Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 22 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 22 As they left school on Wednesday, Andy suggested to Patrick that he came home with him. “We will have at least an hour before my uncle gets home and we could…you know…get to know each other a little better.” A smile spread across Patrick’s face. “I’d like that.” They were hardly inside the door when Andy pulled Patrick close and hugged him. They smiled at each other and then Patrick gave Andy a quick kiss on the lips. Andy kissed Patrick back and then pulled him into `his’ bedroom – actually the guest bedroom. “Let’s get naked,” he said and Patrick happily agreed. Both boys were erect when they stripped off their briefs and stood looking at each other. “You are very good-looking,” said Patrick. “You too,” said Andy. Patrick’s body was smooth like Andy’s but with less definition. His cock was a little longer at 14 cm (5.5 inches). Andy stepped closer but Patrick was the first to reach out and take hold of the other cock. He held it very gently and then moved his hand to cup Andy’s smooth balls. Patrick smiled at Andy and said, “Ta bite est magnifique.” (Your cock is beautiful.) Andy smiled and took hold of Patrick’s dick. He noticed that the foreskin was longer than his and pulled it further back. “Your cock is bigger,” he said. “Not much bigger,” said Patrick. He placed his cock alongside Andy’s and, when Andy let go, he used both hands to hold the two cocks together. “I’ve never played with another boy’s cock before,” he said in little more than a whisper. He wanked them together for a few moments. “Let me try that,” said Andy. Patrick moved his hands away and Andy took both cocks in his hands and wanked. “Nice, but I want to try something else.” Andy had heard of docking and thought it would be possible with Patrick. He placed their two cockheads together and pulled Patrick’s foreskin forward so that it partly covered his own cockhead. “Sexy,” he said with a smile. Both boys were leaking a little pre-cum when Andy let go and the cocks bounced upwards. “May I…um, I’d like to suck your cock,” said Patrick. Andy nodded. “Let’s get comfortable on the bed.” He allowed Patrick to lie down first and then climbed on so that they were in a sixty-nine position.” Go ahead,” he told his young friend. He watched as Patrick carefully examined his cock and then gingerly stuck out his tongue to lick it. Finding that it tasted fine, Patrick licked it some more and then took the head into his mouth and sucked it. “That feels lovely,” said Andy. “I’m going to suck yours now.” Patrick came off Andy’s cock and gasped. “That feels amazing,” he said. Andy smiled with his eyes and then, to Patrick’s astonishment, he took the rest of the cock into his mouth. Patrick moaned. “That’s so good. How did you manage that?” Andy released the cock from his mouth long enough to say, “Lots of practice.” Patrick watched wide-eyed as Andy swallowed his cock again with apparent ease. He savoured the feelings Andy was giving him for some moments and then took Andy’s cock back into his mouth. He struggled to take much more than half and made some gagging sounds. “Don’t force it,” said Andy. “It gets easier with practice but just work on the head for now. It’s the most sensitive area.” He watched with approval when Patrick moved to tongue and suck the head before taking Patrick’s cock back into his mouth. This time he too concentrated on the cockhead, enjoying the taste of the sweet pre-cum. After a few minutes Patrick began to whimper. He came off Andy’s cock warned, “I’m coming!” Andy didn’t let up and moments later he was rewarded with a mouthful of creamy boy-milk. He swallowed every drop and then licked the head clean. “Delicious,” he said with a smile. “Thank you. That was fantastic,” smiled Patrick. He still had Andy’s cock in his hand. Now he took it back into his mouth, tongued all around the head and sucked hard. “Play with my bumhole – mon trou du cul,” instructed Andy. Patrick started to finger Andy’s arsecrack and, when he pressed his fingertip against the tight entrance, Andy said, “That feels good. Push it inside.” Patrick did as suggested and Andy sighed with pleasure. “Better. I’m going to cum soon. I will let you know when and you can move off if you wish.” Without being told, Patrick began to finger-fuck Andy. There were some soft moans and then Andy said, “I’m going to…I’m cumming!” Patrick gulped down Andy’s cum without hesitation and then licked the cockhead afterwards. “I never imagined I might be doing that today,” he said with a smile as he moved to lie with his head next to Andy’s. “I enjoyed it. Thank you.” “I enjoyed it too,” smiled Andy. “We are both happy cocksuckers.” Patrick laughed and then asked, “What was the bum thing all about?” “Being fucked is my favourite sexual activity,” explained Andy. “I like to have something in there when I cum.” “I have seen some gay sex videos but I don’t