Subject: Twins Get Free Pizza – chapter 10 Hey, thanks for reading my story. This is the next installment, and it took a while to write. My story features young boys having sex with their older brother and their father. If this isn’t your thing, why not? Ok, seriously, if you don’t want to read about boys and men having consensual loving sex, then you might want to find a different story. I really appreciate feedback. I am new to this. This is my first story on Nifty after years of reading them. Please feel free to send comments to me at ail Please remember to support Nifty. Their month donation option is really convenient. That way you don’t have to fork out a wad of cash all at once. Just giving $5 a month is helpful in keeping this amazing treasure trove of stories alive and well. Please consider donating. Please. Alright, on with the story as the twins get ready to celebrate their 13th birthday. Chapter 10…at long last. ******************************************************* The meal is fantastic, Joe is an excellent cook. I love everything about my new family – especially how comfortable my young 13-year-old brothers are with being nude. Now that I’ve seen all of them I realize they look far more natural and at ease without any clothing on. They were made to be naked all the time. It is probably a good thing that they don’t go starkers all the time or else I’d have far too much competition for their affections. How could you look at these naked godlets and not want to give yourself a good wank…or wank them…or suck on them…or…but I am getting ahead of myself. The food is what I am supposed to be focusing on. Granted, the smiles and winks that Connor keeps giving me are very distracting. I can’t stop looking at him. He is gorgeous. His twin brother is gorgeous, but knowing that Connor wants me to be his ‘first’ kinda makes me think of him as my favorite brother. Callum is daddy’s boy – well, he will be when Joe gets inside him. I see father and son are interacting similarly as Connor and I. Joe has some serious self-control, is all I can figure. He’s had these gorgeous sex imps in his life for all these years and has kept his hands to himself. Wow! That is a level of self-control I know that I could not manage. Here I am, the first time I babysit, they put on a show, and I am completely hands-on. It is clear they want me to touch them, to explore them, to pleasure them – but Joe has been watching this for years and only now is he becoming involved. Monumental self-control. Or maybe he just loves and respects his boys so much that he wouldn’t do anything they didn’t want. Damn, he’s a good father. But until recently, the boys lived with their mom. She’s kinda out of the picture – being in a care facility for her mental breakdown – and so Joe hasn’t been around his sons as much as he is now. I want to ask more but at the same time I don’t want to give the boys a downer about their mom. I know they love her, like I love my mom, and it has got to be hard dealing with a complete change in their daily living. One day they are living with mom, and the next they are moved in with dad. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy they are here – really happy! But I do wonder how they are dealing with it. Losing a mom is hard on a boy. We finish the meal and the boys get busy doing the dishes – it is their chore. I love watching them. I sit at the table with a doughy eyed look. “They are good boys,” Joe says from the seat beside me. “Huh?” I’d forgotten he was there. “Yes, they are…dad.” He smiles. “I will never get tired of hearing you say that. After all these years of being near you and not being able to tell you I’m your father. Well, it weighs on a guy, you know?” “I’m not quite used to saying it, so I apologize if a ‘Mr. Carter’ or ‘Joe’ slips out,” I say. “Oh, believe me, I understand.” Joe motions toward my crotch. “May I?” “Uh sure, be my guest,” I say. I turn and spread my legs a little from under the table. I hadn’t expected Joe to take an interest in my body, but I am his son. He reaches over and takes Coney in hand. His touch is gentle. Since he is much older than me, Coney doesn’t wake immediately to his fondling. Coney is just like me, he likes young boys and will stand right up for them. “You have a very nice cock,” my dad says as he rolls me around his hand. He uses his other hand to fondle my nuts, feeling the size and weighing their heft. He rubs his thumb over my glans. “Aw, you are still so soft. Not as soft as the boys, granted, but still softer than a grizzled old man like me. He runs his fingers over my stubbly pubes and across my pubic delta. While fondling my dick he runs his hand over my thigh, feeling the muscles bunched under the skin. “You are choice