Velvet Crush: On Her Own


Velvet Crush: On Her OwnVelvet Crush: Two weeks passed in Japan as I learned that my grandmother’s husband had left the porn empire to her and with her death it had passed to my mom. I was the sole person to inherit my mom’s estate, so it passed to me. I was now the owner of my own porn company and I had lots of plans. My grandfather’s family had other plans though and they fought me in court to retain their ownership rights. During that time, I was legally the head of the company, so I began planning for a re-release of many of my mom and grandmother’s films, through compilations and best of scenes. I was going to do my own tribute by shooting twenty 50 men bukakke orgies over the next 20 days, in honor of my mom’s record setting sex movie that she had done a few years before. I sent orders to the staff to begin preparing for the giant event and I had a live adult press conference stating my plans. It went over big with all of my fans and especially the Japanese fans of my mom and grandmother. They had been porn royalty in this tiny, island nation and I wanted this to be a tribute to them. I didn’t even consider fucking 1000 men as my mom had and relegated to doing that amount over a nearly three week period. I was wet thinking about it and set the schedule to begin in one week. My father was still in Japan and when we weren’t in court and I wasn’t at my new office, making plans to continue with productions, we were spending all of our free time together. It seemed a little strange, but we had become lovers and it felt so good to end each night in his arms, making love. I had never been so well pleasured and each night I fell asleep spent from exhaustion. Another week passed as the legal aspects of my business continued and I began shooting my daily sex scenes. It felt good to be back to work and the thought of fucking and sucking off 50 different men every day for three weeks kind of drove my sexual addiction into overdrive. My first day on the set was nearly mind numbing as I took on all of the men whom had been gathered to fill my holes and then ejaculate on my face and into my mouth. I couldn’t help it, as much as I tried, and I lit up a cigarette and smoked it in private before showering from my day of sex. I sat covered in drying semen, my hair matted and my cunt and asshole still dripping from lube as I inhaled my first cigarette in almost a month. Afterward, I returned back to my hotel and fell into bed with my father. He knew what it was like to be married to whores and porn stars, so he didn’t even think about it when I spread my legs and let him mount me. His cock pumped my well used pussy and exploded in me before I crashed hard, waking early to begin another day on the set. One cigarette each day was all I smoked for the next three weeks as the end to my tribute orgy arrived. I had fucked and sucked off 1000 different men and drank their cum afterwards for the cameras. The scenes were to be compiled into one 6 hour 3 set DVD movie. Production and editing would take almost a month before it was finished, so I continued to plan more movies for myself as my father and his lawyers fought for my future business. I wanted extreme sex again and I had the company executives set up and plan only giant orgies for me. I wanted my Japanese fans to think of me as the new bukakke queen. My adult film press conferences boasted about my ability to fuck hundreds of different men in each film and for my love of cum in large quantities. I shot 15 large scale, bukakke gangbang films over the next month and a half, fucking between 150 and 300 men in each film, before the lawyers called for a private meeting between us and the relatives of my grandmother’s husband. They had been and were still executives at the company, but I had the power over all decisions. In our meeting they wanted to negotiate a settlement. They had hired detectives to dig up dirt on my past and they were going to use it to force me into an agreement. They had known about my u******e acting and had brought it up, even though it implicated themselves. Then they brought up my d**g use, my prostitution and my extreme sex history, having dug up cell phone footage from a handful of my shows from Mexico. They showed it on the screen in the meeting room as all 12 lawyers, 3 of the family executives and my father and I watched. It wasn’t the best film, but it was evident that it was me wearing a wig and trying to be incognito as I performed for the crowds of the Mexican sex club. They also had secret film of my father and I engaging in different sex acts, previously filmed by their detectives as they followed us and spied on our activity. It didn’t look good and the info would ruin my career if it got out. It would also destroy their company if news that the previous owner had also hired me at age 16 and been a frequent sexual partner of mine. My father’s lawyers had acquired films of me engaging in sex with