Walker Family Incest Ch. 02


All characters in this story that participate in sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

My name is Susan Walker and I am a forty year old, happily married mother of two. Tommy is my twenty two year old son, who is home from college for a couple of weeks, and Krissy is my twenty one year old daughter who still lives at home with my husband and I.

At my age, when most women are putting on a few pounds, I am still the same weight as when I was attending modeling college when I was eighteen years old. At the school I met my husband and we decided to get married. I had my two kids soon afterwards, then went back into swimsuit modeling for the next ten years.

Anyway, I suggested to my daughter that she also gets into modeling and she said she would love to. Today at eleven o’clock she has an appointment downtown for her physical checkup, and her first paid photography session. If everything goes well she will become one of their elite fashion models specializing in women’s underwear, swimsuits and nudity for their website. What I mean by nudity is that she will have to pose naked with a handsome male model that is wearing clothing from the client’s catalog.

Well, it is about seven o’clock in the morning, and I have to get out of bed and make sure Krissy is awake and getting ready for the busy day ahead of us. I pull the satin sheet away from me and look over at my son Tommy. He has got the tightest little ass for a grown man. I can’t resist touching him and spend a few seconds running my hands all over his muscular back, then gently squeeze his white ass cheeks a few times.

After getting out of bed, I stand in front of the full length mirror to admire my perfect little body. I am almost forty one years old and there is not one ounce of fat on me. My breasts are still firm and my stomach is flat just like when I was in my twenties. I run a brush through my long blond hair then walk naked down the hallway to my daughter’s room.

Krissy is still sleeping so I sit on the edge of the bed and pull the sheet away from her naked body, then I lean over and give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

She opens her eyes slowly, then says “Mom, is that the only kiss I am going to get this morning? Give me a better one!”

I lean further over to kiss her on the mouth, then she grabs my arm and pulls me on top of her. I straddle her hips, then lower myself down so I am resting on my elbows.

I tell her “Behave yourself Krissy! We don’t have time this morning to play around!”

She replies “Just give me one good kiss, then I will get up and take a shower.”

I lower myself down closer to her and my long blond hair cascades down around us. Our lips touch, then I stick my tongue into her mouth. Krissy closes her lips and begins to suck on it for a few seconds, then she opens her mouth and we start french kissing.

After a few minutes she says “Mom, you have been sleeping with Tommy the past few days because Daddy is out of town, and we have not had time to be together for very long because of interruptions. Would you give me a quick orgasm right now? I know I will do better today at the photography session if I was feeling more relaxed!”

I think for a second, then say “Well, okay, but we have to do it quickly because we do not want to be late on your first day at work!” I climb off her and get on my knees next to the bed, then tell Krissy to sit on the edge and spread her legs apart.

Krissy sits up and scoots as close to the edge of the bed as she can in front of me. After she gets positioned, I lean forward and start sucking and gently biting her left nipple, then I move over and do the same thing to the right one. Krissy is starting to moan softly as I work my way down to her belly button and swirl my tongue around inside it.

After a few seconds I drop my head down to her sweet, young pussy and bury my face in it. Krissy immediately lets out a load moan and grabs the back of my head with both of her hands. She pulls me closer to her pussy as she whips her long blond hair around her face and continues moaning loudly.

After about four or five minutes she screams “Jesus Christ Mom! I am just about ready to orgasm! Please don’t stop!” Another few minutes go by then Krissy lets go of my head and flops back on the bed.

I wait a second, then give her pussy one last kiss and stand up. I look down at my daughter, and she has this glazed look on her face. She smiles at me as I grasp her wrist and pull her off the bed and onto her feet. We walk naked down the hallway to the big shower room and I start the water to get it nice and warm.

We take a quick shower and are busy toweling ourselves off in front of the big mirror when my son Tommy walks in. Krissy is looking in the mirror admiring her naked body and brushing her hair as Tommy walks up behind her. He puts his arms around her and begins playing with her tits and kissing her neck.

I tell him “Tommy, keep your hands off Krissy this morning! I don’t want you to put any marks buca escort on her neck like you do sometimes! Now, get in the shower and hurry because you will be driving us downtown in just a few minutes!”

