Two Women’s Planned Event


Being in love with my partner is a wonderful experience in love, but our lovemaking is something that I have never experienced before in my life, there is nothing that we wont do for each other as long as it does not cause any pain and we are both comfortable with the situation. He was the one that encouraged me to fulfill my sexual fantasy of making love to another woman, that I have done several times and I thoroughly love the feel, taste and smell of another woman but now I have decided I want to take this a little further now, and have him join me in yet another wonderful sexual experience and fantasy.

After a long day at work there is nothing more relaxing to me than going home, checking my emails with a long cool drink and unwinding. Today there was a pleasant surprise, an e mail from Judy, she wanted to know if I was free this weekend as her husband was away to some work conference and, seeing as we hadn’t seen each other for a while, it might be a good to catch up again. After a quick conversation with Paul, to make sure he had no plans for us, I decided to ask Judy to stay here for the weekend. I quickly emailed her saying I would love nothing better than to see her on Saturday and for her to stay over.

All I could do that night was re-live the memories of our last meeting. I could still remember every single detail of our afternoon of passion and pure, lustful sex. Without realizing it, I was extremely turned on and very, very wet so, needless to say, making love with Paul that evening was wild, passionate bordering on pure lust, especially on my part.

As Saturday came round, I was like a “Little kid in a lolly Betturkey shop.” Paul said he would organize dinner that night and for me to sit back relax and have a good time with Judy. Little did he know I also had plans for him, but those plans would be told to him later in the evening. Paul didn’t yet know that Judy and I had previously discussed involving Paul in our lovemaking. Judy finally arrived at about 4.30 in the afternoon and I greeted her at the front door. We openly kissed and embraced, Paul giving Judy a quick peck on the cheek hello. I stood back and thought you lucky bastard Paul; tonight you are in for the time of your life.

We opened a nice bottle of wine then Judy and I decided to go for a quick swim in the pool while Paul made preparations for dinner. We took the bottle and our glasses of wine to the pool, stripped off and jumped into the cold water. I came up laughing and took hold of Judy kissing her long and slow on the lips, “Mmmmmmmm I have missed you baby” I said to her, as my hands gently caressed her back and slowly moved down to her sexy arse were I gave each cheek a gentle squeeze. Judy had already found her way to my ample breasts and was flicking my nipples in turn with her tongue. “Come on” I said, “Why don’t we save this for later, I have something I want to discuss with you before we start to play, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Before we realized it, we had finished out first bottle of wine as we discussed the fun and games for the evening. I wasn’t too sure what had got me so flushed, was it the wine or was it just being so hot and horny for Judy? But I loved the feeling Betturkey Giriş of riding high on pure lust.

When we returned to the house, dinner was ready and the table was set so, with a grin to Judy, I said to Paul, “You don’t mind if we don’t get dressed for dinner do you babe?” With a smile he said whatever you ladies want. “Good” I replied, “Because we have decided tonight you will be our slave and do what we want when we want” With one of his best smile he declared, “Ladies I am at your beck and call for as long as you want me.” Dinner was a fun but quick affair, Judy and I were eager to explore each others bodies again as the small taste in the pool had been enough to whet our appetites. I stood up behind Judy, giving her a few little butterfly kisses on her neck then I whispered in her ear “Come with me babe, I need you now.” As we headed off to the bedroom I said to Paul, “When you are all done here, we would love to see you in the bedroom.”

We laid on the bed facing each other and started to kiss, long deep passionate kisses, my tongue probing in and out of her hot sweet mouth tasting the wine we had consumed over dinner, my hands going down to Judy’s breasts, gently squeezing them and giving her nipples each a pinch. Not wanting to waste another moment, I slid down to her hot sweet love nest, savoring her scent. The strong smell of a fully aroused woman never fails to take me to the point of no return.

Spreading her legs wide apart, I could see my lovers exposed, engorged, throbbing clit, just waiting for my tongue, her pussy soaking wet with her sweet love juices. I started by fucking Judy with my tongue, pushing it in as far as it would go then out again savoring the sweet taste, then lapping up all her sweet juices and running my tongue up, over and around her throbbing clit, all the while Judy was moaning and writhing. I concentrated on sucking her clit then inserted 2 fingers into her ever so wet pussy, her juices were flowing down her thighs, as I sucked harder and harder on her clit I fucked her faster and faster with my fingers, feeling myself ready to explode also, without being touched. My pussy was overflowing; I could feel it run down between my thighs, wanting to get Judy to that special place where all that matters is the feeling of release and sheer pleasure. As I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit. I could feel Judy starting to come, she was moaning and writhing. I sucked harder and as she came I didn’t stop what I was doing, only wanting her orgasm to last as long as it could.

As Judy came down from her orgasm, I slid my tongue down to the entrance of her very wet pussy and lapped up all her sweet tasting cum, not wanting to miss a drop. I slowly made my way up Judy’s body and, ever so gently, kissed her. I was half lying on Judy, my leg between her thighs, and as I was kissing her I slowly started to rub my clit up against her thigh, shit that felt so good, kissing her, letting her taste her own cum was a big turn on for me. I started moving faster and faster knowing I was going to cum this way, not caring, I needed the release, “Oh shit, fuck baby I’m Cumming “was all I said as I rode the wave of sheer delight and release.

Without our realizing it, Paul had entered the room and had watched what had taken place. Judy looked at me and smiled, I turned my head to Paul and said ” Ok baby, your turn, get your clothes off and come and lie on the bed with us.”

To be continued…

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