Vicki Loves – Ch. 02: Jeannie


Chapter 2 – Jeannie

…wherein the best is made of a tight spot, a new school-day awaits after a poor night of sleep, and a party leads to unexpected delights.

Even over the loud spray of water, Vicki could hear the glass shower door thump shut behind her. Understandably startled, she was about to turn around when she felt the familiar and reassuring soft, small hands of her lusciously busty mother as they began their tender voyage all over her taut upper body. As Jeannie began to casually massage her even more stupendously stacked daughter’s thin waist and smooth back, Vicki quickly relaxed and supposed that she didn’t entirely mind that her mom had snuck up on her in the shower just as she was about to give her unnaturally sensitive, four-inch long, two-inch thick, rubbery nipples the soapy jacking of a lifetime. She had to admit that her mom’s travelling hands on her wet skin underneath the hot shower stream felt remarkably good, as her curvy young body was still tingling after her orgasmic eruption in the car earlier. If it weren’t for a few nagging thoughts, she would have been more than happy at that point to place her hands on the tile wall in front of her, drop her head directly under the heated water, and allow her always gentle, always loving mommy to explore, knead, and feel up as much of her exquisite teenage body as she wanted.

However, she mulled, they had never showered together before, which Vicki was now considering an unfortunate oversight on both their parts as her mom used her right hand to slowly trace a finger up and down the middle of her back, while she slid her left hand, palm down, back and forth, underneath Vicki’s immense left breast to massage where it rose off against her slim torso. Furthermore, Jeannie’s words lingered in her mind as Vicki couldn’t quite figure out what she meant. What couldn’t she wait for? Most notably, there was the tiny issue that as Jeannie moved closer to Vicki within the confined stall, it wasn’t just her mom’s heavy, plump tits with their deep red, rock-hard, inch-long nipples that began throbbing and bending against her soaked, nubile body; the wide head of Jeannie’s massive cock had made itself comfortable right in the tight curves of Vicki’s supple, curvaceous ass, pushing against the sensitive, velvety skin just above her pink backdoor.

Turning her head to the left so her sweet mother could better hear her over the water spray, but otherwise still remaining in place, not seeing any immediate reason to adjust her position, Vicki asked, “Hi Mom, is…mm…is everything okay? And, um, just so you know…hnn…someone’s getting a little too friendly down there.”

At that, Jeannie let out a panicked “Ohmygosh” and quickly jerked her hips backwards, popping the tip of her half-erect cock from Vicki’s perfectly round backside. Once clear of her daughter’s ass, she removed one hand from Vicki’s wet skin, raised her cock until it lied flat against her stomach, and took a half-step forward until her pelvis pressed flush against Vicki’s warm, wet butt. With her body now securely nestled against her daughter underneath the hot shower stream, Jeannie let go of her meaty penis, and allowed the base of its thick shaft to comfortably rest in the firm upper cleavage of Vicki’s perky behind.

“I’m so sorry baby girl, I didn’t mean for that to happen, I was just trying to get nearer to you so I could massage you better, I…god, I didn’t even notice! You know how hard it is for me to keep this thing under control. Please don’t be upset with me, my beautiful baby girl!”

Jeannie tightly gripped Vicki’s body where her hands had then been placed; specifically, low on her daughter’s right hip and flat across her trim navel between the wide swells of Vicki’s full, glistening, dripping boobs, where she had been casually running the tip of her middle finger around the shallow indentation of her big-titty daughter’s cute belly button. Vicki could tell that she was bracing for an angry command from her surely upset and inexcusably violated high schooler to remove her hands, get the hell out of the shower and leave her alone.

Vicki simply smiled at her mom’s panicked apology about, of all things, inadvertently jamming her oversized, swelling penis into her spectacularly well-endowed daughter’s equally stunning backside.

“It’s okay, mom, don’t worry. I mean, it didn’t feel terrible or anything, but um, I could actually feel it pulsing as you were getting harder, and uh, I was afraid that if you took another step forward, it was going to slip down right into my, well…”

Dropping her hands entirely from Vicki’s soft, ever-squeezable body, and sounding like she was about to sob, in a low voice Jeannie muttered, “No, no, oh god, what was I thinking…I know this shower is barely big enough for one, let alone the both of us.”

