Subject: Undie thief I have been obsessed with men’s underwear as far back as I can remember. My first pair ever came from a friend of my folks. Ray was married to Tessa. Tessa was Mum’s workmate and we would go there for BBQ’s in summer. I was about 12 yrs old at the time. I remember being obsessed with Ray. Even at 12 yrs of age I still noticed how attractive he was. He would have been in his very early 30’s at the time. He played rugby league with my Dad and they were drinking buddies at our local. Ray used to wear League shorts all the time. They were always short and fitting, something I found very, very sexy! Every now and then I would catch glimpses of his undies or his ball sack hanging out when he was sitting down. I would purposely sit at good vantage points to get the best view. He was a very lean athletically built man and I adored him. One time while they were drinking with other friends around the BBQ at Ray and Tessa’s I decided I needed a small souvenir. I was indoors watching TV with their 7 yr old son Bryce who had finally fallen off to sleep. I crept into their laundry room and found a big basket of dirty clothes. My heart was beating tremendously fast and I was feeling slightly aroused. I dug into the pile of clothes looking for my prize. Then, there they were, a lovely red pair of men’s bikini briefs. They had the Jockey Wear emblem on them that confirmed to me they belonged to Ray. They were near the bottom wrapped up in a pair of Rays numerous league shorts. I brought them to my nose for inspection and instantly became very aroused. My little cock grew in my denim trousers and I escaped to the bathroom to toss off into them. I could almost eat them. The musky man smell, the sweaty aroma of ball sack and pubes were strong. There was a faint smell of urine as well. I imagined Ray’s manhood cupped inside the fabric. His balls firm and hairy. I fantasised about his cock inside my mouth! I was in heaven! I cum in seconds into the undies and quickly shoved them into my pocket. That was the beginning of a long collection up until this very day even. Another time when I was about 15 I was at a rugby park watching my older 19 yr old brother train with his new under 21’s regional representative team. I had cycled down in the kızkalesi escort dark and freezing night air to perv on my brother’s new team mates. They were training on field 3 that was situated on the opposite side to the clubhouse. It was lit up with powerful floodlights and you could hear the trainer and coaches voice echoing across the 3 fields barking out orders and commands. They looked a long way away so I rested near the clubhouse. The changing room door was slightly ajar and the lights were on inside. I had an idea! I was obsessed with Derek. He played number 10 on the team. He was same age as my brother. He stood at a mere 5ft 8, small for a rugby player but he was very handsome and very, very fit. He had a girlfriend. She was blonde and gorgeous of course. I knew that the guys were training so hard they wouldn’t notice me quickly sneak in and out of the changing room. I laid down my bike and raced for the door. I knew how to find his bag. All their bags had numbers on them. The numbers always corresponded with the number on their player jerseys. In a matter of seconds I found bag number 10. And there they were, a lovely pair of black jockey briefs. I immediately stuck them to my nostrils. They were clean! It was all good though, I still had a pair of Derek’s undies in my collection and the fact that I knew they were his anyway was enough for me! I quickly checked 2 other bags on my way out but nothing. M heart was racing so fast. I was scared I had been spotted and didn’t even look up when I left. I jumped straight on my bike and made my way home! My heart was still racing and the adrenalin running. Another time about 5 years ago when I was 23 I used to be a member at a big gym inner city. A few local celebrities used this gym as well. One of them was named Sean. Sean had been a host of a kids TV show for a few years when I was growing up. He now worked on local radio but would do the odd TV cameo for various things. I had always found Sean very, very sexy. I would fantasise about him all the time and try and imagine him naked when I was younger! I had seen him at the gym and had thought to myself how awesome it would be to acquire one of his undies. Sean was at the time in his late tarsus escort 30’s and has definitely looked after himself. He is handsome and well built and takes great pride in his appearance. Not in a vain conceited way but in an “I am comfortable with myself” sort of way. Sean is obviously European with a lovely olive complexion. He smiled at everyone when people stared and he would sign the odd autograph happily when people asked. He was a genuine, nice guy. He was a father to 4 kids and married to a very attractive pacific island woman. I had heard they were practising Christians as well. This particular instance we had arrived at the same time. I carefully planned my workout to roughly end when his did, as I knew he always showered at the Gym although I was yet to see his beautiful naked torso in the flesh! Today was the day to change that however. I hadn’t jerked off in 2 days and was feeling very horny. So horny in fact I was willing to go to great lengths to satisfy my lusting behaviour. I strategically but discreetly followed him to the locker room. He stopped a few times to chat with people. He was wearing fitting grey workout shorts. They were that tracksuit material. He had on a tee-shirt with his radio station logo on the back. The sweat from his arse crack soaked through the shorts. Beads of sweat caressed his forehead and the damp patches under his armpits were mesmerising. He eventually made into the locker room. There were 5 other guys in there shooting the breeze and talking shit. Sean acknowledged them upon entering and made his was to the far end of the locker room away from the others. He went to a prepaid locker and pulled out a sports bag. I set up camp directly opposite him. I was behind a divider wall so the other guys or anyone else who walked in unexpectedly would not see me. I had a fairly unhampered view of my study. The adrenalin seeped through my veins at lightning speed. My heart pounded on my chest and I could barely breathe! My eyes were fixed on Sean who had his back to me and was slowly stripping off his clothes. My cock stirred in my own shorts and I slowly removed my socks and shoes in slow motion mode. I was waiting for the inevitable to happen. All of my childhood and anamur escort adulthood fantasies about Sean were about to be confirmed! He pulled off his tee-shirt revealing a muscular, toned back. Next he slid off his shorts. My cock was semi-hard by this stage. I sat glued to the locker room bench even oblivious to 2 men who had passed by heading to the urinals. He had on a black and white pinned striped pair of boxer briefs. I wanted to have those briefs so badly. He pulled out his towel and shampoo and walked over to an empty shower stall. I couldn’t follow him in case he noticed me perving. He reached into the shower and turned on the taps. He threw the towel over the stall door and with his body half in and half out quickly whipped off his briefs and threw them to the floor directly under his sports bag. I looked as hard as I could before he shut the non-transparent stall door but only caught a glimpse of his muscular left buttock. I couldn’t complain about that though. I now had about 2 minutes to whiz over to his briefs and inhale them. They sat steaming on the linoleum floor. I looked out to see where the other guys were located in the locker room and ascertained it safe enough to do the deed. I darted quickly across the floor listening out for the sound of Sean’s shower running. I picked them up, my heart pounding harder and harder. I felt like I had won the lottery. This was better than a million dollars in fact. The smell was hypnotic. It was strong and sexy. His undies were soaked in sweat. I tasted the sweaty patch with my tongue. They were salty and sweet. The smell was glued to my upper lip. I was in heaven. I had a really famous guys man scent in my hand! I rubbed them hard into my face and savoured the moment. My next decision was whether I take them or not. He never looked at me once prior to getting in the shower so maybe if I take them he wouldn’t have clue where they may have gone anyway. And if I did take them, I had to do it right then and there and make a fast exit before he noticed. I did it. I shoved them in my bag threw everything else back on and raced out. Sean was still in the shower. My heart and my cock pounded loudly as I passed the front desk, the small health cafe and down the stairs to my car. These wee gems now took pride of place in my extensive collection. I used these undies at every chance I got to jerk off with and refrained from going to the gym for a good 5 weeks as an extra precaution that appeared to satisfy my paranoia. I have loads of other stories to tell…maybe another time???

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