grade A prime beef.” I chuckle. “Well, you made me.” Coney is starting to stretch at all the attention he is getting. Getting your dick massaged is nice no matter the age of the person doing it. I’m still young enough that a good lazy fondle can prop me up…well, on the days that I haven’t been in a non-stop orgy with 2 new teenagers and their never-ending spunk spitting. I glance over to the boys and see Callum nudge Connor and point at Joe and I. The boys stop and watch their dad feeling up their new older brother. They smile, and true to form, they both quickly get erections. Ah, the bloom of a youthful dick. “Well, some day I’d like to get to know…” Joe says. “Coney, his name is Coney. The boys named him.” “…Coney. Yes, that is a good name for him. But I won’t draw him out now. He needs his strength for a certain birthday gift later today.” At the mention of the gift – making love to Connor – Coney jumps up and pays attention. “Aw, yes, I thought that might get his attention. He has a thing for pubescent boys. I share that obsession.” Joe lets Coney go and sits back still eyeing my dick. “In fact, I like dick so much it is truly amazing that I had any sons at all. What am I saying? I am a complete horndog. Women and boys are my thing. And men. Maybe little girls, I don’t know, never tried them. I even had a favorite husky when I was a boy. Oh, he could lick peanut butter off my dick faster, and better, than most women I know. Came many times thanks to Charger.” I raise my eyebrows at that. I thought I was the only one that got it on with a dog. A few years back there was a golden retriever down the street that loved to poke his nose in my business. One day I dropped my shorts and dared the dog to get busy. I didn’t need anything to entice the pup to start licking. It felt so good. When I came, the dog lapped it up. He liked the salty taste apparently. I didn’t do it very often because I felt so guilty afterwards. But when I missed Jacob or was tired of using my own hand, I’d find Red and let the dog get busy on me. The family that owed the dog moved away the next spring, and I really missed my time with Red. “You got a dog to lick your dick?” Callum says incredulously. “Isn’t that disgusting or sick or bad or…something?” Connor asks. “Well, it’s not for everyone. And I don’t tell many – in fact, you’re the first – but since having şişli travesti sex with my young teen sons is also considered bad, evil, wrong, abominable, and illegal…well, the dog thing can’t compete. He was good at licking my nuts though. Would sometimes wake me up in the morning with him licking my morning wood. Ah, the memories.” “Can we have a puppy?” Connor asks. “What? So you can train him to wake you up by licking your dick?” Joe asks. “No,” says Callum. “We just want a puppy.” “Getting our dicks licked would be nice, too. But not why we want a puppy.” “What do you say, Josh? You a dog person?” Joe asks. “Yeah, I’m into dogs. They’re cool. Never had one of my own, though.” “Hmm. Well, I’ll think about it. Right now, you boys need to get dressed because we are going shopping. If I’m not mistaken, there are a few games a couple obnoxious boys have been requesting for their birthday presents for a few months. And I have a couple special gifts to pick up myself.” “Alright!” shouts Connor. “Can Josh come?” Callum asks. “Well, of course he can – you made him come all yesterday and today,” Joe chuckles. “Not what I meant,” Callum glares. “Can he come with us shopping?” “Uh,” I interrupt. “Actually, if you all are going shopping, then I’m going to go home and do some of the chores I’ve been neglecting. I might take a nap too. I am tired – and drained.” “Good for you,” Joe says. “We’ll be back early afternoon, I’ll take the scamps out to lunch too.” Joe waves at the boys. “Ok, you two. Go put on actual clothes, not see-through shorts or skin tight spandex.” The two boys start to run out of the room but stop and run over to me. They grab me in a hug. First Callum then Connor kisses me full on the lips. “Thank you for being our new brother,” Callum says. “And thank you for…later,” Connor winks at me. I reach down and stroke their soft bare asses with my hands. I squeeze each boy’s pert mound and dip my fingers into their cracks. I love these sexpots. They are so wonderful – enticing, alluring, funny, sensitive, and young. They scamper out of the room to get dressed. I turn to my dad. “Thank you…for everything.” He smiles. “You bet. Now go get some rest. These boys will drain you of energy faster than a Cheetah on jet skis. You want to be rested for later.” I nod. “Oh, I will be. You can be assured of that.” I head back to my half of the duplex by going through the boy’s room. They are completely dressed and racing