think I want to get fucked,” said Patrick. “Don’t worry. I don’t want to fuck you,” responded Andy. “I’m a bottom boy only. You can fuck me if you want but I will never fuck you.” “I think I will stick to sucking for now,” smiled Patrick. He bent over and gave Andy another quick peck on the lips. “And maybe kissing.” Andy turned towards Patrick and gave him a proper kiss. Tongues were duelling when they heard a door close and a voice saying, “Andy, are you home?” The pair pulled apart immediately. “It’s Uncle Will,” he whispered before shouting out, “Yes, I’m in the bedroom. I’ll be out in a minute. The boys scrambled to get dressed. Will heard the noise and smiled to himself, having guessed that Andy had brought Patrick home. “We were just…” Andy began when he and Patrick entered the living room. “Having some fun,” smiled Will. “Nice to see you, Patrick. I’m glad that you are helping my nephew to settle in at school.” Patrick blushed as he replied. “Andy is a nice boy and I’m happy to help, Monsieur Taylor.” “Andy needs istanbul travesti a lot of help in certain areas,” Will said, winking at his nephew. “You are welcome to come here anytime.” “Um, thank you, Monsieur Taylor,” said Patrick. “I need to go home now.” “Okay, Patrick. I will probably see you in school tomorrow,” said Will. “Au revoir, Monsieur Taylor,” Patrick said as he turned towards the door. “I will see you out,” said Andy. He started giggling when they were in the hall. “I’m sure he has guessed what we were doing,” he told Patrick. “Really? He knows you are gay?” asked Patrick. “Yes, of course,” said Andy. “I told him as soon as I came to France and he’s happy about it. And don’t worry about him knowing you are too. He won’t tell anyone.” “That’s good to hear,” smiled Patrick. “I am not ready to tell others.” Andy hugged Patrick. “We’ll talk more at school tomorrow.” He waved Patrick off and then returned to the living room. “So you and Patrick are getting close?” Will asked with a smile. “We have progressed to sucking each other off if you must know,” replied Andy. “Any problem with that?” “Not at all. It might allow me some rest,” smiled Will. Andy laughed. “No chance! I will still need your cock in my pussy.” *** Having decided that he wanted to eat outdoors in one of the restaurants in Place Nationale, Andy asked Pete to meet him at the bandstand. They exchanged kisses on the cheek and then checked the menus in a couple of restaurants before agreeing on where to eat. “I’m really happy that you invited me to join you for dinner,” said Pete. “I still know only a few people here and it’s nice to be with someone young and cute.” Andy smiled. “I’m getting to know other cute, young people at school but I often prefer the company of mature men. Interesting, sexy men like you.” “You think I’m sexy?” Pete asked with a smile. “Definitely,” smiled Andy. “I’m disappointed that I haven’t yet seen you on the beach.” The waiter came to take their order and then Pete continued. “I’ve been to the beach a few times in the past couple of weeks and I have always looked to see if you were around.” He lowered his voice and added, “I was hoping to see you in skimpy swim briefs.” Andy laughed. “Actually I’m wearing skimpy underwear right now. Maybe I could show you later.” Pete smiled and shook his head. “You are such a tease. If you were my boy, I might have to spank you.” “I might enjoy that,” smiled Andy. “If it was a bare butt spanking.” Pete raised an eyebrow but the waiter arrived with bread and their drinks before he could respond. Andy, with his half glass of wine, gave a toast “to friendship” and then changed the subject to the painting Pete had been doing on Tuesday. “I have abandoned that for now,” said Pete. “However I think it might be nice to have a young Scotsman in a kilt in the foreground.” “I’ve never worn a kilt,” Andy told Pete. “No? Well, perhaps it would be better to have a boy wearing shorts rather than a kilt. Would you pose for me?” Pete asked. Andy smiled. “I might.” The pair discussed various topics during the course of the meal. At the end, Pete said, “It’s still quite early. Would you like to come to my apartment and see some of my paintings?” Andy smiled. “I thought the phrase was `come up and see my etchings’. Okay, I’m game.” “I thought you were,” grinned Pete. Pete’s apartment in the Old Town was only a short walk from the restaurant. “I’m on the fourth floor and there’s no elevator, I’m afraid,” Pete said as they entered the building. “Is that American fourth floor?” Andy asked. “We’re currently on the ground floor.” Pete smiled. “Yes, I was counting as an American. You would call it the third floor. Anyway I’m sure you’re fit enough to climb to the top.” Andy nodded and hurried up the stairs. Once inside the apartment, he admired the views over the Old Town to the mountains in the distance. “You have a great view,” he said. “I have at the moment,” responded Pete. Andy turned his head and saw the man gazing