Was that all? Pt. 05

Big Dick

Here we have the fifth and final part!

I would like to thank you for sticking with me and providing great feedback throughout. This was my very first effort at putting a story together and I’d love to return to the characters in December for a sequel. Hopefully, as my writing improves I can do them more justice and give you some more great content! In the meantime, you can look forward to more from me in this category and others.

All sex is between persons 18, or older. Any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Stay safe and stay responsible!

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Chapter Fourteen: Blackmail

Blake kept her arms wrapped around me as we watched our mother snuggle into her twin’s arms. They were a beautiful sight in the perfect chaos of a bedroom that had been the venue of passionate sex. Their half-naked bodies tangled with sheets and with each other as they drifted in bliss.

The exhilaration of making love to her sister had exhausted our mother. I was naked; my penis already regaining some stiffness as I wondered what would happen next. There was no shame in being aroused- in being intoxicated as I drank in the shape of my parent’s incredible body.

Mom turned onto her side, digging around in a pile of clothes until she found her cigarettes. “Be a darling and go light this for Mommy.”

We walked over to the kitchen, where I found a box of matches. My first effort at lighting the tube of tobacco failed. The second try didn’t go any better.

Emily giggled as she watched me struggle from across the room and came to help. She took the cigarette and ignited it before taking the first drag. As the smoke escaped her mouth, I recognised a maturity I hadn’t seen before.

“You’re a pretty smoker,” I stammered.

My little sister blushed, “I like the way you’ve been looking at me.”

I leaned closer and with less than an inch between us, we froze. Suddenly, we were back to being the brother and sister that were always a bit too close. The silly kids overcome by a puppy-love they couldn’t understand or express. Two souls on edge; everyone wanted to see them jump into love, but they had to deny it. It was a forbidden love, but the kind of love that would kill you if you tried to deny it.

For a moment, I felt like the big brother who couldn’t act on that love. Then, putting a hand beneath her chin, I kissed Emily the way we were always meant to kiss. Lips locked together and slipped over each other – my tongue found hers as she tightened her grip on my hand. I could taste an artefact of the smoke and sweetness that I was born craving. It felt like there was an ocean in my mouth, and during that kiss, I lived there. My eyes were closed – I could feel the sea breeze, taste the salty air and experience waves hitting warm sands.

Hours could have passed. I didn’t care.

The only thing I felt was the point of contact between us; the rest of my body weightless. There was no tiredness, no angst or urgency.

As our kiss ended, there was an insatiable desire in both of us. It was something that I thought had reached a climax months ago. Now, I realised that hunger would never leave us. There would always be more and more.

I turned to Blake, who was spellbound by our performance.

The next kiss – my older sister’s kiss – is impossible to describe. It wasn’t greedy, but it owned me. It threw me around and roughed me up, and then it healed me. There were years when I should have loved her like this; wasted years that had to be made up for.

Fuck, I’m in love.

There was no doubt that I was the luckiest man alive. But as I ended the second kiss, I knew that there was trouble on the horizon. That trouble had a name, and her name was Terry.

Our aunt snuck out of my room, “Your mother asked for a cigarette an hour ago.”

The woman sounded domineering and not in a playful way. I saw a possessiveness in her eyes – not sexual lust that you might feel for a person, but a sense of entitlement. In her mind, she’d become our parent by sleeping with our mother.

“Sorry, Terry,” I offered a stock apology.

“Terry? We’re not on a first-name basis, darling,” she scoffed.

Emily passed her the cigarette, and I could see both my sisters were getting properly pissed off. We didn’t know what role the twins would play in our lives yet, but Blake was not going to let anyone else be the alpha woman.

My older sister watched our aunt suck on the smoke meant for our mother. “So, did you two have fun?” she asked sharply.

Terry shrugged, “Your mother clearly doesn’t fuck a lot. It was alright, I guess.”

Blake’s eyes widened, “Oh? It doesn’t really sound like you love your sister.”

“Know your place,” Terry spat. It was incredible how her quirky-aunt mask dropped after she got something she wanted. “I’m not going to be lectured by a woman who pitty-fucks her own brother.”