He reluctantly puts his hands down to his sides and walks over into the shower area. After a couple of minutes Tommy steps out of the shower and walks towards me with his huge, ten inch cock bouncing around in front of him. He stops behind me, places his hands on my hips and starts running his cock up and down between my ass cheeks. I slap his hand and tell him to let go of me, but he pushes me face down on the bathroom counter and holds me there while he grabs a bottle of baby oil and squirts some between my ass cheeks. I know what he is planning on doing, and he is only holding me down with one hand, so I quickly push myself up from the counter and start running towards the door.

I almost make it to the hallway, but he grabs my long hair which stops me in my tracks. I yell at him to let go of me, but he grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me back down on the counter top. My breasts are bulging out the sides of me from the pressure is placing on my back and I squirm around trying to get out from underneath his powerful hands.

I scream at him “Tommy, let me up! We don’t have time right now! You can fuck me in the ass later today!”

Meanwhile, Krissy is sitting on the bench watching us.

She says “Oh Mom, relax! We have plenty of time, besides I just love to watch Tommy’s big cock going in and out of your tight asshole!”

Krissy notices her brother is having a hard time controlling me as he tries to put some more baby oil on my asshole, so she gets up from the bench and holds my wrists tightly.

I am so pissed off that I scream at them “You kids are out of control! Let me up right now you fucking perverts!”

Tommy puts the baby oil back on the counter then grabs hold of his cock and presses it against my asshole. I try to constrict my anal muscles, but he forcefully pushes past them. His cock pops in and I can feel it filling up the inside of me. He must have put about four or five inches in me, then he pulls it out the way out. I think he is done, but he shoves it back in and I can feel it sliding even further inside me. I plead with him to stop, but he has both his hands on my hips and continues pulling me closer to him.

Tommy suddenly stops and says “Krissy, you can let go of her now I am all the way in.”

My daughter releases her grip from my wrists, then Tommy reaches up underneath me and grabs my tits. He stands straight up and pulls me up with him. He starts kissing my neck as he plunges his cock in and out of my asshole while I look at myself in the mirror. My hair is all messed up, so I pick up a brush and run it through my hair a few times, then set is back down.

I am really starting to enjoy this now and begin moaning loudly. Krissy is standing next to us watching while she is jamming two of her fingers in and out of her pussy. Tommy then moves us backwards to the wooden bench and he sits down with me on his lap. He releases his grip from my tits and I plant my feet firmly on the tile floor and begin to bounce up and down on his hard cock.

I turn my head around and see Tommy is just sitting there watching me, so I say to him “I bet you like watching your big cock going in and out of your mother’s asshole you mother fucking son of a bitch!”

Krissy stops playing with herself, gets on her knees between my legs and sticks out her tongue. Now, every time I bounce up and down on my son’s cock, my daughter’s tongue slides along my pussy lips. Suddenly Tommy’s cock erupts in my ass and I can feel it pulsate over and over. Pressure is building up inside me, then a huge gush of sperm shoots out my ass all over Tommy’s lower stomach.

This immediately triggers the orgasm that was building up inside me, so I lean back against my son’s chest.

After a few seconds I regain my composure and say “Well, we better get dressed and hit the road! Today is a very special day for Krissy and I don’t want us to be late!”

I try to get up, but Tommy grabs hold of my hips and starts thrusting his cock upwards into me again. Jesus Christ, his cock is still hard as it was a few minutes ago! I immediately jump up to break his grip on my hips and run out of the bathroom and down the hallway to my bedroom. Tommy is right behind me, but I am a little quicker and slam the door shut.

I wait a few seconds, then open and yell “Both of you hurry up and meet me down at the car in ten minutes! That is an order!”

Soon the three of us are driving on the interstate towards downtown. Krissy is in the back seat and every now and then I turn around to talk with her. Suddenly, I notice that she has on her bra and panties!

I tell her “Krissy, I thought I told you not to wear a bra or panties today! You have a photography session this afternoon and your bra and panties leave marks on buca escort bayan your skin that show up in the pictures! Take them off right now before it is too late!”

