Used by my nephew


Used by my nephew
I was so excited for a weekend alone. The Mrs. was going to see her
mom for 4 days. I dropped her off at the airport and I kept thinking
about the fun I was going to have alone. I got home and ran a bubble
bath. I got in and had a beer to relax me. Afterwards I did a cleansing
enema to get myself all cleaned out. I walked to the bedroom and looked
through my wife’s underwear drawer. I picked out some pink frilly
panties. I slowly put them on. I was getting harder just having them
on. I grabbed one of her old bras and put that on too. I looked in the
mirror and thought not bad. Not bad at all. I felt so feminine. I got
in the closet and pulled out a box. I pulled out a couple of tranny
DVD’s. I grabbed a few different size dildos and brought them into the
living room. One of the dildos was larger and was hollow. I grabbed a
broom handle and inserted the dildo into it. I lifted up the couch
cushion and pushed the handle in and it was just at the right level to
ride when I was ready. I walked around a little bit feeling so sexy in
my undies. I grabbed another beer and walked back into the living room.
I put one of the DVD’s on.
A tranny invited a big black man into her motel. She dropped to her
knees and started sucking his dick. I put the smaller dildo into my
mouth and pretended it was him I was sucking. This went on for a little
bit. They made it to the bed and she continued to suck his dick. It was
pretty good sized and he pulled her off. Turned her around and started
playing with her ass. He inserted several fingers into her and then
lubed up his dick and slowly worked it in. I removed my panties and
inserted the smaller dildo into me. I worked it in and out like he was
doing her. After a few minutes I got the larger one and worked it into
my ass. Oh man it felt so good and really filled me up. She was on top
of him riding and I worked my toy in and out of my ass like he was
doing. They changed positions and he was doing her doggystyle. I
removed my toy and lubed up the big toy on the broomstick. I backed up
and worked it into my ass. It was so big and felt so good. I slowly
worked it in and out. He picked up the pace and I moved to match his
movements. It was feeling so good and I kept looking up at the DVD. She
was loving it like I was. All of a sudden I heard a voice behind me say
“What the fuck”.
I turned my head to see my wife’s nephew standing in the hallway with
his mouth dropped open. What the fuck are you doing he asked. I pulled
myself off the dildo and reached over and turned off the DVD. I stood up
and said um just having a little fun ok? I covered myself the best I
could. Are you wearing aunt ……. bra? Oh yes I said as I slid it
off. Look I was just being a little kinky ok. There’s nothing wrong
with having a little alone time. He looked at me and said does she know
you do this? Man I was busted good. No I said.and I’d like to keep it
like that ok? He crossed his arms and just stared at me. Come on be
cool I said. Can’t we keep this just between us I begged? What are you
willing to give me to keep my mouth shut? Name it I said. $100 he smiled
at me. I can get that but you got to promise to keep this just between
us. Sure he said. Oh yeah he said and this. He started unzipping his
jeans. He pulled his cock out and said just watching you and that dildo
really turned me on. So get over here and suck my dick. I looked at him
and told him I’m not gay and I couldn’t do that. He looked angry and
said if you want to keep aunt …… from finding out you’ll suck me
now. I knew he had me by the balls and I dropped to my knees and moved
closer. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth. He was
semi hard. Oh yeah bitch he said work my dick. You like it don’t you?
I couldn’t say anything and he said it again and I nodded. I knew you
would. He pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and said get on your
knees. I’m going to fuck that ass. I protested and he said I watched you
work that dildo and if you can do that then you can get fucked by the
real thing. I got down on the floor and assumed the position. He
grabbed the lube and worked a few fingers in me. Then without warning he
pushed his cock in. It felt really good and I moaned a few times. Oh
yeah your ass feels so good. Oh shit this is great. He spanked my ass a
few times. You like getting fucked like a girl don’t you? Yes I
replied. Beg me to fuck you he said. I was so turned on I yelled back
at him oh yes fuck me, please fuck me. With that he picked up the pace.