I was taken izmit escort aback and for a split-second my aunt actually made me doubt my relationship with Blake. But she wasn’t going to divide us; if she wanted a piece of one, she’d have to take us all on.

“Excuse me?!” Blake balled her fists, and I tried to pull her closer to me so that she didn’t go do something stupid.

Her rage made Terry chuckle, “We’re going to have a beautiful life, you three. And you’ll do whatever I want because I know your little secret and even have a special… Something.”

I followed our aunt’s eyes to the corner of a room where a phone stood against the wall. It was obscured by a small side table, but it’s aperture had a clear view of where we’d had sex moments earlier.

My heart raced, and all my blood dropped to my feet. Blake went pale as she felt her whole world being strangled by the wicked witch. Yet, Emily seemed calm, and I’m ashamed to say that my first thought was that she’d been part of Terry’s plan. They seemed close; they shared certain traits – an almost cynical view of life.

I should have never doubted my little sister. Without a trace of fear, Emily challenged our aunt, “Do you think our mother will play along with this game of yours?”

Her voice was cool as ice. She didn’t flinch when Terry revealed her blackmail plan. For Emily, the only thing that mattered in life was love. Though she expressed it in a way that most people wouldn’t, she believed in trust and commitment.

“Oh, so now the little one is doing the talking,” our aunt rolled her eyes. “When your mommy wakes up, I’ll fuck her real good and tell her everything. I’m sure she’d hate to see her little babies have their lives ruined by allegations of incest.”

I thought back to when Terry arrived. Her first moves were predatory and she lied to make sure she spent more time with us. My anger was boiling over; I realised I should have challenged her sooner.

“You’re willing to abuse your sister like that?! What you’re talking about doing is a crime – it’s evil. We’re your family!” I demanded.

Terry didn’t reply; she sauntered over to the couch while stripping off her last items of clothing. Her heavy makeup looked awful, and her body looked cold. I finally figured her out; all the game-playing and juvenile behaviour. She was a fundamentally jealous person, and that jealousy turned her into a predator.

Our aunt spread her legs and scanned our bodies. In her mind, she was about to have her way with us, but she didn’t realise how badly she’d miscalculated.

I said it before, and I will repeat it; Emily is a power plant that produces her own electricity. That day, her system went into overdrive as she acted to protect us and protect our mother. She surged forward and stuck a finger in Terry’s face before unleashing.

“I can see you think you’re very clever,” my sister snapped. “Well, you seem to forget that we have you outnumbered and outgunned, my dear auntie. My brother and sister have the resources to make that video dissapear and to make your life a living hell! Then, there’s me… Well, I’ll actually hurt you if you think of coming after us.”

Terry’s face went blank. In her arrogance, she hadn’t thought about the possibility of backlash. She didn’t imagine that Blake – who was a remarkably successful person – might take her on. She didn’t believe that I would resist her or even question her. Between the two of us we had the means to fight her.

She definitely didn’t think that ‘little’ Emily would challenge her in the way she did. With all of us against her, Terry realised she had much less power than she thought.

For a moment, there was uncertainty on our aunt’s face, but it was quickly replaced by anger. A cornered animal will always lash out.

Terry shoved Emily to the floor and began yelling, “Little bitch! You’re going to learn your place. Get between my legs and use that mouth of yours for something other than talking shit.”

It was a race between who was going to hit her first – me or Blake. We could never let anyone hurt our little sister; not even family. The sound of a pained whimper interrupted us before we could do something drastic as we saw our mother cry.

Mom’s cheeks were streaked with tears and her lip shivered as she tried to process the reality around her. She felt like she was busy dying; her chest feeling heavy and her ears ringing. How do you quantify the pain that one twin can cause another? It’s a connection you cannot understand if you haven’t lived it, and for our mother it had just been cut. Seeing her like that broke my heart – her sister was busy destroying her soul.

She’d heard everything. There was no hiding in my little apartment, and not a single secret was left after only two days bottled up inside of it.

Who were we kidding? Terry had video, and we could do little to stop her. The siblings knew this, and our mom knew it too.

Yet, something happened at that moment. Our izmit escort bayan aunt saw her sister, her mirror image in absolute agony, and her evil plan fell apart. Her brain struggled to make its wicked calculations, and she felt surrounded.