“I think you mean the three of us,” Vicki joked, looking back and below her mom’s istanbul escort gigantic breasts towards Jeannie’s still-thickening and still-rising cock, which was now sliding up the small of Vicki’s back as it grew longer and thicker still, pulsating with Jeannie’s every heartbeat.

She guessed it was, at the moment, about three inches wide and a good eleven inches long. Having had seen her mom fully aroused almost daily, she knew it still had a bit to go before Jeannie would become completely erect, a vision that had kept Vicki’s mind whirling during many a dreary study hall. She couldn’t actually see her mom’s pussy lips or her cute pink clit from her angle, but her mom’s enticing female parts would have been blocked from her view anyway by Jeannie’s two completely smooth, peach-colored, softball-sized testicles, each almost always filled to capacity and heavy with extra-thick, creamy white spunk.

As these two big-breasted, raven-haired beauties hadn’t worn any substantial clothing around the house for years, Vicki was more than familiar with what her mom had hanging (or more likely, sticking up from) between her legs, so that her overly-endowed mother also happened to be stupendously well-hung had become mostly a normal part of their day-to-day together. Sure, Jeannie would drip precum everywhere if she wasn’t paying attention, and probably at least once a day she accidently smacked her cock somewhere on Vicki’s nude body as they moved around the house. But it was part of who her mom was, quite a substantial part, and Vicki could never even begin to imagine her mom without that tantalizing, extra-lickable cock, just as Jeannie would surely never picture Vicki without her humongous bouncing boobs, each unmistakably topped with a vastly oversized and wonderfully tender nipple.

Vicki considered herself ridiculously lucky to have such an extra-special, one-of-a-kind mommy and it only enhanced the devotion and love she felt towards the caring, wonderful woman who had always done anything she could for her baby girl. Still, Vicki was only human, specifically an overdeveloped teenage cupcake with a libido turned up to twenty, so it would be a lie to say that the constant, combined presence of Jeannie’s big, heavy, constantly-jiggling tits (that young Vicki had hungrily nursed from, for what some would say was way too long), Jeannie’s elephantine, cream-filled cock (that Vicki had to keep herself from running her fingers over as they relaxed on the couch together), and Jeannie’s beautiful, naturally smooth, deliciously kissable pussy (that Vicki longed to explore as deeply as she could with her long tongue), had no effect on her lusty thoughts and dirty desires.

“Oh hush,” Jeannie chided.

Encouraged slightly by her daughter’s light-hearted mocking, but also having had enjoyed watching Vicki’s eyes as they leisurely took in the prodigious length and cunt-breaking width of her big, proud mommy-dick, Jeannie gave her busty little girl a hard, playful smack on the bottom of her butt, causing a surprised Vicki to gasp, her enormous tits to bounce and the firm upper curves of her succulent ass to tighten around her mom’s cockshaft as she swiftly rose up on her tiptoes. Jeannie and Vicki both had learned from many earlier and more intense spankings when Vicki had misbehaved just how sensitive her soft young behind was, a fact that Jeannie never tired of exploiting.

Sighing, she planted a tiny sweet kiss on each of her daughter’s tan shoulders and said, “I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have barged in and interrupted your shower. I’ll meet you back downstairs when you’re done.”

She paused.

“I just thought…no, it’s nothing.”

Hearing the anxiety in Jeannie’s voice, Vicki awkwardly turned all the way around in the cramped shower to face her mom directly. A full eighty pounds of wet, bouncy, mother-daughter titty-flesh suddenly found itself compressed together in the packed, steamy space. Both pairs of their wide, round breasts flattened out and molded against the other, and immediately collected a huge pool of overflowing shower water in the deep crevice that formed where all four of their jiggling, buoyant milkers came together. Jeannie’s nearly fully aroused cock rose between the two of them, looking for all the world like it was trying to stretch just an inch or two longer so its wide, domed head could nuzzle against her daughter’s yummy tummy.

“No, what is it, mom? Look, you’re already soaking wet, I’m happy to have you here with me, and you can always tell me anything, I promise, no matter what’s bugging you. Who can you tell if not your big little girl, right?”

She smiled as brightly as she could and shimmied her huge tits adorably against her mom’s own full, heavy breasts at the word “big” to help lighten the mood and hopefully convince her obviously bothered and undeniably aroused mother that she shouldn’t run away from whatever istanbul escort bayan troubles were obviously on the forefront on her mind. She even reached out to grasp Jeannie’s hands underneath their wet, slick, smashed-together boobs, ignoring the infinite rivulets of water sweeping down their curves as the hot shower continued to rain down on both of them.

