Watching mom and dad


Watching mom and dadThese experiences are from when I was a c***d growing up in the 50’s. It was a more innocent time before the internet and cable. Sex was kept a secret and never ever talked about to the “c***dren” So what may be seen as total ignorance now was actually a way of life back then. You found out about masturbating by accident and thought you were the only one who knew about it. Voyeurism was a sin, a crime and you defiantly never watched your parents. But there were also some strange inconsistencies in what went on. My mom used to run around at night and sit on the couch watching t.v. with us in a see through night gown with her huge tits just hanging out for every one to see and thought nothing of it. She would open the bathroom door after her showers to towel off and didn’t seem to care that I could look right out my bedroom and watch. If you were raised in this environment you will know what I’m talking about and will find these stories interesting. The adrenaline that would flow thru your body at just the thought of doing the things I did was an incredible high and has stayed with me to this day. My best hard ons and strongest orgasms are still when I’m watching someone or a couple that I don’t know having sex through a window, open door or outside. It has made me a voyeur and I look for these things whenever I can.My room is next to my parents and I have spent many nights jerking off to my moms moans and screams as dad gives her a good hard fuck. They go at it so hard sometimes I can actually hear dads balls slapping her ass. That’s if mom quiets down enough for me to hear them.I’ve been brave enough some nights to actually stand outside their door as I jerk off listening to them grunt and groan. One night the door was open a bit and I stood there with my heart beating so hard at the thought of actually seeing what they were doing but I knew dad would kill me if he found me looking, so I just went back to my room and shot my load on my sheets. That was back when I was younger and had first started jerking off. I know now that the only thing he cares about is how good moms pussy feels and he could give a shit about somebody watching. The first time I was brave enough to actually look in the room my cock was as hard as it had ever been. The adrenaline running through my body made my cock so fucking hard I thought it would explode. They leave the lights on when they fuck so I could see everything that was going on. I had been izmit rus escort listening to them for a long time but I had no idea what they actually did. This was back way before the internet and all I knew is what I had heard from the other k**s. Some said that girls ha a slit that you stuck you dick into, others said you put your dick in her ass. So I didn’t have a lot of information at the time.When I looked in the room it took me a minute to realize what I was seeing. I saw moms legs up in the air and spread apart with dads head between her legs. This didn’t sound right at all from what the other k**s had said. But I could tell from the way mom was moaning that she was definitely enjoying what dad was doing to her. After awhile I saw her legs go stiff. her toes curl and she let out a long load moan as she grabbed dads head with both hands and started to grind her pussy against his face. She started to jerk and breath deep finally she said “Fuck fuck fuck!!!. and let out a long moan.I may have not had a clue of what was going on but my dick sure did. I hadn’t even touched it this whole time when suddenly cum started to run in a steam from its slit, it jerked a few times and I shot my load all over the door to their room. I freaked out and ran back to my room as quietly as I could with my cock still jerking and spewing come on the floor as I went.I realize now that I’m older that my mom had to know what I was doing. She had to clean those cum stained sheets and empty the cum filled kleenex out of my waste basket but she never said a word. I wonder what she thought as she was cleaning my cum off of her bedroom door and the trail I had left on the carpet to my room.It was a couple of weeks later before I got up the nerve to even see if their door was open when I heard mom moaning as they had sex. But eventually my curiosity and what I realize now was the start of a life time perversion got the better of me. It was closed for almost two weeks before I got my next chance. My heart began to race and instantly my cock was hard. This time when I looked in the door mom was bent over the edge of the bed and dad was behind her ramming his cock into what i now know was her beautiful wet pussy. He did this for a few minutes. Then they stopped. Mom climbed up on the bed rolled onto her back and put her legs in the air.This is the first time I had seen a pussy. It was spread wide from dad fucking it. I remember thinking izmit rus escort bayan how pink it was. Her slit was moist and her pubic hair was wet with her pussy juice I saw it running down the crack to