“Oh Gawd,” Clancy groaned, willing the banging in her head to stop. She could barely move, and she felt her stomach rebel as she swallowed hard. Her best friend had moved interstate with her boyfriend six months ago when he had taken a lucrative contract with a first grade football team and arriving early for the pre wedding mayhem Clancy had gone out with Nikki for they own special girl’s night celebration.

She had flashes of the night before as she remembered the pub and football fans they watched the game with early in the night while they had dinner. Clancy rolled over as the banging continued and groaned. Nikki’s fiance had shown up with friends after the game to the fans delight, but she and Nikki were already well on the way to annihilation. She tried to focus her mind and piece together the events of the night before, she didn’t think she had ever been drunk enough to forget everything about a night out before and wished the banging in her head would stop.

The banging finally stopped. Driven from her bed by the need to pee, Clancy slowly staggered to the bathroom naked and uncaring. With relief, she left the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, she didn’t care what it cost, she just knew she needed the cold water and lots of it. Draining the bottle she returned to her bed and closed her eyes.

The phone in her room started to ring, and she picked it up croaking into the receiver, “Hello.”

“When I knock on your door again you will answer it, do I make myself clear?” The low gruff voice brooked no arguments, but she wasn’t in the mood.

“Who is this?” Her mind was working sluggishly to fill in the details from the pervious evening, trying to place the voice, but all she heard on the other end was a click. Getting up she grabbed a robe from the bathroom and another bottle of water. She washed her face with cold water and glared at herself in the mirror murmuring, “Will you ever learn?”

The banging on her door started again, and she walked slowly to open it. The heavy set man brushed past her slamming the door behind him. “You need to sign this non disclosure agreement,” his tone was abrupt. Clancy was still trying to make sense of what had occurred last night.

“What the hell?” Clancy leaned back against the wall.

“Football has been dragged through the mud enough lately without some little blonde bimbo giving the press more fodder, sign the goddamn paper,” his deep voice began to rise in volume and had a familiar ring to it.

She shook her head remembering the drunken night in more detail, sure there was the usual flirting and joking around, but nothing happened she had come home alone she didn’t understand what the big deal was. “Nothing happened last night. I have nothing to tell anyone,” she walked slowly back toward the bed, but he grabbed her and dragged her toward the desk in the room.

For the first time she looked up into his face and gasped, her brain woke up immediately, she had known he was part owner of the team, she had joked with Nikki about maybe meeting him at the wedding, and here he was standing in her room telling her to sign something. She wasn’t a massive fan, but as her brain woke up she felt herself come back to reality with a thump. Unable to help herself, she smirked, “Guess you’re not used to having to ask other people for their autographs.”

She looked at the form it seemed a straightforward non disclosure form, and she took up the pen he offered her. He mumbled, “It covers the club, all its players and administrative persons. It is dated from yesterday until after the wedding next weekend.”

She shrugged and signed it, even though she was a little star struck she wasn’t about to feed his ego she had heard the stories about him and his recent divorce. He had been portrayed in the media as a control freak with a short temper, who loved his stardom and the football club that he and a business partner had bought. She had heard that they were trying desperately to revive the flagging club with talent brought in for the perks he could offer them while staying under the governing body’s salary cap.

He seemed to relax as soon as she signed the document. “You look as though you could use breakfast,” he said as she crawled back onto the bed thinking he would leave her alone now and go. Surprised, she sat up and looked at him as he picked up the phone without waiting for her answer. Sighing heavily she propped herself up into a sitting position with pillows thinking that any other time she would be grateful to have a mega star in her room but her head pounded, and she was incredibly thirsty.

He picked up the phone and ordered room service for both of them and finally introduced himself properly, before launching into small talk. As they chatted, Clancy felt his warmth and seemingly genuine sincerity in every question he asked and every answer he gave her. Before long, she felt as though she had known him for years. In a way, through the media, london escorts she supposed she had.

He slipped his shoes off, and then slid a little further onto the bed beside her. He loosened the buttons of the plain long sleeve shirt he was wearing and rolled up the sleeves. Clancy was surprised and amused at the sight of his greying chest hair.