back to our dad when I come sauntering through. They both say goodbye first to me and second to Coney. He gets two kisses from freshly minted 13-year-olds. Both he and I are happy. I collapse on my bed still naked and drift off to sleep without much thought. My mom’s voice wakes me. “Josh, you home hon?” she knocks on my door. I flip a sheet over my privates. “Come in.” She opens the door and the first thing she notices is the open door where my wardrobe used to be. “Ah, he told you, did he?” “Yes. I’m his son and they are my brothers. Well, half brothers.” She nods. “How do you feel about that?” There is worry in her tone. I am caught off guard by her seriousness until I realize that she is worried I will think poorly of her having an affair. “He told me now that your…dad is gone he was going to tell you.” I sit up and pull the sheet around my midsection. Once it is secure, I stand and walk to her. She is still at my door. I wrap my arms around her and whisper in her ear, “I love you mom. You are the greatest mom a boy could ever have. I couldn’t say that about my father, until now. Joe is the dad I always wanted.” She pulls back a little to look me in the eyes. “So you aren’t mad at me?” She is relieved and hopeful. “Only that it took this long for me to find out. No, mom. I am not mad at you or at him. I love you, and I think I could love him very easily.” “Oh, Josh, you don’t know how that makes me feel!” She hugs me tight, and I wrap my arms around her again. We stand this way for a few moments, and then she pulls back. Her movement dislodges the sheet around me, and it falls to the floor. She glances down and sees I am totally naked. “Oh my! Did I do that. My bad.” She smirks at me – she’s never been hysterical about me being nude, not like my first dad was. She leans in and caresses my chest with her hand. It is a motherly touch full of love and affection. “You are such a good boy, Josh. I am so proud of you. Now put some clothes on before you scandalize our…your new brothers. They are impressionable, you know. What would they think seeing you like this?” Well, they’d likely suck me off, and I’d return the favor. But, of course, I can’t say that to my mom. “Yes, mom.” “Oh, almost forgot. I did the dishes and dumped the trash so you don’t have to. Also, I’m going out with the girls tonight. Can you get yourself dinner ok?” “Yep, in fact, I’ve been invited to my new younger brothers’ 13th birthday party. It’s a sleep over.” Then I think to myself – and I’ll get to make love to Connor while seeing his dad make love to his twin brother Callum. “Excellent. You have fun with the boys. Say hi to Joe for me.” She kisses me on the cheek, then spins and heads down the hall. “Will do, mom.” You’ve no idea the fun I will have with the boys. The clock says it is 3:30pm. I must have been tired, and the boys aren’t home yet. I run a hand over my pube stubble and hope I have enough time for a shave. I want to be smooth for Connor. I don’t want him to get poked by my pubes when I am making love to him. Wow. That thought keeps making me light-headed. I am going to make love to a 13-year-old boy, my younger brother. I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming or making this up. But he did ask me himself. I head to the bathroom to take care of the extra body hair. How I wish I could get rid of all my body hair permanently. I really dislike it. I want to be as smooth and hairless as a boy – always. Stupid body has to go and sprout hair all over the place and make me ugly. I want to stay at 12 years old forever – right on the edge of puberty but without the annoying body hair, bad smells, acne, and hormone driven mood swings. Oh well, the best I can do is shave. I hear mom shut the front door and know I am alone once again. I don’t bother with clothes. Once I’m in the bathroom, I fill the sink with warm water and get my razor. It took a bit of trial and error to learn the best way to shave my pubes. I like a smooth sack too, and that is where the risk of bloody nicks is highest. I soap up and start the slow meditative ritual of removing my pubic hair. I love how my skin is super sensitive right after a shave. Until now, I always thought it felt like the smooth skin of a hairless boy – often I’d jack off just feeling my skin and imagining a boy. Now that I have 2 little sexpots to fondle, I realize that the real thing is way better than fantasy. “Hey, whatcha doing?” I look up from my shaving and see Connor peering at me from the open bathroom door. He is gorgeous even with clothes on. “Getting ready to give you your present later. I don’t want there to be beylikdüzü travesti any hair between me and you.” I run the razor over a few stray hairs, then feel around to be sure I’m