bahis siteleri all of the executives and my grandmother’s husband. We were at a stalemate, so we negotiated a plan that would suit all of our needs and business future.I would relinquish rights to the ownership of the entire company and they would pay me a lump sum in cash, they would finish all of my projects and also relinquish all of the rights to my mom, grandmother and my films. After we parted ways, I would still get revenue from earnings due to residuals on all of our previous movies and work. Our parting would be on good terms and we would hold a press conference to announce my decision to return to the US to continue with my adult acting career. It all seemed to be for the good of everyone and it prevented any of the bad press that could have destroyed the company, my career and possibly led to jail time for quite a few of the company executives, whom had sex with me when I was in Japan 2 years prior. The only sad part was that my father and I had to return to the states and resume our previous lives. He was married and I was his daughter. I relished our time together before we returned 10 days later and it took me some time to get over the hurt I felt. I dove right into my acting again to get my mind off of my loss and signed a contract with one of the biggest porn companies in the US. I was going to be starring in my first US film in some time and I was looking forward to my first scene, which included three well hung black actors, one of them being my uncle James. I took a long drag off of my cigarette and blew out the smoke as I made my way to the set and looked forward to letting him stuff me with his giant cock once again. Of course, he’d be joined by two other well endowed, fellow porn stars, so all of my holes would be getting a good work out during this scene and I couldn’t wait for the creamy ending. My career was looking bright and I would strive to break all of my predecessor’s sexual accomplishments in their memory. I had spent nearly 4 months in Japan before we had returned to the US and I had regained a large part of my gangbang queen reputation while I was there. I had finished over 40 different films and had fucked and sucked off over 2500 different men in that time. I felt like a huge whore and I loved it. Now I was back in LA and I held my breasts as I bounced on my Uncle Jame’s gigantic black cock. He and two other porn actors had fucked me that morning and into the late afternoon, as we finished shooting my first porn scene, since I had returned. I had cum three times during that shoot and I was about to cum again as he drove his big dick upwards into my wet slit. I wasn’t fucking a hundred different Asian men today, so my three fellow, well hung actors had to stuff all of my holes as best they could. I wanted more afterwards and I invited James back to my new apartment and I was riding his dick like a pro. I had been bouncing for 20 minutes and my wet cunt was making sucking sounds on his prick with each rise and subsequent release back to the bottom of his wrist thick shaft. He would eventually cum inside of me and I would let him fuck me three more times that night before he left in the morning. I was on my own now, in my own apartment and responsible for my own care. I had just turned 18 years old 5 months prior and here I was, a single, porn star who was also a sex addict, wondering what to do next. I couldn’t keep hooking up with my uncle and I knew that, as I felt his long prick slide into my well lubed ass. I liked big cocks though and he was one of the biggest and he was a good fuck. It felt great to feel his cum deep inside of me and the taboo aspect turned me on. I had to get out and do what regular 18 year old women did and I had no ideas. I was not regular by any means and fucking my 10,000th man during my newest film proved that point. I wasn’t getting enough sex via my work and I needed to get back to escorting and stripping, even though I didn’t need the money at all. The thought drove me wild as I finished sucking off my date, whom I had met at a Baskin Robbins, down the street, 30 minutes prior. He was cute and I laid back and sucked on a cigarette as he dressed and left. I needed more and I thought that I would explode, so I called and left a message at a couple of strip clubs in the area, offering my headlining availability. I hung up afterward and hoped for a call back the next day as I pulled one of my long white dildos from my drawer and slid it balls deep into my gaping, cum filled hole. I masturbated for almost 2 hours before I finally fell asleep, dreaming of my next sexual conquest.I ran my tongue up and down the shaft of my Uncle Jame’s long black cock and then moved up and slid down on it for the third time that evening. He had been staying with me for two weeks, since I had returned and I was still fucking him on a daily basis. He had canlı bahis been working a lot lately and that’s why he had been in town, since I had returned from