Oh fuck, oh fuck he said and suddenly he grabbed my hips and stopped I
knew he was cumming in me. He held me like this for a few moments and
then pulled out. He told me to turn around and clean him off. I quickly
moved to suck his softening cock. He moaned a few times and said oh that
was so good and I needed that. After sucking him for a few moments I
said ok so we got a deal right? He put his jeans back on and said yeah
almost but you aren’t done yet. He grabbed his phone and was talking to
somebody. I heard him say something about free pussy. He hung up and
said I got a couple of friends that I know will want some of this. You
service them and then we are done.
I got really scared and said hey look doing you is one thing but
strangers I don’t know is dangerous and I just can’t. Listen to me if
you don’t want aunt ……. to find out you will shut the fuck up and do
what I tell you. I didn’t say anything and he looked around and said put
those panties on bitch. He removed the dildo and pole and put it away.
Just relax and it will be ok. You know you want to be a slut. I’m going
to make it happen for you. Just pretend your a hooker and we paid for
you. Just do as I tell you and our deal is sealed. I sighed and he told
me to get him a beer. I came back and he said my friends are going to
love you. They love to fuck. When they finish with you, your not going
to able to walk for a week. He told me to put the DVD back on. I put it
on and we watched scene after scene and he commented on everything. The
doorbell rang and he smiled and said go answer the door. I said I
can’t dressed like this. Go answer the fucking door now he said. I
sighed and went to the door. There were 3 black guys at the door. Well
look at this sissy bitch. They all walked in and one of them smacked my
ass. They greeted my nephew and said you weren’t k**ding were you?
She’s all yours to use he told them. One of them turned and looked at
me and said you like to suck dick bitch? Answer him my nephew said. Yes
I meekly said.
Well get your sissy ass over here and suck on this. He pulled his
pants off and there stood a really hard big cock. Come on bitch start
sucking. I was so scared but crawled over and put my lips on his cock.
He started working it in and out of my mouth. Oh yeah this pussy boy
knows how to suck a mean dick. He moaned a few times and said to his
friends oh you guys got to get some of this. The next guy pulled him off
and told me to suck him. It was equally big and hard. I did my best as
I had seen girls in films do. Damn she’s good he said. You should try
that ass my nephew said. The 3rd one said I call dibs on that ass 1st.
His pants were off and he pulled me down to the floor and got behind me
and pushed his big dick all the way in me in one push. It hurt a little
bit but then was ok. Mother fuck this ass is fine he told his friends.
One of the other guys got in front of me and made me suck his cock. (
wow, I thought I was just like one of the girls in movies I’ve watched).
I had a dick in my mouth and ass. The guy that I was sucking said let’s
trade and they switched positions. It was pure heaven. It was great
feeling that cock fill my ass and fucking me like a girl. Man you ain’t
k**ding that is a tight ass. I got lost in the moment. Finally the guy
fucking me stopped and he came in me. Ok damn who’s next? Another dick
quickly filled my ass. Oh shit this is some good pussy. Fuck yeah this
is great. He was really slamming it in me. I never knew anything could
feel this good. Oh damn one of the guys said he loves it. My nephew
told the guy I was sucking to let him have a suck. He pulled out and my
nephew’s cock filled my mouth. I told you guys this was going to be
good. Yeah you got us some good pussy. The guy in my ass moaned and
pulled me tight. Oh damn he said that was good. He pulled out and
another cock pushed into me. Oh wow, I thought is this ever going to
end? My nephew pulled out and my mouth was empty. My mouth ached and
was sore. Suddenly I saw a flash go off. My nephew was taking pics.
This is just to make sure you do as AI tell you. A few more flashes went
off as the guy was fucking me. Oh baby this is some good ass. Here it
comes oh man, oh man. He held me tight and I knew he was cumming too.
He pulled out and my nephew got behind me and took a few pics of my
freshly fucked ass. They all started getting dressed and asked me my
nephew to go out with them. He said yeah and he came up to me and said
I’ll be back later for my money. Don’t fuck with me. They left and I
slowly got to my feet. My knees were weak and my mouth ached. I wobbled
to the bathroom. I sat on the pot and I felt like I had to have a bowel
movement but all the came out was cum. Wow, I thought that was all in
me. Several more times I squeezed out the white liquid. Man those guys
came a lot I thought. I took a shower and then went to bed. I thought
I was done or was I?

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