Ariel Rebel

Subject: Uncle Tyler’s Release 2 This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This work contains material of a sexual nature. Readers must be of legal age according to local laws to open, read, copy, or save this work. The author in no way endorses sexual contact with minors. Please observe all local and federal laws. You can email me at ail. Apologies for any errors. All Rights Reserved Please donate to Nifty.Org fty/donate.html) to keep our stories alive! “Oh shit. My bad,” Steve said, quickly closing the door behind him. The imagine of his two sweet little boys sucking on his younger brother’s hard cock was burned into his mind. Steve was partially jealous, but on the other hand proud that his curious boys wasted no time in pleasing their uncle. Steve headed to his room and quickly unbuckled his jeans, his hard cock begging to be released. He took his thick, veiny cock in his hand and started jerking, the image of his boys on their knees played in his mind. “Fuck!” He shouted quietly, as he quickly spurted rope after rope of thick nut. “Do you think daddy sawed us?” Brent asked, a bit scared. “No. If he had, he would have yelled at us,” Timmy reassured his younger brother. “Timmy is right, Brent. You finish licking up my special juice kiddo and I’ll take care of your daddy,” Tyler exclaimed, calmly. Satisfied with the answer, Brent grabbed his uncle’s softening cock and put his mouth around it, savoring the taste of his uncle’s remaining cum, as it continued to ooze from the big head’s slit. “Mmm, that’s delicious,” Brent squealed, licking his lips. “Mmhmm. Tomorrow I want more, but by myself,” Timmy said, getting off his knees, but not before kissing the head of his uncle’s meat. “Me too!” Brent shouted, not wanting to be left out. “Boys, relax. Uncle Tyler will make sure you get your special drink every day, if you want,” he told them, much to their delight. “Awesome!” They shouted in unison. “Alright, now go brush your teeth and remember, not a word to anyone,” he reminded the boys. They both nodded and quickly reached for their respective toothbrushes, not wanting to disobey their uncle. Tyler watched intently as their little butts wiggled as they brushed, his mouth watering. He couldn’t believe his luck. His brother had just walked in on his two little boys nursing on his cock and didn’t say a word. In fact, he apologized for interrupting. He must have gone to his room and jerked off, Tyler thought to himself. “All done, Uncle Tyler,” the boys called out, breaking him out of his thoughts. “Alright. Go watch TV or something now. I’m going to shower,” Tyler said, swatting them each on the butt. Both boys giggled, closing the door behind them. They ran to their room and grabbed their toys before heading into the living room. As per usual, Steve was sitting in his chair watching TV. “Hi, daddy!” Brent said excitedly. “Hey, champ! Is Uncle Tyler taking a shower?” He asked, and they both quickly nodded. “Alright. How do you guys like having him here?” Steve asked his boys curiously. “Uncle Tyler is great!” “Yeah, he’s super cool and really nice,” Brent echoed his brother’s sentiment. “Good! I want you boys to behave and listen to what he tells you, ok? If he tells you to do something you don’t want, I want you boys to tell me ok?” Steve replied. “You mean like chores, daddy? Cuz I don’t like doing chores,” Timmy blurted. “No, not like chores. I just mean if he touches you and you don’t like it,” Steve explained, not wanting to go into much detail. “Ok, daddy,” Brent nodded, although he was still confused. After a bit, Tyler walked out in a pair of ratty boxers, Steve had laid out for him. kocaeli escort bayan He sat down and the boys quickly flocked to him. Brent squeezed past his older brother and jumped into Tyler’s lap. “Uncle Tyler?” Brent asked. “Yeah sport?” “You smell like soap and stuff now. I like it when you smell like daddy instead,” the boy stated a bit disappointed. “Well, daddy hasn’t showered yet champ, so come on over,” Steve stated, opening his arms to his younger son. Brent hopped off immediately and ran into his dad’s open arms, “Mmm, you’re right, daddy!” “I don’t mind, Uncle Tyler. Can I sit on your lap?” Timmy asked. “Of course champ,” Tyler said, scooping his older nephew into his arms and placing him on his lap. Like usual, both boys started wiggling around in each man’s lap until they got comfortable. Although Steve had just cum, his son’s ass had him chubbing up again. He slowly rubbed his son’s naked leg as the boy rested against his hairy chest. Both boys fell asleep after an hour and the men quickly carried them off to their room. The boys looked angelic as they slept. There was no way anyone would suspect just hours earlier they had swallowed a grown man’s rather large load of cum. “So?” Tyler asked, when the two brothers were finally alone. “So… what?” Steve replied, knowing exactly what his brother was referring to. “Come on man, don’t play dumb,” Tyler laughed. “I’m not saying anything. Just make sure they want it,” Steve said, before getting up and patting his brother on the back. “I will say I have