done. “Oh cool.” He comes in and inspects Coney. He reaches out and strokes the soapy wet skin right above my dick. “Wow, that is smooth. It feel good?” “Yeah, my skin gets really sensitive right after a shave. Feels amazing.” So does having his fingers on me. Coney is starting to wake up. “Could you shave me too?” “But you don’t have any hair.” “Yeah, I do.” “Really? Show me.” I say half teasingly. Connor pulls down the front of his shorts and briefs to show me his beautiful boy dick. I drool. “See, there’s this hair here. It’s all over me.” I lean down and see that he is pointing out the light golden fur that covers his entire body. “It’s called vellus hair – I googled it,” he says. “Will you shave it off me?” I think for a second and can find no reason to deny him. “Sure, but you have to be naked.” Before I even finish the sentence he has peeled off his shirt and dropped his shorts and briefs. He steps out of them and pushes off his shoes. In seconds flat, he is naked except for a pair of white ankle socks. Fuck, he is so damn hot! “Ok, climb up here and stand on the toilet seat. That way I can better see what I am doing.” He complies. Now I have a mostly naked boy in front of me with his young delightful dick right at eye level. I really want to put it in my mouth…but that will be later. I soap up my wet hands and start to rub them over his crotch. His dick twitches and starts to stiffen with my touch. It’s so cute. I clean the razor and set to work on his young skin being doubly sure to go slowly. I don’t want to cut him anywhere. Slowly, I draw the razor over his taut skin. I rinse after every stroke even though I don’t see any hair build up. I shave his pubic delta, his upper thighs, and anywhere else I see the vellus hair. Then I gently take his stiff little penis in my fingers and work the razor around the base of his shaft. I pull his ballsack taut and carefully shave his scrotum. He is staring at the whole process intently. On a whim, I tell him to turn around. He does so immediately, no questions asked. His trust in me is complete; I realize I could ask him to do anything and he would. He trusts that I won’t hurt him – and I never want to. Once he is turned around, I marvel at his smooth mounds of flesh. One of my favorite stories on describes a young boy’s ass like two loaves of bread dough that haven’t risen. Now that they are before me, the analogy is very good. His fleshy mounds are covered with vellus hair – the light golden fur that makes him so beautiful. Maybe my time with Red, the golden retriever, got me to love gold fur. Well, I am infinitely pleased that Connor is not covered in fur like a dog – I love soft, smooth, mostly furless boys. I wet my hands with soap again and proceed to caress his ass with warm water. I run the razor across the mounds of his ass, shaving away the golden fur. I shave his upper legs and lower back. After I am sure his is completely shaved, and not bleeding anywhere, I take a towel and dry off my young lover. I pull the towel away and marvel at his naked body. He stares down at himself. “That felt good, but it doesn’t feel any different,” he says. “Just wait,” I say as I lean in towards his crotch. When I am a couple inches away I lightly blow across his bare skin. “Oh wow!” he exclaims. “That feels so…weird. Good, but weird.” “Yep, the hair on your body stops some air from reaching the skin so when the hair is out of the wait, you feel even more than you did before. You are more sensitive. Touch yourself.” He reaches down and strokes a hand across the skin of his crotch. “Wow! That’s intense.” He runs his other hand over his ass, and I reach out to stroke his newly shaved skin. He is still amazingly soft to my touch. My hands are rough and don’t really feel the difference with his fur gone, but he does and that is what I wanted to do – to give him a new sensation. This way, when we are making love, it will be even more intense. With his hair gone, the skin is a little bit tacky. I spin him around and blow on his ass and am pleased to see little goose pimples rise across his flesh. He is giggling. I cup his ass, one cheek in each hand and spread them apart just enough to see his pucker. He has the cutest little butt pucker in the world. I lean close and take a deep sniff of his crack. He smells intoxicating. I stick out my tongue and lick right up his ass crack. I stop over his pucker and start to poke at it with the tip of my tongue. Connor leans forward, pushing his ass into my face. It is obvious he loves the attention I am giving his hole. I feel it clenching under the touch of my tongue. I lap at his entrance, wetting him with my saliva. I want to loosen him enough so he doesn’t hurt when I enter him, but right now I just want