Japan. He had been one of my partners once again, for an all black anal gangbang scene, and when we had returned from the shoot, we had fallen into bed and had fucked for hours. He had ejaculated inside of me twice and his semen ran down his sac while I bounced on his horse length prick. Of course, he wasn’t even close to being as long as a real horse, and I knew that personally, but he was gargantuan compared to most men and he was available. His endurance was phenomenal and when he did cum, he could keep on going. He destroyed my wet cunt and pumped it until the early morning, as we made love for what turned out to be nearly 7 hours straight. His cock had filled all of my holes and his sperm had saturated my vagina, when he came inside of me for the fourth time, before we both fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and grabbed a cigarette, before I even got out of bed. I lit it up and took a deep drag as I looked over to see my uncle staring at me as I smoked. He pulled the cigarette from between my lips and then leaned over me to put it out into an ash tray. He pulled himself up to his knees, near my face, and pulled my head toward his cock. I took it into my mouth and began to suck his 9 inch flaccid hunk of meat. He grew in my mouth another 5 inches and I loved the feeling. “Those are so bad for you. Your mom and grandma did the same thing and I always offered them my cock instead. At least it’s healthy and fun.” He told me as I sucked hard and took him deep into my throat. He was right, it was fun and I deep throated him until he sprayed my face with jizz. He got out of bed to get showered and I just laid there, letting his sticky spunk run down my face as I relit the cigarette and finished my smoke. By the time I finished, James was getting dressed and the cum on my face was dried or I had licked most of it up. I began fingering my pussy as James watched and spread my lips to tease him. I had no plans today and he wasn’t really doing anything, so he gave up easily, joined me in bed once again and fucked me hard. By the time he finished, I had to urinate so badly, so I bolted to the bathroom and made it just in time to watch his cum drip from my gaping hole and for me to empty my bladder. When I returned, James had his cock covered in lube, so it was my turn to give him the quid pro quo and I slid my ass onto his giant, black rod and let him pound my asshole. Again he came inside of me and I screamed out as I came too. I needed food badly and I had a shoot the next day, so we finally got out of bed and walked hand in hand down the street to a nice little restaurant. My uncle was not only the father of one of my siblings, but he was also a nice guy who seemed to be turning into my current lover and boyfriend as he leaned over to kiss me on the lips after we had ordered. I kissed him back and found my tongue in his mouth as we kissed deeper. I was getting so wet and desperately wanted to fuck him again. We waited for our food and I ran my hand up and down his thigh until the waiter brought out food. I was working his erection through his jeans before the food came and his length and girth drove me wild. We ate quickly and barely made it two blocks from the diner before I led him down a side alley and pulled up my skirt while I leaned against a trash bin. His cock slid easily into my soak crack and he drove his dick in and out of me until he exploded. I smoked on the way back to my condo and fell back into bed to suck him hard for another long ride. It felt so good to have a regular lover, even if I knew it wasn’t right, and to have a lover that was a prolific and well endowed. We fell asleep late and I woke up early to get off to my shoot. I was going to be doing a multi man scene with a variety of double penetrations. I couldn’t wait for a little strange dick, even though I was loving my uncles. Two of my fellow black actors sat on the bed, their legs entwined until their penises were right next to one another, in a scissors position. My cunt and asshole were lubed judiciously as I entered the scene and slid down onto both cocks, slowly guiding them each into my gaping pussy. I bounced on their dicks for about 10 minutes, two thick pricks spreading my vagina open as my twat was double penetrated. The director asked me to lean forward as far as I could go and a third actor guided his long, black pole into my asshole. He pumped me quickly, while the other two black porn actors continued to shred my asshole. “Ok Velvet, now lean just a little forward and Ron,” another black actor “will let you suck his cock while I try to squeeze in Steve”, the 5th ebony actor in the scene. “Just a little farther sweetie.” The directed said and I felt the tip of Steve’s thick cock press against my already filled güvenilir bahis asshole. “Yes! Wonderful people! A double-double.” The director shouted, while all four men drove their cocks deeper into my severely stuffed openings. I had two cocks in