never cum that fast or that hard in a long time,” Steve called out from the hallway as he made his way into his bedroom. Tyler couldn’t help but laugh. He stayed up a bit longer before heading to his room to sleep. For the first time in a long time, he had a peaceful sleep. “Hey man, I’m off to work. The boys will be up in about an hour but they know how to grab the cereal and milk, if you wanna stay asleep,” Steve said, standing in the doorway of his slowly waking brother’s room. “No, it’s fine. I’m up anyway. I’ll do my best to get started on doing some work around here,” Tyler yawned, stretching out in the bed, tugging at his stiff morning wood. Steve took off to work with a smile on his face, knowing his brother would be putting that morning wood to work. While the tinge of jealousy was still there, he couldn’t quite bring himself to cross that line, not yet anyway. True to his word, Tyler woke up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, deciding to ignore his hard dick, at least for the time being. There would be time for fun later, he told himself. Luckily, Steve had put coffee on and Tyler followed his nose to the kitchen. The trailer home wasn’t very big so it didn’t take long for smells or noise to travel. Tyler, dressed only in the tattered boxers, sat down and watched TV, a pleasure most took for granted but not him. Having been incarcerated helped him appreciate even the small things like sitting alone, enjoying a cup of coffee. “Uncle Tyler?” Timmy yawned, wiping the sleep out of his eyes. “Hey buddy! You hungry?” Tyler asked his older nephew. “Yeah, but I’m still tired. Can I just sit on your lap?” The underwear clad boy answered. “Sure you can, come here,” Tyler said quietly, opening his arms. The boy’s naked skin sent an electric thrill all over Tyler’s body and his dick started to wake up again. He kissed the top of Timmy’s head and inhaled the boy’s sweet scent. His big hands roamed up and down Timmy’s young legs and torso, caressing the boy’s skin. “Uncle Tyler, that tickles,” Timmy giggled sleepily. “Sorry, squirt,” Tyler apologized. “I can feel your wiener on my butt,” Timmy said. “Oh. Sorry about that champ. My dick has a mind of its own sometimes,” Tyler explained. “Dick?” Timmy asked confused. “Oh. Yes, my dick. When you get older you don’t call it a wiener anymore. kocaeli sınırsız escort You call it a dick or a cock,” Tyler said to his nephew, his dick growing harder. “Oh ok. I like your dick, Uncle Tyler. It’s big and hairy and warm and smells good and the juice you make from it is yummy,” Timmy said confidently, trying to sound older. “My dick likes you too, buddy. It’s actually leaking more juice now, if you wanna taste it,” Tyler coaxed. Without saying a word, Timmy jumped off his uncle’s lap and got on his knees, his bright blue eyes looking up at his uncle. He wanted so badly to be big and strong, plus he liked the feeling of his uncle’s dick in his mouth, leaking its yummy juice. Without missing a beat, he reached for Tyler’s hard cock and pulled it out of the slit in the boxers. “You’re right. There’s so much,” Timmy said, taking his uncle’s dick into his hand, admiring the glistening piece of man meat. “Go ahead and lick it off buddy. Just like yesterday, only this time it’s all yours,” Tyler said. Timmy leaned forward and opened his mouth, Tyler’s dick head slowly entering the boy’s small mouth. Timmy’s plump, pink lips were stretched to their limit with just the head in his mouth. The boy suckled hungrily, not wanting to waste a single drop of the slick juice. Tyler threw his head back in pleasure, enjoying his nephew’s mouth for the second time in less than 24 hours. He could feel the boy’s teeth somewhat, but it didn’t matter to him. Timmy had his eyes closed enjoying the precum sliding into his throat. Timmy’s hands reached out and squeezed his uncle’s heavy nuts a bit too hard, causing Tyler to yip in pain. “Sorry, Uncle Tyler. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Timmy cowered. The boy’s lips were red and swollen, saliva and precum coated his face. He looked beautiful. Tyler couldn’t be mad even if he wanted to. Plus, Timmy was still learning. “It’s ok, champ. Sometimes, when you grab a man’s balls too hard, it hurts. Just be gentle with them, they are actually what makes the special juice for you to drink,” Tyler explained calmly, his balls a bit sore. “One time, Brent kicked me in the balls and it really hurt. I’m sorry Uncle Tyler,” Timmy apologized. “It’s ok, buddy. Here, stand up and I’ll show you how to do it so you don’t hurt me,” Tyler said. The boy quickly stood up, his small dick already tenting his worn Super Man briefs. Embarrassed, Timmy covered his boy bits with his hands and giggled. Tyler smiled and removed the boy’s hands to pull his underwear down slowly. The boy’s small, hard dick stuck straight out, his little hairless berry-like balls were pulled up tight in their wrinkled sac. Tyler licked his lips and reached out slowly, taking the boy’s balls in his fingers. Timmy let out a low whimper as Tyler gently manipulated his little boy balls. “See? That feels good huh?” Tyler