Vicki did her best to push aside the fact that her giant, four-inch long nipples were steadily poking further and further into the immense, velvety pillows that were her dear mommy’s soft, heavy breasts. She also tried to ignore the feel of her mother’s equally rigid nips scraping against her sensitive, ribbed stalks as they continued to push into Jeannie’s soft flesh. She also attempted to tune out the increasing buzzing in her mind as blood continued to flow to her pink little pussy, causing noticeable swelling of her smooth lips as her thumping clit extended further and further beyond them, while a flood of her delicious pussy juice streamed down her legs, across the tops of her feet, and down between her petite toes.

“You’re so pretty,” Jeannie responded quietly after a few seconds of gazing into her daughter’s big blue eyes. If she could feel the push of Vicki’s extraordinary nipples jutting further into the dripping, warm heaven of her vast tits, her face didn’t show it, but Jeannie’s grip on Vicki’s hands was as tight as could be. Both mother and daughter were now completely focused on the beautiful visions of sweaty, naked, extra-fertile womanhood each presented to the other.

“God, I love you so much, baby doll,” she continued. “I know I say that a lot, but I really do mean it. You’re the one I most look forward to seeing every day, you’re the one I want to see happier and more loved than anyone else, you’re the one that stuns me with your beauty and how impressively you’ve grown every time I look at you. You’re the one I want to hug and kiss every morning and again before I go to bed, and you’re the one that has made me the best mom that I could ever hope to be.”

Vicki couldn’t stop blushing had she tried.

“It’s just that, after what happened in the car…”

“Oh god mom, I’m so sorry about that! It’ll never happen again! I promise I’ll clean it up and I didn’t mean…”

“No, no! It’s okay baby, you don’t have to apologize for anything, it’s okay! I was just saying that after seeing what you experienced, how…long it took, how much…how much you came, no, don’t worry, my big baby girl!”

Jeannie smiled deeply into the misty eyes of her embarrassed, lovely, amazing, red-faced, soaking wet spectacle of a daughter.

“All I could think about after you went upstairs was that there was no place, right then, I would rather be on the entire planet than right there with you, next to you, to be there for you, to comfort you, to, I don’t know, make you feel even better if I could, as crazy as that sounds, but you just looked so happy, and I wanted you to stay that happy, but I also had to make sure you were okay because I’m your mother and I love you so damn much…and now look at me, I’m crying and rambling and we’re standing squished against each other in a shower that’s too small. I should go.”

Maybe she was still reeling from the effects of the third greatest orgasm she had ever experienced, which happened to be in front of, and on, her mother. Maybe the heat of the shower and the steady contact of her mom’s wonderfully obscene body rubbing against her own was finally getting to her and muddling her already scrambled mind. Or maybe it was just the opposite, and she had come to finally realize something about herself, her mom Jeannie, and their uncommonly intimate little life together. What had they been doing this whole time, helping each other shed their clothes, walking around fully nude when it was just the two of them, unabashedly gazing at each other, brushing up against each other and cuddling together every chance they had? This kind of affection, Vicki knew, was way beyond normal, beyond any reasonable degree she had ever seen between any other daughter and mom.

Whichever it was that caused Vicki’s next move, she herself knew, right then, where she wanted to be. Vicki let go of her mom’s hands, and brought her arms all the way around their bulging, heaving tits and draped them over Jeannie’s wet shoulders. She squeezed her mother’s hot, slick, silky-smooth body as close as she could against her own, flattening their colossal breasts together and tightly sandwiching the considerable length of her mom’s giant, erect cock vertically against their tummies.

Having had since reached a length of fourteen inches and with nowhere else to go, Jeannie’s immense, rock-hard, throbbing cock easily pushed right up between her and her teen daughter’s huge slippery boobs and quickly got thicker and longer still, as every part of its giant, highly-sensitive, escort istanbul flared head experienced pleasure like never before as it was massaged, rubbed and squeezed simultaneously by Vicki’s two big and bouncy teen titties and Jeannie’s own suckably plump milktanks. As their bosoms completely surrounded the tip of Jeannie’s cock as it gleefully slid between their massive water-slicked tits, neither mother nor daughter noticed the heavy globs of thick, clear precum that had begun spurting from its wide slit. It wasn’t long before the top few inches of Jeannie’s magnificent cock, as well as every acre of soft creamy girly flesh that brushed against it, became coated in her own rich, milky lube, making it even easier for Jeannie’s dick to thrust between the holy land amid her and her baby girl’s humongous busts.

