Two for One


This story is dedicated to Claire, she knows who she is. For being my inspiration, my encouragement and my proof-reader for this story. Thanks hun!


Slumping low in the soft cushioned cinema seat she bit her bottom lip, holding back the silent tears threatening to spill at the ridiculously mushy scene on the screen before her. Wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her black hooded sweatshirt she shot a glance over to the girl sitting besides her, and smiled slightly as she caught her looking.

It was Wednesday night, nothing unusual about that, two for one night at the cinema, and if everything had gone to plan then sitting to her left, in the vacant seat would have been her boyfriend; but things hadn’t gone to plan, had they? He’d done the unspeakable and cancelled their date, told her that “something had come up.” Again.

He’d increasingly found excuses not to go out with her lately, to a point where she was starting to wonder whether he was maybe seeing someone else. She just wasn’t sure how best to tackle him on the issue, without feeling like an idiot should her fears be unfounded.

So she’d come out on her own, determined not to let him ruin her evening, but now, watching the happy couples on the big screen was only making her feel miserable. She couldn’t hold back her tears, she was fed up of being let down, fed up of being messed around. Shaking her head she stood up, apologising to the people around her as she shuffled along the row of seats to the walkway where she ran towards the toilets, silent tears streaming down her cheeks.

Once inside the toilets, in the bright, glaring light and away from the happy couples in the film and the visions of other couples in the back row, she looked into the mirror above the sinks as she wiped at the tears.

‘Stupid men. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.’ She thought bitterly as she took in her slightly disheveled appearance, her brown eyes slightly red and puffy from her tears. Her light brown hair falling in a slightly tangled mess over her face, where she had been running her fingers through it all afternoon. Black skirt, black jumper and purple Dr. Martens completed her ‘I don’t care what any of you think of me’ look.

She looked up as the door slowly opened behind her, a red haired girl entering, brown eyes and a white name tag that ready ‘Claire – Happy to Help’.

“Are you ok?” She asked. “I saw you rush out of the screen, I was sitting next to you, you looked really upset.”

“I guess, just, fed up of being let down and then watching hopelessly romantic, fairytale love stories.”

“That Betturkey sucks. Let me guess, you were meant to be coming out with someone, but they let you down?”

“That’s right, my boyfriend, but he had something come up. He always does these days.” She burst into tears again as she thought about the number of times he had let her down recently.

“Aww sweets, that’s just no good at all.” Claire replied moving in closer to the other girl, putting a friendly arm around her shoulder, drawing her in close, just letting her cry for a bit.

“He, he, keeps making excuses to come out with me, I don’t think he likes me anymore.” The brown haired girl stammered through her slowing tears, her face buried in the other girls shoulder, unselfconsciously hugging her back, her arms around the other girl’s waist.

“Well, you’re better off without him then, just get rid of him. Honestly, they’re not worth tears, you can do much better.”

Claire smiled encouragingly as the other girl looked up at her, her face was tear streaked, but she was still wonderful, her wavy hair framing her face perfectly. Her clothes might be baggy, hiding the body underneath but her imagination was running wild. She wondered what this girl would think if she told her that she found her attractive.

She reached up and brushed a few strands of hair off the other girls face, tucking her brown hair behind her ears, watching her face for any signs of discomfort, but neither of them had taken the hands off each other.

The other girl returned the smile, her left hand moving slightly higher up Claire’s back, slipping underneath the material of her t-shirt, she wasn’t thinking about what she was doing, just reacting to what felt right. She paused for a moment to let her eyes roam over Claire’s body, the snug fitting black trousers, the loose, pale blue shirt that hid everything, leaving everything to the imagination. She was slightly shocked to find that she was liking the images her imagination were turning up. What would this stranger think?

Their eyes were locked as Claire’s fingers hesitated by the other girl’s ear, both watching each other for some sign to keep going, or to stop. Almost holding their breaths, watching, waiting.

Making the first move Claire slowly lowered her lips towards the other girls’, holding back at the very last moment, giving the other girl the final chance to walk away and never look back. She didn’t, instead she moved into the other girl, closing that final gap between them, their lips barely brushing against each other, maintaining Betturkey Giriş that minimal contact, until slowly, making it a harder and deeper and much more passionate kiss.

Claire slowly ran her tongue across the other girls lips, gently leading her into a deeper, open mouthed kiss, tongues exploring each others’ mouths.