His smile was infectious, his eyes sparkling, she suddenly felt decidedly star-struck and in a way, one of the notable few that rose beyond fandom as he said, “You can call me Rusty.” His hand brushed against her knee, and a chill ran up and down her spine.

He gently cupped her face with both hands and kissed her squarely on the lips. Surprised Clancy tried to pull away, but he pulled her back toward him and repeated the kiss, this time deeper and more passionately. She became acutely aware of her bed breath and started to protest, but he ran his hands through her hair and traced the contours of her ear. His hand seemed to send an electric jolt through her as it moved to caress her cheek and travel down her neck toward her breasts.

So surprised by this turn of events, Clancy couldn’t catch her breath, and she trembled with shock which erupted in a surprised squeak when a knock sounded on the door. Clancy remembered the room service as Rusty as he calls himself when away from the spotlight, moved quickly to answer the door leaving her sitting there like a stunned mullet.

Taking the tray from the open mouthed waiter he slammed the door in the boys face and set it on the table before filling two glasses with tomato juice from a large glass jug. Still bewildered by his behaviour Clancy accepted the glass without saying anything further. Taking a sip Clancy spluttered and looked up at him holding out the glass, “I can’t drink that!”

“Hair of the dog and all that, drink it,” he pushed the glass back toward her, “It will make you feel better.”

She took another sip of what she assumed was a Bloody Mary and he sat back on the bed beside her, his body lightly touching hers. Leaning in again he kissed her his tongue darting in and out of her mouth leaving her breathless. “No,” Clancy responded breathlessly.

“Yes,” he replied and kissed her deeply again. His hand roamed under her robe caressing her breasts and teasing them lightly. Her nipples betrayed her, forming hard peaks atop the rounded globes. Rusty moaned deeply as his fingers latched onto one and tugged it lightly while deepening his kiss as he kept her pinned beneath him.

His kisses moved from her lips down her throat, his hands kneading both her breasts pushing them up to his mouth, her robe slowly fell open under his ministrations exposing more of her body to him. His hand trailed down her body forcing the last clinging stretch of the robe’s sash apart and caressing her tummy he lowered the hand to rest on her pussy smiling at her lack of any underwear.

Clancy’s breathing became faster, and she whimpered softly, “Rusty… Please…”

“Oh yeah baby, beg me, what a turn on,” he breathed into her ear.

“No!” Clancy tried to push him off, “What are you doing?”

“I’m undressing you,” he deftly pushed the remainder of the robe aside and ran his hands down her body. Clancy knew she should try to make him stop, but she didn’t have the energy and her body began to sing under his touch. She watched as he lowered his head to her nipple his tongue toying with the hard pink nub her chest heaved as she drew a deep breath in pleasure. She let her head fall back, and her legs went limp as she gave in to the feelings he was giving her.

She could feel his smirk against the soft skin of her breast as his hands slid down over her tummy to caress her thighs pulling them wider apart and teasing at her pussy. She was panting and hot, her hips rolling to increase the contact with his fingers when he suddenly stopped and rolled from the bed walking back towards the breakfast tray.

Her eyes followed his movements her body practically crying out for attention, now that he had teased her to the point of needing more, she didn’t bother closing her robe as she rolled toward him while he drank his Bloody Mary slowly. He raked his eyes up and down her body before commanding, “Close your eyes.”

“What?” She blurted both confused and dismayed by the request, her body still hot and her mind dizzy from the situation she was in.

“Do what I said, just close your eyes,” his voice was till commanding, he pulled her from the bed and stood her up gently smoothing his hand down her face closing her eyes for her. “Now keep them closed,” he murmured.

Clancy trembled, bewildered and a little afraid, she felt her heat rise rather than dissipate. “Do you trust me?” He whispered into her ear, his lips so close she could feel the heat of his breath on her neck. He bent his head to nibble her earlobe as she tried to find the words to answer.

“I… I don’t know… I honestly don’t know you that Escort Girl Dubai well…” she replied feeling stupid for some reason. Of course, she knew him the whole world knew who he was.

“Why not?” He breathed into her ear, kissing her cheek and making a trail across her jaw line and up to her lips.