Krissy says “But Mom, it is too cramped back here! Can’t we wait until we get downtown?”

Tommy is driving, so I tell him to pull over at the rest stop ahead. We park near the rest rooms and Krissy gets out of the car and starts walking towards them. I quickly yell at her to come back and I jump out and walk over to her.

I say to her “We don’t have time for you to walk all the way to the rest rooms. Just take off your bra and panties right here.

Krissy says “But Mom, there must be two dozen people walking around!”

I reach up and quickly unbutton the front of her dress and push it over her shoulders. Then I pull it down off her and drape it over my arm. Krissy hesitates for a second, then reaches behind her and unclasps the bra, she hands it to me then pushes her panties down and steps out of them.

Truckers who have been parked at the rest stop begin sounding their loud horns and a crowd of people have stopped and are looking at my daughter standing naked in the middle of the parking lot. I help Krissy put her dress back on, give her a quick kiss and we get back on the interstate.

We arrive in the middle of the busy downtown area right on time and we find a space in the parking garage. The elevator ride to the tenth floor was fun, then the door opens and we walk into a very large reception area with several couches and comfortable looking chairs. We are immediately greeted by a beautiful, oriental looking young girl and she invites Krissy and I to come with her to the physical examination room. I tell Tommy to sit down and read a magazine, then assure him will not be too long.

The young girl leads us down a long hallway, opens the door for us, then says the doctor will be with us shortly. As soon as Krissy and I sit down, a very beautiful woman about thirty years old wearing a doctor’s lab coat enters the room. She introduces herself by shaking our hands, then turns around and gets Krissy’s chart.

She reads it briefly, then says “Miss Krissy, please take off your pretty dress and stand in the middle of the room.”

My daughter gets up, unbuttons her dress, hands it to me, then takes a few steps to the middle of the room. The female doctor sets her chart on the counter, then puts on a pair of latex gloves and walks over behind Krissy. She runs her hands back and forth over Krissy’s shoulders then up and down her sides. Then, the doctor gets down on her knees, gently grasps Krissy’s ass cheeks and pulls them apart so she can see her asshole.

As the doctor is doing this, the bottom of her lab coat rides up and I can clearly see that she is not wearing any panties. The doctor then sticks one finger into Krissy’s ass and asks her if she feels any pain. Krissy says no, then the doctor gets back on her feet and walks around in front of her.

The doctor pushes my daughter’s long blond hair away from her face so it is draped over her shoulders, then leans forward and kisses the nape of her neck on one side, then does the same thing to the other. The doctor then stands back a little bit, reaches out with both hands and starts feeling Krissy’s breasts.

The doctor says “Oh, your breasts are very nice! They are just right for your height, weight and frame size! I especially like how your nipples really perk up when I touch them!”

The doctor instructs Krissy to get on the examination table and raise her knees up.

My daughter does like she is told, then the doctor looks over at me and says “Mrs Walker, I always like to be more comfortable when I examine new patients. Is it all right with you if I take off my lab coat?”

I respond “Oh please doctor, just act like I am not even in the room!”

The beautiful doctor steps directly in front of me about three feet away and starts unbuttoning her lab coat. She looks down at me as she unhooks the last button and pulls it back off her shoulders. Jesus Christ what a fantastic naked body she has! Perfect tits with hard, dark brown nipples and a smooth shaved pussy. I almost reach out to touch her, but I just smile at her and comment on her lovely figure.

The doctor then turns around and walks over to the examination table. She puts one knee on the soft cushion, then hops up and straddles my daughter. She moves forward a little bit so she is directly above her and looks straight down in her eyes.

I notice her full breasts are hanging down and touching Krissy’s as she says “Krissy, do you like to have sex with girls?”

Krissy replies “Yes,” then the doctor asks “When is the last time you had sex with a girl, and what is her name?”

Krissy looks over at me and I say “Go ahead Krissy, answer the doctor!”

My daughter waits a second, then says “I love having sex with girls, and my Mom and I had sex this morning!”

The doctor looks over at me, escort buca smiles, then looks back down at Krissy.