my cunt, two in my asshole and one in my mouth as three cameras hovered around me to pick up the action. I grunted as they fucked me hard and kept going until all of them came inside of me. I took two anal and two vaginal cream-pies before I was facialized. I was a little sore and my slit was still gaping as I leaned back on a chair to smoke and play with my pussy for the cameras. Cum drooled out of my ass and pussy, so I ate it in between puffs on my cig, playing for the camera and enjoying my time. James was sucking on my swollen nipples and squeezing my tits as I rode him once again. My cunt was still split open after I had returned from my porn shoot and it needed filled with something big. Two of my uncles cum shots had filled me before we had finished for the evening and found something to snack on. He told me that he was done shooting for a few weeks and had to return to Ohio to take care of a few things. I was going to miss his cock and him too, but this was now my opportunity to go out and meet someone new or maybe to just work more and make some money escorting. Being a whore had so many options for someone who’s need in variety was part of their addiction. I sucked Jame’s cock as he drove my car to the airport, two days later. He had cum in me at least a dozen times since he had told me he was going back home for a while. I finished sucking him once we got to the parking deck and swallowed a load of his semen before walking him to his gate. We kissed deeply and then he left. I was a little sad as I watched him go and now I was really alone. What was I going to do now, I thought as I smiled at a cute guy pulling his luggage from the same gate that my uncle was leaving from? “Hi!” I chirped at him, with a big grin and the taste of my Uncle’s cum still on my tongue, and he smiled back and stopped to talk. He was in town for a visit with family and didn’t really know his way around, so I volunteer to drive him to his hotel and to tell him about a few local attractions, to keep him busy, as we made our way to where he was staying. About an hour after we had arrived and he had checked in, I was lying on my back with my legs spread wide as he drove his hard, white dick into my black, bald cunt. “Fuck me harder and cum in me baby!” I shouted as I felt his prick twitch inside of me and fill me with warmth. All I could think of was how long it was going to take me to suck his dick erect again and get it inside of me. 15 minutes was all it took and I was on all fours as he doggy fucked me to another orgasm. He was only 19 and just slightly older than me, but he ended up fucking me four times that night and let me stay with him at the hotel.“Last night was great” Anthony, my most recent lover, told me as he came out onto the hotel balcony while I smoked. “I’m glad you liked it.” I smiled and said as he moved up behind me, his erect cock rubbing against my ass as I bent over the railing, still nude and taking a drag on my cig. “You are so brave standing out here naked for all to see.” He whispered in my ear as I ground my ass against his boxer-brief covered prick. “I don’t care who sees me.” I said, matter-of-factly. “Why don’t you pull off those boxers and I’ll introduce you to a hole that you missed last night.” I said seductively. I went down on him after he had quickly removed his boxers, slathering his shaft with my spit while I had deep-throated him. He was throbbing and hard as a rock as I guided him into my ass and he sodomized me outside on his balcony. At least three or four other guests had stood and watched while I held onto the railing and grunted as he drove his dick into my rectum. “Fuck yeah! Anthony! Fuck it harder….harder….yes, right there.” I yelled as his stiff pole lifted me up onto my toes with each thrust. “Cum in my asshole baby. Let me feel that warm jizz up in me.” I grunted out as he pulled my hair back and pumped harder. He was getting the hang of it and soon slapped his hand against my ass, reddening it with a palm print. “OH Yeah!!!” I squealed. “Fuck me like a little, black whore. Smack my ass and shove that big, white cock in my booty, baby. I love a big dick in my ass.” I moaned out as he slapped me again and came deep inside of me. His cum felt so great and warmed my rectum with its sticky, viscosity. “Are you a fucking porn star?” he asked as he laughed and kept pumping me, while his spunk dripped from my stuffed sphincter and splattered on the tile floor. I kept rotating my ass on his still stiff cock, enjoying the feeling of it deep inside of me, along with his cum. “Would it bother you if I was?” I asked. “No, not at all.” He told me as he pulled out and his jizz poured from my gaping hole. I reached for my cigs and lit another one as I stood there for all to see, my ass freshly fucked. I took a deep drag and answered him. “Yes. I’m a porn star. My name is Velvet Crush and I’m a slut.” I said with a smile.

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