“Why not what?” Clancy asked with panting breaths.

“Why don’t you trust me?” His voice was a deep growl. Clancy started to open her eyes unable to take not being able to see him any longer. “I didn’t say you could open your eyes,” he snapped at her. Clancy jumped alarmed by the tone of his voice and closed them again muttering apologies and blushing in embarrassment.

“You need to trust me for now,” he admonished her, “Keep your eyes closed, and don’t open them until I tell you.” He leaned down and kissed her lips parting them with his insistent tongue and invading her mouth. Clancy felt the dizzy heated sensation return to her mind and body making her feel apprehensive about what he might require from her, but she needed to ease the ache that had grown in her pussy.

Turning her around, so she faced away from him Rusty slipped the robe from her shoulders picking up the sash he pulled her hands behind her back and bound them there. Gently he turned her back to him standing so close she could feel his breath on her face. He kissed her then and let his lips flutter softly over her neck. His head slowly lowered down her chest to kiss and lick at her hardened nipples. His kisses returned to her mouth duelling with her tongue as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer still to grind against her showing his own arousal. Then suddenly he was gone again, and she fought against the desire to open her eyes.

She could almost feel his eyes caress her as his hands returned once again to trail lightly over her skin making it goose fleshed, and a whimper escape her lips.

Clancy felt his hands once again cup her breasts before running down over her hips and gasped as his kisses started in a train down over her stomach stopping just above her mound. Kissing back up to her nipples his hands drifted from her hips to her ass massaging the firm, round cheeks before pulling the cheeks apart and running his fingers between her legs teasing at the moist lips of her pussy. His teeth grazed against her nipple as one hand moved around to her pussy delving between the lips to find her clit rolling it beneath a finger in a steady rhythm.

Rusty lifted the hand from her ass to keep her steady as Clancy began to lose balance under the sensations he gave her. His kisses returned to her mouth with the hungry passion of a starved man while she whimpered her hips rocking against the fingers teasing her so divinely.

“Oh God… Oh God… Oh God,” Clancy moaned feeling detached somehow from the words leaving her lips. She heard him chuckle softly and imagined a devilish grin of his face as he listened to her moan in pleasure, thoroughly under his control.

His fingers penetrated her roughly fucking into her, “Your all mine now,” his voice was heavy in her ear as she breathed raggedly her hips gyrating over his teasing and fucking fingers, “Your almost there,” he almost crooned in her ear, and she lost control cumming hard her body shaking and her knees buckling under the pressure of what she felt.

Clancy floated on sensation and pleasure as he circled her pulling his fingers from her as she cried out her continuing climax. Discarding his pants quickly he stepped behind her his hard cock pressing against the firm flesh of her ass. He placed small kisses on her shoulders and neck while his hands stroked over her breasts and stomach. She could feel his ever present stubble rubbing against the back of her neck as he lifted his lips from her neck brushing the side of her face.

His arms held her up as her legs shook and buckled below her from the strength of her orgasm. She found his nearness and scent intoxicating as he moulded his body against her. His hands moving to cup her breasts as he whispered into her ear, “You are so mine, right now.” His voice held a mischievous delight, and he ground his hard cock against her as her legs finally steadied beneath her. “This feels so good doesn’t it,” his lips and teeth pulled at her earlobe again as his grinding became harder against her ass.

“Oh Gawd…” Clancy moaned from between clenched teeth.

“Mm, yes,” that is the only sound I want to hear from you, “Your cries of pleasure.” He moved again to stand before her making her legs holding her own weight as she straightened, “You can open your eyes now,” he murmured softly.

Clancy gasped as she opened her eyes to see his features so close they distorted her view. His nose was almost touching hers as he gazed into her eyes, and she was almost consumed by the smouldering look he gave her. Placing his hands on her shoulders Rusty walked her slowly backward until she felt the bed behind her and she stopped. He independent escort dubai pushed her suddenly and she squealed as she fell back onto the bed.

“Please untie my hands,” Clancy asked and receiving no reply as he gazed down on her, she tried again. “Please, Rusty, It’s uncomfortable like this,” she almost begged.