As the doctor continues to casually move her naked breasts back and forth against Krissy’s, she says “Miss Krissy, I have to check your pussy to make sure it tastes good and smells sweet. Do you mind if I do that?”

Krissy says “Oh no doctor, I do not mind! Please let me know what you think about my pussy!”

The doctor lowers her head they start to passionately tongue kiss each other. Krissy begins moaning softly and after a couple of minutes, they break their kiss and the doctor slowly backs off the table. She takes time to suck on one of Krissy’s nipples, then the other one. Once she is on her feet, the doctor immediately buries her face in Krissy’s sweet pussy and begins to feverishly lick it. My daughter raises her hips up and she is moaning loudly like she is really enjoying herself.

Suddenly, the examination room door opens and the oriental girl appears in the doorway.

She takes a quick look, then yells down the hallway “Doctor Stevens! Natasha is playing doctor again! Come quickly!”

The girl that I thought was our doctor quickly grabs her lab coat from the floor, pulls it over her shoulders and runs out of the room.

Within a couple of seconds, an older man about sixty years old walks into the room. He introduces himself as our doctor and apologizes for letting something of this nature happen to us.

He says “I am sorry Mrs Walker! One of the models likes to play doctor on occasion! This is such a big office building that I can’t keep track of who is walking around. Please forgive us and I will start the examination right now. All I have to do is give your daughter a quick visual exam and take her blood pressure. It should take no longer than two minutes.”

About five minutes later, I am sitting with my son and daughter in the reception area. The oriental girl opens a door and says that our photography session has been moved forward because of what happened earlier and they are ready to start. I ask her if my son can come with us, and she says because of what happened earlier, he can be in the photo session also.

She escorts us down to the end of the hallway and opens the door for us. We walk and see about six or seven people milling around adjusting their expensive cameras. It is pretty dark in here and our eyes take a minute or so to adjust to the dim lighting.

Just then, an extremely attractive young girl walks up to us and says “Hi, my name is Keally, and I will be the photography session director for the next hour. Please have a seat over here Mrs Walker and Tommy while I take Krissy back stage to get her ready.”

While my son and I wait, a couple of men bring out a carpet that looks exactly like real grass. Then, they bring out a picnic table and place it in the middle. Keally returns in a couple of minutes and invites me to look through one of their cameras. I am amazed that the stage looks exactly like someone’s backyard with a picnic table and a privacy fence behind it!

For the next half hour my daughter has pictures taken of her in different styles and colors of bikinis and underwear.

Then, I hear Keally say “Okay, let’s set up for the nude shots!”

Suddenly, the main door to the room opens up and about ten to fifteen people file in and sit in the movie theater seats located all the way at the back of the room. I turn around to look at them and see that they are all professional looking people with suit coats and ties. As I turn back around Krissy walks onto the set with a pitcher of lemonade and a glass. Her white cotton dress is so sheer that you can see right through it. She straddles the seat of the picnic table then takes the pitcher and fills up the glass. Next, she takes a swallow of the lemonade while looking into the camera, then holds the ice cold glass up next to her cheek and moves it back and forth.

I hear the people behind us talking and they are saying how beautiful my daughter looks on camera. Krissy then refills the glass, looks directly into the camera again and pours it down the front of her dress!

Her nipples immediately get harder than normal and you can see right through the material! I hear a couple of gasps from behind me as Krissy stands up and begins to unbutton her dress. After the last button, she pulls it down off her shoulders revealing her perfect little body. The crowd behind me applauds and cheers. I hear one of them say “That girl really knows how to pose for the camera!”

Then the lights turn on and the people behind me get to their feet and leave the room.

Keally comes over to me and says “I am glad they all left! Now it is time to get some really sexy shots of your daughter for our adult rated clothing line. Krissy has agreed to pose naked with your son for one thousand dollars cash. You can pick it up at the reception window on your way out. Please sign this paperwork that your son and daughter are over the age of twenty one.”

As I sign the paperwork, Keally grabs my son’s hand and takes him to his dressing room. The place becomes busy and the green carpet is taken out revealing the cement floor underneath. Then, one of the guys rolls out a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle and parks it in the center of the stage area.

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