Both relaxing into their new found relationship, if it could be called that, they started growing bolder, their hands continuing their explorations of each others’ bodies. Claire’s fingers trailing down the other girl’s cheek, and then down the side of her neck, to dance across her collar bone and the neckline of her t-shirt.

The other girl’s hand came up to cup Claire’s breasts through her bra, she felt and heard Claire’s sharp intake of breath as she lightly flicked her fingertip over her left nipple, feeling it harden through the thin cotton.

Claire let her hand wander up the other girl’s thigh, easily slipping under the skirt, massaging and stroking her inner thigh, stopping just as her fingertips brushed against the other girl’s panties, eliciting a small moan from her.

The brown haired girl reached around to undo the clasp on Claire’s bra, allowing her hands to slide under the cups and gently tease and stroke her breasts, delicately exploring the soft, warm flesh. Deliberately ignoring her nipples until she felt Claire’s fingers against her panties.

Her fingers roamed all over the panties, exploring, marvelling at the texture of tight, stretchy cotton, teasing along the delicate lace edging, q pressing the damp material where it covered the brown haired girl’s slit. With deliberate flicks of her fingernails, Claire teased her hidden clit until it protruded from its concealing hood. Her body began to tremble, her chest heaving her breath shortening to desperate gasps.

Her fingers toyed with Claire’s nipples, rubbing and squeezing, one hand moving down her stomach to the waistband of her jeans, undoing them with a seemingly practised ease, easing them down her thighs, letting them pool around her feet. She stepped back, finally breaking their kiss, giving herself more room to manoeuver, mimicking Claire’s actions, teasing her through her panties, their eyes looked, each smiling at every moan, every involuntary thrust against each other’s hands.

Claire had the other girl’s skirt bunched up around her waist as she slowly started to slide her panties down her legs, her fingers making small circles on her inner thighs as she let the panties drop to the floor.

“Up on the sink edge sweets.” She said, smiling warmly, her fingers drawing closer and closer to the stranger’s pussy, feeling the first traces of wetness.

The other girl did as she was told, hopping up into the sink, the porcelain top cold against her exposed skin, but it was a rush, knowing she was completely naked from the waist down, except for her boots, and that anyone could walk in on them, especially once the film finished.

Claire gently stroked her fingers up and down the other girl’s outer lips, feeling the heat emanating from her, the quickly spreading wetness, eventually leaning forwards and lightly

licking where her fingers had been just seconds before, giving herself her first taste. She teased and tickled with just the tip of her tongue before finally pushing it inside her, as deep as it would go, causing the other girl to moan loudly, pressing herself forwards onto her face.

Grinning broadly Claire replaced her tongue with two fingers, slowly pumping them in and out of the other girl, feeling her clench around them as she moved her tongue up to her clit, flicking little circles over it. Her fingers thrusting in and out easily, curling upwards, pressing hard against the other girl’s g-spot making her arch her back and moan louder still.

The brown haired girl was clinging onto the work top, digging her hands into the hard, unyielding surface as best she could, trying to control her breathing, wanting the feelings to last forever. This stranger was making her feel so good, her expert tongue and fingers finding and pressing all the right buttons. She could feel her orgasm building, quickly catching up with her. Her breath was ragged, her skin flush with desire as Claire’s tongue tapped out an intricate rhythm on her clit, flicking, sucking and licking.

“That’s so good… Oh yes…” She gasped.

Claire responded by sucking the other girl’s clit into her mouth, catching it between her teeth lightly, flicking her tongue across it hard and fast, pressing her fingers up inside her. There was nothing the other girl could do but ride the sensations as her orgasm peaked, washing over her, her pussy clenching around Claire’s fingers.

“That feel good?” Claire asked, smiling as she slowly withdrew her fingers, looking up into the other girl’s eyes.

“Good doesn’t quite cut it…” She replied, reaching out and pulling Claire towards her, kissing her hard and passionately, tasting herself on her lips and mouth.

“Well, like the badge says, ‘Happy to Help’.”

“Do you want to come back to mine? Or go somewhere other than this? I… I want to repay the favour, but we’re going to be overrun by people when the film finishes.” She wrapped one arm around Claire’s waist, the other hand was resting lightly against her panties, teasing.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Maybe it was going to be two for one night after all.

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