Subject: uber/teen/boys Uber Teen Cocks As we’re heading to the car with our shorts back on, Wade squeezes his crotch with one hand waving his fistful of cash in his other. “Man those fuckers sure were happy with our service, and a 100 buck tip! I wasn’t expecting it to be a teen’s birthday though!” He looks at me, “And you King, his eyes were so wide with his lips stretched halfway down that big dong of yours! And that teen Lionel, musta had his hands tied every night by that huge load he spurted out his big teen cannon on your face tonight!” Jed laughs, “Yeah, you bet! I was certainly surprised too, but his horny old uncle Ben’s our best client though…. so I flash back to when it all started… …we’d become quite busy with our rather unique teen initiative that Manny had come up with. You know, living in our poor part of town you have to scrape for a living, always broke, and being abused early like it’s a normal thing. A lot of us become ‘rent’ boys which for a living means we get a lotta jobs in the more affluent areas now, and especially in the ‘fluttering fingers’ area. It started when most of us were in our early teens and were having our usual circle-jerk which evolved into a circle suck and eventually into some good butt banging. And, where we’d fill each other in on any latest jerky jerky, sucky sucky, and butty butt butts jobs that we’d had. And man the situations! That’s when we decided to make it a business! You know, ‘Need a Car?, ‘Need a Pizza, how ’bout, ‘Need a Cock? ‘Delivered, loaded and guaranteed warm! Check out our menu, any colour, any situation, and themes our specialty! Leather? Chains? And shy virgins, a great present! ‘Bust a bud’s nut for his birthday! We weren’t all queer, some liking to swing both ways as others are just ‘hard up’ for cash! Excuse the metaphor, I should say ‘needing’ the cash. We also were quite diverse, white, black, Hispanic and oriental, whatever your ‘taste’ was. A handful of us, well… maybe more’n a handful in most cases got together as the ‘Lumber Kings’ because of the wood we were blessed with and were carrying, and me… I was ‘King’ Dong! It all started after I’d seen old Ben on his front porch a few times and he asked me if I’d rake his leaves. I could tell by his eyes dropping at my respectable package, he was fishing. So the next time when I said I would, he fluttered his fingers, “Oh goody, goody, I just hate doing it!” Yeah sure, like it almost doesn’t need it or am I the second to ‘rake’ it today? When I took my shirt off, he sat on the chaise so I figured his game and made sure I bent over to show off my big butt often, and pretended to absently rub my rather large endowment too. And it didn’t take long with such a small lawn, for me to exaggerate wiping the little bit of sweat off my forehead, “Whew it’s hot! Would you mind including a shower in the job?” Eyes wide, crotch grab , “Well… no… I mean yes. You looks so ho…I mean I’m so hot too! Lemme… show you the way and… I’ll get it ready for you.” Yeah, like watch me strip you old queer. So I followed him in and as he reached in to adjust the water, I stripped my shorts and gaunchies quickly to the floor and was pulling on my dangling junk when he turned back to me. I thought his fucking eyes were gonna pop out onto the floor as he really slammed on his own junk now. I dropped my hand pretending to hide a part of it, and modestly said, “I… I’m sorry I’m not used to being naked with other guys that’s all.” He kinda stumbled, “I… I’m used to it…” then smiled as he proudly proclaimed, “… and I’ve.. actually showered with other guys!” I nodded, “Cool! Maybe you’d like to come in and… do my back! If you don’t mind that is?” When I took my hand away from my dangler, boy, did his fucking eyes ever bulge out! You see, I’ve got a sweller and not a grower like most cocks. So when you izmit escort bayan see it, you could only imagine what a 7+ would grow to …? It sure was fun in phys ed class when we showered, and I would proudly do an helicopter! And I could see his interest bulging in his shorts which was as good as a nod. He quicky stripped and tried to be modest, as he should be, a bit gnarly old cock, not long, sliced with an ugly dry knob and, in a bush of white hair. I got a wow look on my face which made him smile and pull on it, the wow is for ‘so ugly’ so I’m not gonna suck it, but use my back door for his climax. He was pretty good though, his hands sliding all over my chest, my back and when I bent over and spread my cheeks, he paid extra attention to them and my blinker that I made for him, and requiring 6 rim swipes. He obviously knew what guys like, and I knew what he wanted to concentrate on now. So to help him out, I put my hands on my hips and became a little sheepish. “Uhh… Benny, I don’t want you to feel bad if I tell you I… like I like to have my dink extra cleaned… if you don’t want to, that’s okay too!” As if I said, ‘wanna’ hundred dollars?’ Well I was on my way and he got real excited as it started thickened, swelling till it was as hard as a baseball bat in his hands. He licked his lips when he bared my shiny knob, so I shyly asked, “Gee Benny bud, this is embarrassing, but a bud sucked on it and it was awesome! You think.. you…” His brow rose “No prob…I mean yes! I’ve done it a lo… I mean I did it for friend before! K?” Not a newbie for sure! He quickly dropped on his knees grasped it in one fist, bent it down, licked up the underside of my bared and very tender knob, making me shudder as he fondled my balls in his other palm. Not a bad ol’ cocksucker though! I looked down at the bobbing head of white hair and thought I’d make his day and not warn him because I load up quick and big. And sure ’nuff, when I let’r go, that head of white hair paused bobbing, then when it quickly threw back I could see my cock in his hand do a final air spurt onto his face! He sat back, his bare ass on his heels and smiled up at me as he licked his lips and, not mad at all! “Christ Manny! Wadda fucking load!” he smeared some off his face, licked it off then, and licked it off as my leaking knob. Clean freak… not. My long sweller got thinner, melting down and still leaking a stringer. He smiled at it as he swiped it up, sucked his finger then gave it a friendly swat, “Bitch cock! How much do you want for leaving it here to keep me company?” His cock was still up and humming, but I didn’t wanna suck on it, so I surprised him when I said, “Ahh… Benny, don’t wanna impose on you again but… I…I had a bud the other night ram his cock up my ass, it felt so good and he really liked fucking me, so you’ve been so good to me… so you wanna try it? I mean again, I won’t be disappointed if you don’t.” Oh sure! Wanna thousand bucks now? He sure was surprised and was beside himself as he stammered, “Uh…. no… I mean yes… and since it felt good to you… I’d gladly throw a fuck in you… since you asked!” Like you’re doing it because I like it you old queer. Well, I guess I do like it a bit too. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo off the ledge in the shower, squirted some on his hard cock then gave him the bottle and bent over. He wasn’t a newbie as I felt a single digit push in, and kinda roll around loosing my rim up, then two fingers which was enough for his boner, but did a triplet for pride. I could feel his knob sliding around my crack till it found my fuck hole and he pushed it in without a lotta effort. When I felt his white bush against my bare ass, he pulled back, then rammed it in hard. A cock on a mission! I felt his hairy chest drop on my back as he kept slamming in till he suddenly paused, gagging as I izmit eve gelen escort felt his waist tighten on against my ass,then pull back then bang his pulsing cock in my asshole three or four times. He paused, breathing hard in my ear, his sweaty body still on my back. Then, he quicky pulled out, making a slight sucking sound, rose up and gave my ass a friendly slap, “Man! You sure gotta big dollar fuck hole there! And a king sized dong to go with it! Two for the price of one!” And that was what I always remember as the type of theme I use in advertising and ‘Uber Cocks’ call for ‘hard cocks delivered, hot and loaded for many different configurations, or on request for your own recipe for birthdays, virgins, and celebrations of any colour or diet! And swing on King Dong for your pleasure like we just did… … so now, back to Jed who’s so right about that 100 buck tip money and that Uber call we just finished. he held up, not a problem for ‘ol Ben on this Uber Cock call he made. I had a key that let the three of us into an adjoining room and could peek through the crack at the party to check it out. He and his partner were dressed as drag Queens! And their friend Jag who was buying the three of us for the evening was a bulky dude in leathers! Like it was a bloody Halloween party! The birthday party was from Eric and for his nephew Lionel’s 20th who was oh so… cute! Tall, lean and a bit of a finger waggler and his 6 guests were a good selection of older teens or early twenties who seemed to be enjoying this and looked verrry… edible. So we got dressed… or rather undressed for his surprise gift. A bit of body paint, rolled back our hoodies, put the stem of a rose on our damp knobs, a couple drops of cherry flavoring and slid back. Then a ribbon around our balls and cock bases with a bow tied on it over our designer shaved pubies. Great gift eh?” Like to open it? We waited til Ben announced, “Well Lionel, present time! Hope you like them!” Lionel got all excited, but not as much as when we burst in, cocked roses swinging! Crotch slam by everyone, including Ben! We hadn’t told him what our theme would be and he broke out in a smile, wide enough to qualify for a big tip maybe! Then he announced, “I think we should all help each other to get into your own birthday suits in celebration before he open you gifts. And you will be assisted Lionel!” Rapid nodding and lip swipe by him as he stared at my length of dangling whip then tossed his arms up! Shit, when queers sees a bouquet of bared cocks, all modesty falls away, especially when asked too like was happening right now. They enjoyed flipping their freed cocks up with their fingertips, some on the rise already. But a couple of the teen guests were a little nervously hesitant at first till they