towards his bum. He laughed and said, “I want to see your paintings.” “Come through to the small bedroom. I have some finished ones hanging on the walls there,” said Pete. Andy commented on several of the paintings. “They are all good but I really like this one,” he said as he looked at the painting of a small restaurant in a narrow alleyway. “Isn’t that one of the little streets behind the ramparts? It’s such a peaceful scene and I can easily imagine being there on a hot afternoon.” “I’m pleased you like it, and yes, it’s between the ramparts and the cathedral,” said Pete. Andy moved to the other side of the room. “That’s the view from your living room window,” he said. “It’s really good.” “It’s better with you standing at the window,” said Pete. “Has anyone ever told you that you have a great ass?” Andy laughed. “Nobody has called it an ass before but it has received compliments.” “You said earlier that you might enjoy a bare butt spanking. Were you serious?” Pete asked. Andy nodded. “If the spanking was delivered by a hot man, I probably would.” “I enjoy spanking a cute butt. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity.” Pete winked. “I’m not sure I deserve a spanking,” said Andy. “Especially if I offer to strip down to my skimpy underwear as I suggested before.” “You would do that?” Pete asked. “Yes, if you want me to,” replied Andy. “I’d love to see you in just your underwear,” smiled Pete. Andy smiled back and then began to slowly unbutton his short-sleeved shirt. He found himself stiffening as the man watched with obvious interest. He threw his shirt onto the bed and then kicked off his trainers. He smiled seeing Pete lick his lips when he unbuttoned the top of his shorts and then unzipped very slowly. He let the shorts fall to the floor, then kicked them aside and asked, “Do I look okay?” Andy was wearing his low-cut, almost see-through pale blue briefs. His rock-hard 13 cm (5 inch) cock was tenting the front of the briefs. As Pete looked him up and down, a bead of pre-cum created a small damp-patch which made his piss-slit more visible. “You look fantastic,” Pete said after what seemed an age to Andy. “Even more beautiful than I had imagined.” Andy smiled and turned around. “What about kadıköy travesti my bum? My ass.” “Awesome! The perfect bubble-butt,” said Pete. Andy looked over his shoulder at Pete, smiled and then pushed his briefs down. Pete gasped. “I’m very pleased you like it,” Andy said. Then he turned to face Pete, allowing him to see his stiff boy-cock and hairless balls properly. “Wow!” was all Pete said. “I probably deserve a spanking now for stripping off completely,” said Andy. “Hmm, I don’t know…” Pete didn’t want to appear too eager. He never really imagined Andy would go this far and he didn’t want to scare him off. “I think I do,” said Andy. “At least six hard spanks.” Pete smiled and sat down on the chair. “Okay, you naughty boy. Bend over my knees.” Andy made himself comfortable across Pete’s knees and enjoyed the feel of the large hand caressing his buttocks before it was raised and brought down sharply. “Oww!” he cried. “You asked for six hard spanks,” Pete said before hitting the twin globes once again. Andy grunted in response. There was only a soft moan when Pete delivered firm spanks to the left and right cheeks separately. Pete rubbed the pink arse and then hit it again. “And just one more,” he said before dishing out the final hard spank. “Okay, you can get up now.” Andy scrambled to his feet and rubbed his sore bum. “You’re leaking now. It seems that you enjoyed that as much as I did,” said Pete. Andy looked down and saw that pre-cum was indeed leaking from his cock. He then looked at Pete’s crotch and saw tenting. “Are you stiff?” he asked with a smile. “I didn’t feel it when I was lying across you.” Pete squeezed his cock. “I made sure it wasn’t touching you because I didn’t know how you would react to knowing that spanking you turned me on.” Andy thrusted his cock forward. “I liked being spanked and I’m even harder now because I know you enjoyed spanking me. May I see your cock…please?” “I don’t know. Are you sure?” Pete smiled. Andy knelt down in front of Pete. “I’m sure. I want to suck it.” Pete spread his legs wider. “Help yourself.” Andy licked his lips and reached out to open the man’s jeans. Pete waited until Andy had unzipped before raising himself to allow his jeans and then his boxers to be pulled down. “You’re uncut,” Andy said with a smile. “I know that many Americans are cut but I’m pleased you’re not.” He reached to fondle Pete’s big hairy balls with his left hand and said, “It’s a lovely big cock. One of the biggest I’ve seen.” Pete’s cock was a thick 21.5 cm (8.5 inches) long with a big mushroom head. Andy took the shaft in his right hand and knew that it was even thicker than his uncle’s. He smiled up at Pete and said, “I knew it will be a challenge but I want that cock in my pussy. Will you fuck me, Pete?” “I’d love to but are