to enjoy eating his young boy ass. “Unnnng,” he moans. “That feels so good.” I press my face between his soft loaves and push the tip of my tongue right up against the center of his pucker. I feel his respond by flexing his ass. The excitement is making him tense up. He is so tight – just like a young boy should be – but he will need to loosen up some so I don’t hurt him. I have an idea that might just work. Reluctantly, I pull back from his heavenly hole. He glistens with my saliva. I stroke his ass cheeks and kiss each one lovingly. “Why did you stop?” he asks. I look up at him peering over his shoulder at me. “Because I want to show you something to help you relax and loosen your hole. You need to be able to loosen yourself so I don’t hurt you when I enter you.” “Oh, I almost forgot!” He jumps off the toilet and picks up a sack I hadn’t seen him set down by the door. He holds it out to me. “Dad said to give this to you for me. He said you’d probably know what to do with it.” “What is it?” I take the package. “I don’t know. Didn’t look.” I unwrap the bundle and look in the sack. I am confused by what I see. It looks like a pile of fur. I reach in and pull it out. Yep, it’s fake fur and is long. It’s a tail. An orange poofy, furry tail with a white tip. My fingers feel a knob of plastic at the end. I flip it around and there is a label. My eyes go wide as I read it. Fox Tail Butt Plug. “Your dad gave this to you to give me…for you?” “Yeah, he gave one to me and one to Callum. He said he would explain to Callum but that you would explain it to me.” Oh wow. Fuck yeah. I get to give Connor his first butt plug. I’ve read about them but never tried one out. Now, apparently, we will have two puppies running around the house with these furry tails sticking out of their butts. I chuckle. It is a fucking hot image. “You know what it is?” he asks. “Yep, I think you will like it. But first I want you to do something for me. Grab your clothes and meet me in my room.” I rinse off the last of the soap from my body. I am still smiling. My dad has a wicked sense on humor. I figure the conversation about the dog this morning put it istanbul travesti in his head to give the boys tails. Connor is waiting for me in my room. I set the fox tail aside and tell him to get on my bed. He jumps onto it with a wicked grin. Gods, I want to ravage him right now! “Ok, my beautiful and sexy boy, get on all fours.” “Like this?” He does. Doggy style never looked so good. “What’s the fur thing for?” “I’ll explain that in a moment. First I am going to show you how to loosen up your own butt. Jacob showed me this and it really works.” I walk over to him and stroke his fine ass. “How long ago did you take a dump?” “A couple hours. Had to really go at the restaurant where we ate lunch.” “Ok, good. That means your chute is empty.” “My chute?” “Your bowels, your ass, in here.” I poke his pert little hole between his cheeks. “I don’t want you taking a shit on my bed.” He giggles. “Ok, now leave your ass in the air and lay down on your arms.” He does. “Good. Now relax your belly. Let it hang down as far a you can. Mentally, find every muscle in your belly and butt, and relax all of them.” He concentrates for a moment but I see him clenching up instead. “How?” he asks. “Ok, do this instead. Flex every muscle, pinch your butt tight, tighten your belly, flex your legs.” He does. I see his ass cheeks clench and muscles up and down his body strain. “Now let go of them all at once. Relax. Anywhere you find tension, relax. Move your legs so that your butt is up just hanging in the air.” I am watching him closely, and he does an amazing job of relaxing. I can see the tension leave his body and his belly is loose. His ass cheeks slowly open like the petals of a flower. I see his pucker. It is releasing and re-clenching. It is a fight to loosen everything. The body has natural reflexes to close off our bladders and bowels so we don’t have an accident. Overriding them is difficult. Speaking of which, I see a short squirt of piss shoot from his dick. Oops, forgot to check that. “Uh oh,” he says and starts to get up. “No, stay there. I’ll take care of that.” I stick my head under his little A frame body then turn my face so his penis is right at my mouth. “Now let go again, release it all,” I say. I don’t latch onto his dick because I don’t want him to get erect. I take the tip lightly between my lips and let the stream of his piss squirt into my mouth. There isn’t much, but enough that it would have wet my bed in a largish patch. I savor his taste. I love drinking his urine. I let it linger in my mouth, and reluctantly swallow it down. Now that he is empty, I get back out and check his ass. Almost there. “Take a deep breath and