“Not yet,” he finally answered her showing no emotion at all making her feel nervous again. Clancy went to roll over, but before she could complete the manoeuvre he was on top of her looking at her with a wicked grin. She felt her heart begin to race, she knew him as well any one could know a celebrity, and in that moment she realised this man was virtually a stranger to her and she had let him use her as his play thing. She felt totally helpless and at his mercy and wondered what she was thinking to put herself in this position.

Rusty caressed her cheek whispering, “Shoosh, it’s all going to be okay,” he lowered his head and captured her mouth taking away her ability to think clearly again. Lying below him Clancy breathed heavily, and he moved down to kiss her breasts again heating her passion once more as she felt his teeth graze the sensitive nubs.

She knew she was crazy to let a virtual stranger treat her like this, but it felt so good her mind felt scrambled between the need to protest and the need to beg for more. His hands and lips caressed every inch of her body murmuring so softly she could barely hear him, not making out any of the words. His hands parted her thighs making her whimper as his hot breath caressed the wet folds of her pussy. She raised her hips in need as she felt his kisses his thumbs parting her lips as his fingers clawed at her thighs.

Her hips rocked as he expertly teased her with lips and tongue his hands changing position to allow his fingers entrance to her fuck hole. She whimpered and panted in her need and heat her hips bucking as he ate her hungrily and fucked his fingers into her deeply until she felt another orgasm rise within her tingling body.

When he had bound her hands, she had thought he was into some form of BDSM but instead of hurting her for pleasure she was climbing toward her second powerful orgasm of the morning. Clancy was so turned on as he stroked and rubbed hard at her clit and rammed his fingers into her so hard it was almost as if he was punching her with every stroke. So aroused it felt like a lifetime that he had kept her on the edge of the abyss without letting her fall over when she finally begged him to let it end, to let her cum.

“Please, Oh fuck, please let me cum,” Clancy yelled into the room. Her mind exploded as he sucked her clit into his mouth and forced another finger into her tight pussy. She cried out and writhed on the bed her hands pulling at the sash that bound them together as she shook and jerked in the throes of passion.

Pulling his hand from between her legs he moved up to kiss her deeply and run a hand through her hair smoothing the strands that had fallen into her face. Kissing her forehead and her nose he softly crooned, “I bet you feel so good, that pussy is so tight and wet.” He smirked as her eyes widened. She opened her mouth to protest but felt stupid after all that had happened, so nothing came out as confusion clouded her eyes.

His eyes smouldered as he looked down into hers, “You’re so ready for this, you want this, your body tells me how much you need this,” he licked her lips before thrusting his tongue into her mouth again. “I know you are so ready for this. You know there are some things you just can’t hide,” his voice held a delighted edge to it as he flicked her hard nipple making her squeak and her eyes flare wide open.

Clancy’s found his crooning hypnotising and her mind accepted the truth of his words, she whimpered hotly, “Fuck me Rusty I want to feel all of it.” Rolling her to her side he quickly undid the sash from wrists and smirked down at her. She wrapped her hands about his neck and pulled him into her lifting her legs to wrap her thighs around his hips. She moaned deeply as he entered her stretching her tight fuck hole around his cock as he slowly ground his hips down onto her.

“Oh God… Oh God…” Clancy moaned over and over as he pounded into her oblivious to anything but the feeling of being fucked at this moment. Turning her head to bite at the pillow stopping her moans of pleasure she felt him stop moving.

“Don’t stop now,” he growled, “It was just getting interesting.” Clancy turned her head back to him and looked up into his burning eyes as he continued, “You couldn’t stop this if you wanted to, your mine now, all mine.” He began thrusting into her again her whimpering moans filling his ears. “You are in to deep to refuse me anything now,” his smirk was wide as his eyes bored into her.

Clancy heart was pounding, he was right, she knew she wanted this fuck, just in this moment, she could regret it all week, but right now she wanted it. Just as she had relaxed and given in to all she felt he had pulled from her and rolled her to her belly his cock travelling down the cleft of her ass. “No, no, no,” she squealed and he lifted her hips and entered her cunt his hands travelling up over her ass pulling the cheeks apart.

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