you sure you can take it?” Pete replied. “It will probably hurt.” “No pain, no gain,” said Andy. “Anyway my main goal is to please you and if you enjoyed spanking me then you probably won’t worry too much about hurting me a little when you fuck me.” Pete laughed. “True. It might actually turn me on! I’m into some kinky stuff.” Andy smiled. “I want to try all kinds of sex and that includes kinky sex.” “I think you’re a bit too young for anything very kinky,” said Pete. “I was thinking of light stuff only,” responded Andy. “And only once we know each other better. I just want you to fuck me this evening. Nothing more.” He bent down and kissed the cockhead. “Well, getting to fuck you is more than I dreamed possible,” smiled Pete. “I promise not to attempt anything more without your explicit approval.” “Thank you.” Andy bent down, licked the cockhead and then ran the tip of his tongue all around the glans. He followed that by taking the cockhead into his mouth and sucking it. Pete moaned. “That feels so good. Let’s go through to the other bedroom and get more comfortable. It has a larger bed.” Pete hitched up his jeans and took Andy through to the main bedroom. While Pete stripped off, Andy noticed a painting on the wall above a chest of drawers which depicted a young blond man wearing nothing but a dog collar. The young man’s hands were behind his back and Andy wondered if he was handcuffed. “Is that a friend of yours?” he asked. “Yes, that’s Jesse,” replied Pete. “He attended college in my hometown and we had some fun together for a few years. Maybe you will allow me to paint you nude one day.” “Maybe,” smiled Andy. He was just about to turn and face Pete when he spotted that leather cuffs were hanging from the corners of the bed. “Interesting,” he thought. “I’m not as sexy as you but I hope you think my body is okay for an old man,” said Pete. Andy turned to see Pete standing naked and erect. He smiled as he looked at the tall, stocky man and smiled. Pete had a broad, smooth chest and strong thighs and, with his bigger than average cock, Andy thought he looked great. “I think you are very sexy.” Pete smiled. “Come and give me a hug.” Andy moved closer and hugged the big man. He closed his eyes and smiled when Pete wrapped his arms around him and gently squeezed. “This feels nice,” he said, pressing himself against the stiff cock. “Yes, it does,” said Pete. He released his hold a little and moved his hands down to cup Andy’s bum cheeks. “You have a great ass.” Andy moved his hands onto Pete’s bum. “I like your big beefy arse. Do you like rimming?” “I do so don’t worry. I will be giving this…” Pete squeezed Andy’s buttocks. “…plenty of attention.” “That’s good to know,” said Andy. “I’ll be happy to rim you too.” Pete pushed Andy away a little and smiled down at him. “We will have lots of fun together. Now let’s get on the bed and you can suck my cock as you suggested earlier.” Andy waited until Pete was lying down and then climbed between his legs. He ran his hands up the strong, hairy thighs and then grasped the base of the stiff cock. He smiled at Pete and then bent down to lick the cock. He gave it several long licks, from the base up to the mushroom head, and then took it into his mouth. Pete sighed as he looked down at the teenager sucking and tonguing his cock. He had been served by some young guys before but never one as cute or as young as Andy. He ran his fingers through Andy’s bakırköy travesti hair and blessed the day they had bumped into each other at the supermarket. Andy enjoyed sucking Pete’s cock but he found it impossible to take it deeply because of the thickness. He tried a few times and then resorted to working on the sensitive head with his lips and his tongue. After letting Andy do as he wished for some minutes, Pete said, “Scoot round so that I can suck your dick at the same time.” Andy happily repositioned himself and enjoyed the feel of the large hand toying with his cock and balls. “You’re leaking a lot,” Pete said before he started slurping on the wet boy-cock. Andy let the cock fall from his mouth to say, “That’s because you turn me on so much.” The pair sucked each other for a few more minutes and then Andy pulled away. “Stop or I’ll cum,” he told Pete. “I want to cum while you are fucking me.” Pete smiled as he helped Andy get in position and put a pillow under the boy’s hips. “I want to see your face while I’m fucking you,” he said. “I’m going to eat you out first though.” Andy pulled his legs to the side and watched as Pete held his butt in both hands and then shoved his face into the hairless arse crack. He sighed as the big tongue licked the pink pucker and then gasped as it pushed inside. He gripped the bedsheet tightly and let out little whimpers as he was tongue-fucked. Pete stopped for a moment and asked, “You like that?” “I love it,” replied Andy. Pete resumed tongue-fucking him again and Andy went on. “I love having my pussy played with but most of all I