her ass and dripping off her hole. Mom said “Suck my clit and lick my pussy baby.” Dad dropped to his knees and buried his face in her pussy.I had seen this the first time I had watched them and knew what was going to happen. Mom started moaning and got loader and loader. Dads head started bobbing up and down licking the juices flowing from her pussy into his mouth.”Suck my clit now! Suck it, suck it hard!”Moms hands grabbed dads head again as she thrust her hips into his face. She spread her legs wider and began to shake. “O god baby … don’t stop keep sucking. Flick it with your tongue. Flick it” She then let out a long “Fuuuuuck” and started to tremble uncontrollably grinding her pussy harder against his tongue. She finally started to relax her tremors coming slower now until she relaxed back onto the bed with a low moan. Dad licked a little longer getting all of her pussy juice. Now that I’m older and have had the pleasure of having a woman cum in my mouth I know why he was licking up every drop. i think sometimes I would rather eat a woman then fuck her. I have to eat their pussy til they have at least three orgasms before I start to fuck them or I’m just not satisfied. If I meet a woman who doesn’t like her pussy licked I sometimes leave without ever fucking them. Another one of my perversions I guess.Mom moved up further onto the bed and dad climbed up. His back had been to me so I couldn’t see his cock. Now that he was over mom I saw it. I had never seen it hard before and seeing it now as it throbbed just outside of my moms pussy I was surprised at how big it was. I only saw it for a moment then it’s tip dripping a stream of precum split her lips and disappeared as he slowly thrust it into her pussy. Mom let out a sigh and a moan at the same time. Dad shuddered a little as it went in letting out a soft “O fuck..”I could see his balls resting against moms wet ass hole. They just sat there. Mom and dad both were breathing hard letting out soft sounds of pleasure. Finally dad slowly started to pul his cock out of her pussy. He held it just at the opening to her slit. It was wet with moms juices then he rammed it in her. Mom let out a small cry and arched her back meeting his thrust. Now dad rus escort izmit started to fuck her.I had never seen anything like this before. My moms pussy, my dads hard cock moving in and out. Moms hips rising up to meet his every thrust. The smell of her pussy along with the sounds of his wet dick sliding in and out of her cunt as his balls slapped against her ass overwhelmed my senses. It was too much. I let out a soft grunt that was covered my the noise they were making. My dick had let out a stream of precum that was almost to the floor. My dick was so hard it was almost purple and throbbed to my heart beat. I took the precum, lubed my dick with it and after only a few strokes I watched my cum shoot into my other hand as I tried to catch it to keep it from getting on the floor again.Even though I came I couldn’t stop watching. I used the cum in my hand to lube up my dick even more. i was sensitive from having just shot but I couldn’t help but keep stroking my cock. The pleasure was so intense I shook as I stroked.Dad was fucking mom faster now. The sound of his dick ramming moms pussy, the slapping of his balls against her ass and their joined load breathing and moaning just got faster and more intense. Dad let out a load “Fuck sweetie I’m cummimg.” He gave one last hard deep thrust driving his cock as deep into her pussy as it would go and started to shoot his load. Mom threw her legs wider and higher into the air and drove her hips up to meet his final thrust rubbing her clit against him getting lost in her own orgasm. I saw dads ass cheeks clench and release with every shot of his cum as it filled moms pussy. His cum started to run out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass as moms contractions pushed it past his cock.As they started to relax with mom having an occasional jerk as her orgasm finished I came again. This time my cum shot on the wall and then dribbled onto the floor in front of their door. I couldn’t stop it. My orgasm was so intense, the head of my cock was so sensitive I could hardly stand up let alone care where I was shooting my cum. When I could I quietly walked back to my room and shut my door. Just before I left I saw dad put his head back between moms legs. I fell asleep to the sounds of my mom having another orgasm as dad licked his spent cum and her flowing juice from her now well fucked pussy.To this day when I stand outside a window and watch a girl masturbate or a couple fuck I always leave my cum on the side of the building and on the ground outside a carry over from when I left my cum outside my parents door. I also am surprised at how few men take the time to lick their woman’s pussy clean after they have sex. I really enjoy the taste of my cum mixed with their fresh fucked pussy juice. I guess men are just selfish

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