asked. “It feels so good,” Timmy moaned. “Ok, now you try with mine,” Tyler asked, wanting his nephew’s hands on him again. Tyler stood up quickly, slapping Timmy in the face with his hard, heavy dick. Timmy laughed and wiped the precum that was left on his cheek and brought it to his mouth. Fuck, he’s a hungry little faggot, Tyler thought to himself. Imitating the actions his uncle had just shown him, Timmy quickly reached out and played with his uncle’s balls. His touch was gentler this time. Timmy needed both hands to accommodate his uncle’s large, heavy ball sac. “Oh, Timmy, that feels amazing, bud! Keep going. You can make it feel even better if you lick them for me, buddy,” Tyler moaned. Like the previous night, Timmy did as instructed. His tongue flicked and lapped at his uncle’s big, low hanging balls, hungrily. Timmy couldn’t explain why, but he loved doing this for his uncle. It was different from when he and Brent explored their dad because Tyler was awake and there izmit anal yapan escort was no fear of getting in trouble. “Can I have more juice now, Uncle Tyler?” Timmy asked, a bit impatiently. Not wanting to cum yet, Tyler wanted this to last, “In a bit, little buddy. Wanna try something else that feels really good?” “Like what?” Timmy asked curiously. “Pull your underwear down all the way,” Tyler replied, sitting back down. Not wanting to question his uncle, Timmy quickly obeyed. Tyler reached down and wrapped his hand around his dick, slowly jerking himself off while watching Timmy undress. The boy’s smooth, unblemished bubble butt was a sight to behold. “Now what?” Timmy asked, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. “Turn around and lemme see your butt,” Tyler croaked. Timmy giggled and complied. Tyler reached out and slowly started to rub his nephew’s beautiful ass. He wanted to taste him. He had to. Without saying a word, Tyler dropped to his knees behind the boy and began kissing the boy’s bubble butt cheeks. “Uncle Tyler, you’re kissing my butt,” Timmy giggled. Tyler ignored the boy and bent him over, pushing the boy’s face into the chair he had just been sitting in. Timmy’s cheeks started to spread slowly, revealing Tyler’s treasure. Tyler grabbed the boy’s ass cheeks and spread them wider, causing the boy to groan as his butt crack was exposed. His crack was hairless, the tiny folds surrounding his barely visible hole were pink and begging for Tyler to taste. He slowly ran his nose along the length of the boy’s crack and inhaled deeply, taking in the boy’s sweet and tangy scent that can only be found between a boy’s butt cheeks. Timmy looked back wondering what his uncle was doing when he felt a sensation he had never felt in his life. After a quick giggle from the tickle of his uncle’s beard, his eyes rolled back in pleasure. “Mmm… Uhh… Hmph,” was all the boy could utter. Tyler was a man possessed, tonguing his nephew’s pussy rabidly. He couldn’t get enough. Tyler definitely knew his way around an ass and was driving his nephew crazy with his tongue tricks. “Uncle Tyler, my tummy feels funny. I feel like I have to pee,” Timmy groaned nervously, but didn’t try to stop his uncle. Tyler ignored the boy and continued lapping at his wet hole. Tyler’s face was covered in saliva and Timmy’s ass juices. With each breath, he cherished the distinct aroma of his nephew’s ass. He knew Timmy was on the verge of his first orgasm and he wasn’t going to stop until he experienced it. “Unc… Uncle… Ty… I’m gonna pee,” Timmy cried out loudly. The boy clawed at the armrest of the couch as his small, lithe body convulsed and his tiny hole throbbed on his uncle’s deeply probing tongue. Tyler was proud, he reached around and felt the boy’s ball sac. As expected, the little balls had pulled up, almost disappearing. “Get on your knees, kiddo,” Tyler ordered, he wasn’t finished. Weakly, Timmy pulled himself off the couch, still reeling from his dry orgasm. He slumped down, got on his knees and looked up at his uncle, waiting for additional instructions. “Open your mouth, I’m gonna give you a lot of my special juice, baby,” Tyler moaned, stroking his dick furiously. Without warning, thick ropes of cum flew out of the man’s fat dick head and landed in Timmy’s willing, open mouth. Try as he might, Timmy couldn’t swallow it all. Tyler’s semen was leaking out of the sides of the little boy’s mouth. “Fuck! I’m cumming! Swallow my juice, bud! Swallow it all!” Tyler moaned. “Hey! No one woke me up! I wanna drink more of Uncle Tyler’s special juice too!” Brent’s squeaky voice came from behind them. AUTHOR’S NOTES: So I know I said that I wouldn’t be continuing this story but after the amount of support from your emails, I didn’t have a choice but to continue. I will add another chapter or two after this but I hope you guys enjoyed! Please continue to send your emails with constructive criticism and any ideas you’d like to see integrated! I appreciate all of you! As always thanks so much ‘hornysuckboy’ for editing my stuff! You are amazing and I know I say it every time but I appreciate you!! Alex

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