Terry slowly got up, “I’m… I should… I should go.”

The naked woman scrambled to pick up some clothes off the floor. Looking at the bedroom door, she made peace with the fact that we were going to kick her out without her belongings.

I opened the door for her and was happy to see her leave. We took the phone she’d used to record us, and I would go on to wipe every trace of the video.

When she left, something that looked like regret was evident from her demeanour. Our aunt lived in a world where rules didn’t apply, and she crossed the line into a very dark place. I doubt you can ever redeem yourself after doing something like she did.

We had to get better at keeping secrets, and we had to work together to soothe and protect our mother. Still, we achieved a small victory that day as we overcame another obstacle, together.

Chapter Fifteen: Normal

Four days passed, and I was proud of my family for sticking together. We were all feeling complicated emotions, but no one was more devastated than Mom. She cried every night as one of us held her, and as time passed, it got worse.

Every morning, Blake and I would wake up at about 6 AM and go for a run. Neither of us was running-fit, but it was an excellent way to release some frustration. After that, Blake would spend her days working from a nearby coffee shop. I couldn’t avoid the office any longer, so it ended up being our mom and Emily home alone.

Although neither of my sisters was ever close to her, they made a special effort that week. By Wednesday, Emily managed to get our mother out of the apartment for the first time.

Mom cut her long dark hair into a short style that ended an inch above her shoulders. It made her seem a little younger, and it looked nice even when she didn’t do anything to style it. That was the point: she wanted something she could just leave.

“Your hair looks great, Mom!” I complimented, that afternoon. “We should go out tonight; have some champagne and celebrate your new look.”

I got a weak smile in reply, “That’s sweet of you, Honey. Your dad is going to hate it, but then again, I doubt he cares about how I look.”

Our father hadn’t called once to ask after his wife. “Well, I love it. C’mon, let’s go to the furthest restaurant possible and enjoy a night out.”

There was consensus in the room and everyone got on board with my plan. We settled on a place that was about an hour’s drive away. Some physical distance from where we’d been wounded was a great idea, and so was a good meal. While Emily had done her best to cook for us over the past few days, she had limited equipment to work with.

We left quite early and there wasn’t much time to dress-up. Mom wore a dark denim skirt with matching pantyhose. Emily tucked herself into a compact skirt and wore a pretty blouse with flared sleeves. And Blake slipping into some jeans and a funky jersey adorned with abstract patterns.

The restaurant was a small building in a park with six tables spread far apart on a terrace. As we arrived, the owner greeted us with open arms and led us to a square table. He was an older man with a battered skin, and I imagined he must have worked in the sun for most of his life. The fresh produce on the menu made me think he was a farmer who retired to run a restaurant.

His daughter was the only waitress. She had frizzy red hair and teeth clad in braces. It was nice seeing someone who was a bit bubbly. You know the type – friendly to a fault. Sometimes that could get a bit annoying, but that night I embraced the girl’s positivity.

The week, so far, had been tense and serious – I wanted to let loose a little. So, I ordered a bottle of champagne and platters for the table. The service was quick and soon we all had a glass.

We’d kept the displays of affection at a minimal in front of our mother. It wasn’t that we thought she would disapprove; we just didn’t want to rub our love in her face. There’s nothing as sickening as seeing happy couples after a big romantic disappointment.

I don’t drink often and after my first glass of champagne, I felt a bit tipsy. Not in a rowdy drunk way; more like a lovey dovey way.

Emily was sitting to my left, Blake to my right, and our mother across. Every one of them was fucking gorgeous, but the last few days I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes off my little sister. She was the same way about me, and it was like we were falling in love for the second time.

Next, I looked at my older sister. She had a heart of gold; beautiful beyond compare, inside and out. Maybe it was the booze, but I meant what I said next, “We’re insane if we don’t get married.”

Blake’s face lit up with excitement but she was a realist at heart. “Brothers escort izmit and sisters can’t get married. Trust me, I’m a pretty good lawyer,” she teased.

“We don’t need it to be legal, we just need to be together.” I turned to Emily, “You too, Sis. I want to put a ring on your finger and spend the rest of my life with you!”