like having it stuffed by a big cock. Fuck me, Pete. Fuck me now.” Pete sat up. “Are you sure? My cock is pretty big.” “I’m sure,” said Andy. “I don’t care if it hurts going in because I know it will soon feel great.” Pete smiled and reached for the lube. He greased up his thick cock and then applied a generous amount around the entrance to the boy’s hole. Andy sighed as a greased finger entered him. “Yeah, that feels good.” Pete slid a second finger inside. Andy gasped and then smiled. “Even better.” Pete finger-fucked Andy for a few minutes and then got into position to fuck him. He looked at the twitching arsehole and then at Andy’s smiling face. “Ram it in,” said Andy. Andy tensed when he felt the big mushroom head pressing for entry but then reminded himself that any pain would quickly pass. He pushed back, saying, “Give it to me.” Pete held onto Andy’s upper thighs and pushed harder. Suddenly his cock burst through the sphincter and Andy cried out. Not wanting to prolong Andy’s suffering, Pete thrusted hard one more time and buried the whole of his thick cock inside the tight young arse. “You’ve got it all. I’m in balls-deep,” he told Andy. Andy blinked away his tears and forced a smile. “It feels as if I’ve got a baseball bat inside me. Give me a minute to get used to it.” Pete smiled then bent down to kiss Andy. “You’re so sweet…and you have the hottest, tightest boy-cunt I’ve ever experienced.” Andy raised his right hand and caressed Pete’s smooth, well-formed pecs. “I love your manly body and your big cock. It’s starting to feel really good inside me now. Fuck me, Pete. Fuck my tight pussy.” Pete saw that Andy’s cock, which had lost some of its hardness immediately after penetration, was now fully erect again. He started to fuck with short, slow movements and Andy softly sighed. Gradually Peter’s thrusts became faster and longer. “Harder,” begged Andy. “Fuck me harder!” Soon Pete was really pounding into the teenager. Andy was whimpering and leaking lots of pre-cum so Pete slowed down, much to Andy’s disappointment. “I was so close,” he complained. “Patience, dear boy.” Pete bent down to gently nibble each of Andy’s nipples. “You’ve got nice tits,” he said. “I like having them played with,” responded Andy. “I’ll bear that in mind.” Pete bit the right nipple harder and Andy howled. Pete started to fuck Andy hard again. “Yes, yes. Harder! Make me cum!” Andy cried. When Andy began to whimper again, Pete slowed right down. “No, don’t stop,” pleaded the horny teen. “I’ll allow you to cum soon,” smiled Pete. Andy groaned in frustration and reached up to pinch one of Pete’s nipples. “You’re cruel.” “I’m being cruel to be kind,” said Pete. “When you finally cum, it will feel great.” However he didn’t make Andy wait long before he resumed his hard, fast fucking. Soon Andy was whimpering and throwing his head from side to side. “I’m going to cum!” he cried, only a second before he began spunking off. The first blast of cum shot right over his head to land on the headboard but the next two landed on his face. Some cum landed on his chest and then the final, weak eruptions pooled on his flat stomach. There was silence and Pete fucked Andy with slow movements until Andy had recovered. When Andy finally smiled up at him, Pete asked, “Was that a good one?” “Probably the best ever,” grinned Andy. “I think I saw stars when I started shooting off.” “Worth waiting for?” Pete smiled. He used a finger to push the cum on Andy’s face towards his mouth. “Definitely!” Andy replied after swallowing the cum. “Now it’s your turn. Fill my pussy with your man-cream.” Pete started moving faster and was soon pounding hard and fast into Andy’s arse again. “I love this,” said Andy, his cock stiff once more. Then Pete grunted, shoved his cock as deep as possible and then sent volley after volley of hot, thick cum into Andy’s bowels. When Pete fell forward on top of Andy, the teenager wrapped his arms and legs around him. He wanted to keep the cock inside his pussy for as long as possible. “That was amazing. You were amazing,” Pete said when he finally pulled himself off Andy. Andy felt the softening cock slip from his arsehole but he smiled at Pete. “Does that mean you might want to fuck me again?” “Oh yes! You are one hot fuck, young Andy. I would love to do it again,” replied Pete. Andy grinned. “Well, I can guarantee I will be back for more.” Pete pulled Andy into his arms and they kissed passionately. “Thanks again, Andy. Now you’d better have a shower and get home before your uncle sends out a search party.” Andy laughed. “I’m sure I will be home before him but, yeah, I’d better go soon.” Andy smiled to himself as he walked back through the still busy streets. “Sex with Pete was great and it will be fun to try some kinky stuff with him,” he thought. “Uncle Will doesn’t know about him yet but I suppose I’d better tell him. Not tonight though.” To be continued

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