Taking one more deep look into her beloved mother’s eyes, Vicki barely choked out three little words, that, at that moment, meant everything from “right now” to “forever”.

“Stay with me.”

Vicki smashed her thin, dripping lips against Jeannie’s with a ravenous ferocity she didn’t know she was capable of. Tears of joy, of release, and of pure love, streamed down Vicki’s cheeks as she rolled her eager mouth everywhere around her mother’s. She couldn’t bring to keep her lips in any one place for long, needing to lay saliva-covered claims to every inch of her cherished mom’s beautiful face. She soon found herself in a vigorous pattern of sucking Jeannie’s upper and lower lips past her own and running the tip of her impatient tongue all across their delicious, pouty flesh, rapturously enjoying the taste of her mom’s strawberry-flavored lipstick. The time she allowed her lips to leave Jeannie’s before moving them elsewhere was imperceptible, not wanting to ever give up the feeling of her desirous, slippery mouth against her mom’s.

Jeannie didn’t speak, and only after an initial pause caused by Vicki’s sudden move towards her, rapidly matched her big-titted nymph in her thirsty need to never again kiss as simply mother and daughter, but as two passionate, breathtaking women who madly craved not only every aspect of each other’s remarkable bodies, but also the fiery love towards the other that they knew would always be returned in full.

Both Vicki and Jeannie moaned and mewed louder and louder into each other’s open mouths as they continued to suck each other’s lips and tongues. Vicki used the full length of her inexperienced tongue to graze and play with every millimeter available to her within her mother’s welcoming, wide-open mouth, and she quickly became obsessed with discovering and learning every crevice, every bump, and every smooth field of her mom’s spongy, moist palates, and Jeannie for her part, allowed her breathless, big-titted daughter to take as much time as she wanted to lick every part of her mouth that she could reach, from up front between her inner lips and gums and across the tops of her teeth, to way back in her throat up against her writhing uvula.

Both Vicki and Jeannie spent countless minutes sucking and lapping up each other’s collected spit, continually adding to the copious mother and daughter saliva soup steadily crossing past their joined lips. The more spit they hoarded and shared, the more energetic their incestuous tongues wrestled and danced with each other within the warm, slimy brew.

As the busty pair continued to frantically make out underneath the warm shower spray, Jeannie egged her little angel on by wrapping and sliding her tongue over and around Vicki’s as her daughter tirelessly petted and bathed her entire inner mouth. Other times, she lovingly caressed and beckoned for her baby girl’s snaking muscle with her tongue’s pointy tip whenever Vicki’s moved outside her mouth to again and again excitedly lick every bit of her mom’s ravishing red lips.

With Jeannie’s tongue merrily preoccupied getting to know every single bumpy little taste bud on her darling Vicki’s own pink, squishy mouth invader, and since her baby girl’s hands were tied up running through and grabbing her mom’s long black hair, Jeannie’s practiced hands had the entirety of her busty daughter’s substantial curves to play with. As Vicki’s huge teenage breasts, topped with their long, thick dick-sized nipples, were still smashed up against and pushed into her own enormous pair, having formed a particularly exquisite, undulating precum-slathered cave for her thick cockhead to slide up and down in as her amorous big-titted daughter excitedly bounced against her, she brought her hands down around Vicki’s waist, spread her fingers as wide as they could, and unhesitatingly slid them down her baby’s backside, grabbing as much as she could of her young girl’s wet, round, perfect ass, where only a few minutes ago, her giant, unruly cock had nearly burrowed deep inside.

Jeannie had, of course, touched, slapped, patted, grazed, spanked, tapped, smacked, and in one case kissed her daughter’s perky rear end just from living together, but this was the first time she had rightfully taken Vicki’s bouncy ass as her own, to do with as she pleased, and Vicki loudly moaned and purred into her lips as she viciously squeezed her daughter’s splendid butt with both hands over and over.

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