be easier than finding a single girl… and I don’t think anyone would object to another cock to play with right?” Giggles all round again!

I reached across Carly and slid my hand inside Si’s dressing gown, feeling his semi start to grow in my hand and giving it a slow stroke. “Oh yes,” I said, escort akkent “more cock is good.”

I felt Carly slip her hand into my shorts and I was hard within seconds. Her other hand joined mine in Si’s gown so I released him and let her get to work, slowly stroking us both while she first kissed me, then turned to kiss her husband. She wanked us both for a few minutes then withdrew her hands and stood, dropping her t-shirt and shorts to the floor. “Though I don’t think I could take more than two inside me at once…” she trailed off as she left the room and went upstairs.

Si and I grinned at each other, and two minutes later he was laying on our bed, Carly straddling his waist and lowering herself onto him. She nestled down into sitting on his lap then bent forwards, so she was kneeling but ontop of him, elbows either side of his shoulders and kissing him. Sitting at the end of the bed I had a great view of his shaft inside her, and her beautiful hole wrapped around him.

I moved and knelt behind her, legs either side of his thighs and touched my throbbing, well-lubed end against his cock. Because he was underneath, his angle of entry left a small gap at the “top” of her (or at the bottom from her point of view!)… I slowly slid my end along his cock upto the point where it disappeared inside her then slowly pushed. There was a feeling of resistance and then a sudden release and gasp from Carly as my head went inside. I slowly pushed deeper and felt the familiar, amazing sensation of my cock sliding along Si’s – until I was as deep as I could go and felt his pulse as the underside of our members pressed against each other.

If you’ve never tried this, and particularly if you’re not into MM contact, then you’ll never understand the feeling. I felt Carly enveloping us both, the warm hardness of Si against me… and then when Carly started to move… she inched forwards a little and then back, treating our combined shafts as one, then repeated but with a little more movement. We’d been in this position oh so many times before and we each knew our roles: Carly started he rhythmic movement and once she’d settled into her pace, only moving a few inches back and forth, I started to back-up in time with her rhythm then plow back in.

For her she had the feel of both fucking Si, being in control on top but also being fucked from behind. Si had to do very little but lay there, whereas I moved in time with her and gave both us guys the delicious feeling of cock-on-cock. It was… indescribable.

Now you might think that involving three people in a single sexual activity would make it harder to synchronise orgasms but in this position that couldn’t be further from the truth. We got our steady rhythm going and eventually Carly began her recognisable pre-cumming moans. Both me and Si were very receptive to Carly’s noises in any case; if one or the other was with her alone we’d often cum with her as her pleasure noises were such a turn on. In this position though, it only took one of us to react to her before:

Her moans turned to groans and I knew she was close. If I was able to see the look of ecstasy on her face I was sure I’d be joining her, her sex faces are that beautiful. But I knew that Si was watching her and that meant… as her groans crescendoed I felt his cock begin to twitch along the length of mine and he began to moan too. I pictured what was happening inside that pussy, Si was about to start squirting his juices and both fill Carly and cover my cock with his seed. The thought was enough to bring me to the edge too, and suddenly the three of us were moaning and groaning, panting loudly and ejaculating together. I felt Si’s spasms and then my own, and the dripping wetness down my legs of Carly squirting from her own pleasure too. I pushed deep with my final thrust and she pushed back hard on us, I could no longer tell whose muscle spasms belonged to who but it felt like heaven.

Our combined bodies finally came to a halt and without a second thought I withdrew and went down on them, licking Si’s shaft and her cunt as it oozed with our taste. “Oi! Surely it’s my turn?” said Si, so Carly rolled off him and he went down on her while I lay next to her.

She reached to the bedside table for her phone and started browsing the website which had brought the three of us together, then turned to me and said “I was wrong. There was definitely room for another one!”

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