release it. Each time you do, relax your butt. Let your belly hang.” I watch Connor for a couple minutes just breathe in and out. Each time it looks like his pucker is loosening a little more. Jacob taught me this one. I got to the point I could relax my muscles, let my sphincter open, and feel air move in and out of my ass by raising and lower my stomach. I’d relaxed enough to create a cavity in my belly so that air filled my butt. I watch as Connor’s pucker does the same thing. He releases and slowly, very slowly it stops twitching to close back up. His anus opens a little bit – enough for the head of a pencil to pass through the ring of flesh. Then wider. He is getting the hang of it. His hole opens more and more. I see inside his body. I reach out a finger and touch the inner ring of his sphincter. The muscles clench around my finger. Any stimulation will cause them to close. I feel the grip of his ass. “Ok, now do it again. See if you can relax even though my finger is there.” He doesn’t say anything. After a few moments I pull my finger out easily. “Good. Now hold that position while I get your tail.” “My tail?” he asks. “Yep.” I grab the fox tail butt plug and return to his upturned hole. “Relax. You’ve closed up again.” After a moment I see him open and hear the air flow into and out of his open ass as he breathes. I get the tail ready. I know that the moment he feels the butt plug intruding he will close back up again. The plug won’t allow him to close all the way, so opening him when we are ready to make love should be easier. He lets out a big breath and his hole opens even more – wide enough for the bulbous end of the plug to push inside. Quickly I pop the plug into place and turn it so the tail curls up his crack. Once he feels the cold plastic his muscles clench around the shaft of the plug. It’s in him. He is sporting his first ever butt plug. In this matter, he is doing something I’ve never done. I’ve never used a plug before, but now I want one with a tail. They are so fucking hot. “Alright. Now sit up slowly. You will feel a fullness in your ass. That’s what it is supposed to feel like.” He moves around, finally standing up. He can feel the furry tail brushing against his legs and cranes his neck around to look behind him. “I’ve got a tail. And it is sticking out of my butt?” “Yep.” I close my bedroom door and reveal a full length mirror on its back. I position him so he can see his new fox tail. It is made so that the tail bends at an angle from the butt plug to follow the curve of his ass crack up to right below his tailbone. At that point the furry tail starts so that even though he has a butt plug, it looks like the tail is sprouting out of his tailbone instead of looking like he just got a fox shoved up his ass. I couldn’t imagine how Connor could look sexier, but with the fox tail butt plug he is exotic and alluring in a how new way. “Yummy,” I say. Connor is feeling the base of the butt plug where it is inside him. “This feels…weird.” “You want me to take it out? You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.” “No, I like it.” He spins a couple times and watching his tail flail about. “It just feels like I have to shit. I feel full.” “Check this out.” I walk up behind him and press my hand on the base of the butt plug. His eyes go wide as the bulbous end rubs against his boy button inside. He gets erect almost instantaneously. “Oh wow! That feels great!” “Yep, it is pressing against your prostate gland – your boy button. That’s the place I rubbed that made you cum buckets when my finger was inside you. If you sit down you will rub against it too.” “I like it!” he smiles. “Is that what this is for?” “Well, sort of. The butt plug is to get you used to having something in your butt and to loosen you up so that I don’t hurt you when I put my dick in you. Do you still want me to?” “Will it feel like this?” he pokes at his butt plug. “Better, I hope.” “Then absolutely yes! This is sick!” Just then, a naked Callum comes prancing into my room. “Look what dad gave me!” He spins and we see he is sporting a similar fox tail butt plug, but his is black and grey with a white tip. “It’s awesome!” “I got one too.” Connor leaps around to show off his tail. The boys inspect each other’s butt plugs, feeling the fur and where they go inside their bodies. Connor wiggles Callum’s and the boy moans. “These are the best! I’m never taking my off,” says Callum. The boys prance and preen, barking like dogs and yipping in pleasure. They are sexy beasts. Naked 13-year-olds with fox tail butt plugs, mini erections, and smiles on their faces. *************************************************************** end of Chapter 10

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