saw the first one point up, then they lost all inhibition and joined the other vertical rod riders! And what a collection of ripe and shining succulent beauties too! I waited till every one was naked, then pulled Lionel’s shirt up and off, then I started his tight shorts down, liking the straining lump down his left pantleg. When his pubes started showing they were short shaved as a heart, red coloring, and had silver sparkles on it! Shit! And boy did it every bend out, vessels swollen and still more! Fuck, it reminded me of mine! And then, sproing! Christ! I had him beat, but not by too much! Jeez, my turn on the tap to see what mine’s like down the throat. I mean I would self suck mine sometimes on a call, but not all the way down! And Jag had carried his leather theme onto his hairy body, lotsa tats, rings on nipples, navel and foreskin, big chain around his cock and balls, cock ring, even knob lips ring and several down the sides of his big hanging bag. Whew… would he ever have a problem going through a metal detector! And then izmit otele gelen escort a strip inspection? After everyone checked out everyone else and nodded approvals, Ben waggling his fingers, “Well Lionel! Now that everyones quite comfy, how bout you opening up the… ‘presents’ that Eric has arranged for you and…. ‘try’ them out, I mean on?” He looked at our presents and smiled at me. So now I threw my arms up, our verticals humming as he rolled my skin back, took the rose and smiled as he put it on his ear. Then he bent down and dragged his tongue up the underside of my sensitive shiny red knob, making me jolt as he smiled at the taste, “Cherry? Right flavor!” He undid the knot, took the ribbon off my balls, moved up and swiveled his hips, vertical smacking and bringing chuckles from the audience, you know, the old sword fight boys have when they pop stiffies! He waggled his fingers, “So delicious looking, but just do tastes, don’t want the full ‘meal’ till you all have had a sample of these many fluttering hors d’oevres around you to sample first!” A party suckfest? Sound good to you? Get in line? So he made the rounds on his ‘presents’ as the others then busied themselves on each other. Bare asses pinching, balls tightening, lips on hard cock shafts… Ever been to a party where they have sharsies. No chatting now, the only sounds with hard cocks in mouths… murmuring… slurping… gasping and lotsa trading. I looked over at Ben on the couch and his hands with their painted nails were on the bare ass of the naked teen standing in front of him and he looked around then and announced, “K guys! ‘meal’ time!” And when his face disappeared back behind that gorgeous pair of you ng cheeks, they started pinching and the only sound was that of sucking which was emanating loudly from Ben for several moments. Then those sweet buns suddenly tightened as the boy’s naked body shuddered as he quicky bent over likely grasping his old cocksucker Ben’s head hard, and rewarded Ben by pumping a fresh load of his fresh and warm teen cumm down Ben’s throat. Then holy fuck! Literally! Over on a another couch, Wade was sure giving Jag, the buyer, double his money’s worth! He had stood before Jag till his ass tightened and Jag blew his nuts off. Then, Jag stayed on the couch with his knees together, his balls with rings on top his legs, his thick pylon sticking up from them. Wade’ cock was wilting, a stringer stretching down as he grabbed a bottle of oil then lubed up Jag’s pylon. He set the oil down, turned around, spread his feet and shuffled back over Jag’s legs and bent over. Wade tightened a bit as Jag shoved a finger or two in his butthole, loosening and lubing it. Then Wade straightened up and started lowering down slowly, grimacing a bit as he settled down on Jag’s hard cock. The hoody on his own cock had slid back over, still leaking and, with knees spread enough I could see his empty balls hanging above Jag’s loaded ones in the background which started tightening on every bounce. Wade’s cock started flopping all over as he gave Jag a really good rod ride. Suddenly Wade stopped bouncing when Jag grabbed his hips and could see Jag’s balls tighten right up as he had gave a several deep gags, unloading his fresh spunk up Wade’s oily hole. Then there was a slight sucking sound when Wade rose up off it and when he moved away, I had to shake my head at the size of that leaking thick plunger of Jag’s. So Wade is able to help out in many situations being one of our ‘specialists’, available also for any fist fucking that might be requested. And, that pretty well sums up another Uber call by King Dong and Associates for Lionel’s birthday! A ‘delivery’ well done, everyone happily naked, sweaty, smiling, cumm chinned, wilted dicks leaking, newbies christened, and cherry’s busted. Old Ben’s shower’s gonna be busy for while after we leave, cleaning up differently than after most birthday parties! Wrapping paper, ribbon? Wanna Phone Uber? You like? Curious? Maybe some other Uber Cocks ‘deliveries’ we’ve ail If this got you up, shoot some coin to keep the site up! My time writing this story was my coin for you!

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