I paused and looked at the young girl’s mother – my mother too. “When you’re a bit older,” I added in my effort to be a responsible young man.

My sisters beamed at me, and I saw a happy mother. She loved seeing us like that, “Dear, you’ll have to propose properly, one day.”

I nodded as I reached for my second glass of champagne and offered to clink glasses with our mother. Her smile was back and I liked to think that there was happier life for her – a better of waying of living.

“You should get a divorce,” I blurted out.

There was a short silence, and no one knew how to respond to my bold statement. I meant what I said, but maybe I shouldn’t have said it…

My mother exhaled, “I should get a divorce, but I won’t have anywhere to go.”

I waved my hands to show that she could be with us. I didn’t mean it romantically, but she might have interpreted it that way. Hell, I did mean it romantically. Why not? She’s part of who we are; we’re a product of her.

Emily replaced my glass of fizzy golden nectar with a clear glass of water. Meanwhile, my other sister looked a little embarrassed for my part, but she knew I was right. Our mother deserved better than what she had. I dismissed those thoughts for the time being and brought my focus back to my lovers.

My little sister giggled as I leaned into her, before taking my head in her hands and allowing my tipsy kiss. Our lips locked for a moment too short, and she laughed throughout.

“One glass in and my Big Brother is smashed,” Emily teased.

“It must be the bubbles,” I reached for the glass she’d taken and emptied it down my throat. The dry and fruity taste was misleading; it got you far more drunk than you thought.

My next target was sitting to my other side. Blake must have read my mind because before I had a chance to move on her, she planted her lips on mine. All inhibitions were off as our tongues lusted after each other. The booze and her kiss warmed my cheeks and brushed off the night air. It sounds strange, but I could feel her smile as she kissed me.

As always, the kiss ended too soon, but in a threeway setup, you had to divide your time fairly. Emily leaned over the table, and soon my sisters were locking lips. It was a sight so sensual that I think I could replace sex by watching them. They had a different kind of chemistry; a little competitive spirit that would never die. Their love was admiration, curiousity and comraderie that could only exist between girls like them.

Our mother was fascinated by the sight of her children exchanging love so openly. She drank in every motion as part of her regretted that she couldn’t have this with her own sister. The sight didn’t offend her; it intrigued and bewitched. Her oldest daughter turned to her, and they shared a wink before meeting for a fragment of a kiss. It was a miniscule touch – the kind of kiss a child might give their parent, but laced with a more sensual intention.

It was either an anxious experiment or a taste of things to come.

Hell, I was having a lot of fun! I was about to shift my lips back to Emily when the owner of the restaurant arrived at our table. Although he was gracious about it, he was still kicking us out. Apparently, customers complained that we were freaking them out.

Fuck ’em!

We were far enough from home for me not to care about who saw us and what they thought. They couldn’t prove anything, nor was it any of their business. I might have raised my middle finger as we left – I supressed that memory.

As we left, the pretty waitress followed us out the door and passed me a scrap of paper. “If you guys ever want to make it five,” her skin turned violet before she skipped back to her post.

“Oo la la!” Emily exclaimed into the night.

I wondered whether my other sister would ever be keen on group sex and dismissed the thought. We were already pushing it with three. Then again, family doesn’t count, right?

My jeans were too constrictive as I shuffled to the car with a raging hard-on. It had been four days with my lovers, during which we’d done practically nothing physical. I’m only a man, and at that stage, I was horny as all hell. Still, we agreed that we would abstain in front of our mother until things were more comfortable. The kissing was one thing, but sex was a big no-no.

I maintain that I was not drunk, but I admit that I was too tipsy to drive. Blake took my keys and got behind the wheel of my car. It wasn’t as snazzy as her German supercar, and I could feel her judge it a little. She was a bit of a petrolhead and my ride didn’t tick her boxes.

“Now you have to let me drive yours!” I declared from the back. Emily would join me while Mom took the front passenger seat.

Blake got us started on the road back, and there was an agreement we would stop at a McDonalds for food. It was going to be at least twenty minutes before we reached one, though. I took that time to pester Emily in the way that brothers like to annoy their sisters.

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